Blackberry Curve 9320 vs Blackberry Bold 9700 – Speed Test

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I almost have one yesterday and today I'm going to just make a quick speed test of the blackberry curve 9320 versus the very bold nice of 100 most of you guys know that this foot is not popular now in the curve range around the world misses most the most affordable handset so far for a really good price I mean in the UK now they're selling it for 70 pounds 89 pound to 80 pounds to 90 pounds in the UK stores brought you in the box sealed from blackberry rim straight from the store and that is just awesome for this price and I had more upgraded features on this one has ever said when it has free G but this also

Has free G but this doesn't have over seven so about about 9700 does not support up to over 700 only supports up to over 6 my brother has Phone OS 5 so that's a bit heads up to you guys so that's that's not actually I waited yet so if it's not that yet upgraded then that means I should be running faster but is it put around fast or is it going to be more challenging in about brick oh now this phone actually it actually has 3.2 megapixel camera but the other one actually has five it was a criminal but as I'm hopefully a the next like

This the performance and the speed of that other handset I was you can see I put a nice mirror sit down here looks really nice I don't know if you guys want a tutorial how to put the mirror protector on cuz we are no more people like the bias scripture is for their phone and they dismissed the hope and stuff because you need like a lot of stupid so you can get really really nice as I did there's no bubbles and all of that but leave out a part that recurved nine nine seven hundred what we board nice to 100 so device it's a great handset to it has five minutes of camera

And it has it is it has five into camera and it has all the latest software this is more faster than internet I'm saying and move faster on the chatting and other that and return of 20 but unloaded pts today so I'm just gonna put all my talk to the side and I'm just going to as you can see both my herbalist and cards are interested in the devices and I will be inserting the battery of both now at the same time now better mind on these all about taking out so I'm not cheating or doing any cheat in this test so I'm not gonna put the battery nose Eliab actually in the position three two

One cover that tonight over cover that over first startup that ring cannot be twenty second startup blackberry curve battery born i said 100 so blackberry confraternities over it already start at first but not unless you run to the end so while this is actually happening here let's have a little talk to you guys aren't making any videos recently because my exam those are we like our exams and lights month and it's a bit risky of me making this video because this video is making this video cuz i sleep border i'm gonna take a rest

For my revising region and honest for making this video it's okay to chain myself to the new guys you guys might be in the exam season as well on you just did revive as like dumb person but you know what it's actually gonna happen one day so yeah um i gonna tie to tie let's keep see that show you that looks are you going pretty well but you're the same pull them on the angler that i am AA but if you actually see both they're actually that i shoe actually the same i have a feeling i little girl at same time I just hope no but heads up this is over five heads up service over seven

Heads up versus newer heads up this order so I'm giving in even Chancellor okay so verse 5 if your software is lower than I obviously it might run for so am I saying no yeah oh my god they'll greet I hear who's going to make it onto the bottles of this oh my god nine o'clock on believe that so late and I was I said putting an hour today and like hold it I would quite ten o'clock I had a reverse an hour me I'm wasting my time in it making these videos okay oh my god nine four twenties winning crazy nine three twenty is winning oh my G

I'm at four twenty is winning nine three twenty is winning the competition now this is like well I know you guys hockey in scoobert it on one after 2009 nine seven hundred just got there well then I'm 320 make it no OMG critical moment okay ty now with more ties who's gonna make it oh nine 420 now 420 goes in nine 320 goes in the game is that finna go start first it's an opportunity to go to start off first is definitive itself oh my god oh my god okay ix 320 starts up first it literally starts up first and then we just sign in about time to sign in and it's still loading

Blackberry Curve 9320 vs Blackberry Bold 9700 – Speed Test

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