Best of CES 2019 – What Laptops to Buy or Not Buy

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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and we're gonna talk about what's new from CES 2019 but we're gonna do it and what I hope is a more useful way there's plenty of videos and write-ups of every individual laptop and this is mostly about laptops that were announced but instead I'm going to talk about what you should and shouldn't buy right now in light of what was announced at CES in terms of the innovations what improvements there are aren't in the kind of products that you're looking at fine so first off gaming laptops are where the big changes are gonna be usually with CES which is the Consumer

Electronics Show that happens in Las Vegas in January every year I this covers the first half of the year so this will be up into the mid 2019 the kind of products that we've seen something to be available just about right away others will be March April May that sort of thing gaming laptops this is the big change because Nvidia finally announced the r-tx 2006 cards for laptops we had them for desktops with the big woohoo has ray-tracing but also faster speeds and now it's in laptops so so while the ray-tracing so far has not changed anybody's world so

Much the performance improvements with Nvidia cards generationally and it's been a couple years now aren't the big excitement here so they're claiming about 20% faster speed more if you're talking about GTX 1060 going to 2060 which is nice so for you introductory to mid-level buyers you're gonna get the biggest bang for the buck improvement there so if you're thinking about buying a gaming laptop hold off a couple of weeks at most a month or two but really we should start seeing some adjust right away in February being available with the new RT x-series cards the CPUs are

Gonna stay the same Intel eighth generation CPUs both the 15 watt 4 ultrabooks and the 45 watt for gaming laptops are gonna be with us most likely until fall of 2019 now for those who are interested in buying gaming laptops are in the desktop replacement category and you could be they use them for gaming or for pro production were 3d modeling whatever it is video editing hold off for a minute because anywhere just did something really absolutely wonderful with the area 51 M they're going back to their roots back when they were a boutique maker you know

They'll bought them and kind of turn them into a commodity gaming laptop that other than visual styling cues wasn't much different from a lot of the competitors this is something that we still don't see very often anymore this is gonna be a big honking gaming laptop but not that much bigger than the old like Alienware 17 honestly either but it's gonna have all replaceable components so yes with gaming laptops one of the lovely things is you can replace the hard job you couldn't add SSD so you should have a couple of SSD bays you can upgrade your memory but

When it comes to the CPU and the GPU and particularly that GPU that's where the pain points are because games become more demanding every year and you're left with some things I can't I gotta sell it and so these gaming laptops are expensive right you're spending twenty five hundred bucks which is right around where the area 51 M is gonna start and you feel like it's been obsoleted in two years or something like that's not so cool so at this one regular desktop CPU inside so very easy socketed just like a desktop processor you just drop the new one is as long as the motherboard still

Compatible which should be a safe bet for a little while anyway and the graphics card it looks like Dell Alienware are gonna be using a proprietary connector not MXM connector so that might mean that they have to be the supplier we'll have to see where their prices are like but given their ability to produce at scale and a very cost-effective prices like the Alienware graphics amplifier for examples one of the cheapest ways to get and EGP you go it could be very promising so yeah if if I was looking for a desktop replacement I would strongly consider that one for

The forward upgrade ability now next 17-inch is the new 15-inch we're gonna see this to a certain extent ultrabooks – as technology allows us to make thinner and lighter products this is the Alienware I am 15 that we just reviewed the M is the new thin and light model in fact it looks like the regular Alienware 15 and 17 are going away to be replaced like by this because now there's also gonna be an M 17 and I'll be reviewing that so obviously the same relatively speaking slim design just a bigger chassis a bigger screen on a little more room for cooling so that's a little

Promising – there you have it now that's not the end of it a soos who well they're always happy to keep it weird in more ways than one we'll find out they're gonna have the rogue zephyrus GX 701 so it's the 17 inch version of the rogue zephyrus 15 inch everything completely with the forward shifted keyboard the dynamic trackpad that can turn into a number pad 144 Hertz IPS display 1080p though and this is something we're talking gtx 28 Emacs q counting things so it's got a lot of horsepower and so i'm surprised they're not also offering some higher resolution

Display options but for those who want the bigger screen but you still like the thin and light and admittedly slightly weird drop-down bottom with LED ground effect lighting they're gonna be doing it to again we'll review that as well so if i said for the quickie on the gaming laptops there are lots of other brands and announcements nothing against them if i didn't mention them this is just a couple of the ones that really are standing out right now so onto regular old laptops ultrabooks standard notebook computers performance changes in the first half of the year not so much so we

Have the new intel whiskey like eighth generation should we call that 8.5 that came out we've reviewed a couple of ultra books that have the inside including the spectre x360 13 inch gem cut modeled the performance isn't really any different there is you get better Wi-Fi yes slightly better battery life slightly so you know if you're looking for a an ultrabook and you see us a little bit of a price savings that you can do on getting 8th gen cable a car versus the new whiskey leg processor go ahead and do it you're really not gaining super super lots

