You are WRONG about the iPhone 12 Rumors! More confusing than ever!

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Now up until this point the iPhone 12 leaks have been fast and furious so to speak and we've learned a lot about a phone that won't be out for a couple more months or at least we think we've learned something about phone won't be off a couple of months I mean we've heard a lot over the last couple of months and we've even heard some new stuff as of recently and if you've been actually keeping up with it it's really confusing like I do have a YouTube channel for this stuff I'm literally confused what this thing is supposed to be now part of this could be purposeful leaks by Apple maybe you

Never know maybe or maybe just the leakers are wrong or maybe some of them are right and some of them are wrong let's try to untangle this as much as we can I'll tell you at least my thoughts on the matter right after this what play is welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is Travis and I do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing with that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything I talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video so a lot of the leaks

Started with John project from front page text leaks about the iPhone 12 well actually he did some things for the iPhone se and not a sort of thing and then he started leaking some iPhone 12 stuff first of all he released he released some of the pricing that we thought we were going to see on these phones which I'll get to here in a second and some other specs about him and stuff which has been pretty amazing to get so far in advance but now a lot of those things are being questioned and by the way I get questions in the comments all the time about where John

Is and you know when he's coming back I can assure you he's coming back I actually just heard from him today he's fine things are fine he'll be back but let's think about this first of all one of the things that John leaked were the prices and that most of the prices didn't change as far as the twelve from the eleven now there's a recent leak by Jeff Pugh I mean it is I mean that's him that's his name that says that these prices will actually go up about $50 because of the OLED screen and the 5g modem now to me this makes perfect sense I actually

Agree with this this absolutely makes sense as a matter of fact if you look at the Android phones from this year from one plus and samsung those prices were quite a bit higher than last year and while they had OLED screens last year they hadn't taken a chip set that was 5g only the snapdragon 865 it had 5g built into it you're paying for that and I don't think Apple's gonna eat the cost on anything so that kind of makes sense now one of the things that John said at least to me after his leaks was that some of the OLED screens we're gonna go to BOE which

Would help make the iPhone 12 and the smaller 12 Pro or maybe just the 12 cent line there's so many 12 is ridiculous make them so that they wouldn't be as expensive because those old ads would be done by them but then another leak came out and said that they failed the process and they're not actually going to be providing the O LEDs at all by the way the most frustrating thing about this is like we're never really gonna know what parts of this were true even after the fact like after this thing comes out we won't know if that stuff actually happen or not we'll just know

What they ended up with and even then it's gonna be kind of hard to know if some of the phones got an LG OLED which is one of the new rumours and then Samsung did the other ones it's just confusing so then the question is is the price going up 50 dollars well my friend Greg from Greg's gadgets who does the gadget cast podcast with me and if you haven't been watching the podcast literally like the last time I mentioned it people went to the podcast and they fell in love with it links in the description below he thinks the prices will not go up and

I would expect the pro models to say the same 999 dollars for the 6.1 inch size and 1099 dollars for the 6 point 7 inch size I'm lost what do you think tell me in the comments well Apple raise the price I mean last year they actually lowered the price on the iPhone 11 but that was with a phone with an LCD screen and no 5g so I mean I don't know but I would not be surprised that some type of price hike it just makes sense doesn't it the biggest controversy lately is about the lack of ear buds and power brakes well if you have not heard this let me really quick catch you up now the

Argument is well there's a lot of argument about this is that it's unnecessary people have a lot of those power bricks and you know don't need them I actually know someone who has an entire family's worth of Apple products and they have one power adapter just one the other ones got lost or whatever broken so what happens when they buy one new phone now they have to but to for like five phones so I don't know if that argument holds water especially when it comes to the baseline iPhone 12 if they skip out on the power break on the iPhone 12 which

Are the more kind of reasonably priced phones people like that don't necessarily have all the same things and maybe you and I have with like power bricks and power stations and all the things that I know I got around here I got I got a solar powered 10,000 milliamp hour battery thing right over there but not everyone has that so is that going to be something that they're going to be upset about I would think so now a lot of people do have adapters do have power adapters but I'm also concerned for those people when they're in a store especially like an Apple

Store and they go there's no power brick in there you're gonna have to buy a new one if you've looked at Apple's website you'll notice that there's not exactly cheap and that's an easy upgrade for someone in a store to say you need this because it's made by Apple and if you know anything about some of the things that have happened that are bad on some of the iPhones in the past a lot of times they've been blamed on bad power supplies or bad cables that's just an easy sale for someone who's you know working for the Apple Store or Best Buy or whatever you just tell them hey there

