IFA 2015 VLOG #3: Best Burger In Berlin? + Late Night Out with Friends!

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What sort of camera was used? That is a really good premium quality.

This is our last day here in Berlin didn't get to flock very much man because we were so busy we're trying to go out to and try to spend a little time with some people I mean that's the best thing about these offenses like meeting up with people getting to meet them and hang out with them and an atom mr. tie box was out here that was really awesome I never got to meet him before got the children Lou and of course gotta chill with this going back here but you know we've been the Edison video just chopped up my z5 premium video which is pretty cool it's a pretty cool product to man can't wait to get that but we're going

To try to check out Burgermeister which is supposedly the best burger here Berlin so we're getting uber ring and still checking it out we are with uber here though it's like uber taxi or something so it's a weird service not like in the US but it works so we're going to go over there and check out this burger you is this it right here yeah it is man this is the eye can see it I can see the sign on there so we're looking for like a restaurant and it's like a stand this is kind of

Like shakes the Shake Shack of Germany so we're here at burgermeister in Berlin the line for a reason I guess world famous burgers all right I guess the best burgers in Berlin they said the best here so we got to check it out because this guy's a this guy's a burger uh guys so we got to check it out so what's the best burger you ever head that's what ever had well Internet's always like Maria but there's poison la call Slater Slater yes right that's all really good they fix me in

They do it in the ground beef like other making it there it's all ground up and stuffed into actual padding before we cook so we add your your meat toppings in with the week before we actually could intervene it's great wow I gotta try that place I gotta go to chi gotta go to the west coast man ya missin out it's warmer yeah it's got a cold today too man I'm you can see where this like the I guess the heaviest clothes that we've brought man and it's pretty damn sure yeah that's for sure I don't move the camera in about a month on people but im

Gonna check this thing out man the amount of people waiting for this burger is crazy must be good man the line even got deeper since a line we've been waiting probably a good 30 30 minutes 30 minutes yeah so I mean this is crazy with that burger burger just throw that on top oh my god this is dude holy shite this is heavy all right check this out so I had to get the Burgermeister all right open that up a whole whole look at this bad boy what's going on here my situation holy cow look at this that is a heart attack took that looks crazy

Good ma'am this is very legit we're just talking about I'm not really a fan of barbecue sauce on a burger but man this is this is nice waiting Markel good super great this is awesome I'm so glad we came here alright so I really haven't been able to do any kind of slicing at all but this is kind of crazy too i guess theres a river front here looks like there's a universal sign over there squier man look at that man this is awesome that's the one thing I noticed too there's tons of graffiti everywhere man all over Germany I mean

You would think that it wouldn't be like this but man this is beautiful look at that that is crazy got the mercedes-benz arena out there you got people down here drinking looks like it's a like a restaurant or something on some sort man is quite beautiful oh josh is not going to remember this is either are you they are believe that either are you the other ones oh no no I got you lucky listen this you see this have a seat to channel near you I was just shocking this guy are we gonna make the Chairman was meet you in this guy you don't want

To do that what about all the anxious to go wrong broad yes I told you we could make it even authority yeah except for the eggs will be slit up occasional thorn invasion whoever did it make that happen Danny I have one thing to say to you as such so this is our night right here yeah that was our night so I stole Danny's camera my name is Anthony Esposito thongs brother and tonight we had fun we listen to music oh yeah had a good time and

Pretty much got into how do I put it some scheisse so I'm sure that you've seen a lot by now from this entire trip and here's a little bit more so stay tuned and see the next one or whatever I'm probably being cut by now so you probably won't even say this to end Berlin night I'm gonna come back out to the curry 30 cycles of the it is fool curried 3636 all day I'm gang signs throwing them up we call me 36 you really turn up some gang signs right now 30 yeah we 36 no that was straight out

Of Compton west side right here five straight out of the sgv lbc just hour away boom yeah just do it yeah man all right I'm wife Danny and I wonder lieutenant what's going on everybody this is daddy what's up everybody this is Danny today rollin we're taking a little and curry 30 sec all right there 36 you got a 4-inch display right there that's all she reg covered a six on the real tho yo tonight was a struggle it's a struggle for hashtag not for us I said it was a crayola I don't think the struggle is real trucker the date the dead weight is real

The market diseases alright so this is the last morning here in Berlin man we got in late last night but no soft stuffed up and everything but just getting all packed up and getting ready to go man it was a good time IFA was awesome Germany was awesome too man that was awesome it was way more than i expected made a lot of cool people got to hang out got to make a few videos too and i'll definitely be back so i miss my family I'm waiting to see them too so not looking forward to this trip back home but I'm looking forward to the trip so I can see my family again

But and let's see what happens with my luggage now man that's what the crazy thing is I don't want that to happen again so guess what I'm doing Streit i'm charging my look Lak man cuz i need to be able to track my luggage back again so let's see if my luggage gets lost on the way back I mean if that happens twice I be hilarious actually not really hilarious but I mean what a trip then to lose your luggage twice but


IFA 2015 VLOG #3: Best Burger In Berlin? + Late Night Out with Friends!





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