Huawei P30 + P30 Pro impressions: The best phone cameras of 2019?

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so Huawei has a new flagship phone it's got a big screen slick design fast performance yada yada yada but let's cut to the chase here these phones are special almost exclusively because of a unique photographic prowess this is the Huawei P 30 pro along with its little brother the regular P 13 and it stands a good chance of being the best and most versatile phone camera of 2019 take a sec to subscribe so you don't miss a full review coming soon and we'll jump

In let's get some hardware basics out of the way before we indulge in the really good stuff the Huawei P 30 pro builds on the foundations of the may 20 pro with 6.47 inch curved OLED display with curved glass on either side in a trifecta of brilliant iridescent hues there's breathing crystal which I'm using here a sort of pearlescent sky-blue along with Aurora that we know from the p20 and a hot new sunset red color the whole package is powered by Wally's keyring 980 processor now with a base of 8 gigabytes of RAM for the Pro and 6 for the regular p30 so compared to

Mate 20 Pro there's a bigger screen this year and a much smaller knotch as Huawei goes for a dewdrop cutout shape instead of an s10 style hole punch the need to eliminate ever more stuff from the front face of the phone means the p30 Pro also uses a new in display speaker system that vibrates the screen itself to playback audio and that's now entirely separate from the bottom firing loudspeaker which is used in music and videos the other main specs are similarly impressive ip68 water resistance or IP 53 splash resistance for the regular p 30 and in the pro a 42

Hundred million power battery plus 40 watt super charging plus wireless charging plus reverse wireless charging matching everything the mate 20 pro could do in that area all right now that's out the way it's time to discuss the star attraction the p30 pro's quad like a camera setup is something I'm genuinely excited by the 40 megapixel main sensor has been completely re-engineered while we now call this a super spectrum sensor it replaces the red green and blue sub pixels that make up each individual pixel with a new red yellow yellow blue

That up which Huawei says can throw in more lights and in addition the main camera also gets upgraded with an F 1.6 aperture and optical image stabilisation wise handheld long exposure in light mode is back to and without drawing any premature conclusions chances are this will be an exceptional low-light camera better than the pixel three we'll just have to wait and see but just the fact that that's in contention is exciting the p30 also boasts an impressive wide-angle camera system which on paper matches the may 20 s 20 megapixels behind in F 2.2 lens plus

There's a new time-of-flight sensor hiding in the second camera cluster there similar to the honor view 20 this is a new kind of sensor for more accurate depth detection in portrait shots but it's the fourth camera that might turn out to be the jewel in the p30 pros crown this is the new five times optical zoom camera and this 125 millimeter lens uses an internal periscope structure most of the lenses involved here actually live inside the phone offered a right angle and that's because arranging these lenses in the normal way would either result in a

Ginormous camera bump or just make the phone too thick to use in hybrid zoom mode combining input from the main sensor with a telephoto you can go all the way up to 10 times without losing any detail to see this level of true telephoto zoom in a phone you'll be able to buy in the next few weeks is pretty wild and these are any first impressions but actual usable 10 times zoom combined with decent depth detection attacks at that time of flight sensor along with the versatility of a main sensor that can beat the p20 pro and maybe even the pixel 3 and low-light well that's kind

Of a revelation and suddenly the triple camera array of the galaxy s 10 with its 2 x telephoto zoom starts to look just a little bit pedestrian we're barely a quarter of the way into 2019 but already we might have seen the best phone camera of the year and while I also hasn't neglected the front camera that's now been upgraded to a new 32 megapixel unit Wiley's new AI hdr+ system is particularly useful in selfies though it does also work with the other cameras both front and back it can understand the component parts of a photo and make sure the main subject of a photo is

Properly exposed even in badly factory conditions on the software side wallies emui interface hasn't changed a whole lot in the new version 9.1 emui veterans like me will notice some subtle changes like improved animations the recents menu and a more consistent approach to icon frames in the homescreen but otherwise this is largely the same software that we saw on the May 20 EMU eye is fine but it's part of my favourite Android interface it often tries to do too much and still mishandle some basic software areas like the

Lockscreen I'm also not clear on whether the P thirties in screen fingerprint scanner is gonna replicate any of the frustrations that I had with the May 20 Pro Huawei says it's using an upgraded optical sensor in the p30 but in the short time that I had with it it still felt pretty much the same to use ie a bit of a mixed bag of raw land just not as good as a capacitive scanner at least there is still face unlock though without the infrared laser array that we saw on the May 20 Pro after all this is a phone with only a tiny display notch but of course as promising as the p30

Pro is it's not the only phone Huawei announced today there's also the regular P 30 which once again is a little smaller and a little less trailblazing with the pro across the board it has a 6.1 inch flat display a traditional earpiece a slightly smaller though still sizable battery and a trim back camera experience that maxes out at three times telephoto zoom plus a low spec lens for the main camera without oh is so the core components of the p30 pro are there but it's clear that if you want everything that makes this phone special you'll probably want to opt for the

Bigger and more expensive model bottom line the Huawei P 30 pro takes the may 20 Pro improves its design choose up the software a little bit and supercharge as the camera that's enough for someone like me who really enjoyed the may 20 to get pretty excited about this phone a big important chunk of the Western smartphone market is of course still off-limits de Foix way there's nothing these phones can do to get around that but it does once again position a new Huawei flagship has something of a forbidden fruit the best phone you can't buy if you're an American or the very

Least perhaps the best pocket-sized camera you can't buy will find out to what extent that's true enough full review so stay tuned and subscribe to Android central here on YouTube that's it for now thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

Huawei P30 + P30 Pro impressions: The best phone cameras of 2019?

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