The $400 Budget 4K Canon Camera! Canon SX740 HS

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Great pictures, the shade and depth of the photos are breath-taking, they draw you in as though you are a part of the composition.

Cannon has a reasonably priced camera that can shoot 4k that doesn't sound right I mean I thought they were only gonna put 4k and cameras that cost roughly the same amount as my car well they proved this all wrong the Canon SX seven-four-zero it cost about 400 bucks and can record in 4k 30 frames per second but is it any good let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dead if I can figure it out you can figure it out I seriously cannot believe this camera exists now I like 4k and I like Canon and generally I have to separate those two things because there's generally a cost with wanting

Both and mostly I don't feel like paying the cost in either crops autofocus or actual money but here you get 4k reasonable price flip screen and Canon like I just keep feeling like it's gonna jump out at me and surprise me that it's like a Sony or something but before we get too far into the video however I would like to thank my friends over at B&H Photo for loaning me this SX seven-four-zero man could you make it a more confusing name canon to make these videos on if you'd like to get your own unicorn of a candid camera there will be links in the description below now let's

Very quickly cover the main specs in case you've never heard of this camera before because honestly I hadn't I had no idea that something like this existed the SX seven-four-zero okay that's the last time I'm calling it that from now on it's called the zero this is a one over 2.3 inch CMOS sensor and can record up to 4k 30 frames per second it comes equipped with canons educate image processor which for those paying attention is the same processor in the ESR that's currently recording us pretty good its built-in lens has an optical 24 to 960 yes 960 millimeter equivalent

Zoom that's three point three at the wide end and six point nine at the zoom and four autofocus much like the g7 X line of cameras it has a contrast based system which I mean that sounds bad but with as small as the sensor is with that smaller aperture the depth of field deep enough like it's gonna be a very deep depth of field to not really need to do that much focusing but who cares about the specs I mean we care about how it actually looks so you know what let's throw this thing up on the sticks really quickly to be the B cam for the rest of the video and we're on the zero yep that

Is a small censored camera all right I mean it's usable at least I mean it looks like it's usable from the screen okay time to get to serious business and see how this stacks up against the four most important aspects of the camera for the online content creator first up video quality like we mentioned this is a 4k capable camera but it does have some weirdness to it so who it is a canon camera thank goodness there's there's something it's not something in disguise it's a bit of a bit of a camera joke there now this can only record in 4k 30 frames per second which is weird

Because generally canon only lets you shoot in 4k 24 frames per second and something cool is there is a 30 minute limit on this so this can record 4k longer than Sony cameras can there is a small additional crop when recording in that 4k but the camera has a wide enough field of view that it's not the worst I mean you will see more during the vlogging test here in a moment but it's wide enough but I'd probably do the vlogging in 1080p personally when it comes to the image quality it's actually pretty good for the price however when you really think about it the main

Reason you'd end up picking up a camera like this over just using your cell phone is really for two things and that's the manual controls and the zoom length now zoom length it checked Jing it's got that crazy long zoom just like the sony hx5v level of functionality that cellphones currently can't touch now you cannot zoom that far away with a cell phone without doing digital stuff and digital zooms just look gross the missing feature though and this is a weird one for the cost this camera there's no manual functionality in video mode at all now we'll talk more about

This in ease of use here shortly but consider that you have no control over what the camera decides to do when you're recording video even if even if you manually set the camera up in manual photo mode the second you hit record it defaults back to auto so like right now this is an automotive I have no control over the ISO the shutter speed the aperture anything it's just an auto but despite that I do think the image looks pretty good and it does have those pleasing Canon colors even in 4k which a lot of its brethren cannot claim now it's it's not gonna win any awards

And while I can't see the images producing indoors right now I'm I assume it has more noise than I'd prefer because of that tiny sensor and it's also it's a pretty small aperture but pretty good technical limits quality is only part of the battle and while canons shocked most of us with their upcoming g7 x mark 3 which is a point shoot that does include an audio in Jack I have no idea where we're gonna put the microphone yet but it baby steps baby steps the 0 doesn't have any way to connect them like but it does have some microphones on board that are ok I don't

Know son of them are facing forward though there's one big one on top and it's nothing earth-shattering but it gets the job done and to actually see that in action let's hop outside real quick for a video slash vlogging test good and welcome to the vlogging test of the 0 or the Canon SX seven-four-zero that's pretty fancy but basically this is the you know this is all that we have been talking about now it is like we said there is an additional crop on side of 4k we are recording in 4k 30 frames per second right now and as we will mention it's kind of tight so it's a

