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Information about Palantir Technologies symbol (NYSE: PLTR)
. Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) is headquartered in Denver, Colorado . The firm is involved in the big data industry. Yet multiple investors have appeared to be unwilling to invest in the company. Since PLTR went public, the stock has been experiencing a nice run to about $30. Nevertheless, the stock has been tested twice at the $40 level. A downward trend has followed the stock each time.

The company’s latest earnings report indicates that it continues to burn cash. While revenues for its private sector businesses helped drive the 40% year-over-year revenue growth, hedge funds should be paying close attention to this stock in 2021. Given Experts approval, PLTR stock may be prepared to become significantly further valuable.

Palantir Technologies, Inc. creates and deploys software platforms that support counterterrorism investigations and operations. Furthermore, Palantir Gotham allows the defence and intelligence sectors to identify patterns hidden deep inside big data, such as signals intelligence material to confidential sources and facilitates data transfer between analysts and operational users by streamlining this data process transfer. It also offers Palantir Foundry, which turns data into an operating system for organizations. This program allows users to store, analyze, and analyze data all in one place..