Using the iPod touch 4 in 2020 – Review

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The iPod Touch 4th generation was at the time the slimmest one yet and brought a camera to the front and back as well as the new Retina display much to the delight of its users hey how's it going I'm Josh from 91 tech and today we're taking a look at the iPod Touch 4th generation how does it hold up 10 years later you heard me right ten years later it's hard to believe but it was released the September of 2010 so we're just about there this iPod was so much better than its predecessor it was even lighter it had cameras it was faster and best of

All of course it brought that Retina display this was the last iPod Touch to retain the classic ipod design with the stainless steel backing as the iPod 5 moved to all aluminum iPods haven't really changed their design since 2012 so the iPod Touch 4 actually is still the second newest iPod Touch design maybe part of the reason it doesn't feel like it's been 10 years is because there really haven't been many changes in the iPod line after the iPod Touch 5 nearly all changes have been on the inside and when I say nearly all changes I mean the ones that happened with the iPod 6 in

2015 and the iPod 7 and 2019 and that's it those are the only iPods that have come out since the iPod Touch 4 there's been basically no progress and because of that when you think iPod Touch you probably still think of this one it just screams of classic Apple from a simpler time when iPod Touches were still relevant and iPhones haven't completely overshadowed them in every possible facet they feel so ancient beside my iPhone 11 Promax small obsolete and definitely from a different era of Apple and yet they're still similar in that we have the grid layout on the homescreen

And the dock and despite all the differences it's pretty obvious both of these are Apple products but don't get me wrong nothing excuses the lack of innovation in the iPod line this iPod is the second most recent big update to the iPod Touch line and man that is kind of depressing although to be fair even the iPod 4 isn't much of a change over its predecessors that stainless steel backing has produced since the original iPod but let's take a step back here and look at that design again we have that stainless steel backing that scratches way too easily and on the front of the

IPod we have the 3.5 inch Retina display this iPod coming with a Retina screen was a big deal because it was a cheaper way to get it as opposed to the iPhone 4 and it was vastly superior to previous displays this is a small device though in both screen size and body size it's quite thin and light which makes it easy to slip into your pocket which is nice if you're not using your iPod is your main driver that screen is really small by today's standards however and it's quite painful to use I can live with the 4-inch display on the newer iPods because the taller display makes

It feel more natural to me but using this iPod is a really tough adjustment it does look gorgeous though thanks to the Retina display and iOS 6 does really help it stand out on the bottom of this iPod we have the 30-pin charging port and headphone jack this iPod Touch 5 went to the Lightning port which is much better but for 2010 this was perfectly fine with this very small body we also get a very small battery which means pretty poor performance nowadays if your iPod has been used over the years as most have been you'll likely struggle with battery life then said if you keep

It plugged in on a docking station or in your car it does still serve as a pretty good music player this one is 32 gigabytes which is a decent amount of space for music there were originally 8 32 and 64 gigabyte storage options with a 16 gig model coming the year later 8 gigabytes even for the time was kind of rough although unfortunately this wasn't the last year Apple would have that option for devices but I'd see a 16 gigabyte iPod 4 and up was pretty solid and for music again this wouldn't be a terrible device to use nowadays but of course most people stream from Apple

Music or Spotify including myself so the amount of people that this can appeal to is limited but if you have an old massive iTunes library an old iPod isn't a terrible idea but of course as mentioned earlier when this iPod originally came out Apple was continuing to move away from music being the iPods primary purpose by 2010 already Apple wasn't planning on making any newer high pod classics and although the Schieffelin Nano lasted for a bit longer they didn't stick around iPod touch was the only iPod still being sold nowadays and I don't think it's a

Crazy prediction to say that even its days are numbered anyways with Apple wanting the iPod to be more of like an iPhone light of sorts it got a camera on the front and back something iPods hadn't had yet this was an awesome improvement and one that probably should have come earlier considering even old iPod nanos had cameras at least now we had cameras on a selfie camera too which had come to iPhones for the first time with the iPhone 4 unfortunately while we do have cameras on this iPod they are not good they're very bad very very bad some of

The worst Apple has ever made we have a 0.7 megapixel rear camera sensor 0.7 megapixels less than megapixel it's absolutely brutal and any photos taken on this thing are pretty darn bad even with optimal conditions any shot you take will kind of look like there was a piece of scotch tape over your camera it's not good we can record video in up to 720p somehow and well it doesn't exactly look the resolution when you can count the amount of pixels on the screen it's usually a bad sign the selfie camera is even worse with 0.3 megapixels if you're rounding you could

