5 Things Your Smartphone Couldn’t Do 10 Years Ago

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Smartphones have come a long way in the last decade that's how every great decade and review video should start right and actually I think they do seriously though the first iPhone may have come out in 2007 but it wasn't until 2010 that what we now call smart phones started becoming well smart with that in mind let's take a look at five things your smart phone can do now and which you no doubt take for granted that it couldn't do 10 years ago let's go number one : uber or a lyft or insert your favorite ride-sharing service here uber launched in 2011 as a luxury black

Car hiring app initially targeting slick Silicon Valley types but it soon grew to the service we know today the idea of not having to call anyone knowing how much it would cost upfront and paying from your phone were novel concepts 10 years ago but now ride-sharing is the go-to form of transportation in cities across the globe with uber lyft and other players helping make sure a ride home after a night out is just a few minutes away number two translating languages Google Translate was launched in 2010 and over the past 10 years it seen

Monumental advancement now you can use your phone to translate text or speech in real time just hold your phone over a foreign food menu and you're well on your way to correctly ordering the schnitzel instead of the pork knuckle and I highly advise during clear of the pork knuckle by the way and with new wireless earbuds paired with Google Translate you've basically got the modern-day realization of Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy Babel Fish in your ear breaking down barriers between foreign peoples is possibly one of the most valuable advances we've seen in

Smartphone tech this past decade number three control your smart home I think we all know smart and home devices have gone crazy over the last few years what's super futuristic about them is that they can be controlled with your phone nearly anywhere in the world you have internet access switch lights on or off or change their color set your robot vacuum to work or get an alert that it's stuck under the bed change the temperature in your house unlock the door feed the dog turn on the TV check your security cameras play music through the speakers in whatever

Room you want the possibilities go on and on that kind of control really brings the Jetsons vision of the future home literally number four pay for stuff you almost don't need your wallet anymore in the way 2020 is looking you may be ditching that bifold before you know it the past decade saw mobile payments surge we're now to the point where you can walk in just about anywhere and use Apple pay Samsung pay Google pay PayPal venmo cash app you get the idea you can pay just about anyone for anything using your phone and to think we used to write checks at the

Grocery store yeah that was a thing I almost forgot number five play a legit game mobile games have always been a thing but a decade ago mobile gaming looked a lot more like fruit ninja than fortnight or even Call of Duty today you can connect legit game controllers to your phone liberating the screen to produce incredibly detailed graphics for a rich gaming experience and there's this whole new category of gaming phones pushing mobile gaming to a level that exceeds what consoles were able to do this time a decade ago kind of makes you wonder what the next decade holds

Doesn't it so there's five things your phone can do now that it couldn't do a decade ago of course we had to skip at least five other great ones like wireless charging taking photos with bokeh and making reservations with nothing more than a voice command so for the full list go to digital Transcom everyone thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed this quick little list and guess what we've got a whole lot more of them coming up is there one that you want to see in particular leave us a comment down below of course like subscribe hit that notification bell so you know how

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5 Things Your Smartphone Couldn’t Do 10 Years Ago





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