iPhone XR Hands-on – All Colors

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What's up guys sap you're on super-safe TV and i got some early hands-on time with what I think it's gonna be the most popular iPhone of this year the iPhone 10 off so this is the third iPhone announced this year alongside the 10s and 10's max but we'll be releasing next week the first thing you will notice is that the 10r comes in a variety of colors black white yellow blue coral and product red you may have already heard of product red which we've seen special edition iPhones of before but it will be available on launch with the 10r and a portion of proceeds will be going to global fund HIV and AIDS grants I am

Personally liking the red in the blue definitely let me know in the comments below which is your favorite color now we had in the same durable glass on the front and back as we've got on the 10s and we have an aluminium or aluminum frame which is color coded to match with ip67 water and dust resistance let's now take a look at the front so there's a 6.1 inch LCD display which Apple called a liquid Retina display the bezels are much smaller than at the 8n8 A+ so you're essentially getting a larger display than the 8 plus but in a smaller body I've only spent a little time with

It so far but it is pretty bright and colors are definitely accurate I know some of you guys are gonna be commenting about the resolution but it has the same pixel density as the iPhone 7 and 8 so for those upgrading from previous iPhones I really don't think it's gonna be much of an issue internally the 10r has the same a 12 Bionic chip on a neural engine as the 10s so it's very smooth and snappy and we have features such as swipe gestures face ID which works really well and also me emoji which I know it's very very popular this is a single rear facing camera which is

The same main camera as the 10s as is the front-facing selfie camera so we do have small HDR which I've been very impressed with so far and we also have portrait mode with depth control for both the front and rear facing cameras this is where you can adjust the depth after you've taken a shot now I'm really interested to see how the 10r handles portrait mode with a single rear facing camera and let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to compare it to another super safe style finally we do have serious speakers one in the earpiece and one bottom firing and dual

SIM support will become via a software update the iPhone 10 are will be up for pre-order from tomorrow and shipping next week on my birthday actually 26th of October it's starting at 749 pounds for the 64gb version and that's 25% lower compared to the 10s one of the reasons why I think it will be so popular what do you guys think of the iPhone 10 are definitely let me know in the comments below of course there will be lots more coverage with the 10r here in the channel very soon if you want to see all of it burst then make sure you have subscribed I switched our

Notifications so you don't miss anything I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful if you did do hit that thumbs up button for me thanks for watching this is saffron super-sad TV I'll see you next time


iPhone XR Hands-on – All Colors





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