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Some remarkable pictures. Outstanding colors.

Whenever I speak narrow-minded I see Matt's head and it I have the post up my sticky the post do you know what you do in your free time bro either I would just like to say that I am proud to be associated with an Android blog that does not post stories like top five chargers for the HTC One m9 yeah I saw that today are we live yeah and ever my look I was letting to say anything everybody saw bad it's not like it's a secret come on everybody knows they're owned by an accessory company oh well oh don't go there we've been a hundred feet ever I see that would I go I think it's like some guy in the trench coat walking

Up to you on the street hey bud want to buy a charger I don't know where that's been it's only a forty percent markup from amazon why does it have that funny coil in the cable we're hanging are you wearing clothing underneath that I'm a little scared now all those m9s keep him warm in nine or Z Apennines McNitt on it keeps him cross to the skin I have no rush no rush at all I don't know why but that sounded less like World War two German and more didn't even some gentlemen Albert Einstein I'm all I'm doing is just being loud now that's that's like Albert Einstein from the

From the talking lips bits used to do on the conan o'brien after be a little more I am a little more I don't know that sounded Indian kind of I'm really it's funny how that happens though your brain really just wants to go there apparently yeah whose clothes are not digest gaiden easy crew MC squared we are closing in on 300 comments on the galaxy s6 review oh boy i'm in a pea pod caster all here they're just fantastic yeah we could not work out a day last week we tried every day very hard so much to try yes so many hardens so many hard we tried and it

Just was not to be unless it was gonna be like in the wee hours of the morning so many hards that's what she said no she didn't geez we want to start the show I mean we could maybe do that I guess yeah usually well we still have to talk yeah I don't know anything about them well you're gonna learn it doesn't matter you're glad you have to do them you have that whole story to read them you're gonna get learned about those pink topics I'm definitely not doing this teardown look I'm sorry yeah the teardown one is like we nobody actually cares teardowns an item is on google

Play i don't i do with your own money or with the cumulated play store credit oh no I just I just I just bought this my i just bought interstellar the other day i was gonna say if you bought Star Wars I will slap you over the Internet no I but do I understand i free rental credit that i got from my chrome creative everything is I have technically if that counts i purchased two movies recently on google way because I to chromecast and thus I got two free movie uh he's I did buy um Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory like several months ago I mean I've rent I've rented movies from google

We do my patented deal with on my phone yeah I've actually rented before I've never purchased nope anything you want told you it was it JD Amster word the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre I would buy that I'm gonna look ET so many hearts to find that movie well i think that i think that i could probably go through oh snap they do they have the original now they have the 40th they have the 40th anniversary edition of it oh love em goodness i will end zone ok so i I'll go through the library that I have of movies on google play and I bet you that you all have all of these

Movies big no-no blank know what blank it was a disney vinylmation one that was free no i do not have that one now i think i have Transformers Dark of the Moon and that's it which was a free movie me that was one before the other galaxies that was the one that they were giving away like way back when the first nexus 7 came out i think i have never bought a single or rented anything on google play movies ever that's a little weird why though i mean i don't know like well like have an ipad i know okay miss fears thing like most like most the time like i'm using an android device

And it just makes it's just easier for me to browse movies in the Play Store if I'm because then I can like stream to the chromecast or use a roku or whatever to watch them yeah grabby yep I have that 1i have do you have his fellowship of the rings have no king so I'm going to switch headphones though because these are not I do have the fellowship of the rings United relax man um yes hmm yep i forgot i have gravity else to go over the labyrinth with david bowie i bought that one yeah so I but I am i have i have run at several movies from google play but

I've actually purchased two dose movies okay we should do a show what we should are we and know what we're doing I mean this is what we normally do on the show is it you know summit this somebody on red I don't know how this came out somebody on reddit like said something about the podcast like like they're too structured they need to they need to have more free-flowing conversation I'm like wait wait wait wait wait are you implying that we don't go off on tangents because I think that's pretty much all we do I think it is but i think that is tangential to our current

Discussion and that we should start the show well so good you can't hear bob or matt bob is muted Matt also appears to be needed unless I'm going select aziza I can hear you through Matt's now but I can't hear you through you because you're muted in hangouts well I never I always come in through Matt's oh ok so i can know where you can double so I just her to edge oh yeah that goes you echoes I or even hi echoes can you meet yours did it come on muted oh you know what yeah I get it now they mentioned that you were muted to the hangout and I clicked on you and like yes you are but

I don't do that I forgot your video is actually my right eye I actually click up myself over here if I need video but I yeah when I think about you I click my self i close yeah there's too much latency if I were to do my audio through you through yours and her through that hang out and whatever all right let's search it's not loud enough they need to set the levels gosh darn it okay ready for sure welcome to the android to his podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it is thursday april 10 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm

David retic it's actually friday and i'm cameron Summerson oh my goodness see we want to be I again god dammit g2 you like sounding really crunchy when you said the crunchy Mike as Mozgov is crunchy or like pringles crunchy like geeky crunchy this like kind of like I turned my game down to who that's as maybe because I was like that's because I was like ready no you're vibrating my headphones do you like it do you like when I know I don't actually like guys the earwax aids just got weird all right let's try that again met because today is Friday please Friday

Welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android is friday april 10th 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm thurs David Redick I've Cameron Summerson i'm ryan whitwam did my name is Bob severance welcome everyone to the show it's been so long since we've been with you yes i miss my peoples solo I thought you're gonna say something else that's what she said all right let's I get things kicked off with code google that's it that was i get i was short it is just like moving it that's the radio cut oh alright so just today as many people across the

Country nobody listened to the show but many people across the country were pre ordering their Apple watch devices there was a story that broke from the verge regarding another option that may be coming to apple heathens uh if they want to get a SmartWatch on the wrist that actually works with their with their with their phone so Brian what's uh what's going on with Android where we we see in this coming soon uh well supposedly this is is on the verge of happening ha ha ha sujin guess so a droid where this whole time you've had you've needed to have an android phone

But supposedly there will be an app on iOS that that will allow you to connect a device to your iphone but we don't know of course you know exactly when this is happening or what sort of capabilities it will have apparently it'll be able to pull in notifications like you can from android where I firm from Android devices but then it'll it'll have some google now cards and a lot deeper integration with with google's own apps like Gmail but I'm not sure then you know how Apple is going to feel about this because they are you know

