Mint Mobile does the Super Bowl — and you should do Mint Mobile

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What sort of digicam is that? That is definitely a really good good quality.

I've put a lot of sim cards into a lot of phones over the years a lot of phones that also means I've spent a whole lot of money on carriers here in the US I mean I've used them all and it actually brings up a good point right like there's got to be a cheaper way to use those big boy carriers without paying the big boy prices and in fact there is here comes one you should check out so why all the interest in Mid mobile okay well first they're sponsoring this video let's get that out of the way the second they just ran their very first Superbowl commercial that's kind of a big deal right kind of like your

Wireless bill mint mobile is easy all right it was all about chunky milk I don't know about you but that was a little hard for me to stomach when you get in front of that many people like that folks are gonna have questions I get it so here come a few answers first is mint mobile really that much cheaper yeah it is that's Jerry that's $45 for three months where you can do eight gigs of data for 20 bucks a month or twelve gigs of data for $25 a month now no matter how you do the math it's almost certainly going to be less expensive than what you're

Paying somebody else right second question do you have to buy a new phone no I mean you can if you want to they will absolutely sell you a new phone but there's almost a 100% chance that your current LTE phone is going to work just fine and you can bring it with you so just get the mint Mobile SIM card pop it in your phone activate it you're good to go third is this really legit yeah it is and here's the secret they're using the same cell towers and services everyone else it's not like there's some magical data fairy up there in the sky just

Sprinkling the good stuff on certain companies right data is data even with mint mobile and even internationally MIT mobile just brings it to you cheaper and I tell you actually kind of like this sort of monthly data thing with limits and here's why it's sort of the perfect thing for me to help teach my twelve-year-old how to responsibly use a phone and how to responsibly pay for it I mean now that I think about it I might even make her pay for it because it's really that inexpensive so yeah that's been mobile it's the same data you've been using and

Now you're just paying a lot less for it and uh yeah I'm still get the thought of that chunky milk out of my head you're not the only ones right

Mint Mobile does the Super Bowl — and you should do Mint Mobile

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