Mid-2019 Smartphone Buyer’s Guide

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Hey what's up guys will here for gsm arena I can't believe that half of 2019 has come and gone already and we've seen so many smartphone releases it's a lot to keep track of so we've put together a list of some of the best phones we reviewed so far this year that are arranged by price category but otherwise there are no particular order and if any of these pick your interest you can find links down in the description below for each one's full review so let's get started with the lower mid-range category these phones cost the equivalent of 200 euros or less but they may surprise you with the amount of

Value they offer first up we have the real me 3 the least expensive option on this list maybe by Oppo sister company real me this is the best choice in this category performance wise with his Helio p6 e or P 70 chipset depending on the market battery life is stellar and the camera performance isn't bad either it has a large LCD screen though a 720p isn't the sharpest one around just keep in mind that the real main 3 is hard to find outside of select regions next we have the redmi note 7 also called the note 7s in the indian market this phone checks all the boxes it has sturdy build

Quality an excellent battery life performance is solid with this snapdragon 616 chipset the camera is great too you've been able to go head-to-head against some flagships one of our only nitpicks is that you can record 4k video natively but you can't get around this by downloading a third-party camera app our next category is for proper mid-range and upper mid-range phones these are going for around 400 euros or less expect a bit more from these guys feature wise but they still come with some compromises we'll start off with the Samsung Galaxy

A 50 we like this phone's eye-catching finish and it's AMOLED panel is great even though it does have a notch cutouts battery life is impressive to the triple camera setup has a main cam an ultra wide and a depth sensor and it does well in good lights but poorly at night you don't get 4k video recording here we also didn't like the loudspeaker quality which is really lacking in the high frequencies if you're looking for an upgrade over the a 50 you might look no further than the Galaxy a 70 for just 50 euros more the galaxy a 70 brings a

Bigger screen and better performance with a snapdragon 675 battery life is quite similar to the a 50 though you do have faster power delivery charging here there are also higher resolution main cameras on both the front and the back but we still didn't like the low-light shots from the a 70 and there is 4k video recording but it doesn't have stabilisation next is a Xiaomi me 9 this upper mid-range er comes with a good-looking notched OLED screen and a flagship level Snapdragon 855 chipset battery life is great too and there's

Fast charging plus it has a triple camera setup with a regular telephoto and ultra wide can and they do a pretty good job we do wish there was oh is on the camera though and storage isn't expandable oh and there's no headphone jack here if you've got your eye on the mean 9 the upcoming knee 90 or K 20 will be a cheaper version you'll have a natural AMOLED screen a public selfie cam and probably better battery life on to the next category 500 euros or less these phones aren't quite full on flagships but they're just about there may be lacking in just a couple of

Features first we have the pixel 3 Axl in a lot of ways we prefer this phone over it's more expensive flagship siblings it has much better battery life and includes a headphone jack while still bringing a nice OLED screen and flagship grade quality with its single camera it doesn't have a flash upgrade chipset but it's not bragging 670 with just four gigs of RAM also storage is an expandable here next the Asus zenfone 6 there's a flagship level Snapdragon a 55 for grid performance and with a five thousand milliamp hour battery battery

Life is excellent you even get a headphone jack you don't get an OLED display but an IPS LCD though it is totally notch less the zenfone 6 brings a unique flip design that allows you to take regular photos ultra wide photos and selfies with the same camera setup these are good quality to the low-light performance isn't the best out there and now we've reached flagship territory all of these phones are selling for more than 600 euros in some cases way more but if you're looking for the most cutting-edge device it's not gonna come cheap here we go

First we have the oneplus 7 pro this phone isn't marketed as a gaming phone per se but it can give them a run for their money it has blazing fast performance with a snapdragon 855 chipset and options of up to 12 gigs of ram as well as a large OLED display with a fast 90 Hertz refresh rate and you have stereo speakers too the screen is notch less as the selfie cam is on a motorized slider it's triple camera setup is a bit behind the other flagships quality Wireless and we wish storage was expandable battery

Life is decent but nothing amazing and like many other flagships he says there's no headphone jack here moving on to the Huawei P 30 Pro it's the latest and greatest from Huawei with a cutting-edge chipset and excellent battery life it's most impressive feature is this triple camera setup which provides five times optical zoom and outstanding shots even at night thanks to advanced processing we do wish you could record 4k video at 60fps and there's no audio jack here and storage is expandable but you need to use one of Huawei's proprietary and M cards to do

It it also isn't really clear if the p30 pro will hold its value as the future of huawei is a bit up in the air due to the USA ban if you want to avoid this the Oppo Reno 10 times zoom is a potential alternative this phone stands out from the pack with exceptional battery life and VOC fast charging it also has a pop-up selfie cam but this one has a unique shark fin design because of that the Ola display is not less and there are stereo speakers as well but no headphone jack of course you had the latest Snapdragon chipset under the hood so performance is

Top-notch his triple cameras perform great too though the default zoom levels aren't optical but actually six times and ten times hybrid zoom and for some reason video recording is only available through the main camp next we have two phones which are almost identical the Samsung Galaxy has 10 and the s10 plus they both bring the latest chipset as well as an incredible dynamic AMOLED screen with the hole punch cutouts the plus models cutout is larger thanks to his dual selfie can both have stereo speakers and a headphone jack yes 10 plus also has a bigger battery so it has

Good battery life compared to the s tens which is just average yes 10 and as 10 plus have excellent camera performance with their triple cameras taking great shots no matter the conditions and finally we have the Sony Xperia one it has a class-leading 4k HDR OLED screen with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio as well as stereo speakers ideal for a cinematic experience of course with the latest chipset the gaming experience is great too and the tall screen is also nice for scrolling apps and multitasking the triple cameras have great performance I can go head-to-head against any other

Flagship out there as for negatives the side mounted fingerprint reader isn't too reliable battery life is average and there's no headphone jack so there you have it guys a summary of this year's hottest smartphone so far if you're looking to buy a new phone this is a good place to start there are a couple of things to keep in mind though don't forget about older devices from 2018 or even earlier you can find some pretty nice deals out there and of course this list is just from our own reviews on our channel did we miss any that you're excited about let us know down in the

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Mid-2019 Smartphone Buyer’s Guide





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