They really want people to buy that that you know five six seven hundred dollar Apple watch which is just just up for pre-order now and technically they could deny the app I mean it would make them look really bad but they do have rules in place that say you can you can't reference another platform in your app so I mean they could they could say no this isn't allowed because Android is a competing platform but I feel like they're kind of gonna have to allow it just because they don't make them look pretty bad if they don't I mean Google have just changed name to google we're

Just but I mean on the same note there's been other smartwatches that have worked i mean i don't really know that there's a significant justification for allowing a pebble to work just fine on it and not allowing and right away right yeah yeah I mean I guess the distinction would be the pebble is just a SmartWatch in android is a you know a platform device that competes directly with iOS that is true that's dumb justification I want a phone that runs pebble OS that would be uh terrible experience I want a pebble with no touch screen and a ink display that would be pirate I just want a

Pebble like I have one round when I Raleigh and pick up like a rock that you pick up and throw okay well I mean I think you probably find one of those pretty easily yes they have him around by getting your driveway and you get a dog for it and then you could rock out with your dog out he said rock when I talked about pebble whoa he also said doc but then the doc might get in your way and then you'd be doc blocked so oh this joke is a stone's throw away from sucking really good we're on a roll here yes we are all right so rock and roll so in addition to to that little bit of

News about Android where we also found out that google has now some official watchstrap partners so they can compete with the customization options available elsewhere so cam what's uh what's the story there so yeah some custom bands from clockwork synergy III supply company and worn and wound obviously not for every watch clockwork and III have bands for the Zim watch the G watch the G watch are the 360 and the gear live and they start at just like 13 bucks and actually look though it pretty good well the clockwork ones actually start at their key bucks the the III

Ones are like 60 bucks but my favorite is the warning wound ones they only are there only available for the Zen watch the G watch and the G watch our man they look so damn good though like 65 bucks I mean if you want to spend sixty five dollars on a watch band it's the way to go they look really really good I'm actually kind of upset because they don't have them for the sony smartwatch and i just upgraded to the SmartWatch like last week well and it was a counterpoint here I think they're really ugly really I like them the warning the warning on the worn in wild ones to me

Are the worst morning my item oh I love them I especially in this in the pin pick on the site I absolutely love the one that's on the G watch like that one's definitely my favorite I'm gonna be honest with you I don't like any of them I don't like any of them either the don't get me wrong I mean I think we can all agree the clockworks energy faux alligator skin ones look there's no rights so horrible I win no matter which they don't want artem you say that the e3 and supply co ones like they look like they're in offensive but they're not exciting but I stay you know you can

Get it is important ones you can get this clock works energy fake alligator band and then you can go to France and by that limited edition Galaxy alpha with the faux alligator skin back and then you will be really just decked out with obnoxious and then you can like it rub them together and a really weird way you'll be the realist just I don't know man like I when it came time to upgrade my watch from that you watched that I I knew I wanted the sony smartwatch and I don't I have no regrets I like the SmartWatch a lot but the band thing is just it really

It really depresses me I wish I they won't even like sell you more money I would yellow in in the US now yeah there's a yellow one but it's so ugly and I want the white one like I would pay dollars for the white one and the stainless steel but that's the thing is like all of these companies are so terrible at rolling out accessories for even like flagship phones and like a SmartWatch they just they barely have a justification to sell the watch in first place I mean once it's out there they're like all right well that's done let's do something else it will make money on

Yeah I think that I'm I'm think I'm gonna review the the watch the LG watch urbane later this month hopefully and I'm looking forward to that because I think that is I like the look of those is not bad looking ahead that's the SmartWatch definitely isn't the classiest of the watches but it is I think the most useful I would say yeah I mean has GPS built in and everything I mean I don't I mean I think it looks it looks pretty understated it just looks like a fitness tracker sort of so people's kind of assume that's what it is but you know i mean it it's not like

You know super stylish or anything that's why I wouldn't live how do we I need Apple watch looks because that that's relevant I guess I I don't I still don't like the way that watch looks I I get some people like it and aesthetics are highly subjective but no I think some people like it just because it's Apple like they I bet a lot of the same people who like it or a lot of the same people who talk a lot of trash about the fact that the first Android wear watches were square yeah you know it done the thing about about the Apple watch is I think it looks reasonably

Good when you're looking at the screen like dead on but when you see it at all from the side it just looks the shape of it seems off to me it's just like it doesn't look like it fits on your wrist it's just like this little tiny like pillow of metal that just worked right down on top of your wrist I will say this precious rectangle more shiny potato yeah i mean at least i mean it it bears a a vague resemblance to the zen watch which is a watch that I actually quite like but it does then watch sort of it curves to sort of it looks like it belongs on your wrist more

Then than the Apple watch does i will say this i feel like the screen is a step above like from what i've seen if it feels like the screen the resolution and the the contrast on the screen just seems like it's stuff above anything i would not be surprised but did they ever say what the resolution actually was a regiment last thing so i reckon we need to know anything yeah I don't think it's a very higher than most wear watches to use a full RGB layout no no I think it's always super vague it they never give actual numbers when it comes to stuff like they have to hunt it down always

They use their stupid buzzword right now somebody will figure it out if they have not already all right well in the meantime we should move on to Android five point five point one which is not available for your device just yet but it may be soon i wreck him yes I go by I've got one dot 125 dot one dot ones so apparently it popped up in the SDK manager so we know it's coming at some point but that's essentially the only thing we know about it yeah I just know it needs to happen because I have that bug on my Nexus 6 where if if you take a phone call sometimes the audio doesn't

Work the microphone doesn't work so the other party can't hear you and that's kind of a lame problem to have I don't know if it's a person I don't know if it's a bug or not but my phone just decided doesn't have a flash anymore Wow well I still if I dunno that's a major life change I think maybe the operating system upgrade you know it's it's it's branching out a little bit so like glad the the flashlight the flashlight icon just disappeared from a quick settings menu when you do the when you do the command through google now to turn on the flashlight it tells me the

Flashlight is not installed on my phone like really because i just used it yesterday so reboot flashlights having reboots about four it's just it's not there and now and I and I also discovered it when i try to take a picture it won't let me turn the flash on have you tried smacking it in your hand like an old flashlight just smack it I did put D batteries in it and tried setting it on fire have you tried studying it to wumbo have you tried Chumbawamba tub-thumping M is for mega alright so let's move on to Google's MVNO offerings it should be coming soon

That looks like they might be working on some deals that might make this a pretty tempting offer for people who travel quite a bit right David yeah so the Telegraph which is a publication from UK said Google is in talks with three which ounce networks in the UK Italy and Hong Kong and I think there's a couple other areas where they operate networks and they were trying to get a deal where people who subscribed to the google MVNO in America if they went to an area where this three coverage would pay the same rate for data overseas and for voice and text as they would domestically and

