Google Unveils Ultra Fast Internet Speed 100x Faster

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Hey guys this is techrax and i have a new video for you guys I haven't made a video in like a month now but that's kind of because if you haven't noticed gaming and then just technology has been pretty dry lately there haven't been any new games coming out not until October which there's gonna be a plenty and then just technology you know like you have the the iPhone 5 rumors but nothing really big out there so I did find this one article though it's pretty big news just a few hours ago Google is gonna be releasing an internet connection that's supposedly supposed to be 100 times faster than any other internet pretty

Much that anybody uses at home now this is only gonna be for one city I think it's Kansas Kansas City the Kansas City area but I really do wish this was all across America which would be which would be much better it's gonna be seventy bucks a month and the Google vice president said that it's gonna be like there's like you'll never find the buffering you'll never find any loading I'll just be instant it'll be like you know incredible so I'm really actually I'm excited to see like how this would work out I wish I could actually try this but I think it's gonna be called

Google Fiber says your Google or oh that's the broadband the network but yeah that's pretty much it so far I do have another video that's kind of random coming up I think I might actually post it today has really nothing to do with this channel at all it's kind of weird but this is pretty much an update video to make sure make sure that I am alive still making videos and man this pretty much you guys once owned gaming and tech just kind of enlightens up I'll make some more videos but so far it's pretty much it so thanks for watching and stay tuned

Google Unveils Ultra Fast Internet Speed 100x Faster

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