Dude Microwaves Grand Theft Auto 5

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I favour the colors!

What is up guys techrax here so I did receive a package just now in the mail I'm going to go ahead and open it up and see what it is so I have my scissors scissors right here and I did cut a little slot right here let's just fully quite difficult doing this with two hands you know while holding the camera is what I mean okay so there you go looks like it is okay it's the new GTA v copy for the PlayStation 3 let me zoom in on that you got the multiplayer leaderboards Lobby trophies all that good stuff most expensive game ever made by Rockstar or actually any video game of that matter

Now let's go ahead and open it up god this is going to take forever to open okay there you go open the plastic of this package was from amazon.com throw that away let's check it out nice brand-new Oh oops I guess actually I'm going to use that code just because you guys side now I shouldn't have showed it to you guys it looks like there's like a map over there that's that's that's pretty good wait what else do they have in here you have an entire map and then I think this is the actual map manual okay so forget

About this stuff let's get to the big thing the disk we're going to go ahead and open this bad bad boy up there you go okay hmm let's see ooh that's always bad okay I don't know if I want to touch that oh man I reeks okay come on oh not bad not bad let's let's check this out oh yeah that's what I'm talking about look at that that's something more like it you know that's the way Rockstar should have made it you know it's it's just it looks just so much better this way I mean just look at it man

Looks pretty pretty freakin awesome all right guys so that's pretty much it for this video I do want to let you guys know this is a completely you know just a joke don't actually microwave you know your GTA v copy because it's a great game you know and they put a lot of hard work into this game so you can play it I'm just doing this for you know entertainment purposes that's pretty much it guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video many more to come stay tuned for more videos and peace out


Dude Microwaves Grand Theft Auto 5





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