Corsair 570X Build Part Two – The Ultimate Tempered Glass Case.

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Hi guys it's time to go all out with the PC builds I'm going to have four different PC builds coming at you over the coming weeks I hope you enjoy them just remember one thing this is silenced Tech you what's up guys is Mark from Sullins tech is time to check out the 570 X again with this crazy PC build that I've named the Silver Surfer I've named it that it has a lot of metal parts in it and it's surfs the web anyway stupid names aside this build is a sign of things to come on the channel

As I may start putting together some custom loops this PC also probably won't stay like this for long as MSI have already Climie sent out their gaming X 1080 Ti right now I want to see the benefits of water cooling in a two-way SLI setup I'm expecting some seriously low temperatures from both of the MSI Seahawk 1080s hopefully they'll be super quiet as well so without further ado let's jump into the parts I've used for this build then I finish off with some benchmarks first of all I'll start off with the motherboard it's the DQ 70 X power

Gaming titanium from MSI I first seen this board on Twitter straight away I knew I wanted to feature it in a build the titanium looks so different from most motherboards even the PCB has the effect add MSI's legendary steel armor into the mix the motherboard really stands out originally I wanted to use my favorite Ram of all time paired with this motherboard a set of Dominator platinum chrome special editions but the GPUs have used in this build have 120-millimeter rods attached to them and it meant there was no way I could keep my h100 eyes 240 millimeter rod at the

Front of the case having to move my h100 eyes rat to the top of the case meant my precious Dominator platinum wouldn't fit because the too high profile I ended up using the set of vengence RGB ddr4 in stairs a review will be coming up on them soon the CPU have used in this build is 270 700 K and I've managed to overclock it on this motherboard to 4.9 gigahertz at 1.25 Volks just shy at the 5 gigahertz promised lands 7,700 k is the best gaming cpu out right now due to its raw single core performance I'll be pairing that up with two 1080p I

Soon and two-way SLI and that's going to make for an awesome build as I've already mentioned that this build features 2 ms IC Hort gtx 1080s so far I've been extremely impressed with them while gaming temperatures never hit above 47 degrees Celsius and that's with a two thousand one hundred megahertz overclock on the core and an extra 500 megahertz on the memory I honestly couldn't imagine a better car setup for running SLI that's not custom of course in the benchmarks I'm going to put this build up against all of my older cars I've reviewed in the past including a

Single 1080 Ti you may have already noticed the sli bridge I've used it's the icing on the cake it matches the motherboard perfectly MSI's high bandwidth as libraries helps improve scaling and overall performance the dragon logo lights up on the side and you can choose various effects using the MSI gaming app speaking of lighting effects this build has a newly released command a pro from Corsair it's essentially a digital fan and lighting controller once installed you can use Corsairs link software to control all of your system farms and if you have either

Of course there's HD 120 or SP 120 RGB fans and stools the commander Pro will allow you to customize the lighting as well there's also two ports on the commander for the lighting new pro courses answer to the NZXT hue plus once everything is connected the LED lighting strips and RGB fans sync up together creating some awesome effects a separate video will be coming up demonstrating just that I'm still waiting on a few more HD 120 RGB fans from Corsair as they look amazing synced up with the LED strips taking a quick look at the case is of course the 570 x from Corsair I

Won't go into too much detail about it as I've already reviewed it in a separate video a link will be down in the description if you want to check it out I will just say that this is one of my favorite cases of all time so that's it guys you can find all of the parts for this build linked in the description as well as the total costs in all honesty you would probably be better off going with a single ten atti for gaming rather than 210 ATS for more consistent performance across the board that said when SLI works well these telling tees will stomp

All over a singleton atti if you play just a few games that support SLI well a bill like this could be a great option anyway enough of all that guys let's jump into the benchmarks and see how this monster performs thank you so they have it what an absolute beast of a PC throwing out frames to any monitor regardless of resolution quicker

Than Jackie Chan's fist can move while remaining pretty cool at the same time I hope you've enjoyed the video I will have a demonstration and tutorial video coming up from the commander pro lighting no pro and this awesome RGB vengeance ddr4 by corsair real soon it's just going to be a guide helping people sync them all together just before I go we hit 40,000 subscribers that other day and I'll just like to say thanks to each and every one of you for the support I mark from silenced tech goodbye

Corsair 570X Build Part Two – The Ultimate Tempered Glass Case.

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