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What's up everybody this is Danny and welcome to the ultimate smart home guide we're with these products I'm gonna show you how to turn your ordinary home into a smart one home automation can be a little bit scary but don't worry I got you most of these products are really easy to use and setup so think about this as a huge gift guide for anybody that is interested your journey could be as easy as just adding a smart plug to controlling entire rooms I've teamed up with Amazon so all the cool stuff I'm gonna show you today is linked in one convenient Amazon link down below and this will help you get started on your

Journey so who knows after I show you all this cool stuff you might want to buy it all if you're interested in expanding your smart home and any things as time goes on then I will suggest you start with the hub but what I recommend is Samsung smartthings and I like a starter kit because it gives you the hub to control all of your smart home products but it also comes with a few multi-purpose sensors so you can put these on your doors or windows so you can get alerts when they are open or what's even better is you can trigger an action after the sensor is activated

Like if you open the door you can have it automatically set to where it turns on the lights that makes these type of complicated actions easy it can use your smartphone as a presence or location sensor so when I step to that front door is gonna send my family a notification on their smart phone telling them that I am home and this is very convenient especially for parents that are at work so when your kids come home from school and step off that bus you will know that their home you can add smart lights thermostats switches and much more and control them all from the app which is

Convenient but what if you want to control it with your voice you can do this with your smart phone of course if the products are compatible with Siri or a google assistant but I don't want to reach for my phone every time this is where the Amazon echo comes in Google home is also out and it's great but in terms of home automation at this time the echo has more to offer so I would recommend an echo or the smaller and cheaper echo dot to keep things absolutely simple because it can get more complex you can control a ton of different products use add the skill

Through the Alexa app and you are ready to go Alexa set the temperature to 73 degrees on the main floor main-floor asset to 73 the echo is also compatible with smart hubs like smart things so you can control routines with just your voice so let's say if you say good night then it can turn down all the lights and it can also turn down the temperature on your thermostat at the same time that's awesome the thermostat that I'm using right now is made by ecobee and the popular nest thermostat is also a great choice and it's arguably the better-looking one but I chose the

Eco be due to its simple installation its large touchscreen it's home kit compatibility which means you can control it directly through Siri and these remote sensors which I think are game-changers because you can put these in individual rooms and it can use that data to keep your temperature more comfortable now if you don't care about controlling by voice then check out the coolest light switches that I've ever seen and this is the wink relay this thing has a large touch screen that gets triggered by a proximity sensor so when you walk up to it it just turns on

There's two programmable switches on the side you can program those to whatever you want by the way and you can control many of your compatible smartphone products right here like control your thermostat your lights your garage door and even call in over yep you heard that right another huge selling point is that if you have multiple relays you can set these up in different rooms so you can use them as an intercom system that can be extremely helpful especially in bigger houses of course you can get notifications and status

Updates especially on your compatible security cameras security cameras are probably one of the first things that we buy want to think about home automation because safety is a huge key and a big selling point the front light camera that I think everyone should have is the ring doorbell number one it is incredibly useful because it has two-way communication and it alerts you when somebody's at the door so I could kiss this thing every day because I don't miss packages anymore what's even better is that recording is triggered as soon as it senses motion so if somebody's

Snooping around your front door or if somebody's being a little creepy you can take care of that right away and it could even avoid a theft situation if you hear something you can just jump right into the live view and see what's happening in real time you can add even more security with the ring stick up cams these are completely wireless which makes them awesome there sealed and you can even get a solar panel to power these so you don't have to recharge them ever again and these are a small and light and you could put them anywhere if you just want a

Standalone easy-to-use super small security camera with SD card expansion easy USB power and a quick app that works well and has HD quality video then take a look at the IEEE smart alarm I did a full review on the spot and I will link it down below if you're interested in this smart locks are also cool and easy way to get into home automation and you can unlock and lock your door directly from your smart phone I have two in my house and the first one is the quick-set key bow and I like this because it looks just like a normal lock from the outside touch the lock with a

Smartphone in your pocket and you are in seriously that's it I also like the August lock and this lock system is unique because it is only installed on the inside of the door so the outside looks unchanged it's essentially a huge dial when using it manually and you can open and lock the door with the app or it has homekit compatibility so you can control it directly from your iphone lights can change the mood in a room instantly and if you're wondering how my couch was glowing earlier and how my TV was lit up like that this is possible with the

Light strips by philips hue you can use these for desk setups like I do or even in the kitchen it's limitless what you can do with these you can change the colors with the app you can toggle brightness and group the lights all together so you can control them with just one button and they also work with the Amazon echo as well you also make bulbs for your lamps and light fixtures with these same kind of controls this is a very easy start up product for you to get started with your smart home smart lights were the first things that I bought when I started a great

Alternative to hue lights our life excites these are the most convenient bulbs in my opinion because everything is packed into the bulb itself so no hubs are needed like the philips hue so you just connect directly to the individual light through Wi-Fi and you have the same color controls and a software control is really extensive and the lights are super bright too and they have larger can lights which are great for kitchens and bonus rooms and they're also compatible with smart hubs and the Amazon echo see how it's all tying up there are definitely cheaper lights out

There but these two are my favourite and most consistent smart plugs or switches are also a nice stepping stone into home automation single switches like this tp-link are cheap and effective and you can control them with an app and they're also compatible with many smart hubs but if you're looking for a double switch solution and you want to control these lights with Siri with home kit compatibility take a look at the connect sense you can control each plug separately which is nice and there's even a USB port on the side so you can

Charge your favorite smartphone or tablet now I personally love when companies can take something old that's existing in your house and with just a few steps can turn it smart and this is exactly what's happening here with the Chamberlain myq it's one of those awesome products you can turn almost any garage door opener into a Wi-Fi enabled smart one with just a small Wi-Fi hub and this sensor the app steps you through the setup process and in just a few minutes you can open and close the garage door with your smartphone or many other compatible products like that wink

Relay that I showed you earlier the last thing I'm gonna show you is just cool so I had to throw it in you ever shower while listening to music don't lie I know a lot of you do so check out this moxie showerhead by Kohler it has a nice finish to it and it looks like a high-end showerhead but the trick is that is hiding a magnetically attached speaker right in the middle yep that is a speaker that charges by micro USB and now you can just jam out while you get squeaky clean if you have kids this is awesome for a bad time and it connects easily over Bluetooth it's a cool little

Product all right so I hope you enjoyed this look at my smart home hopefully this gives you some ideas or gives you some gift ideas on how you can build an awesome smart home I wish I can just show you every product in my house but that could take hours so if you want me to do more videos like this I'll definitely do some more follow-up ones all the things that I've shown you today on this video and things that I couldn't show you on this video but things that I recommend is all in that easy one amazon link down below so let me know which products that you ended up buying and

Which ones are your favorites so go ahead and let me know what kind of smart home products do you have in your house let me know in the comment section below and if you have any questions make sure you hit me up on social media I'm most active on Twitter at super-scientific and make sure you smack that like button if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more cool videos like this and I'll see you guys in the next one


Ultimate Smart Home Guide and Tour!





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