TNNS Pro Announces Steve Nash as Global Brand Ambassador

An eight-time NBA All-Star, Steve Nash has been named the newest TNNS Global Brand Ambassador. “TNNS Pro will not only change the way we think about tennis but TNNS Pro is also building a better future for the sport,” said Steve Nash .

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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Members Meet Vietnam War Orphan, Daughter of Fallen Hero

Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises San Francisco~Dallas Community Spotlight~~~ Members of the Vietnam Veterans Helicopter Pilots met with a Vietnam War Orphan, the daughter of Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr.

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How will Ramadan be different this year?

TGM Research has conducted a global survey of 9,612 participants (20-28 March), across 17 countries. We found that over 68% of Muslims will have their Ramadan celebrations impacted by COVID.

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Spring Solo Exhibitions Open at The Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art (“The Center”) is pleased to announce the opening of four solo exhibitions beginning April 9th and remaining on view through June 5h.

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EXTEDOto extend its EXTEDOpulse RIM software solution using Generis's CARA™ platform

Generis, the creator of the CARA™ foundational platform for content and business process management, has today announced that EXTEDO, a leading provider of regulatory information management (RIM) software and services , has selected CARA™ to build…

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Biden’s ‘Green New Deal’ is a Socialist Wish List

When you examine Biden’s policies, you will find Biden was a socialist to the core. His New Deal wasn’t anything new at all; it was what the old standard totalitarian governments throughout the centuries have proposed- legalized looting.
The resolution attempts to implement a socialist system.

It was so bad that FDR, who didn’t share his uncle’s Republican ideals but joined with the Democrats to promote socialism, formed the Raw New Deal. The deal attracted the great-grandchildren of their once slaves to retreat to the Democrat Plantation as welfare voter captives.
Biden’s thoughtless proposal for $5.4 trillion in new spending over the next ten years far exceeds the $3.4 trillion in new revenue his plan would bring in.
It originated with polls revealing an increasing number of Americans supporting socialism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an unabashed socialist, labelled “the future” of the Democratic Party by DNC Chair Tom Perez.
) The ‘Green New Deal’ is a Socialist desire as if capital grew on trees. It would add roughly 40 trillion dollars to the $22 trillion US national debt, which is the problem that the Democrats are putting off confronting, as they are the party that promises to spend till there is a crisis endlessly.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14th Markets Overview

As traders brace for the Q1 earnings onslaught, US stock markets were relatively quiet again on Tuesday. Markets are being led higher by the analyst’s sentiment and rising expectations for… more

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