Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 (3181) Review

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This is Lisa from humble tech review and this is the dell inspiron Chromebook 11 it's been a while since we reviewed a Chromebook and with the Inspiron a museum with dell that's their consumer line that sits right below the XPS it's kind of nice to get a metal casing you get pretty nice stuff so I thought the Inspiron Chromebook would probably be one of your nice mid-range er as well not so much this harkens back to the bad old days of the early Chromebooks for better and for worse actually there is some good points it has an extremely no-kidding plasticky build but the good part is these kind of plastics are also

Very durable and very kid-friendly it bends it doesn't crack it doesn't break that sort of thing it's not particularly like Chromebooks often aren't despite the small footprint you you know we're talking three point oh eight pounds at 1.4 kilograms so yeah it's a little bit hefty it has a TN panel it's 1366 by 768 so it's a 720p Matt none touch panel on this model and yeah it's it's eyestrain inducing this is something you probably wouldn't want to do to your kids but that's probably the market for this at $189 is for schools on a budget who can buy a bunch of these and deploy them for

Their kids now it's also an upsell for the dell inspiron 11 two and one model which has an IPS display which is much nicer looking much better on the eyes and also has a touchscreen which has become quite important because now Chromebooks can run Android applications but Android is a touchscreen operating system so a lot of programs more run so well for example we tried pub G just for fun to see how the performance would be but it says no we don't support the mouse and the keyboard thank you very much e launched Evernote and it never got past the login screen so you

Definitely want to go to the two-in-one version if you don't ever intend to use it as a convertible we're gonna look at the rest of it now so yeah it's a Chromebook you have to be okay with Chrome OS which means spending your life living in a web browser basically it's an operating system based on the Chrome web browser you can do in a web browser you can do it on a Chromebook for the most part unless you need certain plugins or that sort of thing but you get the idea Google Docs your Google photos any web-based emails that sort of stuff surfing the web streaming video

It can do all of these things now like I said you really want to get that two-in-one mile just to get the touchscreen and the better quality despite because if you want to run Android apps which is a thing now you can do that although the stability and guarantee that your app is going to work not always for sure but you want the touchscreen so Android apps will run properly the drawback is yes you can run Android on Chromebooks which certainly expands the usefulness of the product beyond just anything you can do in a Chrome web browser but the bad part is

Still Android you know the tablet story they really aren't any apps that are optimized for big screens so you're still looking sometimes at phone interfaces blown up big oh well in terms of hardware given $189 price tag don't expect too much you have it Intel Celeron processor you have four gigs of RAM inside in your choice of 16 or 32 gigs of storage because typically you're not gonna install a whole lot of probably programs on this and you do have a micro SD card that you can put documents on and that sort of thing with chrome products particularly ones where

You're just mostly relying on the chrome OS features and not on Android apps you pretty much need a persistent online connection because well duh so this does have a good dual band Wi-Fi or 11 AC and it's 2×2 antenna because wireless connectivity is obviously incredibly important to Chromebooks for points you have pretty much the standard selection that you would see on a Chromebook you've got two USB a port so you can use peripherals if you want to use a mouse for example your Bluetooth for that too you can use Bluetooth peripherals with this and you've got

HDMI port in case you want to plug this into a bigger monitor or a projector that sort of thing and again that micro SD card slot it's pretty much par for the course there you can open this up and get inside but there's really not much you can do because everything is soldered to the motherboard the only thing the only thing you really would be doing is servicing that battery it's a 42 watt hour battery which is a pretty ample sized battery we've seen 13-inch ultrabooks with quad-core CPUs that have that same battery so I would expect battery life to be pretty good on this

However it hasn't been so fantastic for our configuration Dell claims around 10 hours of use time and it does change quickly at least comes with a 16 wide traditional laptop style charger runtimes perhaps because the screen is so dim that we have to run it about 80% brightness are hired to make it really usable even indoors I'm beginning about 6 hours which for a Chromebook is me but for $189 again how much can you ask for I suppose you know it's not a Google pixel product or something like that where you're gonna get a whole lot fancier hardware and spend a whole lot

Of crazy money either there is an argument to be made for Chromebooks not really being worth a huge investment because they have a very specific use case that is low maintenance which is still very nice it's pretty hard to screw it up software wise for example and you don't want to spend a lot of money on it yeah so the mid-range ones are still the sweet spot they might cost you 300 bucks or something like that but you're gonna get a better display you know that sort of thing the keyboard is okay it's 11.6 inches so it has that netbook II kind of feel there's not a

Lot of key travel on it it's passable and for probably its intended market which is little kids in school if the keys are probably the right size actually the trackpad is decent on it so that's the dell inspiron Chromebook 11 so yes you can still get its sub $200 chrome but but no you probably shouldn't do it like I said the the fact that it's heavy okay I can live with that that's not so unusual the battery life is okay but it's not Stallard one of the things Chromebooks are usually good at is battery life if you get this Matt

Non-touch display forget running most Android applications well they really are designed for touchscreen display quality so good on this sum the two in one model for two hundred and sixty-five dollars versus 189 yeah I would do that but generally speaking you're still gonna want to spend more than 200 dollars to get a decent machine even if it's running Chrome OS I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this vid

Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 (3181) Review

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