Gold is still meeting resistance at the 1890 level

Gold put on another roller coaster trip last Friday. As predicted, the US market surged higher before coming to a halt. The place in 1889/90 dropped and then retreated. In 1870, it consistently failed to measure the low point support. It came to a halt here, stabilized, and rebounded. More orders were exchanged in the 1873 region late Friday. Today, Monday, the quotation starts in 1882, with harvests! The price of gold dropped at the end of last week, but it is off to a strong start this week. Also, in 1890, gold faced opposition. The suppression has been prompted many times, and it continues to be a priority today. At the moment, the gold top is still encountering resistance at the 1890 mark, which is surprising. Early trading indicates that gold is not attempting to set new records. This can be counted on to keep the short-term in check. In the chart below, look for 1870 to serve as a support law and numerous bullish signals. Within the spectrum, treat in shock. After breaking through in 1890, a new wave would arise. More orders will be processed! Gold closed at the extensive Yangxian line once more last week. The present status of 1870 is endorsed. It did not break the spot after briefly hitting it after dropping twice on Friday. The deep market V then reversed its course, and it is still testing the 1890 stage today! Since the current trend is still upward, continue to concentrate on low and long activities, but don’t chase long if you don’t break through before 1890. Instead, they withdraw and rely on the 1870 help to last. The short of Bo was suppressed in 1890 due to early selling, and it is now reaching 1877/.

The 75 areas left the field and then returned around 1875, bullish with help at 1870! Today’s gold market opportunities include: Backhand close 1875 to provide more defence in 1868, focusing on the 1885-90 range; Gold 1885-90 abandoned orders left the field in the 1877/75 area;