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This is Lisa for mobile tech review and this is not the new Zorro you know the Mark of Zorro tablet PC this is finally the HP Z book x2 so I know you've been asking me to review this for like a year or so and when it first came out it was kind of expensive and an Intel seventh generation CPU is just as the 8th gen reshipping either so HP finally got it to us and I'm very happy that they did it's still certainly a specialty Windows tablet that is built like a burglar bash and this thing is a tank but now we have Intel eighth generation quad-core Ultrabook CPUs inside the same NVIDIA Quadro and 620

Graphics a 4k HP dream color display which if you're not familiar with dream color displays that's a proper name for it because it's really stunning this bike and even more exciting a Wacom EMR pen now this is really aimed at those of you who are artists probably professional given the price tag or designers that sort of thing and you really love that Wacom VMR experience which I would still say is the best pen experience in the business anyway it is expensive starts at like $2,500 for an Intel seventh gen model which is adequate still for 2d kind of

Illustration work and Photoshop that sort of thing and it goes up to about $3,400 for our Intel 8th generation model now this is pretty well appointed at least you get that HP dream color 4k UHD display you get 16 gigs of RAM and a 512 gig nvme SSD so it's not like you're slumming at least with the specs for that price we're gonna look at it now of course the windows convertible like this isn't just for Art and Design it's also great for business use is like editing PDS for example is speaking of that I want to thank our sponsors wondershare and PDF element Pro which lets you

Annotate create edit PDF files in fact you can even do things like use the OCR function to scan in an image and then turn it into a word document or a PDF document it's 89.95 it's an outright purchase so if you're sick of the Adobe subscription model for example that's kind of nice too it's available for Windows and like I said make sense for convertibles like this particularly but it works on anything n is even a Mac version so like I said this is kind of a unique product though there are some things that are close when it was first

Announced a lot of people thought wow a bigger better Microsoft Surface pro well the surface pro 6 is considerably smaller it's in the 12 inch class and it you might think surface pro is expensive but obviously it's a lot less expensive there's no nvidia quadro graphics though with a surface pro and this one grew up to 32 gigs around this is bigger heavier tankier but it does have a detachable keyboard like surface pro we're gonna talk more about that keyboard in a bit then there's Microsoft's own surface book 2 which is available in 13 and a half inch size and 15 inch size

Obviously this falls somewhere in between a little closer to the smaller one but the surface is really more of a laptop replacement it's really got that physical keyboard design that makes it feel like a laptop you've got a different kind of consumer graphics card in that that's the GTX 1050 inside of the surface book so that one's great if you're more into playing games versus professional content creation though I can do obviously you're gonna get CUDA acceleration of the surface book but sort of a different animal the pen experience just doesn't compare which is

True also of surface pro and shrink pens that they use are okay but not exactly pro level I know some of you can argue about that a lot of you do make do with the pen and depending on the kind of art that you do it can work out well but there is a difference in the level of experience in terms of pressure in terms of tilt in terms of per application customization for the pen that sort of stuff then there's the voz canvas for those of you who actually remember that one this is pretty close to a spiritual successor removable keyboard relatively speaking

More powerful than the average tablet on the market yeah almost there and lastly there's Wacom Zone mobile studio pro products which have the form factor of a tablet so they're not exactly laptop replacements I know some of you who are going to school for art or design whatever and you were really thinking about that mobile studio pro because you like that walk-in pen experience but it really isn't designed much like a laptop is it so the Z book has that going for it now for the specs you can see those on screen but you've got Intel quad core ultra book 15 mod CPUs in here sorry no

Room for 45 watt CPUs that would have been interesting that was something that the bio Z canvas tried to do in its day you can go up to 32 gigs around with this you have a PCIe nvme SSD and technically this thing is serviceable you can open it up to upgrade in HP as a service manual if you want to do it boy it is not easy it's on the complex side but you could do that for K dream color display these days seems to be looking at HP's sale page seems to be the standard that they're doing now and that is a wide gamut display with almost 100% Adobe RGB coverage it is a very nice

Matte glass edge glass display so in compared to the mobile studio pro it's got a little bit less grain it's a little bit less matte than the mobile studio pro so it's really they're pretty close in terms of that though yeah both the fingerprint scanner on here and a Windows hello IR camera have plenty of ports you've got HDMI 1.4 alas not 2.0 for those of you who wanted drives 4k displays at 60 Hertz you have a USB a port yay Macha mobile studio pro is only USB C port so that can be instantly annoying if you have legacy things to plug in this has two Thunderbolt three

Ports and yes you can use it for charging and yes you can drive high resolution 4k displays using that and use thunderbolt docks it's full four lane PCIe so it's good stuff there the NVIDIA Quadro m6 20 card with 2 gigabytes of gddr5 vram is your only graphics option and it helps that's a pretty low-end quad row card which makes sense in this form factor walk on mobile studio pro starts with an M 600 you can go up to an and 1000 if you're going with the larger model and it's enough to help when Adobe programs that really want you to have some kind of CUDA

Acceleration going on Premiere Pro for example Adobe animate those sorts of things it's not gonna rock your world that's not for playing games it's not really the killer GPU for those of you who are doing lots of blender or ZBrush a lot of 3d rendering this is a bit more towards the 2d crowned I would say in this product one thing I really love about this thing even though it is heavy it adds weight you can see just how heavy this thing is on screen right now but the keyboard is detachable but AHA right with surface pro you pull out keyboard it does you no good right so