Voice in text would obviously probably be unlimited and data would be metered so if you had a four gigabyte plan you would be on that same four gigabyte plan if you went over to the UK and would be billed as you know as you normally would so it's essentially no added cost roaming it's not free roaming because you're still getting charged same rate you normally would at home but it's no cost a de drumming and this makes sense Google wants this this service to be based heavily around Wi-Fi usage and conserving data and so it seems like they're going to be charged on kind of

Metered data basis and the idea that you would be charged the same rate if you are in this country or another country makes a lot of sense and would be really really nice and I think we would all like that very much please very much so you just needed in Barcelona right I mean yeah which three does not is not a network in Spain unfortunately good i would make the talking with vodafone as well or a movie star or there's one over there orange that's the other one all right so let's move on to YouTube news we had some pretty glaring proof that there's going to be a subscription

Option for YouTube which immediately rings back to all the days when people would tell me that Facebook was going to become pay to use very soon but this actually might be legit right David it is legit we got an email from google saying hey we're going to offer an ad free subscription option for your viewers here soon you need to accept new publisher licensing agreement yada yada yada and so there will be a subscription-based option YouTube that will let you skip over advertisement videos who choose to accept the new EU la or I guess not end user license it's

A publisher license agreement but anyways and you will not see ads on those videos if you paid subscription fee which if they make it like really cheap like if it's like three dollars five dollars a month I mean that could be a huge moneymaker potentially I would easily pay that I've said bucks unruh on board with that all day long I've said for so long that I would pay money to not have to see another ad on youtube because i hate i hate the ads I'm like I want to watch this damn video I don't want to see this crap about car insurance you know I need to see the

Video i would i would just I would just be glad to pay a dollar per month just so they can show advertisements that are relevant to the videos that my five-year-old son is watching oh that's ridiculous I know yes everything somebody there looking into that aren't they with YouTube kits or whatever and then appropriate ads yeah well unfortunately like my son watches most of his YouTube on the roku so there's no YouTube kids for for roku yet that would be nice are you listening your son's evenings you've been watching on repeat for for the last 12 days now

Is it does it seem like they're being heavy-handed with this or is because I meant you can either accept the new agreement or you cannot accept it I mean YouTube's basically Darth Vader here I pray that they don't alter the deal further and you'll be forced to participate in a revenue sharing program whether that benefits you or not and that's a big part of the reasons I'm music artists have come out against YouTube recently with music key because they have no idea what the the voodoo going on behind there to calculate their revenue is and if it works out for them

Great but if it doesn't they have no recourse so if you're on YouTube you have to accept that if you want to keep monetizing your videos so essentially if I if if my understanding is correct if I had a video channel and I was approached with this offer and I said no then I'm my understanding is that I would be I would still get ad revenue from viewers who do not subscribe yes but for viewers who do subscribe they would not see ads and I would get no Rev Rev now you your revenue but there's no real transparency at this point about how that's going to work it's going to be a calculated share

Of the entire subscription revenue stream right okay well thankfully I don't run a popular YouTube channel so i don't have to worry about these things I don't know why that's thankfully nevermind alright so moving on to play store news starting off with the interesting move by Google to block a particular game for violence which kind of seems to go against what they've allowed in some other games right yes so in 1997 a little game called postal was released on PC it was a sort of top-down isometric game that was just about the blowing things up and shooting stuff

Which is not uncommon in games what postural part is that I think it was just in really bad taste you did a lot of things that obviously you know you would not admit to in in polite company and so this company has has you know ported it to Android and Google said no we're not going to let you put that in the Play Store um so yeah so the original postal band from google play and then they went to amazon and amazon also said no but then they came back and said actually no that's okay so now you can get it in in the amazon appstore for I think 199 I mean I don't think it's

Really a very good game though I don't think it was ever a good game even in 1997 it was just sort of it was just so like out there and unapologetically violent that it kind of had a bit of you know kind of a following and then they I'm sure at some point somebody's going to make postal 2 for android that was uh it was like I think it came out in like two thousand one or two thousand two or something it was in similarly poor taste but it was the first person shooter um and that when I could almost I can understand if Google said no because there's a lot of really terrible stuff

In that game but the original postal it's I mean it's not really dramatically different than than all the other shooters that are in the Play Store already I but you know good but Google said no we we don't want this in there even though they're their violence guidelines are they draw this line between graphic violence and gratuitous real violence and obviously there's no real violence in postal but I mean if it's just graphic violence is you people to radios high maturity release it so I don't know I guess Google is just for like no this is stupid we're not least

This I find the whole fact that they really regulate the violence factor unless it's like outright hate speech it's very unsettling to me that they even choose involved on this yeah I mean I feel like it's just uh it's just PR for them they don't want to have things in the store that are sort of thing to me though is because the video game is entertainment more than this art in popular cultures view it gets judged to a higher standard of moral morality and say a book or a film yes this is absolutely true and that's why I mean that's why google it I mean

That's why Google catches flak when there are games in the Play Store that people are upset with I mean you would never mean like you said you would never have people like campaigning against Google for having a book in the play store that had some level of violence depicted in it but I mean I feel like Google is kind of in some ways just being realistic about this like they know it's gonna look bad for them to more people if they have things like this in their store yeah I mean time though it's if they're also cherry-picking the kind of violence and

Offensive things they're okay and not okay with like there was a port of duke nukem for the longest time in the Play Store I think they lost their licensing deal with 3d realms and at the pullet but it's a highly offensive game as long as you know you can get past the terribly blocky early 3d graphics and it's extremely sexist and it uses tons of foul language and it honestly is probably a more offensive game to certain groups than postal would be so it's it feels like they're not I wonder how many levels a game has to go through before I get gets the final call on like

Okay this is something we're not going to allow probably not as many as it should that's kind of the way I feel too especially when it's game with my kids II there's historical value there even if it's me know pretty crappy historical value yes postal is really i mean it's uh it is in a category of its own it should be preserved for future generations to be confused by indeed all right so uh next we have in update to google calendar version 5.2 bringing back some features that some of us may have been missing on our phones right David Wright so if you wanted the month

View in google calendar and did not have that now you can have it and that's the story there's not much more to it wasn't it wasn't it didn't we find that it worked on like the Nexus 6 or the it was that the ridiculousness was the nexus 6 it didn't work on I don't recall actually I've not been keeping up with the google calendar month view drama uh so I'm not aware of the of that particular situation where's Liam when you need am I bet you he was Liam would exactly know the answer to that question liam is a guru of calendar knowledge alright uh so lastly we had some

