Google I/O 2016 Recap: Allo, Google Home, Daydream VR, and more!

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What's up guys my first center here with Android police and we're here in beautiful Mountain View California for Google i/o 2016 we saw a lot of cool stuff this morning at the keynote the biggest thing that was really the most far-reaching was Google Assistant and Google assistant is kind of like the newest version of Google if you think about it that way Google system is the next iteration the next evolution of the natural language processing and really intense deep learning that Google's machines can do Google assistant is now more aware of your context than it ever has been before and what exactly that

Means is that your phone is gonna be able to use the data that's available to it to be able to fill in the gaps in your life so the example that sundar Pichai used when he was on stage was if you're a Chicago at the bean and you ask his phone who designed this your phone will actually have the correct answer if you're running the most recent version of Google assistant so where else could Google assistant be like really useful at home right yeah you have your phones at home but it's not always the most convenient in fact it's often not the most convenient to whip out your phone

And ask it a question well Google home is here to solve that problem for you or at least according to Google this device has so much functionality and Amazon Alexa functionality built-in or Amazon echo if you want to name things correctly Google home will answer any of your questions thanks to a far far reaching mic that can listen to you from across the room Google home will also be able to handle things like tasks calendar events things of that nature anything that Amazon's echo already does for the most part it's a beautiful-looking device – you can

Actually swap out the bottom piece of it with any color or material you want to match your home decor we don't have a lot in terms of release dates just yet Google did say fall of this year but we don't know exactly when we're gonna see a Google home for ourselves Google a low or a lotta night is there new chat client and I know we didn't exactly need another messaging client from Google but we've got one so let's deal with it okay so it's got Google assistant built-in and that's the really cool part about it while you're having conversations with your friends and family Google assistant

Can chime in with really helpful stuff like quick replies and quick replies that can actually pay attention to what is inside of images that you're sent hello isn't just about the artificial intelligence though it's also much better than hangouts and basically anything else we have seen from Google when it comes to chat there's a new feature called a whisper chat which lets you change the size of the text or whatever message it is that you're sending from larger to smaller so you can say something really loudly without using caps luck and you could say

Something really quietly which EGIS just wasn't really possible before the other side of a low is duo and duo is a video focused app that is just for one-to-one video calls you will notice that there was a major problem with video calls people weren't answering them they have a ton of data to work off of it and you know what anecdotally I can agree with that when someone video calls me I'm not trying to answer that right away I don't know why you're calling me what's your deal knock-knock a new feature in duo allows you to see the person who's calling you in real time so

You know why they're calling you it gives you contexts the same idea as giving Google more context about the questions we're asking give us more context to know whether or not we should answer this phone call the cool thing is since Google has so much experience with WebRTC they actually made sure that the entire experience is totally feelings from start to finish and in the demos that's exactly what we saw the phone rings you see the other person on the other line you answer the call and suddenly they see you – it's really incredible there's

No latency in answering that call and there's no lag I'm excited to try both of these we haven't gotten our chance to have our hands on them of course but the second we do you better believe you're gonna be the first ones to know I think they're gonna be pretty cool and pretty fun I just wish they would kill the rest of the messaging apps it's too much I know a lot of us were excited to see what Google was up to when it comes to VR but I was kind of disappointed all we really got in terms of hardware were some design references and that's about it at least in terms of hardware when it

Comes to software we'd have a brand new experience called daydream daydream is intended to be the sort of benchmark when it comes to VR so devices can be daydream compatible daydream enable daydream ready as long as they have the specs and necessary to be able to support a great virtual reality experience at least as it pertains to Google don't worry though because most of the devices that we have in our pockets these days are already we already every major OEM is slated to create a device that stay dream ready in the coming year so don't worry the

Device that you love it's gonna be daydream ready at some point soon it doesn't stop there though Google went so far as to create their own home screen for their new virtual reality ecosystem and inside of daydreams home you can actually access Google Play YouTube Street View Google Play Movies a lot of the experiences that you're used to on the Google ecosystem are all available in virtual reality and daydream finally Google hit us with a bit of a whammy there's a new Android initiative focus around fast app installs and go I'm not just talking about the GNU Compiler and

Android and I'm talking about app installs imagine if someone sends you will link to something like BuzzFeed video or some app that you don't actually have installed well normally the flow would look like you click on the link you go to the site you either watch the content there on the subpar experience or if you want to have a positive expression you're not the first one or you can go and download the app and then click on the link and have a native experience well what if you didn't have to do either of those what if you could click on the link and

Android just knew what pieces of the app to download so you can experience it as if you had an app that's exactly what instant apps promise click on that link and instantly you download just the piece of the app that you need to be able to display that content and that entire piece is a full-on experience now obviously that requires developers to be able to put the time in to make sure that they have modularized their app so to speak effectively they're gonna need to split out chunks that they're out for the different use cases that they're going

To need so that we can download the appropriate one when necessary when all is said and done when it works correctly it's a really really cool feature to be able to have access to a native experience without having to install an app it's just huge and it really did blow most of us a danger police away sorry I wasn't around to do the last bit of this video on camera as you can see there were a ton of fun activities planned for the evening a show by kygo and Charli XCX so there's a whole lot more to come from here around California for i/o 2016 keep it stick tuned right

Here on Android police for all that great Android goodness and as always think you all so so much for watching be kind of one another and I'll catch you in the next video

Google I/O 2016 Recap: Allo, Google Home, Daydream VR, and more!

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