There what we are seeing is redesigned some subtle some a little bit more aggressive that thinner lighter that's still the trend bezel is getting smaller you get the idea there so it not earth-shaking stuff you know and elbows are doing their thing pad carbon x1 soon is gonna be so thin and light you won't be able to see it without putting you know special glasses on alright i guess there but you get the idea dell however did a very intelligent redesign finally so they started this whole TV bezel craze right and there are drawbacks to that and one of them is

Where do you put the webcam so some laptops like HP is when keeping bottom and top bezels a little bit bigger so they can keep the webcam up top so yo you don't have a chin cam right go am so down finally found a way to put a teeny little webcam up top so that's a nice redesign for those of you who are interested in the XPS 13 but didn't want the chin cam view and you do a lot of video check there was no announced XPS 15 redesign or new model yet but that's pretty much normal because they're probably waiting for the new GPUs and maybe who knows I don't think

They're gonna wait as long as for CPU refresh so probably with the XPS 15 that announcement will be off a couple of months from now and like I said when it's about 17-inch being the new 15-inch LG maker of the ultra light Graham laptop like crazy light right well they're gonna be doing a 17-inch model and we're gonna review that too it starts to make sense as these things get thinner and lighter you can actually have your big screen again it footprints are you've been getting smaller thanks to smaller bezel so I think we're going to see more at least in the premium

Space for now 17-inch ultrabooks that are not a beast to carry by any means speaking of those bezels again be careful what you ask for right y'all want those teeny bezels I see in every review you do so to avoid the chin cam dilemma there's a soos who's keeping it weird because that's just what they do right so we have the new Zen book s13 that they announced which is a very nice premium ultra bug and usually with them their pricing is pretty good because they'll take it easy and some of the other specs like that Zen book s13 has a full HD display not a higher resolution

As USBC but none Thunderbolt 3 but the interesting thing there is they actually added a lip above the top so that's where the webcam goes so you can have a little lip on it to keep get your skinny bezels there then there's the 14-inch version that a soos announced with a clip-on webcam likewise for that zephyrus GX 701 gaming laptop I mentioned that has an optional clip-on webcam which is a clunking kind of thing so this is another trend we're gonna see is as manufacturers try to comply with your desire to have almost no bezels creative ways of dealing with that

Webcam the other one is security and privacy and the trend that we saw in the second half of 2018 again the spectre x360 with the hardware Killswitch lenovo throughout much of 2018 with their thing shut or a sliding door over the webcam is how to disable this webcam that y'all are so generally in love with when you want to chat for business or with your kids or whatever it is I think we're gonna see more and more laptops that have that sort of feature and Lenovo particularly with their new model the yoga s 940 which is a very nice-looking premium $1500 so ultra big well that one

Does privacy you know remember Toby eye-tracking for gaming laptop maybe you do it never really took off but there are other uses for eye tracking now and that's to see where your gaze is at and to ensure privacy you can see your eyes so it can basically bokeh at the out the background make it blurry when you're having a web chat so nobody can tell that you're doing your business Skype call from the beautiful glory of your own homee when your toddler walks around just in diapers nobody has to see them all so it can help you with focus

And productivity is the idea so whatever window you're looking at keeps that one in focus and you can blur out the background so you just stop looking at SLAC or your Twitter feed or whatever it is speaking of Lenovo there will be a yoga C 730 with an AMOLED display the bad news is if you're in the US for some reason that will not be sold in the u.s. old laptops never super became a thing and we've seen fewer of them now word is that Samsung isn't making the big panels anymore for laptops for a variety of reasons but HP has said that there will

Be a spectre x360 15-inch with an OLED panel and I cannot wait to review that one on the not so mobile front there's a Lenovo yoga a 9:40 this is a surface studio competitor since we review stuff with pins and tech for artists it's gonna be more than a thousand dollars less expensive than a surface studio it's gonna have the pen it's gonna have the Lenovo sound bar you get the idea I'm pretty excited by that they've even come up with their own version of the surface dial so that's not completely necessary because service dial does work with any Windows PC lastly there's the

Abysmal state of Android tablets still not like going on their Google has not ever focused on making the tablet interface really good and pleasing it's kind of still blowing up phone interface but Lenovo who's getting clever once again is lenovo turning android tablets into smart displays sort of like your amazon alexis substitute or your google assistant why not basically that's what those are the ones that have screens anyway so they're doing a thing with a cool little stand so you can dish you pick it up and use it like a tablet or keep it there and use it like your your

What a Google assistant or an Amazon Alexa the ones that have a display on them yeah so there you have it that's what's new at CES 2019 that you should care about and hopefully you can make some informed buying decisions and we will be reviewing all this stuff that I talked about I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this vid

Best of CES 2019 – What Laptops to Buy or Not Buy

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