Just More Of The Same? Intel Cascade Lake X EXPLAINED

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So as every tech youtuber would say Tech tober has officially begun which means we're about to drown under a bunch of new products actually I'm preparing my body to embrace those launches because man the next few weeks it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty hectic to be honest but let's keeping soft with a bunch of news from Intel which actually doesn't have anything to do with notebooks or ultrabooks so that's good news right so which means we're finally going to talk about desktop processors all right so honestly guys I've been pretty critical about Intel's ice Lake

And comment Lake strategy for notebooks and ultrabooks in fact if you're interested in learning more about that mess you can check it out right over here or I'll leave links to two videos that I had to make for both ice Lake and comment Lake in the description down below if you're interested in learning more about their mess I'm just gonna leave it right there but today we're gonna be talking about the nude cascade Lake xep use their specs and their lower prices and in fact it's gonna be a little bit of a different video because it's an interesting move from Intel but

Also I have mixed feelings about it so let's talk about that right after a quick message from our sponsor the NMX t-50 axe air cooler now comes in this gorgeous white finish with an addressable RGB high-pressure fan along with a patented air guide grill to increase air flow the vortex differential fin design helps increase air convection around the heat pipes so that your CPU can stay nice and cool learn more in the description down below ok so let's dive right into this and explain what cascade Lake X actually is these processors are meant to replace

The 9000 X and X a series but they aren't completely new either you see they're so based off an updated 40 nanometers to collect architecture have the same number of threads but higher clock speeds and they use more PCI lanes they still use the X 299 motherboards but most importantly they're gonna cost a lot less money doesn't that sound weird I mean Intel less money Intel less money it's not more of an AMD thing yeah but really that's the basic stuff but come on Intel it's time for a new desktop platform already X 299 has been around forever

And while sure does offer a ton of pension options but this whole thing was starting to show its age more than a year ago now we're starting to see again and I just think it's ridiculous let's tackle the lower prices too because what we're actually seeing is a return of intel's high-end desktop pricing from the haswell-e days before and went crazy over the last few generations plus let's be honest if Intel or even AMD could sell their high-end CPUs for 2 grand they do it until didn't want to lower their prices no company would ever think of doing that but what really happened

Here is better competition from AMD forced them to do this since Intel isn't able to increase core counts on 40 nanometer some key cascade Lake X processors will soon be competing against T $750 16 core horizon 3950 X sure it's been delayed until the member but that's when these new Intel CPUs will hit shelves – and we can't forget that before its price went through the roof due to demand the $500 3900 X gave Dean onion 20x a pretty good run for its money even though it costs less than half as much so what did Intel do well let's actually take a look at their

High-end desktop CPUs for a start the first Calicut sponsor was launched back in 2017 and it was priced at $2,000 but remember this was back at a time before Intel had competition in the high-end desktop space then last year b9 and ATX II was launched for the same price featuring the same number of threads and this caused an issue for Intel a major issue in fact because it almost felt like they were ignoring the competition because AMD was coming out with threader / CPUs and with the new Rison processors and thread two or three on the way things needed to change which is why we

Now have the core I nine ten ninety ten nine eight zero or ten thousand nine hundred eighty s see I don't want I don't know what you want to call it but this is what we have the new cascade leg X processor it now features a safe number of threads but what's interesting is that it's now priced at 980 dollars now let's be honest here for a sec 980 dollars is still a lot of money but what's really interesting is that the rest of the lineup are getting some major cuts too you see Intel really wants to avoid these ten one $50 Rison 939 50x i talked about

Since there's no 16 core replacement for the 96 TX instead there is the 18 core 1098 exc for $980 and the 14 core 10 940 acts for $785 it'll be interesting to see how these compete on a price to performance level with the rice and chip but the 10 940 X is sure a heck of a lot less than the $1400 99 40 X was it also looks like the 24th red at 10 9 20 X might be in for a huge fight since the AMD 3900 X is technically $190 less and even the threader / 229 20 X can be found for less than $500 if you look really hard enough of course core counts are only a small part of the performance

Story but the Zen architecture is really competitive the last CPU here is the 10 900 X and it's supposed to be a bridge product between Intel's mainstream platform and the high-end desktop CPUs it doesn't really compete with anything in Amy's current lineup either what's pretty obvious is the $519 price tag which was chosen very carefully so it wouldn't put pressure on the core I nine ninety-nine hundred K I should also talk about the 72 PCI lanes that you saw in the last chart that's a bit of a change since Intel's now using the same

Layout from their Xeon CPUs so instead of having 44 lanes from the processor cascade Lake X will now have 48 direct PCI gen3 lanes and those will primarily be used for GPUs other adding cards and the motherboards m2 storage or primary storage options and the other 24 lanes will be coming directly from the x2 99 chipset the other change comes with clock speeds I'm not going to go into the full details but let's just say that the base frequencies remain the same as the 9000 series while the max turbo rate gets a 300 megahertz boost across the board when it comes to performance gains

There really isn't all that much here even for professionals but what did you expect from the third revision of an old architecture in the first place I mean cascade Lake X will only offer about 7% more rendering performance than the 9000 series at the most until then add support for their new deep learning boost algorithms so that's one area which gets a huge speed increase honestly cascade Lake axe seems to be proof that intel has pushed 40 nanometer as far as possible one thing we noticed is a big change away from marketing this platform

To gamers because a lot has changed in the last few years you see both AMD and NVIDIA have pivoted their gaming GPUs away from dual and triple GPU support so ecosystems like Z 390 and X 570 are usually a better choice for gamers these days that being said while X 299 is still a pretty terrible fit for gamers it still has a lot of potential for content creators professionals architects people or folks who rely on those extra thread counts lots of memory bandwidth and of course expansion options which is why intel has cascade Lake X and AMD with render per

And that pretty much covers everything there is at least until when these processors finally get released sometime later in October but I do want to add some of my own thoughts to you see first things very obvious competition is a great thing guys and we have to give huge processor AMD for putting the pressure on Intel so that we could get these lower prices but that can only get Intel so far because there's some very serious concerns here – their flagship desktop lineup is using an old platform and an even older core it's a power-hungry architecture and

That's a problem in a market that's becoming almost as concerned about efficiency as there are about rendering times cascade Lake X looks like another dead end – and that's because it's a refresh of a refresh which makes me wonder Intel could have just lowered the prices on existing 9000 series processors and then focus on next-gen architecture but I guess for existing X – 9 end users this could be good news because it's simply a drop-in upgrade but then again it's it's it's pretty impossible to recommend someone to go out and buy a brand new cascade Lake X

System right now so that's pretty much it guys that's for me no ranting or raging in this video in fact I really wished if Intel did this a long time ago but I want to know your thoughts about this do you think it's too late in fact are the new prices kind of like are they attractive for you to make the switch over to cascade Lakes for gamers obviously not because it's a pretty terrible choice extra looks outdated I know I'm I have mixed feelings but I really wanted our thoughts about this in the comments I'm me but with Hardwick connects thank you

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Just More Of The Same? Intel Cascade Lake X EXPLAINED





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