Top 5 Best FREE iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apps (August 2012)

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Simply looked at a few of your images (: i'm really delighted i got to job darkness you. You're terrific!

Hey guys techrax here i'm gonna be starting a new series every month for my youtube channel now basically i'm going to be creating a video about top my personally top 5 apps for that month so I'm gonna start with August 2012 and this is gonna be my first video in the series all these apps will be free and they will all be pretty much my top apps of all time or for that month so let's go ahead and get started this is the first one 100 floors obviously many of you guys probably already know this very addicting and fun game I highly recommend this it's free basically I'm on I'm actually on level 60 but the

Point of this game is I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys from the level 1 you have to make your make your way up through the elevator so like the first level it's very simple what you have to do you have to go up so you click on that little arrow and the door opens but it gets very harder over time this is the second one you find a little thing under behind this trashcan click this arrow again and if this can work and there we have it you can go back up now and that's pretty much the point of this app very fun app though definitely when you're bored give it a try app number 2

This game now this is are you smarter than a 5th grader now this is a game I also found out a while ago of course I'm gonna included during this month Oh since I'm just starting the series once again but this is a very very fun game especially once again if you're bored once you get the game downloaded you will have a free spin and you get these stars and basically what you can do with those stars you can play games and they will ask you actual questions 5th grade questions which are real and you play against online as well so it's really fun really

Addicting and just the great game has a variety of different questions and just really a variety of different things you can do on this game as you can see there's leader there's different rankings different questions I'm actually level 22 or so right now there's like a chili can be found on what continent that would be South America so and then it'll show you who got it first then you get points which shows all the people who scored right there who got it wrong whose are the right really fun game so that's pretty much it

For the second app third app we have logos quiz another very very fun one now what this is I really like this there's a certain amount of levels later that you have to keep unlocking let's go ahead and start with level 1 level 1 has an about 30 or 15 or so different logos for example like this and you have to type it up what you think it is obviously this is the easiest one but they definitely do get harder this is Twitter obviously this is the tire company but I'm going to show you guys some of the harder ones that you can figure you can try and find out you also

Have different hints like I have 16 hints but like this one right there definitely pretty tough I'm not sure what that is but it's definitely really fun and just to keep you doing something if you're bored on that is app number three app number four is jetpack this is also an older app I believe but definitely very fun it's kind of reminds me of a helicopter game on addicting you have to keep tapping and keep the player or the person up in the air and you have to avoid all these spikes or these lightning whatever they're called and

Then there's little power-ups you can collect like this is a bird we can go ahead and just gives you extra points and it's just a really fun game definitely one of my top ones as well and definitely one of one that deserves on the August 2012 video but as you can see it gets really tough later on and I did not die since I had that extra power up but if I die right if I got hit right now I'd die but definitely really fun game and just really fun to just go up on the leaderboards but I'm gonna go ahead and die just to show you guys what happens as you can see shows how long

You fell 759 meters so that's the fourth one definitely a very good one and last but not least is D H reloaded this is a I'm not actually a big fan of deer hunting games or anything or any shooting games of some sort but this is actually a very very fun game and the reason being is because there's just a really a lot of creativity that you can do in this game now what if this can go ahead and load as you can see the home screen right when you go into the app looks really beautiful let's go ahead and win it till this hurries up and loads so I can

Quickly show you what this is all about alright so pretty much the whole point of this game is shooting deer and as you can see right there you have to go ahead this is very easy but you have to go ahead and just target the deer and shoot them just like that then you can either load and you can also do this but you guys get the point I don't want to get on too much of the video it's already been 6 minutes but those were the five apps that I personally like and the best 5 for August 2012 all of them free all of them great so stay tuned for next month I

Will be doing this every month and I hope this is something to keep you guys up and entertain more videos coming up I definitely will keep making the fanned game pit gameplay videos I'm not just gonna go into the tech world but stay tuned guys and thanks for watching and peace out

Top 5 Best FREE iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apps (August 2012)

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