The best new tech of the decade | 2010’s Rewind

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The past decade didn't exactly look like Back to the Future Part 2 or Blade Runner but we did see some really amazing tech emerge over the past decade here's 10 of the best technologies we got over the past 10 years and in no particular order we'll let you decide which one is the best and you can drop your favorite in the comments here we go first up smart assistance the idea of a computer you can speak to has been a science-fiction dream and sometimes nightmare for decades but despite passable dictation tools in the 90s it wasn't until Siri debuted on the

IPhone 4s in 2011 that we were introduced to modern smart assistants now they don't just understand our requests they can act on them whether you need an answer to a math problem want to play a video on YouTube or need driving directions on the spot today's smart assistants won't just understand what you're asking for they'll quickly give it to you while props go to Apple for helping make this tech mainstream it took Amazon to liberate AI assistants from their smartphone prisons and now they're pretty much everywhere now we come to smartwatches

The idea of a SmartWatch has been around since the days of Dick Tracy but it became a real thing in the 2010s the breakthrough Pebble watch came first and before we knew it a bevy of competing devices ensued with the Apple watch and Samsung Galaxy gear leading the pack what's more impressive than the fact that smartwatches exist is how far they've come in the past decade fitness tracking came quickly and that got us hooked but it took a few attempts before people realized how exciting and potentially life-saving features like EKG heart rate tracking could be now

That smartwatches are no longer regarded as just smartphone accessories look for them to continue carving out their place in the world in the 2020s next up is a personal favorite augmented reality if you're gonna get technical about it augmented reality existed back in the 60s but it wasn't until the 2010s that people all started talking about augmented reality like it was an everyday thing the ill-fated Google glass was unfortunately many people's introduction to AR and bad publicity sunk that ship in a hurry but today AR is widely found as a smartphone feature

And now a growing number of head-up display makers are looking to succeed where Google failed its most commonly used for gaming but other applications like IKEA is IKEA Place app give an indication of how else it could fit into our lives and all I'm saying is help me fix my car when AR can do that and add an affordable price I'm in and I think we're close now for a different kind of reality I'm talking about virtual reality oculus rift burst onto the scene as a 2012 Kickstarter and two years later it was snapped up by Facebook for two billion dollars like AR virtual

Reality goes back a lot further than the 2010 I mean lawnmower man right anyone remember that movie anyway it was the decade where it really kicked off oculus hasn't become a mass-market technology in the way that Facebook might have liked but the tech is incredibly compelling oculus has also been joined by a number of other head-up displays offering virtual reality technology these range from the HTC vive headsets to the plug-and-play Google cardboard I think it's fair to say that VR is in a much much stronger place right now than it

Was a decade ago how about tablet computers arthur c clarke famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and it stands follow that any sufficiently adopted technology just fades into the background it's the whole new normal thing that's what happened to tablet computers over the past ten years it was 2010's first gen iPad that put tablets centerstage and at the time techies just wanted an iPad without really knowing what it would do for them jump forward 10 years and it's something

That even your grandparents probably have at home let's move on to crowdfunding Kickstarter technically launched on April 28th 2009 but Time magazine named it one of the best inventions of 2010 so we're putting it on the list crowdfunding became the new funding paradigm of the 2010s it's not only a way for entrepreneurs to raise money but it's also a marketing tool that gets people excited about investing in a product that doesn't yet exist I know I know not everything about crowdfunding is great I think we all know of at least

One epic failure that raised tons of cash and then just disappear still there's no doubting how influential it has been and it proves just how powerful the Internet's harnessing a crowd can be next is touch ID and you know other biometrics when you think back to the problems the world faced at the beginning of the decade what's the one that jumps out the most obviously the time wasting nightmare of having to enter a passcode every time you to log into a computer or unlock your phone fortunately that's no longer an

Issue in 2013 Apple brought fingerprint sensors to the iPhone 5s and in the years that followed fingerprint scanning tech has become almost standard issue on phones tablets and a growing number of computers once the stuff of Tom Clancy novels biometric security has become an everyday thing right along with NFC payments and now fingerprint sensing is giving way to facial recognition which probably means retinal scans are just around the corner wireless earbuds admit it the first time you saw wireless earbuds like the air pods Apple introduced back in 2016 you thought they

Looked ridiculous kids will buy anything these days you mutter to yourself before tweeting something about how your own wired earbuds made them not only cheaper but far less easy to lose jump forward to today and you're reading this article wearing your Amazon echo buds air pods Pro or Samsung Galaxy buds scrolling through your Twitter feed deleting all evidence of your bad tech predictions of the past oh you aren't ok I guess that's just me let's move on to delivery robots ask someone in 2010 if they wanted a robot to deliver their takeout order and they probably say well yeah that sounds

Pretty cool ask someone the same question today and they'll probably say the same thing only now there's a good chance they might get their wish and soon thanks to the work of pioneering companies like starship technologies fleets of wheeled delivery robots are now rolling out around the world longing for a hamburger but don't want to hop in the car to get it for a small delivery fee you can select your exact location on an app and a robot will autonomously trundle along the sidewalk to deliver it to you all you got to do is unlock the robot storage

Tank with your app and retrieve your order delivery drones they're fast becoming a thing too in fact that might almost need to be an entry itself finally self-driving cars you had to see this one coming in 2010 the first stories broke about how Google was building cars that could drive themselves I know work has been going on in this space for a while but previous attempts at autonomous vehicles were not great now at the end of 2019 self-driving cars have covered thousands of miles on public roads now to be fair full on hands off take a nap or watch a

Movie style level 5 autonomy is still well out of reach but there's no doubt self-driving vehicles have taken a massive leap forward and now suddenly total recalls vision of Johnny cabs doesn't seem too far out of reach whoo what a decade thanks for watching and if you like this match that like button subscribe and hit that Bell because we've got more fun list like this coming up right here and at digital trends calm

The best new tech of the decade | 2010’s Rewind

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