Little tight a little tighter than I would like from a vlogging camera but yeah this is the image quality this is the audio quality this is the stabilization because the lens does have stabilization built inside of it and I'm just kind of hand holding this right now I normally do these kind of tests with like a tripod of some kind whether it be a Manfrotto Pixy maybe a gorilla pod I even use the gorilla pod in a long time but yeah this is the image quality you could expect to get if you wanted to use this for vlogging would I use this as a vlogging camera probably not probably

Not but it does have the flip screen I can see that the flip screens work and it does look pretty good you'll obviously I can't see what this image quality looks like you can see what it looks like and the problem that I'm already seeing right here is none of the microphones the microphones on top of the camera it's not in front of the camera and that can cause some problems when you're getting more of the like when you're getting more ambient noise and not necessarily like you talk into the camera but okay back to the video like I said

The image quality is fine if you are using it in auto mode the whole time which I mean that's all you have and that is a totally valid way of making video if you don't have the time or the expertise to set everything up manually and as a personal point here coming from my own experience when I started my youtube channel over two years ago I did that with a cell phone and when I did buy my very first quote-unquote real camera it was a Panasonic Lumix G 7 which I kept in auto mode for basically a year and you know what we ended up doing fine

So auto mode it's okay and sorry for that rant sorry for that rant I just know they're gonna be experts in the comments section saying how Auto doesn't count is bad at that event auto is fine if you've never used a camera before and that's a great segue into ease-of-use which frankly is way more important to me than overall image quality and like we previously mentioned and just went on a tirade about if you're recording in video there is only auto mode so pretty darn easy right now I am as much as auto mode is great if you're gonna use it if you do want to

Control the image I am gonna ding the camera on a few things and one of that is the no manual mode for video yes manual mode makes it technically harder to use but it actually makes it easier to get the video quality you want and the second big thing which actually surprised me because canon is known for this is there is no touchscreen functionality now off the top of my head I can't think of another canon camera that I've used and I've used a lot of them that doesn't have a touchscreen and when your menus are set up in the Canon way that makes it so much harder to use

Plus another big negative for me is the lack of dual picks a lot of focus but I mean that's not really surprising as even the Canon point-and-shoot flagship camera the g7 line is also lacking that feature sorry I guess I can't hold that much against you but dole picks a lot of focus is one of the reasons to go canon and this exacerbates another ease-of-use problem with the camera a lack of real usable physical buttons and dials now that's not normally that big of a deal with Canon cameras I mean look at the m50 I mean it doesn't have as many physical buttons as I'd like but the

Touch screen saves it and makes it a crazy easy to use the zero here lacking the touchscreen really compound to the problem because going through the normally easy and intuitive menu system is kind of a big pain here like I don't enjoy using this camera as much as I enjoy using the EOS are now not much changes after you hit the record and it's lacking one big pillar of the three now that stabilization autofocus and flip screen now some of these are offset because the camera is small the depth of field should be pretty darn deep and the

Lens is wide enough and has is built into it so hopefully it will correct for the lack of recording ease but it would be just the touch screen it would be so much nicer to use this camera if it had a touchscreen so let's say you are considering the zero what does your ecosystem slash upgrade path look like well as a point shoot camera there aren't very many accessories that you could even buy by its own nature it's a self-contained system you can always buy more batteries and you should you should always have plenty of batteries and maybe someday small rig will release a

Cage for it much like they did for the sony RX line but this is about as small and portable as you're gonna get without needing a bunch of extra crap like this right here looks perfectly fine but at the end of the day so what right so should you buy the SX seven-four-zero I don't think so yes it's a cheaper canon camera that will give you 4k but 4k isn't the only thing you need for online video production the only way I'd really be able to recommend this is much like the sony hx5v want a small pocket book camera with a very long zoom range then i would recommend the 0 like it is

Actually really good for that but that's it like I wouldn't recommend this for online video production it's too expensive for what you get one for roughly the same price you could get the Canon SL 2 or save up a little more for the m50 I mean it's a neat little point shoot camera and I do hope Canon continues to push tech down to they're cheaper bodies but this one does not get the dad seal of approval if you're making youtube videos thanks for watching

The $400 Budget 4K Canon Camera! Canon SX740 HS

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