Platform distribution numbers out this week Ryan what's going on in android version news I guess uh well lollipop is up a little bit and everything else is just ever so slightly down very little movement this time I think the most interesting thing is that it did that just a few weeks after it was released 5.1 is on the charts with 0.4 percent which is really fast when you consider it took I think three months for 45 point O to show up on the charts after it was released so five point 0 is up to 5.000% so 5.4 total % of devices are on some version of lollipop and I imagine

That is going to start shooting way way up now that the m9 and and galaxy s6 are out right all right let's move on to the rumor roundup it's time for the rumor roundup alright so rumor roundup this week is all about uh LG who is uh needless to say not very good at keeping secrets seems like they're doing a little bit of a better job this time around with kind of controlling you know which bits of information get out so I guess there's that but a lot lots of stuff will lose learn this week about the upcoming g-force Orion what do we know leather we

Know leather now we know several things one of which apparently there's going to be at least a version of this phone with a leather back which looks kind of not super good in the sort of the teaser image that they showed off but they're really all of their their teasers have like leather incorporated in some ways so I guess that's going to be a big deal for LG especially considering all of their phones those far have been not super awesome plastic so yeah it's going to have an f f 1.8 camera which is a wider aperture with may have had before and they say that it should it should be

Dramatically better than their their last one although the camera on the g3 was pretty good it was a I mean LG is the as done okay with cameras in the past but the g3's camera was was in a lot of situations better than like than the galaxy s5 even like especially in low light I feel like it always did better than samsung at that time so that supposedly will be better let's see they also announced that they're they're going to have a new they're gonna have a new UX it's LG UX four point oh and it really it just looks it looks the same I don't even I just I don't even

Understand what LG's Dooley I mean their UI is okay I don't hate it I know David hates it a little bit but um this just doesn't luckily yes I hate it the most it's um I mean yeah if you hate it for you're gonna still hate it because it looks pretty much the same there's a little video you can look at it's got a couple of small interface changes a lot of the the new stuff is in the camera interface I guess they thought that was important enough to to call it the UX four-point-oh or whatever so they've also they also announced the screen that will be on the g4 it is a just like last

Year it's a five and a half aged 1440p LCD although LG promises that this one isn't going to suck I mean they didn't say if they didn't admit that for last one sucked but in kind of it kind of was not a super awesome definitely sucked a little bit I mean it's like mud it was the first I think it was that that was the first 1440p phone wasn't it yeah it was someone it wasn't the first guy is right there's that oppa one or whatever um yeah it's i mean the the screen on the g3 was I mean it was like crisp and everything but the brightness was just real real bad i mean if you

Have auto brightness on that phone it's basically the equivalent of like the very like the bottom the auto mutual scale brutal because they knew they knew thats that screen will just devour the battery if you have it past like quarter brightness you know a problem with the IPS tech is it is not aged well in terms of color reproduction and brightness for them at all yeah i mean when you have when you're cramming pixels into a screen that size with that density and you need to shine a backlight through it it just it's getting to the point that like they just they have to pop out so

Much more light to you too to get to a reasonable bright is that it just uses too much power so it sounds like they'll have wider apertures and the pixels as per apples description i'm gonna guess this is this is a similar technological advancement that's allowing the greater efficiency yes they said uh that it will be thirty percent brighter this panel is the new one without increasing the power consumption and that would be that would be good if they can pull it off I mean that was by far the biggest brother also said the color gamut increased to one twenty percent of srgb so that's a look

It's 200 extra little extra saturated for an LCD which I mean they probably kind of need yeah it's the current one I mean it used to be really bad and then they did software update to it and it looks a little better but yeah the colors were already a bit some things were over saturated and some things were way under saturated the white balance was really weird yeah um okay so then I think the last bit of news about the g4 unless I'm missing something I think this is it they're gonna give out four thousand phones in 15 countries that people will be able to to play with for

30 days I guess the implications that they will have to give them back then is that the deal yeah so they're gonna be no they're going to get them for 30 days and then yeah I use on the back and when you will get the phone it sounds like I mean you'll probably get it like a week before they come out or something and they so gonna be about 4000 record could just be like a day I mean LG may not be able to risk it like Huawei is doing with their contests yes so um like let's say that your chosen for this and you get the phone like a week or two before it's available to anyone else in the

World uh I mean are they gonna make people sign sowwy like a green eyes they're not allowed to hide salad which is enough for most people but I mean what are you gonna do if somebody leaks it I mean I mean somebody is royal product if they have to expect yeah the document whatever works at least one of these four thousand people will end up being a complete dope that sells the phone for like a thousand dollars and then like just says oh well I guess I'll just pay them whatever the phone costs even though that's probably not the way it works somebody's gonna do it yeah

It's definitely gonna do it and I mean that's the risk you run with this kind of thing but LG also has generally been you know their phone is always leak before it comes out and doesn't seem like they really try to stop it they don't really care yeah it's like this time they're just like whatever we'll just leaked it ourselves who cares we're already calling the g4 we won't say anything else about it it's yours here's the back of it there's leather and stuff and I don't know 16 megapixel camera some ram whatever who cares just by ax so we will see it when it comes out on

What the 28th and we will actually will be there in New York they're doing five locations for this one it's gonna be New York turkey France so in Paris and then London and then I think Singapore or something maybe Beijing I remember you know you know it would be would be really fantastic is if it it had a sealed in battery that would I would just I would think it was I am going to say based on sources that shall remain nameless that it will still have a removable battery in a micro SD card slot I'm I wouldn't I mean that doesn't surprise

Me I just think it would be it would just be great if it has sealed battery I do not believe was a censored model will have a leather back though yeah that would be unusual and I mean it doesn't really look great from the picture so I don't know they were gonna go leather they should have gone football other it's obviously the way to go yeah that's much more classy I think it's this it's this stitching and like the scene that they have you can go and look at the post you know freak for Dell makes a good point that the the contest could be after it you could get it before it's

Released as opposed to before it's announced mm well that pretty much blows the whole theory that hey maybe they'll actually have this thing available for like pre-order like that now Huawei is taking an extreme risk of actually sending people phones before they're announced so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out yeah my guess is what the huawei thing is if they were really concerned about if they're really concerned about it my guess is that they would they would probably release a sluit pre-release like a slightly different version of the phone than what