Was this article while back someone's iPhone blew up you might want to buy this $30 charger so I'm not super excited about that does it kick does it keep people from then adding to e-waste sure but I just don't know so the iPhone pro series make sense to me because those people they're gonna spend that much money on the phone likely do have a lot of ways to charge their phone the people who are buying i from 12 I I'm not convinced and as for the earbuds that may not be in the box I don't figure that's as big of a deal mainly because your buds have been kind of

Forgotten about in a lot of those phones for a long time matter of fact a lot of Android phones stopped putting them in the box a long time ago I don't really remember the last time that I opened up a box with an Android and had earphones and lights pretty uncommon nowadays so that I actually don't have a problem with but this is very akin to when they remove the headphone jack which seemed like moving a mountain like that's that seemed crazy at the time and in some instances some people still think so regardless of which side of this you come down on I do not believe this is

Going to make them lower the price of the device those little power adapters don't cost them but a couple of cents here there when they get mass quantities it's not like you're gonna get $5 off your phone because they didn't put a power adapter and that's not happening at all you're not gonna save anybody as we talked about before you might actually be paying more what about 120 Hertz well there's a couple of things going on there John originally said that a hundred twenty Hertz was coming too you know the iPhone 12 pro line of phones and now we're

Hearing that maybe it won't because it's not passing some test or something well here's the one thing I do believe I do believe that Apple has a very strict and very high level of acceptance for something like 120 Hertz screen they probably don't want it to affect the battery too much and they probably have a bunch of other standards that it has to hit and I do believe that it will be hard for some manufacturers to hit those standards the question is is it happening now and if so do they keep that for just a proline cuz it's not like no manufacturer or no screen can

Hit it I'm sure some can but maybe just not in a large quantity and if that's the case you just don't put it on the iPhone 12 so you put it on the iPhone 12 pros or maybe even just the pro maxes or whatever I mean like if you need to keep it down to a certain number just put it on the higher-end phone and then the question is does it even matter well I love high refresh rate phones I've had 120 Hertz on my iPad pro for a long time and I sometimes forget it's even there now if it was something else and it went down to like 60 Hertz I probably immediately notice it but I gotta be

Honest like most the time I don't even notice it but to me the iPhone is already so smooth even at 60 that I think I might see it for a minute and then not at all and I believe that is a discussion that's happening at Apple right now is it worth all of this fuss right now to put a 120 Hertz in the answer is if it's too difficult probably not a much smaller thing is some are saying that the lighter our camera might not work on these phones now first of all they just the letter camera came out on the iPad pro which made it a lock for the iPhone 12 you're not gonna put a

Lighter camera on a tablet and not on the phone so I suspect we'll still see the lighter phone or lighter our camera on at least some of these phones I don't know if it's not gonna be in the pros or not I don't even think most people care but what about that small or not man let me tell you this has been a thing since the very beginning when they said it was gonna be a smaller notch – now they're saying maybe not so much at least that's what everything Apple Pro is saying although everything Apple Pro says a lot of things he says something some days and some things in other days

And I'm not hating on them about it but it just it kind of is what it is what do I think well I'm pretty sure that that's been figured out a long time ago like you need to know the technology that goes into that notch and where the knots gonna work you're not gonna be figuring this out two months out from whatever the launch is gonna be I mean we know that the launch is normally in September we're gonna be in August here real soon and we know that it might be delayed into October but regardless it has to be finalized the hardware has to be finalized probably this month at the

Latest and then you got to start manufacturing and getting the software on it and the flashing and all the things this hardware's gotta be just about done by now which means very soon we might have the final leaks the leaks that tell us the real story like everything the RAM which we've heard different things about the battery life the the 120 Hertz the smaller knotch does it work better with tinder I don't know and we'll tik-tok beyond I mean we'll talk even be around by then who knows the dick tox on are in trouble right now I know if y'all been

Watching the news regardless of everything this has been a very confusing time I guess when I look on it I think I don't know if leaks are even that fun anymore like they were fun when you realize that some of them can be true but when you start getting competing information that completely goes against the one thing you heard a week ago and it makes it completely impossible this week it's just not fun it makes my head hurt tell me in the comments below do you like this or not I made a video about some things that John told me a while back you can check that

Out like right here but I have some other videos if you're not really into the whole life on twelve thing right here that you might like I'll see you next time peace love

You are WRONG about the iPhone 12 Rumors! More confusing than ever!

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