SEO audit – what should it check, and what tools should it apply?

This article is an introduction to a broader issue, which is website optimization. Using our extensive experience, both in creating websites and their optimization, we will provide a set of rules and tools that are worth using on our blog.
However, before we get into the details of website optimization, let us define, in broad terms, what an SEO audit is.
An SEO audit aims to find errors that decrease or increase the relevance of a website to its target audience. The search engine optimization process, or SEO, would then focus on eliminating the most dangerous problems to the site.
Although an accurate audit is essential for search engines, it is also essential for websites with a vast network of visitors to provide the best service possible. For this reason, we have divided this article into three parts:
What is SEO?
The first thing is to understand what SEO is all about. Eliminate the value of the website.  We do not focus on superficial problems that you can solve with minor fixes. We examine all aspects of an underperforming website. Such an audit contains detailed information about why this website does not generate enough traffic and sales.