The Ultimate Google Pixel Drop Test!

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What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm here at the Sweetwater brewery in Atlanta Georgia it's one of my favorite places to come when I'm visiting make sure you check this place out but I'm here with only one agenda today and that is to break the Google pixel so first what we're going to do is we're going to use the Rhino shield bumper and if you've seen my iPhone 7 and 7 plus video before then you know I couldn't even break the iPhone 7 with that case on so here's a pixel with the Rhino shield bumper on it you know it's got that nice honeycomb structure and that custom polymer blend to help with

All of the absorption when this gets hit on the ground all right let's just go and get started we're gonna just start at head height none of this chest up none of that high as we can go ready one two three each all right let's take a look man no damage whatsoever I don't even see a scuff on the bumper still good alright so instead of doing individual drop tests let's just drop this thing ten times in a row and then we'll check it after that okay ready oh my god that looks bad okay we're gonna do it again it's too

Three-for-one from the pocket 5 that's other from another pocket all right let's do this what is that 7 I don't know 8 do 9 and we're gonna do 10 all right let's take a look at it now all right oh you mean my shoelace come out it was so crazy all right do look at that no problems the bumper even looks unscratched besides right there it's impressive all right so check this out I'm gonna actually drop it from all the way up here as we Waterbury this is at the top of their level and this is ridiculously

High all right let's do this yes well we're going to check this out she was all about wood well the same thing happened that happened to the iPhone again alright so looks like the bumper came off so let's take that off if it's fine because it definitely didn't get everything right I didn't pay for it oh look at that this is good all right one more time me hey we gotta check this out all right

So this is actually the second fall and the screen is just fine absolutely no problems also ever the back is also perfect now the bumper is a little bit loose but besides that it's perfect so two huge drops from way up there that is incredible I couldn't show my excitement in there there was people working and everything but I can't believe it survived those drops so let's just get crazy out here and do my usual skip test and then we're just gonna throw the hell out of this thing as far as I can all right let's do this

Get hot dang oh man okay well the phone is absolutely fine we turn up the brightness here the phone is fine actually look at the scuffs on the bumper and on the screen protector too by the way there is a rhino shield screen protector on here too but the screen protector is definitely scratched but the back is perfectly fine and there is kind of a dent right here though but let's go ahead and let's toss this thing as far as I can I'm gonna do my best to just throw it as far as I can't over there I'm gonna get a running start all right let's do this

Oh damn did you see that that looks terrible man man that's got to be thrown at least how many feet right there I don't know that's four really far all right man if this phone survives this is something crazy oh my god there is nothing wrong with this phone whatsoever more damage to the bumper itself but the phone is completely fine and even the back some dust but this is incredible if you're looking to protect your pixel you're definitely gonna want to get this Rhino shield case I'm ridiculously

Impressed with this Rhino shield bumper it is so crazy that it didn't break I tried honestly as hard as I could to break this thing I can't believe it make sure you check out this link for the Rhino shield bumper down below I'll leave it there if you want to pick one up and make sure check out my seven plus video to they make them for the iPhones that was also a legit case thank you to Rhino shield for sponsoring this video and I'll see you guys in the next one

The Ultimate Google Pixel Drop Test!

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