Mobile World Congress 2019: Galaxy S10, LG G8, Huawei P30 + everything else coming at MWC ’19!

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Mobile World Congress always signals the start of the big phone launch season in any given year and 2019 is going to be absolutely jam-packed we have at least a half dozen big names in Mobile launching flagships around the end of February and most of them will be doing so in Barcelona so you'll definitely want to subscribe so you don't miss our hands-on coverage but until we get to Barcelona here are the top six things you need to look forward to at MWC 2019 this one isn't technically an MWC announcement since it'll actually be unveiled in San Francisco a few days before the show but the galaxy s 10 series is the lens

Through which every other device announced in Barcelona will be seen so it more than deserves a place on this list we've already got a bunch of other articles and videos on what to expect from the s 10 series in detail so we'll try and keep it brief here we're looking at up to four models of Samsung Galaxy S 10 and s 10 light which may go to market is an s10 II or with some of the name a regular Galaxy S 10 and S 10 plus and a special 5g version that will physically be even bigger than the S 10 plus biggest change around the front of course is the move to a hole-punch

Display that lets the camera or cameras peek through the screen for an even higher screen to body ratio than that the first generation of infinity displays around the back the move to a triple camera setup at least in the s10 and s 10 plus promises similar photo capabilities whichever s10 model you get the most likely loader here is standard plus wide angle plus telephoto and it's also rumored that Samsung might be developing its own version of Google's excellent night sight feature as well the Galaxy S 10 series will be unveiled in San Francisco on February 20th at an

Event that's also very likely to showcase Samsung's first foldable phone whether it's called the Galaxy X galaxy F galaxy fold or something else entirely we can expect a dual screen design so when it's folded shirt you might use a secondary display on the outside that's as opposed to other designs that use the folded portion of a larger screen when the device is folded shut expect a fairly limited rollout for Samsung's foldable phone with coursepack similar to the galaxy s 10 as well as a likely astronomical Tagg LG sent out invites for an event on

February 24th in Barcelona and that's about the only non controversial thing I can really say about the LGG eight thank you a lot of early rumors around the g8 came from the Korean press with rumors of a foldable version because of course either in the form of a separate foldable g8 model or a second screen add-on accessory for the regular g8 beyond that things get a little bit uncertain CAD images of a pretty boring looking lg g8 have emerged from on leaks on Twitter along with corroborating renders from xda-developers both of which have a

Pretty solid track record but both have also been very publicly shot down social media by LG's corporate director of global PR Ken Hong without getting too deep into twitter drama hong says that both renders are inaccurate and that we should instead wait for the company's MWC event to see the real deal now LG isn't stupid and the company wouldn't want to have egg on its face if the g8 was announced and it looked exactly like this so I've got to assume that even if there are some similarities here what we actually get from LG and Barcelona will diverge in some way from the design

Language of the v40 and the g7 hints of a new gesture based input method might lend some credence to that theory however things play out it's pretty clear LG needs to up its game this year lest it release yet another phone that is pretty decent but ultimately kind of boring sony is also due to release a new phone at Mobile Congress the company's mobile marketing head in the US has poured cold water on the possibility of a new compact Xperia anytime soon but nevertheless if you stuck it out with the Japanese brand so far then the ex said four might actually be decent and

Competitive how about that the most convincing leaks we've seen so far I've come from CAD renders from on leaks once again which line up with other images that have appeared on social media in China and case renders from Chinese leaker ice universe on Twitter so basically what we have is a gigantic tall modern looking smartphone with three cameras around the back which is a big first for Sony there's no natural hole-punch in the display so if you're not a fan of either of those then here's a potentially great 2019 flagship option for you

A 6.5 inch 21 by 9 panel if the rumors are to be believed would also make this an incredibly lanky handset may also make reaching the top of our screen a little bit problematic though hopefully Sony's new triple camera setup is a significant improvement on earlier generations despite making some of the best sensors for everyone else's phone cameras the company is underwhelmed in this area in recent years it's not yet clear where the while I will show us it Snoopy 30 series at its Febrary 24th press conference for the past couple of release cycles it's

Teased its upcoming flagship funds at major trade shows but save the products themselves for their own dedicated launch events see the P 20 and May 20 last year while I won't be able to ignore the drama around the arrest of its CFO and the alleged business dealings in Iran but you probably can't expect the company to put its side of the story forward before moving on from the surrounding geopolitical drama and trying to focus instead on its products the P 30 Pro which is the main flagship here should build on the base of the may 20 Pro with advancements in photography

And a significantly smaller knotch a new triple camera setup is rumored possibly with the next-gen 38 megapixel sensor from Sony in the main unit more interesting a pop-out telephoto camera is also rumored on Chinese social media potentially giving the P 30 Pro up to a 10 times hybrid zoom double that of the P 20 Pro and that's pretty exciting even if the rest of the P 30 Pro remains largely unchanged from the May 20 series the P series has traditionally focused on camera improvements and considering how competitive even mid tier cameras are becoming you can expect War II to

Pull out all the stops with this next-gen flagship on the other hand if we don't see the P 30 in Barcelona then we can probably expect a standalone launch event sometime in the months that follow while we might also show us its first foldable phone in Barcelona details are scarce but we do know straight from the mouth of Huawei CVG boss Richard you that will also be a 5g device why colour foldables expected to be expensive and likely released in only a handful of markets outside of China nokia often brings a bunch of new handsets to Mobile World Congress last

Year we got an impressive loader of Nokia phones led by the impeccable Nokia eight Sirocco and this year we're looking forward to a Nokia flagship to please Android purists and photo enthusiasts a leaked promo video for the Nokia nine PureView points to a familiar 2×1 nokia chassis but with the craziest rear camera setup we've seen in any phone to date a five rear camera array looks to provide standard plus y plus telephoto options along with extra lenses for low-light captures and depth perception it could be not his first phone within screen fingerprint too

Though it's unclear if this will be any better than the less than great fingerprint tech in current Android flagships that's because unfortunately it's powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor instead of the newer 855 chip that will be in most other 2019 flagships which has Qualcomm zni ultrasonic fingerprint technology but whatever happens the Nokia 9 PureView is sure to turn heads just because of that crazy rear camera setup MWC 2019 could be pretty big for xiaomi not only is it rumored to launch a 5g

Version of its mix tree slider we're also due to see its first snapdragon 855 phone in the form of the me 9 plus there's also the possibility of the first Xiaomi foldable phone breaking cover the me 9 looks to build on the success of the meet 8 with a new triple camera setup and improved in screen fingerprint the triple camera array in particular is interesting because it's rumored to use the same 48 megapixel Sony AMX 586 sensor that we've already seen in the on a few xx that's a great sensor and combined with dedicated telephoto or depth sensing cameras could

Produce some seriously impressive shots Xiaomi has also shown its vision of a foldable handset which looks dramatically better than the disappointing Royal flexed I'd advice that we saw at CES shammies effort has two folding sides and slim bezels turning a medium sized tablet into a small phone at will however this video of Xiaomi gosselin been using the device does also showcase some familiar compromises the plastic screen device looks a little flimsy and doesn't seem fully straight when it's flattened out plus the software seems to freak out a

Little when it transitions between phone and tablet modes regardless regardless this as-yet-unnamed xiaomi foldable looks to be the best device in this category that we've yet seen that's it for now we'll be live from Barcelona in just a few weeks oh we should have subscribe so you don't miss our full hands-on coverage of everything on this list until then thanks for watching and I'll see you next time you

Mobile World Congress 2019: Galaxy S10, LG G8, Huawei P30 + everything else coming at MWC ’19!

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