This one connects me your magnetic Pogo King connectors but you can detach it it uses bluetooth so this is perfect anybody watching uses these products for art and design now is that often you want to use something this size in your lap and you want to have the keyboard off the Sun off to the side for command keys and that sort of thing so you can do that here and it even has a little mini USB charging port and if you tend to always use it separated from the tablet so that you have to charge it up it is backlit it's like the surface pro type cover but much more rigid and even

Has a metal keyboard deck on it so none of that springy springy flexible kind of feeling for those who don't like that it's a very nice keyboard to type on by the way too and the trackpad on this is very good I find the surface a little too slick a little too fast but that's a pretty minor complaint in a matter of personal preference when it comes to build quality can I say the word tank enough times this thing is so rigid it it has a very nice flip out kickstand this is a metal body by the way the kickstand is pretty comfortable compared to a surface

Pro with that metal die can kind of dig into your legs this one has a kind of flattened area so it doesn't dig in quite as much and it's fairly stiff that is you can you can drop this down to just about any angle you can imagine but if you have a heavy hand eventually it will start sinking but overall it's pretty well done in sewing we've seen HP do with a variety of X 2's and one way or another this sort of kickstand this is the first one I think that HP ever did with the cut off corners we've looked at the HP spectre x360 gem cut with the cut off corners on it well this

One it just looks good there's no functional purpose there are no ports on those cut offs in terms of performance this is are like those super thin and light mobile workstations that a variety of companies make HP Lenovo and all that sort of thing that aren't using 45 watt mobile workstation CPUs are using Ultrabook CPUs so again your mileage may vary for 2d art it is absolutely adequate if you get the quad core 8th gen even the seventh gen honestly if you're doing Photoshop and you're doing drawing and sketching or illustrator and you're doing some design work this is

Not like I said really meant for those who are heavy 3d rendering kind of people you probably do want to CPU that's more powerful even for a product that's meant to be used on the growth in terms of heat and noise it's thick enough and the chassis is heavy enough that heat is dissipated well which means there's no particular hot spot but the whole back will get warm not hot not burning hot but so you're streaming video or you're working in Photoshop with many layers you know breach human body temperature which means it'll feel warm to you but it's not gonna burn you

It does have two fans inside one for the quadric card and one for the CPU overall it's pretty effective in terms of that and the fan it I hardly ever hear coming on to be honest so how about the pen the pen looks a lot like the previous generation Wacom Pro pen one however it is not compatible the HP with any of walk-ups pro pen or pro pen to pen so it's walking Myanmar but it's different enough that they won't work so you're not to live with this pen which isn't bad it doesn't have much of a soft touch finish but that could be a good thing because walk I'm a soft touch finish

Pens tend to get sticky with age kind of the rubber degrades or whatever it is it has an eraser at the end it has only one button and that's kind of a bummer I like to have at least two buttons one for Photoshop undo for example another one for the Alt key so I can keep sampling colors as I'm going along and painting the weight is on the light side but the shape of it is very pleasing it's 4096 pressure levels welcomes currently up to 8192 I don't think that part is terribly important it supports tilt just as well as any Wacom product does which is to say pretty much

Universally supported it's not like intrigued pens where you have to fight and fiddle and try to find a program that actually supports it well this just gives you tilt which is delightful and kind of important for those who people aren't doing any kind of serious art work with the pen there's virtually no parallax with this and that way it's a lot like walking products and there is no air gap that I can see so it's probably bonded glass there good stuff there and the display is just lovely to die for lovely color gamut could be brighter them 300 nits is okay it's not

Stellar it's not class-leading perhaps they were shooting for a better battery life when they did that a contrast ratio you can see all the specs on screen but the contrast ratio on this is decent almost a thousand to one probably the etched mat glass surface is reducing contrast a little bit so it couldn't score even higher obviously the star here is the call which is very wide and HP does a factory calibration it was pretty good out of the box a little to cool the whites are a little towards the blue but in general they did a pretty good job the pen

Driver if you look at it it's exactly just a dark themed versions of Wacom Cintiq and mobile studio pro control panel complete with pen settings for pressure curves and per app settings for what your button does for how the pen behaves that part is really nice because sudden we want it to do different things in different programs so that's pretty well done I've had no problems with running Windows 1803 and 1809 on this it's just fine and compatible and welcomes drivers are all compatible at this point too it's great for Illustrator that sort of thing where

Sometimes you find like other pens are still not as well supported in Illustrator this is still the gold standard so you've got excellent support there this does have HP quick keys which are basically Express keys on each side so lefty righty it's all good so you can do things like make a brush bigger or smaller or zoom and all that sort of thing and you have a touchscreen for zooming as well so that's nice to have those buttons battery life on this 70 watt hour battery which would be big for an ultrabook but not so big for a mobile workstation but this doesn't have quite

The horsepower mobile workstation either HP claims like 10 hours I I've been getting about four and a half hours doing 2d work productivity streaming some video you know that sort of thing if you're doing 3d work it will be even shorter none of these products so far other than surface pro which is really meant to be more of a mobile tablet for everyday use and not so much a purpose-built artist workstation kind of thing none of these have fantastic battery life it does support HP's quick charge and it comes with a 90 watt charger so that's the HP

Z book x2 latest generation here at the beginning of 2019 and it is a unique piece as I said there are a lot of near competitors but nothing quite like it in terms of the maximum ram in terms of the tanky build quality the fact that it can be used like a laptop much more so say than unlock a mobile studio prompt and the pen experience is superb the only thing you're going to find that might be a little bit better is genuine Wacom products but really it's so close including the software control being the same there you go obviously this price tag probably are gonna have

Work buy it or you're one of those clever bargain hunters out there like I said you can find these sometimes on eBay or leftover sales for the Intel seventh generation considerably less amazing for mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool take videos and thumbs up you like this vid


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