iOS 14 Latest Rumors: Major Changes Coming!

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yo guys what's going on welcome back to another video so buggy is a word that we've been talking about a lot lately with iOS 13 updates happening every couple of days and today we had a fresh report sort of highlighting Apple's internal process previously how we sort of got to iOS 13 and also what they're planning to do in the future which is actually fascinating and I think it's gonna lead to hopefully more quality features in iOS rather than just quantity and then we end up where we need bug fixes every few days so I want to break down this report and talk about

Some iOS 14 rumors because we've got some good information to either recap from the past or highlight from this so if you guys are excited for this video drop like down below hit subscribe for more and let's go ahead and talk about the future of iOS iOS 14 and iOS 15 as soon as I saw this article it immediately reminded me of a video I made years ago on YouTube and I want to play you this very cringy clip of me talking back then just to give you an idea of what Apple was saying then so based on this new rumor Apple is said to have heard the public's feedback because

In iOS 9 Apple is supposed to be focusing on stability improvements over new features for this major iOS release so that clip is almost 5 years old and I'm telling you guys it seems like the same script I feel like we heard this right before iOS 12 that app would focus on stability rather than new features and iOS Thoth was actually pretty well executed there weren't a breadth of features or changes it was mainly just to speed up your iPhone a little bit which I actually appreciated a lot but with iOS 13 Apple definitely took a huge step in a new direction and then there

Were a lot of bugs along the way and to prevent that from happening again in the future here's what Apple's plans are according to Bloomberg historically here's how it's worked they've had a ton of features enabled at the same time it was so conflated that they couldn't actually decipher what was going on so they'd sort of just work feature by feature until they hopefully figured it out going forward whether you're on Mac OS watch OS TV OS or iOS there's now gonna be a space in settings on each of those respective platforms to enable the features individually so it's actually

Kind of funny how things worked historically I wasn't aware of the level of confusion that is was happening at Apple on a daily basis if you were an iOS tester I would pack so many features into one it like called the daily build of iOS 13 say let's say dark mode the swipe keyboard and new emojis were all put on there at the same time and then that person would be running into bugs potentially caused by all three features but not easily be able to track down exactly what feature was causing which bug so you'd sort of just work away at

Each feature and so hopefully all the bugs went away while still experiencing bugs from other features seems like a very inefficient way to do things so that's why Apple has reflected on this apples Craig federighi Anna sort of all hands on meeting and said we're actually gonna do it a new way now and the good news for us is that this isn't years away this is not going to happen in the foreseeable future like you know maybe twenty thirty years from now this is going to happen starting with iOS 14 and iOS 13 point four is in the works and it possibly might be applied to that

As well there's a couple good tidbits that being that iOS thirteen point four planned for sometime next year is on the way no idea what feature set it will have but there is definitely going to be another major iOS 13 update after iOS 13 point 3 which is currently in beta and secondly that Apple is continuing the major yearly iOS updates I saw some speculation a few months back saying that with the state of iOS 13 maybe everything is just rolled out on a regular basis like we start going to thirteen point five or thirteen point eight and then we only do a major iOS

Update every couple of years but Apple seemingly as of right now still plans to do some major updates now Iowa's 15 is a total toss-up I have no idea what's gonna be changing there but Bloomberg historically has actually shared a couple of very small details about what to expect changing in iOS 14 and that's because I was 14 isn't years away now or over a year way it's gonna be coming our way in beta form in June of this year at WWDC 2020 in just about seven or so months first up here is 5g support Apple is obviously working on this for the 2020 iPhone 12 or iPhone 11s and if

They're gonna have it Hardware wise they have to have a way to support that same functionality on the software side of things so iOS 14 will include that second this will also probably be exclusive to the 20/20 iPhone but enhanced our functionality which again like that last clip I feel like it's something I talking about since iOS 11 every single year enhance their functionality enhanced ar stuff and I get that Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality glasses and an AR headset before that some of you can strap on your head

And look around and augment your environment but for the end user I don't know many people that have ever touched AR I mean some applications are cool in a Warby Parker will let you try on like glasses and on might see reality that's pretty cool it is a nice application if you're shopping on an Ikea this website sometimes you'll get like a little AR pop-up but it still doesn't seem to have this wide application that Apple is promising and I know that it does have some promise for the future it's just that we've heard a our functionality

Improvements every year I've not really seen the end result of that but let me know if you guys feel differently down below in the comments section finally something that was rumored for iOS 13 that Apple never actually did the bloomberg reported was a new app switcher or app clothes animation it's largely remain the same I think it changed just a little bit in one of the recent iOS 13 updates but I don't know I'm looking for something something cool something fresh you know and I'm hoping that iOS 14 is that fresh experience because Bloomberg has said that while

Apple is certainly focusing on stability it doesn't appear right now at least this is going to be an iOS 12 repeat where your iPhone gets faster but features are sort of placed behind performance Bloomberg says that Apple plans the same breadth of features right now meaning the same number of new stuff as iOS 13 but on top of that they're going to also be making sure that the features aren't super buggy when it they launched being said the internal name for iOS 15 is Azul plus 1 with the codename for iOS 14 bean Azul it looks like Apple could already be

Planning to push back some key features for iOS 14 until iOS 15 to again promise us performance so maybe this is the year maybe it's not so if Apple's gonna be able to pull that off III hope they will because that would make the experience really great for us but I do know that we've been talking about this for almost 5 years now and sometimes it pans out but when it does it seems like we barely get any new features which is sort of the cost that we may have to pay for a good overall experience rather than a ton of new stuff to show our friends and I don't

Know who's right should we get stability and no new features or features and no stability or is 2020 in iOS 14 a year that we actually see both walk hand in hand and everybody hugs and everybody's happy you guys let me know down below and that's all I've got for you in this video the future for iOS is looking bright iOS 13 was a bit of a hiccup but I say that and I haven't had a bad experience with iOS 13 I see reports and I cover these updates all the time the only issue that I still have that I think needs improvement is Bluetooth but aside from

That I've had a pretty good time on iOS 13 and I was willing to take new features like dark mode in you know in return for a bug email app at the very start that's all I've got for you guys in this video drop a like if you enjoyed it hit subscribe for more I got around to class right now and I will catch all of you in my next video

iOS 14 Latest Rumors: Major Changes Coming!

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