Expensive Camera VS Cheap Camera! Canon EOS R VS SX740!

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Today I've got two Canon cameras now both of them shoot up to 4k 30 frames per second and both have the brand-new digit 8 image processor this one the SX seven-four-zero costs 400 bucks and the ESR here costs $2,000 and that's without a lens add a lens and we're talking at least another 500 but is the extra money worth that I mean where does all of that go let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad if I can figure it out you can figure it out now obviously these two cameras are two totally different beasts and they're not nearly on the same level when it comes to overall online video production or even

Functionality I mean if you're trying to get the best image quality it's like a kitten trying to fight a tiger but the opening like the opening joking tone aside what I want to do today is I want to show you why certain cameras do cost more than others even if on paper it looks like they do the same thing I mean like I said in the beginning they both shoot 4k 30 frames per second right I get it before I started a YouTube channel and I started obsessing over cameras every single darn day I used to not understand the difference either I mean I bought an action camera to be my

Very first indoor video camera and it didn't work out that well so if you are already a camera expert if you know everything about cameras this probably isn't the video for you so the two cameras up for comparison today are really the low end of canons line and the current high end of canons mirrorless line the SX seven-four-zero which we did a whole video on Wednesday that you can see here Bing and the initial anger inducing but slowly gaining popularity and I purchased one myself because I've been enjoying the heck out of it the eos R now if you

Don't know much about cameras let's get some of the basic terminology out of the way the seven-four-zero is a point and shoot camera that basically means you can put it in your pocket take it out point it at something and start recording I mean point-and-shoot it's pretty self-explanatory it's got a built-in lens it's got a built-in everything that you could need to just use it by itself and when I say that the ESR is a mirrorless camera I mean it's as simple as there is no mirror between the camera sensor and the lens let's also cover the overall specs

Really quickly and then in actual comparison section will be breaking it down a little more granularly now the SX seven-four-zero has a one over 2.3 inch CMOS sensor and it can record an up to 4k 30 frames per second it comes equipped with canons digit 8 image processor and for autofocus it has a contrast based system and it does have face tracking if you want to use this as a vlogging camera the s on the other hand is a 30 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor I mean that just means that the physical size of the sensor is big I mean look how you

Saw how big this darn thing was that's a huge sensor now it can also record up to 4k 30 frames per second and it also has canons digit 8 image processor when it comes to autofocus it has canons debatably class-leading dual pixel autofocus and it has both face and eye tracking when you update it to the latest firmware now those specs 4k educate that all sounds pretty similar right it does to me well let's break it down as we see how these two brackets and styles of cameras actually fit inside the three most important aspects of cameras and before we do that let's

Throw these both upon the sticks tripods to make them the a and B cam for the rest of the video dual Canon goodness SX seven-four-zero EOS R now first up video quality now right off the bat let's talk 4k no wait let's let's talk point-and-shoot versus full frame camera so if you were paying attention during the spec overview I mentioned the physical size of these two sensors now one is obviously much bigger than the other but why I mean why does it even matter right well the sensor size of a camera affects a lot of things about the image quality you're gonna get

And in a very very abbreviated way that's not gonna go into too much math or science or other boring stuff and I'm gonna get destroyed in the comments below for this bigger basically means quote unquote better it's got better low-light capability better lens selection better image quality now I say quote unquote because my personal favorite sensor size is actually aps-c which is bigger than the one over 2.3 but smaller than full-frame full-frame is great but it buys you a few extra headaches like being more expensive it's bigger and you have to deal with

Full-frame foot rafi people like yes it's a joke please don't hurt me so the real difference between the two cameras is well technically they both record the same format the SRS 4k will look much better and cleaner due to its more advanced and larger sensor but it's not totally one-sided here because the Els R has a 1.8 times crop on top of that 4k so if you actually want to use that you'll need wider lenses to get roughly the same focal length the SX over here does have a little bit of a crop but nothing nearly as severe as the

R so for the extra price how does the image quality differ now I love how the EOS our video looks it's got a clean sharp image plus it has access to Canon C log letting you get even more dynamic range out of this sensor because it will like flatten the image and protect both the shadows and the highlights so this is what we're currently recording on C log on the EOS R and this is what it looks like ungraded looks gross right now this is more of an advanced technique than just pointing and recording but as somebody that's recently taken a liking to C log it's

Not as scary to grade as I would have thought don't if your camera has si log don't be afraid of it the SX 740 looks perfectly fine and for its price point I actually quite liked the image you get out of it now I think it punches way above its sensor size because the image is great now when it comes to price I think it punches about even with price because that autofocus I don't even know if I'm in focus right now is pretty rough image quality though is only half of the battle you've also gotta ensure that your audio is good enough to tell your story now when it comes to online

Content people abandon a video for audio way faster than if you have exposure problems a weird color grade there's weird color grades everywhere etc and personally given my type production timeline I will keep a clip if it has focus problems or it has exposure problems like right now I assume we're out of focus because it looks like we're not in focus but if the audio is bad and I can't save it in editing I'll reroute an entire video because audio is the most important now the SX 740 as you can hear right now has an okay built-in microphone now if you are vlogging and

Holding the camera like right to your face yeah it works perfectly fine but if you're in a studio like this it's gonna be pretty echoey because you can't direct and I do wish the microphone on the SX 740 was facing forward because then you get cleaner sounds unless ambient noise but it doesn't mean it works pretty darn well for a point shoot the ESR has a standard 3.5 millimeter audio port so you can use external microphones like we are doing right now to get per level vocals without having to record off-camera and a benefit of the more

