Oppo Find X UNBOXING – The Smartphone of the FUTURE

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What's up guys sack you're on super-sized TV and we've got an extremely exciting unboxing for you guys today here is what I describe as the most innovative smartphone of 2018 so far and it really looks like a smartphone from the future of course it is the Oppo find X now I've really been looking forward to getting my hands on this as I'm sure a lot of you guys have been looking forward to seeing this unboxing video so let's not waste any time and let's get straight to it think I need a less excessive knife right so the box itself is pretty clean we've got a blue textured sort of finish

Here we've got the find X in gold and we've also got the up or logo in gold on the left-hand side and actually opens from the side so let's pull this lever out look at that wow this looks and feels so so dope I'm gonna resist temptation and put this to the side for just a second while we see what else is inside the box right so inside the box as well as the phone itself you do get a vogue charger which is a fast charger there's a USB type a two USB type-c cable you get some earbuds and these are USB type-c earbuds and that's because unfortunately we do not have a 3.5

Millimeter headphone jack on the Flying X however you do get a dongle as well so this is a USB type-c 23.5 mu 2 headphone jack dongle and finally there is the SIM card ejector tool as well as some paperwork now let's get to the phone well how that looks so so dope we've got a metal frame with curved glass panels on the front and back and this back actually has a gradient finish so this is the Bordeaux red there's also a blue version available and it's kind of darker in the middle and then tapers off towards the edges looks kind of like a pink purple more

Than a red I would say but depending on the way the light is shining on it it does give you a quite a unique look there's the Apple logo here at the back there's the fine X designed by Apple logo here at the bottom and you notice that there is no rear facing camera here we'll come to that in just a second but now let's move on towards the front of this smartphone where it has its stand out and most unique feature that is this beautiful beautiful display with minimal bezels this has a 93 points 8% screen to body ratio which is the highest screen to body ratio on any

Smartphone out right now now some sources claim that this is more towards 87% but regardless this is still the highest screen to body ratio out and you can see that we've got such small bezels all around we've got just a small chin again it's not as big as other devices that we've seen in the past and my first impressions I have to say it looks absolutely beautiful the fact that they've managed to stretch out the display or towards the edges without an arch is very very impressive now this display actually measures six point four two inches which sounds

Really big and it is really big but the device doesn't feel that big because of those small bezels and also because of the fact that the edges do curved in like we've got on the samsung galaxy s nines now if you just quickly bring in samsung galaxy s 9 plus as well as the iPhone 10 for a comparison you can just see those small bezels on the find X although we do have a slight chin on the find X it is smaller compared to that of the S line plus and it's only ever so slightly bigger compared to the bottom bezel of the iPhone 10 and of course on the iPhone 10 we also have that notch so

It is very very impressive what Apple have achieved with this screen to body ratio we've got AMOLED technology so we've got very bright and vibrant colors and viewing angles also look really really good now the resolution is full HD plus it's not quite HD plus like some of the devices but it's 401 PPI which is more than acceptable now this is a nineteen point five by nine aspect ratio so it is pretty long once again because of those tiny bezels now you will notice that as with rear we had no cameras and there is no front-facing camera here either and that is because it's hidden

What's this look at that that is so so cool seeing that in person the whole upper part actually slides up it's motorized now inside this top panel as well as the front-facing camera which is a twenty five megapixel front-facing camera with an F 2.0 aperture there are a bunch of sensors and the our 3d facial recognition senses so this device does not have a fingerprint scanner anywhere and it's actually going to use facial recognition now this is 3d facial recognition it's not like some of the devices where it's just going to use the front-facing camera this actually

Does project 15,000 dots on your face and up or saying that it's 20 times safer than a fingerprint scanner now how does this work I hear you ask well you just press the power button you swipe up you can see that the top panel has popped up it recognizes your face and then it goes back down and it actually does that quite quickly now if I try this facing me completely you can see that it pops up unlocks and then it goes down and it does this all within I'd say roughly a second which is still pretty quick now of course the question a lot of people going to be asking is around

