Living With iOS 13 Beta! My Experience

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What's up guys everything Apple Pro here just wanted to talk to you about I was 13 today marks one week since it was released in the beta form and I did update I did the unthinkable and I updated my iphone 10s max my Apple watch and my main iPad just to sync myself into the experience and I've had many asking me should I update how will it affect my iPhone and Apple even warns you you should not be doing this on your device but for the risk-takers that do want to here's what you should anticipate and kind of what I liked that experience I know there's just a million features I haven't even gone to them

Just come back from my operations so band-aid man sticking around for a little while but anyways so on my iPhone tennis max the only reason I even updated personally was because the feature on the watch where you locate your iPhone stopped working I updated my watch first and it didn't work with the iPhone and iOS twelve point three point one so I had to update I was almost forced now the first thing that I want to say is it wasn't as bad as I thought after updating it was fairly smooth it took a while to stabilize there was some hangings for the first few minutes but

After using it after actually closing all the apps opening them again it started working again unfortunately some apps do not work and some will crash frequently that just haven't been updated internally to support iOS 13 some of your older apps just might not work the same way they used to and that's ok this is a beta although in the last week there have been many updates I'm sure not directly related to iowa's 13 there has been slowly improved support that I've noticed one thing that I do enjoy a lot is the face ID unlock is faster just

From the get-go right away more reliable not necessarily that it works from better angles it's just more often than not I'm not rescanning and having to Reese lied every single time I love that and the swipe keyboard man it's really great to have this built into iOS like a complete game changer for me I love its 3d touch is still there although 3d touch is a little bit different now in iOS 13 it's a haptic touch holding press although you will find certain elements of 3d touch in different areas so it messes with your mind a little bit what

Used to be there isn't so it's a lot of change but that's not necessarily a bad thing Apple is just preparing the future without 3d touch on the 2019 iPhones and one of my absolute favorites is the music application now not only with dark Moe does it look better but the functionality the ease of use has been made better and the buttons are very bold like you have better options personally I think it looks cleaner I love it it's a great update I certainly see a lot of inspiration here from Spotify in the best of ways and the volume HED which I'd like to show you

But it's not working another bug here is great when it works so I like being able to manipulate it with your finger it feels good with a finger that you press the button you can manipulate the volume HUD it's just well thought-out system and this is the first beta is what blows my mind is if it's working this well in the first beta beta 2 beta 3 and so on should be getting better and better and even more features more changes more feedback and this is the first year where I'll actually be submitting feedback to Apple about things that I don't like in the such so all around it

Was a good experience now I'm not saying this to entice you to updates I'm just saying it wasn't as bad as I thought even iOS 12 was worse than I was 13 on the iPad though that's a different question so on the iPad the experience has been buggy and on a personal one I wouldn't do it on the iPhone it was okay especially on a new one but on the iPad I can't wait until beta 2 because it's been a little bit of a nightmare since that's my basically daily one and speaking of the iPad the side by side multitasking in the same app is by far my favorite feature on the iPads

Especially in the Notes app Safari application it's great for multitasking for media absorption and just being able to do two things at once in the same app I love it and by far the most surprising is battery life I have not seen a negative impact on battery life using my iPhone for a week it hasn't been overheating or warming up more than usual than it would on iOS 12 so somehow they nailed that they added all these new features the dark mode and everything well the dark mode might help with the battery life but I don't think it's as much as most people think and

It's just been great I mean I can't really say anything negative about the battery life so all-in-all iowa's 13 beta 1 has been a positive experience I don't recommend you update until beta 2 or public beta 1 but if you were to know it isn't a complete barren wasteland out there it's it's not bad also today I was 12 point 3 point 2 was released for a fix on iPhone 8 plus this is what the portrait mode anybody else will not be seeing this update it's very interesting to see just a specific update for that device but it's out anyway stay tuned for the

Complete list of changes sorry it's just personal stuff working on the case it's so hard to find time thanks for hanging in there guys peace

Living With iOS 13 Beta! My Experience

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