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It's the holiday season and politics may be a forbidden topic at your next family gathering but there's another topic that you can and should discuss the future of the internet net neutrality is sparked the biggest internet debate since the dress so here's everything you need to know about the issue and how it could change the internet as we know it you're watching the deets a show where we demystify the technologies that are shaping the future I'm your host Riley win so what is net neutrality well net neutrality means treating everything on the internet

Equally it's a guiding principle that preserves an open Internet you get the same connection speeds as well as the same access to sites such as YouTube and Netflix and your internet service provider can't show any preferential treatment anywhere it can't block or slow access to a site because it doesn't like the content or because the site competes with its services two years ago net neutrality shook up the internet in 2017 as eat pie and the FCC voted to repeal Obama era FCC net neutrality rules established in 2015 the new ruling tells state and local governments they

Cannot create laws regulating broadband service or craft their own net neutrality laws similar to the 2015 FCC regulations PI's ruling also only requires ISPs to be transparent about their practices for example a provider can slow down or block access to a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify for any reason as long as they notify this is all part of Paes plan to have the federal government stop micromanaging the Internet another feature of the 2017 repeal broadband now falls under the purview of the FTC so if an isp doesn't want you to see something

They can slow down how quickly you see it or even halt it all together again as long as they simply notify you beforehand those who are pro net neutrality would say that the repeal allows bigger ISPs becomes gatekeepers of the Internet the pro repeal side would say that net neutrality is stifled innovation within the industry and specifically with building out broadband infrastructure the battle between both sides has been raging on for two years now and it still is relevant as it was the day the repeal

Was announced early in 2019 attorneys general from 22 states and the District of Columbia as well as consumer groups and tech companies such as Mozilla the people behind Firefox sued the FCC in federal court to reverse the repeal there were two big questions in this lawsuit one whether the FCC had a sufficient reason to change the classification of broadband and two whether it has the right to preempt states from adopting their own net neutrality rules the federal court upheld the FCC's repeal of the rules and its classification of broadband but the

Court also denied a provision that blocked States from passing their own net neutrality laws and protections so the repeal stands on the federal level but the federal government also can't stop states from setting up their own protections California New Jersey Vermont Washington and Oregon where this company's headquarters are located have already pushed legislation through to protect net neutrality and 34 other states have introduced their own bills this all just sounds like a bunch of party politics one side doesn't like the other he-said she-said but why does it

Matter to you you haven't noticed any changes since the repeal right take a second to imagine a scenario with me it's a lazy Sunday in April of 2020 and you want nothing more than to just sit on the couch and veg out to Netflix but your screen isn't a never-ending buffer whomp-whomp but why well let's say your ISP plans to debut their new streaming service on this fine Sunday in April of 2020 and to avoid any competition with Netflix your ISPs slow down your Netflix and stifled your office marathon to incentivize you to watch their streaming service now I know this is definitely a

First world problem and a somewhat trivial scenario but pro net neutrality folks say that implications could be much worse they say the FCC's ruling could essentially stop the Internet's flow of important information the net neutrality debate has been going on for years among politicians advocates and the big ISPs but it's not grabbing headlines like baby Yoda or cyber truck still the way you get those headlines and the speed at which you get them is very much the you hear don't forget to Like subscribe and hit that Bell notification so you

Don't miss out on any of our videos if this video helped you understand the net neutrality crisis share this with your parents your friends basically anyone who likes using the internet until next time I'm Riley win with digital trends and thanks for watching

Net Neutrality: What it is & Why it’s Important | The Deets

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