I bought the Samsung Galaxy S10e (refurbished) from Amazon renewed in 2020!

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So we're back with another Amazon renewed video I'm super excited to do these so much fun a lot of people were getting value out of this so I want to continue to do them as much as I can now I've done just about every significant smartphone that came out in 2019 and even some that came out before that but there's one that some people had asked about and I I kind of had bypassed it but to be honest it actually makes sense to do it because in a lot of ways when the Galaxy S ten was launched and then later reviewed this particular version of the phone got some of the best reviews people really thought that it

Was a great value and sometimes overlooked because of small nature and the fact they didn't have every single feature that the S 10 and a s 10 plus had of course I'm talking about the S 10 II from Samsung now I'm doing an Amazon renewed again so I'll have to explain to you who are new to this what amazon renewed is and why this isn't a galaxy box but more importantly it's this phone still good years later is a good a year later two years later can the Samsung Galaxy S 10 II actually replace a phone that you may have had for the last couple of years well I am going to tell

You all about it right after this what players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is Travis and I do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing enough that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything I talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video now I've talked a lot about Amazon renewed on this channel before and before I get into the phone and trust me I will some of you were so impatient this isn't tick-tock ladies and gentlemen sit down and relax it's a YouTube video why are

You in such a hurry I want to tell you a little bit more about Amazon renewed for the people that are new because it's so critical to this review and why I'm actually reviewing the s10 II now rather than when it first came out when it first came out it was a pretty decent deal but it just kind of got overlooked a lot of people like to flack display and what it offered at a time but now for the price you can get it and under the Amazon renew program this thing just became a steal let me tell you why if you're not familiar with the Amazon renewed program it's super simple

Third-party settled on Amazon get an opportunity to sell products refurbished or renewed or whatever under their own name but using Amazon Prime and other ways that they deliver now the cool thing about it is this well it is basically a used product it has to hit certain specifications look new have some some of the normal accessories and stuff you'd get in it and unlike buying from just a regular used site you get a guarantee some people say well you can buy stuff on eBay and other places and that's totally true but with Amazon renewed you get a 90 day return policy

And I got to tell you to me that's the whole reason I started this entire series of videos because unlike a new product where you maybe get 30 days and most smartphones you don't even get that 90 days is kind of crazy so I love being able to tell people about Amazon renewed I don't get any extra money from Amazon they don't even know I'm doing this series so no this is not sponsored by Amazon having said that I do get a lot of questions about who I get my products from so I'll put a link to the vendor that I got this phone from in the description below it's kind of important

Because people seem to continually ask me which person that I get my phones from I never thought it was a big deal but it's big enough deal that I worked with this vendor who uses the Amazon renewed boxes is the only vendor I've ever seen did use this and last time I got a phone from them and had some really cool stuff in it so let's take a look I think it's a galaxy s 10 II take the Box again branded by Amazon renewed which is not something you see I like this I think this is awesome I don't know why more vendors don't do this but I mean this particular seller does a

Really great job links gonna be in the description below once again box is in here oh here we go the s10 II in a nice little bag here we go we'll take a look at that here in a second let me just make sure that it has all the normal accessory you just need a power brick and in the power cord I think it's the only thing that you're required to have let's take a look there's the box okay so we got a little stuffing in here and we do have the power cable USB see we have a little power brick it's a little different than normal this looks like a beats power I

Can't be right is it I mean maybe I don't know look it's not the beat symbol I don't know anyway a power brick here and just like the last time that I did one of these something that they do not have to include but do a screen protector now of all the phones that I've gotten from the Amazon renewed series they just generally don't come with screen protectors except for this company that's what one of the reasons why I want to work with them on this these particular products because I think you're gonna get a really good deal and

For under $400 this might be the deal of the year I love this little sticker on the front it says texting and driving it can wait please don't text and drive stop being silly so we take it off and see the 5.8 inch display and it is flat some of you love flat screens do not like curved screens well this is the one for you and your two cameras on the back this is kind of small for me it's the 5.8 inch and the power button is also the fingerprint sensor unlike the in display fingerprint sensor of the galaxy s 10 series of phones now the power button is on the top right

Hand corner of this screen and it's also the fingerprint sensor I said before that's tiny bumping a booting up there right now and it's in great great great condition I don't see a single scratch or anything on this thing beautifully kept which is listen it's the norm for these I've never really had a problem with this I don't know if Chubby's tech does anything specific to make sure that their phones are an extra special condition but I've always had a great are you gonna do got me through the steps let me go and set this up so let's talk specs the Galaxy S 10 II has a 3100

