Tassimo T43 Joy Red – Unboxing [HD]

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Superb photos, the color and depth of the images are breath-taking, they attract you in as though you belong of the composition.

Hey guys multiply today today I’m gonna have an unboxing or the newest kind of coffee machine range I’ve got today and it’s the CMO joy now this is like one of the best kind of coffee machines out there for the price and all of that so I just want to like put this coverage down I kind of make an unboxing of it because you know I can’t buy a shoe other one broke so just take my decision today this one it has now enjoy Acosta TiVo I’m 20 or penis we’re just here in a color UK that’s actually a standard thing now you get this now so the front of the box can see what you get

No not much on the front there let’s be here it just says one touch and enjoy and insert lychee just there okay yeah back stay on the front there’s not much you know big kind of difference there so that’s good so let’s open the box so I’ve got this one Curry’s and PC world if you’re wondering well how did you get the deceiver from I’ve often carried in PC world so if you’re kind of wondering where what this frog that’s why I went from so open the box unboxing so cool the vase you know say crap what version you see my drawing red version unboxing yeah you can’t see no different

Packaging boxing is the UK boxing I just bit the clamp into the top now to show you what’s inside the box sit flat for that very nice so but still it’ll still image fail so yeah the receipts from Curry’s so that’s not needed whoops so the Machine your 6d and I’ll show you the machine all right in life in row life look nice but it might look nice on the camera but you’re really amazing okay that nice plastic off and you can see yourself in here hey guys Hey look

My look coming up soon anyways it’s over here get our instruction manuals back yeah two-seam oh whoops thing which I know what’s doing here but little box thing up there and they refill thing back inside this up all right cool you know Steve oh okay and as usual the tseebo kind of thing so instruction manual time see what it says tough fever all of this right I doubt anyone will read this you know yeah I care about that this is for you sis you man it just says some random crap I already care wow this is a phony

Get 24 adoption both it get better you know washes it they’re gonna straighten that box there yeah you want to help me okay eat it so it looks kind of like a boxing step so fever side nothing that the bottom nothing so yeah very good nice machine coffees and install it on my kitchen table till they guys subscribe


Tassimo T43 Joy Red – Unboxing [HD]





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