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Welcome back to pro camera versus youtuber camera where we're gonna take a very expensive professional featured camera and see how it compares to a similarly priced youtuber you get quote youtuber camera today we've got two candid bodies that are both actually quite feature stacked in their own right first we've got the Canon X 850 now this is a camcorder that has basically everything you could ever want built right into it it's even got it's even got the darn kitchen sink installed in this darn thing it's under one of the hidden menu settings on the other hand we've got one of the new divisive

Darlings the last few year the Canon EOS R now it does most everything you could want with a few caveats but it is one of the simplest and easiest cameras to work with that I've ever owned which one of these would work best for the online content creator let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out before we get started yep I'm totally aware that these are two separate types of cameras and yes it's not necessarily in apples-to-apples comparison oh well also I would like to thank my friends over at B&H Photo for loaning me this XA

50 for the past few weeks so I can make this series of videos if you'd like to get your very own or heck even the CEOs are will have its own there will be links in the description below and you know what let's actually let's throw these two cameras up on the sticks so they can be both the primary and the B cam for the rest of the video there we go now we are on the two cameras now I actually really like both of these cameras separately for the things they do which makes this video awesome because they both clock in right around the same price point so if you find

Yourself looking for a camera to make online content these two might just be at the top of your list except the camcorder camcorders I for some reason people on YouTube don't like them I really like them because they do I mean they do spend their hardware dollars differently though but so let's do a quick specs overview of the two cameras in case you've never even heard about the XA 50 which if you haven't there's a here's a link thing for a dedicated video on it the Canon EOS r is a full-frame mirrorless camera with a thirty point three megapixel CMOS

Sensor and it can record in up to 4k 30 frames per second and 1080p and up to 60 frames per second it does have slow motion of 720p at a hundred and twenty frames per second and has both a flip screen and a microphone in Jack now the big spec penalty that I'm gonna hit the USR with is that the 4k recording mode you get hit with a hefty crop of 1.8 making this have a more aggressive crop than some aps-c cameras the XA 50 on the other hand is a pro camcorder with an 8 megapixel CMOS sensor it can also record up to 4k 30 frames per second it's slow motion is only 1080p at 60 which is kind

Of disappointing it does have a flip screen and a microphone in Jack but in a huge advantage it comes included with a top handle that has two XLR ports on top of it meaning you can get some great audio what's it sound like now let's break this down to size by comparing them against the four most important video camera aspects ever ever ever first up video quality like we mentioned the EOS R is really a hybrid stills / video camera and it can do 4k but that huge crop is it's absolutely the worst thing about the EOS R if I could just snap my fingers and change one single

Thing about this camera I would let it use a bigger portion of the sensor maybe not no crop but just so something like this is a wide-angle lens and we're at like a standard length right now doing 4k but if you want to record in a less strenuous codec you can get some of the best-looking 1080p I've ever gotten and that does use the full width of the sensor yes the X 850 also has awesome 1080p but it's 4k does not have an additional crop on top of that now I do say additional I mean there is some focal ranges and sensor size math that's going on there to give you the final

Equivalent of focal range blah blah blah what matters is while you use the 4k you don't have an additional crop you get access to the dual pixel autofocus you wouldn't imagine that that would be that big of a problem because the additional processing power when using a one-inch sensor as opposed to a full-frame sensor the depth of field that I assume there's less calculations or there's less sensor math that has to happen but this does have dual pics a lot of focus in 4k which is I mean they both do which is great what I want you to consider though is this while the X 850 is a more Pro

Features video report camera was built-in ND stabilization XLR inputs dual card slots etc it's quote unquote strongest picture profile is the wide dynamic range which is great we're recording with it right now and I have been pleased with the quality I get but it doesn't have Canon log seed log is canons log profile that allows you get more dynamic range out of your sensor the X 850 doesn't have it but the USR does and that's really a big coup with the USR I've never really tried logged footage before because it's got that gross gray sheen over everything and you

Have to manually grade it afterwards which I mean you don't on wide dynamic range by the way but since I've been using C log I mean we're using it right now I use it everywhere all the time because it's just I really like how it turns out later and it's not that I wouldn't consider it grading I just moved the blacks down who the middles down and I move the highlights up a little bit and it looks great but both of these cameras I'm getting really excited today both these cameras just they look they look awesome even quality you can get out of both this fantastic

If you are into the whole shallow depth-of-field thing the obvious advantage goes to the US are having a sensor that Dwarfs the XA 50 I mean it's not even close you can actually blur out the background at wider focal ranges because of that bigger sensor and the lenses you can get you know lenses are important because you can use all of canons RF and EF lenses with an adapter and you can even get an adapter with nd built into it negating one of the pro cameras strongest selling points I mean it's very very expensive and I don't have it

Because I just use cheap nd filters but however technical image quality only gets you so far and another big difference between the two is in the audio recording capabilities like we mentioned earlier the XA 50 s 2 XLR adapter is connected with its top handle which will let you record some really clean and crisp audio which like we said earlier that's how we're recording the audio for this video since we switched the cameras I've got an 88 75 are plug straight into the camcorder and it sounds really good the USR though is no slouch when it comes to recording audio