Call it zero megapixels and that would be pretty accurate to the quality of selfies you get from it I guess it kind of sounds like I'm trashing the iPods cameras but for the time it didn't really matter how bad they were it mattered that there were cameras that was enough for the millions of users who got their hands on these it was just fun to have a camera that was with you all the time in your pocket that wasn't something super common back in 2010 I'm sure if you ever had one of these you had at least a few cringy 0.3 megapixel selfies you'd rather not talk

About and it's not like this iPod having a bad camera is an outlier in 2012 the iPod 5 got basically the iPhone 4s camera which was a big improvement over the fourth generation but was still quite a bit worse than iPhones at the time the iPod six bumps things up to 8 megapixels but it still wasn't very good and the iPod 7 didn't improve things at all having the camera in the first place is what was important for these devices but I still would have liked to see a better camera when it comes to the photography departments to be iPod Touch 4 is eight Rochas Lieb at one spot where

The iPod wasn't bad for 2010 was technical specs we have the single core a4 chipsets and 256 megabytes of RAM now this sounds bad but for this time it was about the same as the iPhone 3GS but with the same chip such as the iPhone 4 because of the low amount of RAM the iPod Touch 4 can only update to iOS 6.1 point 6 whereas the 4 has 512 megabytes of RAM and runs iOS 7 only being on iOS 6 is a blessing in disguise for the iPod 4 because it performs quite well when it comes to basic tasks if you like a good experience which hasn't always been the case for iPod Touches on their final

Version the iPod 5 being a somewhat recent example I wouldn't say it's faster but I feel like it's very functional iOS 6 really was very well optimised for every single device it ran on and iPod Touch 4 is no exception in fact if you want a device simply for iOS 6 it's actually one of the best you can get if you don't want to go to the trouble of downgrading a device the iPod 4 in the iPhone 3GS souls run iOS 6 but because the iPod 4 has the Retina display it is the better pickup for nostalgia reasons believe it or not it's actually possible

To update the iPod Touch 4 to iOS 7 kind of I'll link a video down in description I did at the time when the hack came out but basically someone figured out how to run iOS 7 on this iPod which was absolutely insane it sucked and barely works but just running it was amazing I do think things have progressed since then so I'd look for a different tutorial if you want to try doing it yourself but yeah I'll stick my first video on it in the description if you're curious very cool stuff if you want to use this iPod Touch nowadays well firstly why and secondly good luck with

That app support is non-existent and while you can download the latest compatible versions of some apps a lot of the time they tend to be completely broken like YouTube you could jailbreak relatively easily and tweak the iPod to make it a bit more functional but even if you did would you really want to use it anything even close to modern is really slow on here thanks to the underpowered chipset and quarter gig of ram ten years later using the iPod Touch 4 is pretty much pointless there are a few things you can do with it maybe a few old games and of course using it as

A music player is always a possibility but for the vast vast majority of people the iPod Touch 4 is now just a memory one that will continue to fade as another 10 years go by technology becomes obsolete fast that's just how things are but it is cool to look and see how things used to be and how old Tech has held up so long down the road I know in this video I haven't solely focused on the iPod Touch 4 but there is a reason for that it's already been 10 years somehow and so I want to talk about what happened or maybe more like the lack of what

Happened with iPods through the decade it's not much of a hot take to say iPods hit their peak popularity before the iPod Touch 4 even came out so although I don't think we realized it at the time this iPod in a way was just started the beginning of the end as smartphones took over I don't know I'm nerdy I find this stuff interesting and this is a really nostalgic device for me I never had one personally but my dad has a 3rd gen iPod or had a 3rd gen iPod it was stolen unfortunately and my cousin had a 4th gen iPod at the time so it does feel really familiar it's also remnants of

Different era only being updatable to Iowa's six makes it feel really unique compared to newer iPods but with that I think I'm about done here did you ever have one of these iPods do you still use it for something let me know in the comments down below if you found this video interesting maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason about all being said thank you so much for watching i'm josh from ninety one tech

And i will see you all next time you

Using the iPod touch 4 in 2020 – Review

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