Expensive camera is it has manual audio controls which are so useful if you're gonna use an external microphone like we are doing right now but okay let's throw all of this camera theory to the test with a quick video slash vlogging test so you can kinda see how all of this works when we're just like out and about see out there and welcome to the vlogging test of the cheap camera versus the expensive camera so in this comparison we have the Canon SX seven-four-zero versus the EOS R and yeah there is a small bit of a price difference between

These two cameras where as we've already mentioned the EOS R is a $2,000 camera that's not including lens and the SX seven-four-zero is a $400 camera so yeah can you well like what's the difference that you guys can tell right now well I'll tell you what the EOS R should look better I mean just objectively it should look better it's got a full frame lens on it it's got a bigger microphone I've got an ND filter on it and the SX is just I mean look I'm just holding on to it you can see the V rig size on both cameras now is the image

Quality on the US are better yeah probably I'm shooting it in C log I'm gonna grade it later the SX is just a camera that I'm just holding by itself it's got nothing else so which I mean is the ESR good enough for you like do you think it looks good enough to justify the extra cost maybe I don't know I guarantee the shutter speed is gonna look a little different the motion cadence might look different but is it four times worth it like is it worth it by four times as much I don't know that it is but yeah this is the vlogging test with the electronic image stabilization

Of the ESR and the actual stabilization of the sx 740 and yeah here's the difference I'll tell you which one hurts this arm so I'm starting to hurt these things are heavy ok back to the video ok and we're back now I'd say that vlogging wise it's way easier to vlog with a point shoot as opposed to a big full-frame mirrorless but it like we set outside I think the quality is better from the full-frame again for four times the price next up let's actually talk what is most important to me when it comes to choosing a camera for online video and

Heck it's the whole reason I have the EOS R in the first place I mean without a doubt this is the reason and that's ease-of-use now much like audio quality you've got to be able to quickly and efficiently be able to meet your own production timeline and cameras these days have to be able to meet you at least halfway like the camera cannot get in your way like it has to be part of the team and here's a pretty big difference the SX does not have any manual controls for video mode which really really sucks if you want to do auto mode which is how we are recording

Right now I mean then you're good and that does make it very easy to record video I did that myself for like a year when I first started doing YouTube but if you want any kind of control and if you are again new to cameras in my opinion the variable that's most important to control is shutter speed if you are falling 180 degree rule you want to keep your shutter speed at least twice your frame rate so we are currently recording in 30 frames per second which means we want our shutter speed to be at one sixtieth and unfortunately the SX does not give you

That option so it doesn't even it doesn't even show me what our current shutter speed is so I couldn't even dial it in if I wanted to try to dial it in with the lighting I can't even do that now what that will get you is it makes your motion blur more natural when you're following the 180 degree rule the SR has full manual controls but it also has both aperture priority meaning everything is on auto except the aperture and shutter priority same thing except the shutter now these modes can make it easy to decide on either to keep your aperture open at the widest if you

Want the shallowest depth of field or you can set the shutter as the priority to keep your motion blur as natural as possible and the camera will then shut the aperture to achieve that now another big ease-of-use difference between the two is the eos r has a fully articulating touchscreen so you can not only quickly use the manual controls to dial your preferred settings in if something is wrong when you're in front of the camera like right now you can quickly reach up tap tap-tap tap-tap few taps and you're back on track honestly that's the biggest problem I have with

The seven-four-zero and cameras of its price point now if it had manual controls for video it would be a much easier pill for me to swallow and if it had a touchscreen would be a much easier pill for me to swallow but if you are like me a couple of years ago and keep everything in Auto anyway it might be the right amount of ease-of-use I mean seriously when it comes to post hitting record there's ease of uses I separate ease of use into before you hit record and after you hit record now it does basically have all of my high notes it has a monitor

It has stabilization and it has auto focus not the best but it has auto focus so it's not canons strongest showing it does have the face tracking and much like we saw during the vlogging test those three things do come together pretty well to make this a pretty good camera for after you hit record now you may have wondered why this video was pretty late on iOS our ease-of-use coverage and frankly that's because the USR is about the easiest camera I've ever used in my life I mean it just speaks for itself it's insanely easy so let's say you decide to buy one of these

Cameras what does your upgrade path slash ecosystem look like well the SX seven-four-zero doesn't have an upgrade path it's a point shoot which means what you see is what you get for good and for bad there is like if you don't like it there's no way to make it better but it's also not necessarily a bad thing it's dependent on your use case a case in point you don't need to buy a lens to make it work it just works you don't need to buy an external monitor because it just works so it is there are good things in it now the ESR uses canons RF line of lenses natively and can use EF

Glass through an adapter pretty flawlessly it has cage support and with an external recorder like the Adamson in juvey you can record 10 bit 4 to 2 video which ranks this up against Canon cinema cameras for quality of codec and file for video editing like and can you tell that I love the EOS R but at the end of the day yes the most expensive camera is better I mean it's better handling it's easier to use and it has the better image quality I mean the purpose of this video like I've said the whole time wasn't to try and say that the cheaper

Camera is better because it's not it was more to explain why cameras can have such vastly different costs despite having similar seeming specs now both of these cameras will work for certain groups of individuals now personally I think the USR might be one of the best online content creation cameras ever made and it's definitely worth its call now that it even has a price cut but your mileage may vary and the SX 740 might be the perfect camera for you because it looks great is easy to use and is super tiny thanks for watching


Expensive Camera VS Cheap Camera! Canon EOS R VS SX740!





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