Durability that's how many times is gonna pop up and down on a daily use because it's not only the cameras the front-facing rear-facing cameras it is also that facial recognition app Oh have said that this has been tested for durability over 300,000 times so that should last your lifetime with this smartphone it is something that I've discussed in a separate video and I'll be linking that in the cards if you want to check that out and we'll be talking a bit more about some of the concerns with this type of a motorized or mechanical solution now within this very unique pop

Up feature we also have dual rear facing cameras these are 16 megapixels as well as 20 megapixels both will in F 2.0 aperture and the primary 16 megapixel camera does have optical image stabilization and of course I'm gonna have to spend some time with this to test out the cameras and if there are any comparisons that you'd like me to do of the 5 X versus another smartphone definite let me know in the comments below which one you like me to do a supersize the outcome a comparison with when I get a chance I will definitely try to do that but based on these

Specifications alone it does seem like the cameras are going to be very similar to the Apple or 15 Pro and the oneplus 6 now looking around the device apart from that amazing pop-up feature and the display on the right-hand side there is just a single power button on the left hand side there are your body buttons at the top is a secondary mic and there's a sensor here I'm not sure if this is an IR blaster or not it seems like it's an IR last I'll definitely double-check that and at the bottom there's a USB type-c connector there's a primary microphone

There's a speaker now this is a single bottom firing speaker and then we've got the SIM card tray now this does not have space for a micro SD card so you do not have expandable storage on here but it does come with 256 gigabytes of storage so that should be plenty for anybody apart from that we've got all flagship specs so we've got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 8 gigabytes of RAM we've got a pretty big 3730 mAh battery as mentioned this does have boot fast charging now there is a lamborghini edition of defined X which has even faster charging and that's gonna be able

To charge your phone fully in 35 minutes which is absolutely insane I can't imagine that I'd love to get hold of the Lamborghini Edition if you want to see that here in the channel then definitely drop me a comment below and I'll reach out to Apple and see if they can send out the Lamborghini edition however the find X and the Lamborghini Edition do not have wireless charging so although we do have a glass back there is no wireless charging for the software we do have color or West 5.1 running on top of Android 8.1 I'll be honest color OS is not my favorite skin I do find it a bit

Too heavy I do prefer something more closer to stock Android and that is the Oppo find X once again in terms of my first impressions I've seen love this design I love the innovation that opposed doing uncreate to Oppo for coming up with this very unique setup into this smartphone but as mentioned in my previous video where I discuss the bezels race there are a few things that you do need to consider if you're thinking about picking up this smartphone the first being the lack of water and dust resistance because we do have this motorized solution this device

Is not going to be water and dust resistant unfortunately but also the fact that how do you get a suitable case for this I have to not come across a case that's gonna be protective of this device because of this pop up camera and also questions around durability yes Oppo have tested this three hundred thousand times but in terms of day to day use is this gonna be trapping some dust or some dirt we're gonna have to wait and see in terms of its general durability does seem pretty durable I mean if I push down it is just gonna go down itself it's not gonna kind

Of be a struggle and if I do place my finger on top of it so not letting it out then it doesn't actually struggle it just is I'm not actually feeling it pushing against my finger in any way I can hear that motorized noise and eventually when I do let go then it does pop out so it does seem like up Oh have looked into the durability of this but once again we'll have to see in terms of real-world usage this is gonna retail at 1,000 euros which is definitely pretty high but for what you're getting this new technology I do believe that that price

Is justified and who is this smartphone for well if you're an enthusiast and if you're really looking for something that's brand new fresh and really different to what everybody else is doing out there then this may be a really good option for you what do you guys think of defined X and what coverage would you like me to do with the find X here on the channel definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts I hope you enjoyed this video I bought it you saw if you did you know what to do hit that thumbs up button and if you

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Oppo Find X UNBOXING – The Smartphone of the FUTURE





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