I/O 2016: Android Auto’s Biggest Update Yet

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What's up guys my percenter here with android police and we're talking Android auto we're not talking about Maseratis this time there's a separate video for this brand new in-car concept that Google is working on you can go check out right here on the channel as well but for this one we're just gonna talk about what's new in Android auto here at Google i/o 2016 first and foremost you're gonna recognize a friendly face Waze is now available on the Android auto platform it was asked for and Google delivered Google is working very closely with manufacturers like Honda and Hyundai for these OAM apps and what

They're really doing is just working as closely as they can with these OEMs to make sure that the OEMs data can make it into Android auto their data is not going to be handled the same way but it does offer the user a ton of great new functionality that they did not have before notifications and functionality associated with the vehicle itself will be exposed to the user through this new area the car can let you know about your tire pressure your check engine light see what's actually wrong with your engine for that matter all the things that you would expect your car to be

Able to message to you can now happen for Android auto if you don't have an Android auto ready car that's not that big of a deal anymore either because now you can actually run Android auto on your phone as a standalone device it's not too terribly fancy it's effectively just a driving mode really big old icons lots of things that are nice and easy to see nothing too too small and not a whole lot of functionality most of it is really just what you get in Android auto but on your phone finally we did hear some rumors we did not get a chance to see it in action

But it looks like Android auto is very soon gonna be getting the ability to connect to your car over Wi-Fi not through a wired connection that's a big deal for those of you who have a problem with plugging things in though it's not a big deal for me because I feel like if I'm in the car I'm going to be charging my phone anyway let me know what you guys think about all these new additions to Android auto do you have a car with Android auto in it are you gonna be getting these updates if so let me know down in the comments let me know what else Android auto is missing down in the

Comments as well maybe Google's reading as always thank you guys so so much for watching be kind of one another and I'll catch in the next you


I/O 2016: Android Auto’s Biggest Update Yet





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