New iPhone 12 Leaks & Rumors: AirPods Included & New Screen Sizes!

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yo yo yo guys what's going on Sam here welcome back to another iPhone 12 leaks and rumors videos so far you know it's still pretty early on this device isn't coming until September of 2020 it's sounding incredibly appealing and the rumors today bigger sizes smaller sizes more RAM free air pods I'm not messing around that's actually a rumor we've heard I want to share the latest with you all in this video so if you're excited and you know eat some turkey yesterday you're feeling pretty good still drop a like down below and it subscribe so you stay up to date on the

Latest Apple news all right so I've read this first rumor we've already heard crazy things about the iPhone 12 like it's gonna have a stainless steel band reminiscent of the iPhone 4 going around at 5g support enhancing our functionality and due to some 3d laser scanning technology on the back this is going to be the biggest iPhone upgrade potentially ever but certainly over the course of the last three years since 2017 so first up new today a rumor from digit x who has a mixed bag so I'm presenting this to you as is that Apple Samsung and many other phone

Manufacturers have considered in the new year in 2020 bundling they're completely wireless headphones with their flagship phones for Samsung that would be their galaxy buds for Apple that would be air pops this one's pretty wild and that's why I did the disclaimer at the front is that sometimes they're right and sometimes digit times is wrong because for years since I believe the iPhone 4s or the iPhone 4 maybe even before that Apple has included one standard pair of free headphones with every single iPhone purchase the only change has been that they switch from the headphone jack to

The lightning connector whenever the iPhone 7 came out but since then they haven't been seen a ton of usage considering the fact that air pots have become so popular and another recent report from the supply chain set of things said that Apple is actually doubling air pods pro production because they're so popular so air pods one we're insanely popular air pods to of an insanely popular now air pods pro are continuing the trend I think that I could say safely that people really like air pots now is this likely to happen I don't think so Apple makes a ton of

Revenue off of ear pods it doesn't sound logical for Apple to say hey we make all this money people are clearly buying this on earpods let's give it to them for free so we can make less money yeah that doesn't sound very corporate friendly to me however aqua has had ear pods it's a standard for wood has probably been a decade in the box but moving forward into the next decade would it make sense for Apple to keep using that same piece of old technology as it continually gets more dated I don't think so

Is it gonna happen in 2020 I'm not sure I don't have a high degree of confidence there but this does open the conversation as technology becomes easy to produce and cheaper to manufacture will air pods one day be the standard I feel like they'd almost have to be when Apple has air pods twelve out or maybe everybody gets free air pods one but there's still an incentive to upgrade air pods three or four ear pods Pro let me know what you guys think about this down below I feel like none of you would be opposed to free air pods I noise I certainly

Would be a hundred percent down to get those in the box they would save you a hundred something dollars but another argument could be that the iPhone with all the new features coming 5g more Ramazan gets you in just a second these free air pods if that would end up being the case and a redesigned body and a 3d sensor on the camera and everything else that Apple includes maybe the price for the premium iPhone would jump up from $9.99 as the base models 1,000 bucks up to 1199 are $1,200 and if Apple would increase the cost you would need a way to rationalize that for people that are

Still upset at the price jump from like 750 to $1,000 so including a free pair of air pods in the box with every new iPhone it could be a huge way to sell and get like an extra 50 bucks out of consumers if you subsidized like 150 from the air pods you can it make that much more per iPhone while offering all these new features and then as a bonus you know you get free air pods in the box all speculation but an interesting point to bring up and I look forward to hopefully hearing more about this in the future because free air pods would be incredible and I think Apple is like

We've given them enough money right now obviously overall the naming scheme is still a mash up but there's gonna likely be two premium models again like an iPhone 12 pro and an iPhone 12 pro max and then just the standard iPhone to open for those air pods I doubt in the 12 box you get them this would certainly be for the most premium of Premium iPhones you can buy turns out when you spend that actual a little bit of cash next year for the premium iPhones you're also gonna be getting additional RAM now I remember for years

The iPhone sat at about 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM and I always laughed with like an Android manufacturer would say but our phone has eight or ten gigabytes of RAM just because that seemed absolutely absurd next year though it's gonna be I think the biggest jump in RAM we've ever seen it for the iPhone so the cheapest iPhone the iPhone 12 is gonna be coming in at four gigabytes of RAM but for the more premium models the 12 pro and the 12 pro max you're gonna be getting at 6 gigabytes of RAM and this comes courtesy of Barclays who has been quite reliable in the past and I believe they also

Predicted like Apple pencils support on the new iPhones at one point which still has not happened and I feel like we've heard that rumor 300,000 times now Barclays has been write a lot more than they have been wrong and that RAM increase will be nice because you can open so many more applications at once at the same time I also don't feel like this is so many people have been begging for is the iPhone seems to manage RAM really well much better than many of its Android counterparts so more ram is coming for the premium iphones but unlike the air pods like the ram sounds

Like a realistic change year-over-year where the air pause is still like man I am I'm not sure I'd be cool though and also very likely to happen because we've heard it for the third time now ET News a Korea publication says that these screen sizes are going to be completely revamped and this is backed by reputable analyst min Shi code apparently instead of 5.8 6.1 and 6.5 inches the screen sizes on both ends are going to expand kind of dramatically well the 6.1 inch will stay the same for likely like the 10 R or 11 type model the standard iPhone 12 there's now going to be a 5.4

Inch iPhone situated here in a 6.7 inch iPhone has situated on the opposite end of the spectrum now people have been calling on Apple for an iPhone se to are a smaller screen size for as long as I can remember basically since the year after the original iPhone se was released in 2016 and Apple is actually working on an iPhone se to production reportedly starting in February every source in the game has said that Apple is working on this phone it's gonna have a 4.7 inch LCD screen be lower cost and essentially resemble an phone eight but on top of reoffer in

That 4.7 inch iPhone 8 screen size with new specs inside like an 8 13 processor Apple's also expanding the other screen sizes so for me since the iPhone 10 I have loved the 5.8 inch iPhone screen size Apple is actually taking that down point four inches which I'm really not feeling too great about it I don't think it'll be a big change but if you felt like the iPhone has been a little bit too big even in its smallest size before Apple said to reduce that screen size even further there's still going to be the 6.1 inch iPhone for some consistency there in the middle and then for

Everybody that still thinks they're pro max phone is not large enough Apple's bumping at 0.2 inches to 6 point 7 inches diagonally again all these are gonna be OLED I'm open to seeing that 5.4 inch model but it's very surprising to me that Apple is not only offering one smaller screen size I have fun with new specs the iPhone se 2 but also iPhone 12 maybe the iPhone 12 Pro Mod will be coming in at 5.4 inches now which is a pretty big change so those are the latest rumors I have for you let me know what you think about the screen sizes free air pods and more RAM and the

IPhone 12 still sounding so great overall and I cannot wait to see what this device looks like I'm hoping within like the next couple of months a leaker will share us what the design that's gonna be because it's probably going to be pretty radical that's all for now drive a like if you enjoyed the video hit subscribe for more I've been Sam I'll catch you cool cats in the next video

New iPhone 12 Leaks & Rumors: AirPods Included & New Screen Sizes!

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