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New iPad delivery I think just want to show you guys one thing first though packing game on point look how clean everything is for clear totes this guy is full of this guy still needs to go but clean packing is on the way so the time that this exact video goes up I think it's gonna be t minus 16 days till the big move obviously we have a new delivery today and as expected the sixth generation iPad the one that is cheap ish so the six gen 32 gigs this is the entry-level will retail now for 329 if you're in the education space you can grab it for 300 kind of bringing iPads to the masses quick little update though

Before we head into the studio we have a giveaway winner update could you do this was from the Space Gray $20,000 setup Congrats to daniel Jameson I just sent you a message on YouTube Thank You Mac Book for letting me know I have text messages just remember that I send everyone a message first on YouTube just to verify that it's your account so once you've set me back the confirmation then we'll swap that email and you will have a very nice space great item for your set up now let's get back to of course iPad I was gonna say pro 6 gen iPad details kind of see the Thoth gauge

Starting to come out in the studio too fitting wearing gray for a Space Gray video so the new 2018 iPad here it is and I obviously have my iPad pro this is the 10.5 inch so the key difference is the biggest thing of course between these two guys is the price as I said this one starting off at 329 or 300 if your student wear the iPad pro is a whopping 650 dollars so that's almost double the price I can do my math key differences physically first this has a nine point seven inch compared to the iPad pro which is either a ten point

Five or a twelve point nine twelve point nine I believe the screen on the iPad isn't laminated so there's a slight little air gap you can kind of tell the difference when you've got both side-by-side but if you've only just got this guy in front of you unless you're a really really big techie you might see the slightest gap the iPad pro screen obviously has a wider color gamut it's got an increase refresh rate but don't get me wrong the one on the iPad still totally fine still totally usable the thing that I actually dislike the most is the bezels surprisingly I've got used

To how pretty the iPad pro looks and this one does seem a bit chunky big forehead big chin it still has touch ID but it's the sides that I really noticed yeah that's kind of what you're getting at and I'm not complaining too much I know this is the sixth gen it's essentially just a spec upgrade from the fifth gen but the biggest thing that I said we now have full support for this guy the Apple pencil which isn't included an extra hundred dollars Apple knows how to gouge you but it will finally work with this iPad bringing out my inner student I downloaded frog a

Pity I will leave it link down below but you can essentially look through all stages of a frog in AR and of course it supports the Apple pencil and I've learned a couple things kind of upgrading my bio degree internally we've got essentially what the iPhone 7 and 7 plus was that's the a10 and m10 motion coprocessor so it zips through everything just fine I do think though the iPad pro is snappier obviously it does have the latest and greatest internals whereas this guy is more suited as entry-level for most people out there I honestly think this is

Totally fine especially for most things people use tablets for media consumption browsing the net watching YouTube videos playing a couple of games I think that is what the iPad pro is truly suited for but the thing that I thought was weird the iPad pro does have magnetic mount so you can pair that with say the smart Keyboard perfect for students wanting to take notes in class but strangely enough the entry-level iPad doesn't even though I think this is tuned for stoops I find that a tad bit weird we also lose out on two speakers we only have the bottom

Facing ones on the iPad and also unfortunately for all those people out there that love to snap pics with your iPad I know you guys are out there on the traditional one I believe this is the camera from the iPhone 6 whereas the iPad pro has the upgraded one I don't think that's too big of a deal breaker it's mostly the front-facing can which I tend to use when I'm say facetiming my parents sadly on the iPad we still have a 1.2 megapixel camera we're in 2018 and that's still a thing but other than that those are pretty much the changes coming to the 6 gen iPad I love that Apple is

Keeping this budget-friendly 329 dollars isn't in pod for an entry-level iPad they used to start at 4 500 bucks so nice to see these things coming down in price I love the fact that I can now use my Apple pencil it works exactly like on my iPad pro I can sketch with it it is pressure sensitive and when I need to juice it up 15 ish minutes gets you around 80 ish percent because no matter what this charging mechanism will never kind of get old for me an apple lolli anyways let me know your thoughts down below on the new budget-friendly and cheap I will put that in quotes because

Apple is never considered cheap iPad curious to hear your thoughts and I will catch the rest of you of course in one of my next episodes or one of my next vlogs probably more packing will be taking place base


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