The FIRST USEFUL Camera Gimbal?! DJI Ronin SC Unboxing and Initial Setup!

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As DJ I finally created the first useful gimbal for the online content creator let's find out and unbox it what's up everyone I'm the everyday dead and if I can figure it out you can figure it out so I'm super excited by this now if you've been on the channel for any amount of time you know the gimbals I really like the idea of Gimbels but I haven't actually used a real gimbal in months just because I buy them and then I never use them because they're too fiddly to setup they're too big and they just become a big pain in the butt so I bought this like I can't believe this is here already but I bought this the

Moment that it was announced because I really want to use this in my creation because it's supposed to be small portable easy to use and just it's supposed to just work and that's what we're gonna find out today so the Ronin SC this is all again I paid for this so this is 100% production material so anything that's wrong with it you can't blame on pre-production equipment so I kind of like this packaging because it does not come in like a big box that you then have to like throw away and not use it just comes with this little cardboard

Carrying thing that the foam container you know just kind of works in and I'm okay with that Liss I you know as somebody that checks out a lot of gear and I've got a lot of boxes in my house like this crap that's in my house the better cuz if you know me you know that I like to resell a lot of my gear and part of reselling gear is having all of the original stuff but this alright we're gonna have to we're gonna have to break it I'm sorry I'm sorry gimbal that's not what I wanted to do okay oh that's nice there we go okay so we've got the DJI standard book

Something that DJI always does not a big fan of is they promote literacy it doesn't matter whether you're buying a drone a gimbal or whatever you will always give plenty of literature when you buy a DJI product and for that I salute you okay so what have we got here in the box we're all these small pieces silica gel hey guys let's keep it serious here do not eat the silica gel throw it away and then clean it up afterwards because even though your wife's on vacation so you're still probably gonna be mad that you just made a mess so we got we got some tools

Which definitely useful we've got a the connector so this is a USB this is a USB to USB see we've got a USB C to USB C with a right-angle we've got a micro USB to USB see right angle look everything's just moving the USB C phone manufacturers camera manufacturer just give us USB C from now on in everything oh oh another DJI what are you doing guys like yeah now I've got to make a second mess for my wife to get mad at what else we gets we've got a a quick-release plate now that seems do I have a standard quick-release plate right here I don't this seems smaller

Than like a standard Manfrotto quick-release plate so what I'm getting food so what I'm already kind of irritated about is that my regular quick release plates are not gonna work maybe here's hoping alright another quick release plate kind of thing we've got the tripod now I'm gonna be honest so something that gimble's have really started to do that I like is they add these little tripods because when you're like holding a gimbal and you're like well where do I set it down I like being able to pop it down like that we've got the grip with the batteries I do believe

These batteries are built-in so we've got that we've got the like the actual gimbal itself what's this little guy this is a USB see two micro USB adapter this is another little tool and this is the cell phone holder so this is the new so one of the cool features about this gimbal and the reason I bought it was it has active track on it and it comes with this little holder that holds your cell phone so your cell phone's processing power and it's camera is the one that does the active tracks we've got this all put you over here let's assemble this bad boy and see if we can get this

Working this gimbal it feels great and it feels incredibly light and again that's the reason I bought this darn thing just gimbals like you see this gimbal back here it works great it stabilizes my camera but it's big it's heavy it doesn't fit in my camera bag so I never ever ever bring it with me and if you're not gonna bring it with you then what's the point so I also like this little locking system that DJs come up with so that you can just lock it really quickly set it in your camera bag you just want your gear to work so you can take it and get using it you

Don't want to have to mess around with stuff and that's there we go now one of the things about Gimbels that if you've never used a gimbal what we're gonna have to do here we're gonna to balance this thing but this feels incredible like this feels very high quality I like the metal I like these little locking switches right here locks it in place when you throw in your camera bag it's not gonna bounce around a whole bunch where's this one there we go it's got the little joystick right there that feels good record button now this does have a lot of features where