Either despite it being a hybrid stills camera it does have a microphone in port and headphone out Jack which while not capable of providing phantom power to microphones like the XA 50 can it can use powered microphones like the rode videomic pro plus to great extent so it's good it's not great the internal preamps I'm not even gonna say are coming close to this because they're not but they're perfectly usable but let's throw some microphones on these cameras and hop outside real quick for a video slash vlogging test and welcome to the vlogging test of the Canon EOS R and V

Canon X a 50 now we are currently recording in 4k on both cameras so that's why the ESR is a little more cropped and I do have it with the 17 to 40 f/4 l lens so with that additional crop it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty tight I would normally use this as a 1080p camera as opposed to doing it as a 4k camera but the X 850 does not have an additional crop on side of its 4k so we're doing the same thing now I am shooting in C log on the EOS R and I'm doing wide dynamic range on the X a 50 so both of them are a format that will give you a little more dynamic range in

Your video and hopefully it looks pretty good but yeah so the big thing that I want you to see between the two cameras right now is the stabilization so the X 850 actually has optical image stabilization built into it whereas the USR has electronic image stabilization and this lens does not have any is built in so how does it look can you really tell the difference is there a lot more shakin I'll tell you my shoulders are starting to hurt so there might be a little bit different of a there might be some difference between the two but yeah I think they are both fantastic video

Cameras and both could work perfectly fine as a vlogging camera look at that there's a bit of a size difference the camcorder seems big until you get a full-frame camera with the lens and a microphone on top of it then it's just like ridiculously heavy ok back to the video and we're back yes the X 850 continues to impress me with both its technical image quality and its extra features outside of just resolution and frame rate the more I use it darn it the more I like it but what matters most in this crazy games of algorithms and solo Crew productions is ease of use who

Cares about image quality if it's hard to get now I personally ease-of-use into pre and post hitting the record button and for pre record both these cameras are insanely easy to use now I will give setting the camera up to the EOS R it's got a fully articulating touch screen that's both big bright it's easy to navigate and it's easy to understand the menu system and change it to what you needed to do frankly I think canons menu systems are some of the best now you can learn any system given enough time but when it comes to quickly changing white balance

ISO or any of those in the fly that USR is just about the easiest camera ever made the XA 50 is in a weird place where it has both more control and less control at the same time so you do have some physical buttons but unlike these c200 one of the other Canon cinema cameras you don't have physical buttons for everything and the touch screen isn't as crisp or easy to use as the USR so it's a tad more fiddly to get set up in the first place especially if you don't speak camcorder because camcorder is a whole different dialect than stills hybrid believe you me it always takes

Time when I try using a professional camcorder it takes some time to switch my brain over to that but do you care more about how easy the camera is to set up when you are in a nice air-conditioned office you know taking your time having some coffee take you just easily being able to change everything or do you want it to be easy to use to get the footage you want when it's a hundred degrees outside the mosquitoes are eating you alive and all you want to do is get back indoors to the air-conditioned coffee I know which one I'd pick and the X 850 the USR

Four-post record ease of use now we talked about this last week and even in this specific video but the X 850 is built-in nd dual pixel autofocus stabilization XLR adapters wide dynamic range zebras histograms and you can monitor the audio straight from the screen like if you could if you could sit down and write out a list of things that make the perfect camera this is basically it except the smaller sensor I mean it's not even cool this is the single easiest camera I have ever used after hitting record and it beats the sony NX 80 in that category to

It's just so I'm quickly quickly getting over my internal prejudices of the camcorder as just a dad's tool for kids sporting events though it works really well for that too and as a dad I can appreciate that this isn't an objective standard I mean none of this video or any of my videos are but I really just enjoy using the XA 50 and because of this single camcorder we will be bringing more camcorders onto the channel because I have I know I've said this a lot I'm repeating myself I have loved using the XA 50 so much that I've considered buying one if I was gonna

Start doing more and more outside so you've decided to buy one of these incredibly easy to use high quality cameras what does the ecosystem slash upgrade path look like well on the one hand the XA 50 needs nothing else it needs nothing else to function so you go by semester D and you are good to go the USR is not like that it has canons currently limited RF mount but you can adapt the rest of the full-frame glass using the canons official adapter that's what we're doing right now now you can combine that with some cheap nd and you're also pretty much good to go as

Well the EOS are also has cage support if you want to turn it into something more like the X 850 with a bigger sensor and there are additional accessories that you can get but as with any hybrid camera if you want the same functionality across cameras you'll have to bolt on a lot of junk to make that happen it's not as smooth or as clean of a transition as with the camcorder but at the end of the day so what right honestly the XA 50 is objectively the better video camera it's got all of the functionality and the specs to work better as a dedicated

Video camera because you know it it is one it is a dedicated video camera but it does cost the same amount as the EOS R and the USR does have some key advantages over camcorder it has lens support you can make it look almost full-frame in 4k if you want a shallower depth of field you can get wider open lenses and just shoot in 1080p Plus online content isn't just a video game a game about video no matter where you go you'll need to take some photos for either social media posts thumbnails etc so I'd argue that if you are only going to have one camera get that USR it can

Absolutely run an entire social media enterprise since it's basically a pro level stills camera combined with an almost aps-c level video camera now if you already have a stills camera and just want that sweet sweet easy to use goodness then absolutely get the ex a 50 it's just awesome thanks for watching

PRO Camera VS YouTuber Camera | Canon XA50 VS EOS R!

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