Ends up coming out like maybe the the case it's in is slightly different oh I don't I think they just would prefer the attention at all even if it means getting leaks people still paying attention that's what they want fair enough all right let's move on to the Hachi that's some hot sheet all right so HTC has announced a new variation of the m9 only what a couple months after the original m9 was released so what's what's new at the m9 PLAs David less than a couple months that's like a month since the m9 was announced so the m9

Plus is basically you take an m9 and then you put a duo camera on it with the 16 megapixel sensor I think I don't remember and then a fingerprint scanner on the front which I'm not clear if that is a touch scanner or a swipe scanner because it kind of looks like the swype scanner on the old galaxy s5 but you give that did the max on whatever horizon a couple years ago was that a touch it was this wipe scanner oh well that was like the really old school style I think too like the was the light thing the IR scanner so this will be touch-based and hopefully it's like a

It's probably in the video but i'm too lazy to watch it right now anyways it's got the duo camera which is you know is essentially useless and i think otherwise that's the same rear camera if you don't count the extra sensor as the regular m9 and same kind of construction and design except for the fingerprint scanner cutting out the middle of the bottom boom sound speaker which I'm sure will again yeah it looks really really not nice like it's it's like somebody took you know an already fussy car design and then put a hood scoop on it and that's like doesn't look very good

We put a bigger spoiler on the back of this thing you think yeah pretty much like any can we paint the contrast in color say neon green flames will put flames on it that makes it go it's it is an ugly ugly phone anyways it's only confirmed for China it has a MediaTek octa-core processor which I can see a release in Europe where you know LT still isn't that widespread but i seriously doubt what we see this fountain america but that that button on the front would be a perfect place for a verizon logo it will add it's it's just it's screaming

For a verizon logo literally screaming yes the verizon train stamp did they wait so i must find this did they actually say that that's is it a home button or is it just the i do not know if they actually said that it may be in the hands on video if he presses the button then i'm gonna guess it does something but if not then it's even worse than they could be if that would I mean it wouldn't even make sense though if it were button because there's a on screen home button like half an inch above it yeah it is completely ridiculous maybe he doing maybe it's a

Camera button this could be dedicated camera button where everybody else puts their own button that would make sense total yeah agreed I confusing at all I'm not I'm skimming through the video and I don't see I don't see anybody pushing this thing maybe they haven't decided yet yes it very open the people demoing it agree it's useless won't even they won't even know like when they when they release it like a half of the units they ship will have an actual button and Avan will just be a fingerprint scanner who knows what a mystery what a mystery alright so the next next device

Announcement we had to mention this week is the ZTE Blade s6 which s6 is not brand confusion at all apparently so that's that's announced David where can you get that and why would you I II don't know and i'm gonna guess again china it's like it's like ZTE took the iphone 6 plus and the galaxy isis and like they were like kiss kiss and then this was the result that's not how babies are made David it's not but i'm gonna guess that's gt's basic understanding of the process so ZTE is mike tyson is what i'm getting out of this yeah pretty much so this phone is

The it's a 720p display with a snapdragon 615 processor and all the kind of mid high rain specs that you would want in your phone that looks vaguely like an iphone / galaxy s6 and that you would put it in the case is to obfuscate its identity so good on ZTE for just you know sticking it out with the lowest common denominator there right now alright so some device launched information to divvy up here the first the Asus memo pad 7 is going to be coming to AT&T on April 10 today since it's Friday and we're day late doing the show today

April 10 4 175 dollars off contract if you don't recall the memo pads or a pretty budget line that issues puts together that runs on the oh shoot that what is it the Chi platform that they run on I forget what the platform is called either way it's it's a bunch of device so $175 for a lte-enabled tablet you know not necessarily all that bad so anyways you can get that at eighteen t starting today you may remember from January that we talked about the Android TV set-top box the razor forged TV well now you can pre-order the forge TV along with a premium Cyril controller for one

Hundred fifty dollars from amazon and it's announced to be released on may first first alright so device updates to get to next starting with android 5.1 rolling out to a whole bevy of Google Play devices starting off with the LG G pad 8.3 also the sony z ultra and the HTC One m8 all the google play editions getting that update and then we're hearing that the Moto or the HTC one m7 is going to be getting the 5.1 update very soon again all of the google play editions of those twice's so if you want lollipop on your 18 th TC 1 m8 should be available via OTA hombre if you have the

M8 the one in there to get the lollipops you get a lot about and you get lollipop and you get a lollipop and now you get a member of the Lollipop Guild right Matt what happened alright so lots of Samsung device is also getting their lollipop updates this week starting off with AT&T galaxy s5 the s5 on US cellular also the sprint s5 sport the s4 on AT&T the note 3 and note edge on sprint all getting the 5.0 lollipop updates and the five-point ohh lollipop also comes to t-mobile's LG g3 by OTA on april seventh so you have to go back in time in order to get that one I haven't

Seen so many lollipops since the last candy crush saga sale oh I thought you're gonna say since you tried to lure those kids to your car how did I ruin your innocence freak for Dell says I ruined your innocence making the phones kiss oh oh I explain it explain the finer finer points of phone reproduction alright everybody knows there has to be some breasts groping involved for babies to come and I think it has it has something to do with you very very empty micro SD card slot wait is it I got it it has something to do with the micro USB port doesn't it I think you have to

Insert something something about electrons flowing all the way to the processor and the best swimming electrons when I mean then there's quick charge if you're into that sort of thing so what is so what about you having then there's wireless charging I mean that's some kinky stuff touch with your energy energy I'm not comfortable with where this is I'm not even sure I'm not entirely sure what wherever the wireless power consortium like what does that mean I could totally be something appropriate but we don't we have no way of knowing literally it's possible to

Know what that means all right let's move on to uh hey hey hey hey I just wanted to say one more thing that what phones don't have wieners that is the title of the show by the way I hope it better be you said something you said hey I guess verizon phones and actively females they all female ports have we not done a stamp episode title I don't think so sounds vaguely familiar hey let's move on surgical issues of our time product rupee is it's time for product reviews the HTC One m9 review the phone only HTC could build for the third time

With David that guy okay so I'm gonna do I'm gonna do the kind of HTC taste test challenge I'm gonna put two thousand from the webcam well I thought you're gonna put them in your mouth which one is the m9 based on your perspective which is the opposite of mine the one on the left is the m9 based on my perspective I'm gonna say the one on the left I'm gonna say it's the one on the right I'm gonna say the one on the left okay well Cameron's wrong but uh and you know the only way to the way I told is from the power button that's the only thing you can show you guys the power