It will connect to all your cameras we're gonna try with the USR here in just a minute okay very satisfying now I've watched zero videos on this gimbal so far so we're gonna have to we're all gonna learn together how it works and it's got no battery charge so what we're gonna do here through the magic of editing you don't have to wait I just have to wait for it to charge we're gonna charge it up a little bit set it up see if we can get the active track and a few of the other cool features to work so okay I

Was impatient and we only let it charge for a couple of minutes just because I like new toys and I just wanted to get to it so we let it charge for a couple of minutes we're gonna try to balance it with Mike in u.s. R and we already because it's a DJI product we already downloaded the app so there's a lot of stuff we've got to get through in the next couple of minutes so let's find that bag o things this yeah I mean it doesn't matter what gimbal your usual you gotta balance it yeah it's not gonna work with standard like Manfrotto type things you're gonna have to use the DJI

One which is unfortunate I hate proprietary connections like a lot that's frustrating okay so now works on this now one of the things that I'm nervous about is because this is a smaller gimbal with smaller like carrying capabilities this USR with this 17 240 and is on the bigger side of mirrorless cameras because the ronin SC is designed for mirrorless cameras which is good because I very much like mirrorless cameras it's basically all that I use the weight capacity should be fine it's just I think balancing might be the

Balancing act a dad jokes you're on the channel the everyday dad you're gonna get some dad jokes big surprise so let's balance this sucker real quickly okay I see they got a little like there's a little guide thing right here so it looks like once you have it balanced you can just set this to where you actually want your camera to go that's a little tool and we are balanced so let's turn it on now I guarantee I cut all of that out because there is nothing more boring in this world than watching somebody balance a gimbal okay so let's see what the app has to say first okay we agree

Not now we created it okay let's connect our ronin SC let's turn it on I forgot it's a DJI product you have to activate it first you can't just use your DJI product it's been a minute since I've had a DJI drone so yeah I forgot that I always have to okay start balance test begin test oh I see you mean this begin test okay so we have now excellently balanced the Ronin SC and you know what I'm sick of sitting in the studio let's head outside and we're gonna test because this is just an unboxing and a quick initial impressions we're gonna test the two features that I'm really

Excited about and that's the active track and the motion control because I think that's gonna be like the b-roll sensation going forward so I'll see you outside let's grab you whoop it's even later in the evening but guess what we got the active track on the ronin SC to work with my Canon USR and the big 17 to 40 lens like that is so exciting I had to reset everything up we the there's gonna be noise in the image because it's almost dark out but I was just so excited like check this out active track it's tracking me it uses your phone's camera and processor to

Work with the gimbal to track you and even though I'm still just by myself I was able to reach behind the camera and just like tap where my face would be and it works like it's incredible like I'm so excited by this because this is the reason that I bought this gimbal is because I'm a solo content creator I want a camera I want a system that will be able to work and just like let me have like a fake cameraman like I tried to do this with the Osmo mobile but I had a lot of problems with the Osmo Mobile's like autofocus but this I've got a canon

Camera with great autofocus the only thing we're still gonna have to figure out is where on all of this like where in all of this are we gonna put the microphone that's the next step we're not worried about that right now we're just excited that the ronin SC is actually able to work with the active track like hull I'm just I'm darn excited like look at this we can go full 360 and it just keeps it just keeps us like we do have it on the slow setting like that's think that's awesome that's so oh I was gonna rip this gimbal a new one I was gonna rip this a new one

Because everything met within the weight criteria but it wouldn't work but we figured it out so excited what else would you like to see from the Ronin SC leave a comment below I'm in a suit I'm just in such a good mood right now because we got this to work but yeah leave a comment below we will make more videos about this if it's something you guys want to see thanks for watching

The FIRST USEFUL Camera Gimbal?! DJI Ronin SC Unboxing and Initial Setup!

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