iPhone 5 Dissolves in a Sodium Hydroxide Test – Will it Survive?

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What is up guys techrax you're so in this video I did my most most dangerous iPhone 5 test I've ever done on my channel yet I was very scared of myself doing this I poured sodium hydroxide on a heated stainless steel pan now this is a very very strong base it's a chemical not an acid but it dissolves aluminium and glass which are both components of the iPhone 5 and what I did is I pretty much just mixed it around and made sure it you know kind of heated up for a few minutes gave it a few minutes started around uh you know around for a little bit using both stay stainless steel pan and stainless steel tweezers which are

The only thing that is actually resistant to this chemical or else on the pan itself would dissolve so I really do recommend guys do not do this at home I myself shouldn't have I inhaled some terrible fumes during this video and I'm not a chemist this is probably supposed to be performed under a fume hood I did this video anyways for your guys's entertainment so I hope you guys do enjoy your video this is the first step that I did let's go ahead and move on to the second step so after I heated up the sodium hydroxide I got the iPhone 5 and

I I put the stopwatch on and I know I was really off by I'd say maybe 10 11 seconds you could subtract that because it was really really tough doing this at the you know multitasking but I got some water and I poured it over the iPhone and the hydroxide and basically the reaction started to occur iPhone begin you know dissolving and one of the funniest things is you can actually see if you look closely that the screen switches on the iPhone where it says cancel and swipe to shut down those two things rearrange and then you could see the timer it stops at around I'd say 39

40 seconds something goes up and then you have a temperature warning and then looks like you have the Apple symbol and then there it goes off and I believe that's where it really started dissolving you can see this is out I was on we really really afraid myself at this point um you know I was using the gas mask but I was still smelling some fumes so at this point you could see the camera is really wobbly but I was doing my best to capture this on film so after halfway through the experiment I flipped over the iPhone to find that

It was completely white turned from black to white almost a silver metallic II color and at this point I you know I knew I had to stop I could have you know kept going but I just I was really too worried I did it I'm doing this in my own kitchen you know just mine that and I I took some vinegar which is a weak acid and I poured over to you know neutralize his base and get rid of it so I can you know dump it out and it was out it was all splashing you know everywhere on the counter and you know that gets on your skin you're going to the hospital so I managed to neutralize

It and that was that so final recap of what actually happened to this iPhone 5 oh you had a yellow tint on top of the phone on the screen SIM card slot was completely dissolved obviously you had that silver looking color side button was completely gone uh volume rockers were actually still intact and you know clickable I'm home button still there bottom ports were all just messed up up top power button completely gone so that is pretty much it guys for this video I really hope you guys enjoyed this video took me a while to make and as always guys peace out


iPhone 5 Dissolves in a Sodium Hydroxide Test – Will it Survive?





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