Button I was actually I I got it based on the size of the HTC logo oh that's not a way to do it the other way to do it is that the m8 has the shiny the chamfered edges and the m9 has the solid edges that are not that doesn't come true quite as well on on on the on guys I need I only guessed the one on the right because everybody else was guessing the one on the left yeah which is what I would have done in that situation you know it's kind of ridiculous is like we have to like say now what are the ways to tell these phones apart yes very subtle like crazy

And that vo to the back obviously they do look a little more differently from each other but using them you know using the lollipop update on sense six and then using sense 7 with all I pop the number of differences aside from the theming engine that HTC is created we Chiz yeah I mean if you're really into that it's a good feature but other than that 10-7 has really nothing going on for it it's completely the same and so on ma running lollipop feels almost exactly like an m9 lollipop just with a camera that is you know about sixty percent worse I mean that's really the

Only major difference the m9 also gets worse battery life which is to me like the deal breaker like if you're gonna come from you know the previous fun be like by the way our new phone which is basically similar in most ways also gets worse battery life and I if that doesn't sell phones I don't know what will and I'm not sure battery does it not it does in yet the processor and it feels no no faster and sometimes it's slower and the battery life is just definitively worse the camera is better but compared to you even the Nexus 6 is camera it's still not a great camera and that's it I mean

Don't don't buy that phone just don't do it if you're thinking about doing it don't just do something else instead I mean maybe don't even buy a phone maybe just go without a phone is that is that preferable to buying this phone or you could just buy an m8 for you know half the price and you know it's basically the same thing with better battery life there you have it so you're better off even selling any phone that you already have and just going with no phone than getting this phone that's what I took from that you'd be better off just having nothing at all that's right no

Comment apparently but that's that's right I think what he's trying to say is he's done with his review yeah I've seen HP it's hard for me to talk about the One m9 without just kidding you know kind of sad about agency is HTC doomed I think they in the next 2-3 years I will be very surprised if they are still around in the capacity they are today you think they go back to white label I think they go back to white lip or they get bought we'll see you know believe it or not most people don't know that human beings have more than five senses like the ability to feel

Temperature and since seven is actually the ability to feel pain how appropriate ouch ouch alrighty then there's another product review are you know I'm not gonna press the button for this one you can't make me it's time for product review number two the samsung galaxy x 6 with ryan whitwam eous um so yes it's the the galaxy s6 in most of the ways that the m9 is like the same phone as the m8 and is kind of boring the galaxy s6 is really unexpected it's it doesn't look very much like the the galaxy s5 accepting that they are both samsung phones that are both sort of rectangular

It's it's got a glass back as you probably heard the the band around the the edge of the phone is actually metal now instead of plastic that is painted a chrome color which was really obnoxious and the fingerprint sensor is now something you can just touch it's it's like apples touch ID so it is much easier to use and it works pretty quickly it's it's also it's running an Exynos processor instead of the snapdragon 810 which I feel like is is probably a better chip I mean it still does get warm and it does e through power I mean I think that these new arm

Cores are still just kind of not super efficient but I haven't noticed any particular problems with it the battery life is a little bit worse than the galaxy s5 but it does have a smaller battery I mean it is overall a more svelte phone I mean it's it's still TouchWiz though so if you haven't been a fan of some Samsung phones in the past you're probably still going to be slightly annoyed by this one but to Samsung Samsung's credit they have gone through and taken out a lot of the the apps and services that have been built into the last few years and other

Things are just disabled so it's you know they started doing that with the galaxy s5 they took out a lot of things they taken out even more now so like when you start fo you don't have to turn off a dozen things just to like use the phone so that's nice um it's yet the performance is overall pretty good there were a couple of weird hitches but I mean it's you know it's it's a samsung phone and that sort of thing still happens although one thing I haven't I haven't really noticed on a samsung phone before is that widgets on the home screen are are really really laggy it's

It's noticeably different than if you use a third-party home screen like scrolling through a client widget is just is super herky-jerky on the touch with launcher so I don't know they need to update that fix it do whatever I don't know because that's annoying there's less um no way to turn off this parallax thing it has it's sort of like iOS where the the wallpaper shift says you move the phone around and I find that pretty annoying you can't shut it off so another thing I'm not super pleased about with the software but um I mean if you replace the home screen most

Of that stuff goes away and it is a fine software experience otherwise the theme store could make it even better but right now all the themes are pretty ugly or not really completely done so i don't know maybe they'll they'll update that stuff but I mean I just you know on the basis of like this screen which is fantastic and the camera which is also fantastic this is a pretty good phone to get I'm just not happy about the battery life being mediocre that makes me not happy yeah you know what I think is going to happen is that Samsung is going to sort of position the note as it's

Like long-lived battery life thing and that'll be a little bit chunkier maybe don't even still have a removable battery I don't know but I mean it'll be a bat phone you get if you need a lot of battery life and then they sort of differentiate the S series as like this one is is small and looks good and it gets you know a day of battery life yeah I wonder if the note will go unibody with the ditching the removable battery or if they're going to recognize that there's a power user audience it's going to want the SD card and the u.s. waffle batter yeah I wouldn't be

Surprised if that happened I mean I feel like if you're if you're going with a larger device like that there are probably ways to build a phone that feels solid and you can still get into I mean the note 4 already feels very solid because it is unibody construction apart from yeah i mean we're good note i think about the note is like it still has it still has this like this like i don't know if you can see like that texture of the like a fake the fake whether that they need to they need to stop stop it's funny because on the white version it's a hard plastic as opposed to a tacky

Black plastic they do textures because the white one would staying in otherwise yeah but i mean yeah i mean the metal the metal rim on the note makes it feel a lot more premium than like you know Samsung devices obviously they sort of doing this when the galaxy s5 caught a lot of flack for being all plastic but um yeah I mean if they just if they changed up maybe the back material and still made it a removable panel they could they could probably get away with still having a removable battery yeah I think so too and I think they might do that it's hard to say though I mean

Samsung could just go just the removable battery because honestly and there you know the big competitors for them the next few years going to be the Chinese phones that have the top tier processor a good display not necessarily a class-leading one in a really big battery and most of them offer the sealed data because you can't build more capacity in there that way Indiana the deal with packaging the battery in such a way that the user can remove it so maybe they made they will ditch it or maybe they'll keep it as a you know point of differentiation I don't know I

