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What's up guys techrax here it's been a while and before I really get into this video I do want to let you guys know that um had some issues with my account they're now fixed so I'm you know back again and iPhone 5 is you know surprisingly a lot of people you know my like this might hate this but it is getting kind of old you know the new iPhone 5s is supposed to come out literally literally this month at the end of this month I think as well as the iPhone 5c so there's going to be a lot of content on that this could be my last up as you may call it destruction video on particularly the iPhone 5s or not the

5s the iPhone 5 so what we have here is a px 2 60 weatherproof case now if you open it up it says there's like three layers of protection you know it's weather smart it's there's a you literally screw on the case so it's it's a three layer super strong case covers support everything I'm going to put this on and pretty much just try to do everything possible with this case you know throw it with full force do everything I can and then see what happens now keep in mind this iPhone does have a very very slight kind of line crack line along the screen so

That's already been there I accidentally dropped the phone but without further ado guys let's go straight into this and see how this case handles this phone lets go right guys so I screwed in the case and that is kind of one little you know minor I guess setback it is a little tedious screwing in all the case all the little bolts but they include the little tool for you to do so and as you can see the iPhone is in there the iPhone 5 and does retail for $45 let's go ahead and see if it is strong so I normally you guys would see me do something like this that did sounded a

Bit brutal though but I see it still works let's do it again let's kind of do it uh front so does some sound brutal though even though you know the case it almost looks like some sort of Otterbox case are the drop I don't know if it's the bolts but they it does have this kind of heavy impact let's do it again trying to make it kind of directly but you can still see it is doing the job right it is protecting let's go ahead and set it down like this now this will be really really brutal um and take a rock I don't know how heavy this is I wish I

Knew maybe 20 pounds I don't know 20 pounds 25 okay I think this is going to break let's go ahead and just do it from this side first because I'm almost confident that this could break and I'm gonna do it from only this high so let's go ahead and do it oh yeah yeah don't throw a rock at your phone that's the rule number one ah let's go ahead and alright I'm gonna go ahead and just like with full force try and toss it against my house so a lot I'm still working uh case is actually damaged though the case itself and I think that was all from the rock really

I probably shouldn't throw a rock at a phone that's definitely the ultimate destruction test let's do it one more time though ah kind of with full force I felt some glass shatter okay there you go that's a little more like it okay so phone still works I'm going to go ahead and try and unscrew this and see how it looks like from the in alright guys so here's the little screw that I used to unscrew the bolts I'm going to open it up for the first time and see what exactly happened okay back looks almost brand new and I can see how that's possible

Because there is a there's a lot more protection coming from the backside of the phone then obviously the front side because that's where you know you got a type and there's a very thin film uh you know there instead of the back but the back is in great shape the front not so well on the front you know you got your cracks phone still works where we were you know quickly responsive responsibly but overall guys I do recommend this case if you will you know drop it you have you know the general drop or whatever or like it says you know this is the splash or the you know the

Weather smart feature just don't throw a rock on it or don't you know forcefully throw it against the building um because it just won't survive but overall this is a very sturdy case if it's a if it comes down to a drop anyway if it's front side you know back it will survive that's just you guys saw it from the video but that is it for the test guys stay tuned because the next videos will be the brand new iPhone 5s videos thanks for watching guys and as always peace out


iPhone 5 + 20 Pound Rock Test – PureGear PX260 Extreme Case Review –





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