Milliamp hour battery 128 gigs of storage with 6 gigabytes of RAM up to 8 a Snapdragon 855 which we'll talk about in a little bit and a 5.8 inch OLED screen of course it's got a rear camera with a 12.5 megapixel main and a 16 megapixel wide along with a 10 megapixel selfie cam now let me tell you this is a pretty good configuration of a phone especially at this price talking about under $400 and even when it came out it was fine but nowadays especially with the Snapdragon 85 which by the way is the same processor that's in the Z flip from Samsung not too shabby

Now the one thing I don't like is that the fingerprint sensor is way up on the top right hand corner but it's super quick because it's capacitive it's not a in-display fingerprint sensor which of course when these first came out wasn't exactly excellent it's super fast because it's competitive it's a really good one and personally for me the screen size is too small but I know a lot of people don't like law screen phones so for you this might be absolutely perfect and man let me tell you the performance on this thing's been really great not only that the camera

Bruh I forgot how good these cameras are now you might remember I did a video about the samsung galaxy s 10 plus I'll leave a link to that in the description below and in the end screens because you'll want to see the Amazon renewed version of that it's basically the bigger brother of this and the one thing that it has is a telephoto lens that this does not have but you know what the pictures aren't that bad but before I get in that I want to save you money not only by buying one of these but also on your phone bill some of you have not been using very much of your phone bill

Outside of home you've been stuck at home like me I might have just the company for you always talking about saving you money on phones but it's probably time to help you save money on your actual phone bill I've partnered with a company named ting that's gonna help you do that ting offers LTE coverage on three of the four nationwide networks in America so you'll get even greater coverage experience than the big carriers almost any phone will work on ting so bring your phone and get a $25 service credit at Travis ENCOM that's Travis ENCOM the

Average villain ting is just $23 a month with no contracts so you can't write in for a month with no strings attached they're only charging you for what you use and if you don't use it you don't get charged it's a pretty good deal in my book so the camera on this is excellent of course you've got the two cameras on the back but look at these images man this thing is a beast when it comes to pictures and video now here's the front-facing camera take a look at this you can see the quality is pretty decent and the rear facing with the normal camera lens here and of course

Your wide-angle now I got to tell you I was a little surprised that completely forgot how good the cameras were on the s10 but really like even today they're they could still hold up to anyone now one other thing you can add G cam to this if you really want to if you really want that extra pop G cam is an option but one of my favorite things about having a Samsung phone isn't just Samsung pay which I absolutely love but it's dext and I talk about this kind of frequently but I was able to partner up with a company to take it to the next level I love this this is the vessels

Monitor and shout out to them for sending it to me I actually use this as my fourth monitor on my computer it's a touchscreen and with us PC out from your phone and plug it into the monitor boom you have an on-the-go essentially laptop now all you need is either a Bluetooth keyboard and maybe a mouse but it doesn't matter the touchscreen works on this it invokes Dex like legit this is an amazing monitor and it's really inexpensive 1080p beautiful display look at this it becomes basically a desktop setup I love this thing and it's super portable I'll

Leave a link in the description below and it takes a phone like this to the next level in my opinion one of the strong suits that's not being pushed up enough by the Samsung marketing team is the fact that Dex is absolutely just one of these incredible parts of the galaxy line of phones that I don't think it's enough props I think they really talked about the camera quality which is there they talked about the gaming performance I mean it's always the top of the line processor but Dex is so awesome and I think that sometimes when they spend times you know on the platforms talking

About these weird ar mo Jesus stuff they can do they should just be showing Dex end of story now if you add a portable monitor like that get a case and this thing let me tell you something you're well under the price of a flagship of 2020 with a lot more performance when it comes to being able to do productive things I mean the touch screen monitor alone takes this thing to another level now of course that'll work with all Samsung phones and pretty much any phone with a USBC out also works with computers has a HDMI IN option it's got all types of options so between that and

This this is a great deal under $400 for it was a flagship just a year ago now let's talk a little bit about moving forward of course you're gonna get the next update with this I will say this I don't know and Samsung has only ever really promising to OS updates per phone you may end up with Android 11 and that's it but they will continue to give you security updates for a couple years after that they've been doing that for a long time now so this is an incredibly safe bet and if you think about the other phones that are priced in this range

Mostly pixels and of course the iPhone se I just think this is a better deal and if you like flat displays and you don't need a big screen this thing is a beast without a doubt it actually surprised me as someone who really likes larger screen phones I really thought that I would not dig this as much but I think you should probably pick one up if you're looking for a budget minded phone with great performance this is the one the Samsung Galaxy S 10 it links in the description below and by the way I actually reviewed not only the S 10 plus

On Amazon renewed which is awesome and now put that I guess right here but I also did the samsung galaxy s 10 light which I fell in love with I put that right here and I see you guys again real soon peace and love see ya


I bought the Samsung Galaxy S10e (refurbished) from Amazon renewed in 2020!





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