Feel that they I feel like the size of the note line gives them the opportunity to put its big of a battery and the thing is they want so I think honestly I think the removable aspect of the battery is even more optional with the note than it is with thee I you know if they can sick like a 40 200 million power in there and if this means it being sealed like I could definitely see that you know yeah but I don't think they will because I think there they're very concerned about component costs yeah one thing though that about about the galaxy s6 being sort of you

Know unibody and glass is that the camera hump is like super super noticeable it like pops up like like two or three millimeters above the back of the phone because there's no there's no like it's not you know plastic back so they can sort of taper up to the lens at all so it kind of sticks out awkwardly and the phone never lays completely flat but I mean camera modules are kind of one of those things like they have to be a certain size to be you know any good so I mean and the camera is like is super good so I mean I guess you just have to put up with it I'm I think

Santa's gonna send this phone here next verse send me I should say a phone next week I'm looking forward to trying out the camera for sure because it seems like it does some pretty good stuff yeah the HDR is super impressive this time I mean it was pretty good before but left hand because I mean honestly it's between samsung google for HDR performance everybody else isn't doing it the job at all yeah i mean think about about Sam songs HD RS to visit it captures so so fast like with the the nexus 6 if you do an HDR shot you have to sort of hold the phone still for guys

Who proposed the beeps the boom yeah yeah oh yeah the galaxy s6 is super fast taking pictures and yeah I mean in the HDR is pretty good so and it has optical image stabilization to let me guess it's got Samsung's own image signal processor in there because they would the soc so maybe they were able to somehow synergize the I wonder if they're using a sony sensor or something built in-house I haven't looked tear downs I do not know oh yes good good phone if you can get with TouchWiz which I mean if you put Google now launcher on it I mean it's not that that is what had

That's it I mean that's what I did you know after i finished going through the launcher everything for the reviews i just use the Google now launcher it feels better good cool all right let's move on to F updates alright it's been a long time coming for amazon prime instant video on android tablets it's finally here um Cameron I don't know how much of a chance you've gotten to use this particular piece of software but I have personally found that the user experience is not great I haven't used it at all honestly if i use amazon prime instant video it's on my

Fire TV or roku i have never used it I've never used it on an Android device at all to be completely honest with you just because it's a damn hassle to its there's crap I don't want to deal with to install it so when it first came out on phones you had to get it you could kind of side load it through the Amazon AB google said no and put a stop to that so Amazon had to release the second half and blah blah blah and it was garbage um but so then instead of releasing the the Prime Minister video app in Google Play amazon decided that it would only make the app available in the amazon appstore

So that's where you get it for phones and now that's where you can get it for your android tablet as well it's basically the same thing as far as i can tell it's the same on phones and tablets i guess it's kind of like a web wrapper is really all it is so no chromecast support don't expect that no casting support whatsoever i guess you know the way amazon city is that if you want to watch Prime Minister video on your TV you should get a fire TV or Roku so I don't know maybe one day it'll get chromecast support but that day is not today you're lucky enough to get it on

Your android tablet not just your phone but again if you want it you got to install the amazon appstore and that's the main reason why i haven't tried it because i'm not going to install the amazon says as i say so like is it it requires that that the App Store stay installed like if you like you have apps from the App Store you have to keep install it's the same picture for Prime vide that's dumb amazon yeah we have something i would just like to point out because I have I don't think this is probably show up very well but I have the amazon

Instant video on my phone when i open it up it redirects you to the Amazon App the Android amazon app where you select which video you want to watch unfortunately as you can see my children dominate our answers video usage I don't enjoy Team Umizoomi or or Dora the Explorer especially myself when you do that on there it doesn't in knee amazon app because i have the amazon app where you can buy videos and the apps through it i don't know if i had reverted back to the new streamlined one that's still on the Play Store if it would still do that but for comparison's sake when you

Load it up on the tablet which this is not really shown up very well on the camera but when you load it up on the tablet you can see that it actually opens up a chrome browser tab where you select the videos you want to watch and then it redirects you back to the app once you've selected the video and it's really just this super so it's like not even just the installation process that's super dinky it's the whole thing the whole experiences I can't even get it to redirect me back it just tells me I don't have flash even though I've got think it's the video app so I don't know

When asked why it wasn't similar to the native experience presided a provided on amazon kindle fire Jeff Bezos slapped our correspondent yeah it's pretty it's just it's just pretty bad it's all I can't even get to her it's terrible I thought understand like I guess they released it because they got tired of customers complaining about not having it on anyone yet and they're like you know what here it is here it is your stupid app yeah people watch every time so there's people email to complain to like hey look it exists right here here's the link dummy Wow we can

Complain about how it works not the fact that it's not here's your dumb stupid app we had Jeff who's an intern work on it on weekends for the last eight months hahaha I made me fired him so it's never getting updated ever Jeff by the way is a strict iOS you sure yes are you saying he doesn't he doesn't use a fire phone Jess only test device was actually a original Galaxy Tab 10.1 it it's yet it stood still running I'm honeycomb I don't like Jeff me either Jeff's actually the name of a new brighter for android police so we all like Jeff yeah this other calf or

Not no you notice a buddy named Jeff Nations Jeff is a generic name for a jerk we don't like Jeff the intern use Bob that's a jerky game it's just it's especially that nice that you called him an intern and he's the new writer so we'll come Jeremiah in the future yeah my was a bullfrog I was gonna say wasn't like a bullfrog ala not have you ever heard a bullfrog scream is that like fact that all that's a question is that sequence to silence of the lambs or something it's I think that was wasn't that the tagline of a movie in space no one hears bullfrog scream oh my god hold

On before we before we finish since we're talking about tag lines of movies i would like to bring up the human centipede 3 for just a minute if I can oh I don't know I know I think that every wing up many things please tell me 10 so much is what's the trailer for the human centipede no I watched the trailer for the first one in it scarred me for life oh my god i want anything to do with idle I haven't watched the second movie because my wife was like no held oh excuse me your wife isn't here wife is a smart woman Cameron she is not as smart as you think because she married

Me but um she yeah she won't she she refuses to watch the second or third one I'm definitely going going to uh I'm definitely gonna watch the second one at some point now but um the tag line for the movie oh my God where did it go it's um oh my god it's gonna be heading I can already tell I the tagline it's like the best tag line I've ever i've ever seen for a movie and I guess the tag light is just win the couldn't get any grosser no no like like it's I don't know if it's necessarily a tagline but it repeats it throughout the throughout the trailer

It's eat digest repeat yeah the taste will never leave your mouth he is not accessible I just I can confirm I'm never watching this movie it just makes me Mako I'm gonna see here's one of those I was going to watch the trailer on youtube but now guess what I have a 15-second add that I had to sit through YouTube take my seven dollars and take this damn at away from me yeah Cameron when Cameron wants to see people pooping in each others mouths he needs it immediately I need it right now so they apparently this one takes place in a prison and they build a 500-person human

Centipede 500 people there's some that this booty could actually get made you know I've I've been looking for a good good diet scheme and this seems like as good as anything else so let's just let's just roll with that would you like to be an extra in that movie how would you like to be the main character is repetitive yeah they say it's the final chapter I guess yeah it was the they always intended it to be a trilogy I hear they give your lines but they go in one ear and come out together oh yes eat digest repeat it just keeps a the taste will never leave your mouth yeah that's

It the taste will never leave your mouth yeah I mean how you know what but I've heard the script seems pretty recycled yeah it's the same old oh man you know what it might not be so bad to be the person in the very front of the humans in be right I bet it's still pretty bad as mad imagine if you're like if you're in position two through five hundred look I don't I I just I'm not really comfortable comfortable proclaiming any position in this this made-up contraption of human suffering to be in any way okay so I don't think they're

Keep as much as you know the part of me that reads read it would like to have a-you know 21 discussion about the the fiscal logistics of the five hundred percent human centipede I think I maybe we should move on we should problem yay I wish I only moved on before we ever started with that but I couldn't help myself Oh what are we not even done with the show yet because we have to talk about there's still there's still other news okay well we should leave all that in now uh I know you know it'll be gone sorry with it no none of that none of that poop will stay around for free

Digestion alright other news it is time for the other of those go right so in this edition of other news we have news from smart card the maker of cars that are smart um they've they've got an interesting route with their infotainment system or lack thereof David that's right smart has kind of they've gone for the idea which actually a lot of people on reddit have talked about where what if I just buy a car and my car my my phone or my tablet is the infotainment system it's the brains and it just hooks up to the audio another you know various inputs car can provide

And I don't need the screen and so smart which is a joint venture of mercedes-benz and what is it is a Renault I think they said in the new car which is already out in Europe by the way it's going to come out in America later this year so say you buy smart car and there's going to be an app which you can already download on the Play Store and you'll download that app and then you'll hook up the phone in your car via bluetooth I think and then you'll put your phone in the adjustable dock and we know hook it up the power in the car and that'll be your controls for

Navigation music and other stuff through the proprietary smart car appt this makes a lot of sense I mean Android auto is the thing obviously but if you don't buy a car with auto which is ninety-nine point nine nine five percent of cars on sale today there's going to be a market for cars that work well with your smartphone that don't necessarily do car player Android auto and so smarts kind of doing their thing here and it looks interesting you know without trying its hard to say how good it'll be but it's an alternative and it's one that doesn't require an expensive big touchscreen in

The car and Dunn said uses your existing smartphone to accomplish a lot of in vehicle infotainment functions there you yeah i think that uh i think this is just be like a complete option like they give you they give you options to you know i got great your sound systems like that well how about i just have the option to downgrade my infotainment system because seriously it makes almost too much sense yeah you can do this and you could use that what the autumn the automate app and you could basically just have Android auto in your car without having to spend a lot of money

On them in all honesty you could just develop a you know a simple framework for cars that would live on the you know cars uh you know the the memory on the car and now provides you your api's and basic framework communicate with the hooked up phone that just sits in the dock and that's how Android auto could work but instead they're going to head unit route and want to project into the car which I mean eventually probably leads to embedded applications that don't necessarily require a phone for everything unfortunately industry is going in a direction generally speaking

That is not friendly to the idea of simple end-user upgradeability though it's still better than where it is now not saved smarts idea here isn't a isn't an interesting one great all right well um voicemails did we or did we laid with the policeman well we did have a voice mail that came in a day after the last show it was a little bit long so we just wanted to remind you guys if you do send voicemails and make sure they're you know if it's if it's a complex voicemail make sure it's less than a minute try to be in that time frame and you know if it's just a simple question maybe 30

Seconds and also make sure the audio is clear in audible you're quick to the point and you know the likelihood of being on the show be better i think this one just for the length of it we're going to skip it this week if you want to repost the question feel free to call back in and yeah yeah i would actually go as far as to say it's almost guaranteed if you if you if you do all those things you'll be we on the show if it's true yep no pretty much happen if you would like like to be internet famous for a few minutes then all you have to do is is pay attention to us

Please we need your touch alright does so contests are always going live at Android Police calm / contests except you know right now there's there's not one but keep keep your eyes peeled for that and Bob I think we can cue the outro sir we can do that will help you enjoy the show as always you can send your feedback to podcasting right police calm you can also call us at 5 30 hello ap that's 530 435 5627 find us on Twitter and Android release Google+ said in facebook that's the hand sign for sale my my fifty dollar g-watch shipped that's pretty cool yeah listen what I

Thought I mean I I don't know like I just couldn't bring myself to order one I just don't I don't mean 450 but why not I don't know I mean I'm not everybody where have all the Android wear watches don't you aside i hat well i had said most emphatic i only have to Oh only two I have zero well I want a second one if it comes out for iOS I want a secondary device I can use to test we're on iOS yeah I thought about ordering one too but by the time I actually got around to doing it they were already sold out so yeah whatever I just got rid of my G watch if I really

Wanted I would have just kept it oh I am I found out I found out the resolution of the Apple watch so apparently apparently the watchkit sdk tools tells developers how baked discreet okay so they're two different sizes wat of the watch and they have different resolutions because of course they do um seems don't know that I Apple like that's like very non apple like so the so the thirty eight millimeter when the small one is to 72 x 3 40 which is lower than I thought it would be and the 40 42 millimeter 1 is 3 12 x 3 90 oh so that's pretty high res I mean it's towards the

Upper range of Android wear stuff but i mean i right android hair watches hitter 320 x 320 yeah I was gonna say isn't yeah I think are most level 3 20 x 320 we said 39 x 360 right if 3993 390 about 360 degree 3 12 x 3 90 is the big one okay well that's still significantly more than 320 x 320 yeah I mean it's more I don't know if it I mean I don't know if it's like significantly different when you're looking at it a thing on your wrist I mean I don't know I was just expecting them to die who I was expecting it to be higher I don't know why yeah I can almost do I put it

By five hold it yeah and London it's not a word about twenty I got I got things to go does so I got no well it's Friday so it's friday friday i need to get down you have to get an hour as well so i will see you guys everybody next week versus i see is a matin bog real

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