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Apple Magic Keyboard (Numeric Keypad): Review

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Just internet bank things out ... adore the pictures! I attempt to discover by considering various other images, too.

What's up guys Mike here the detorri bored with a brief look at the new magic keyboard with numeric key pen so this is being launched alongside the new 2017 IMAX as a custom ad now this is $30 more expensive than the standard keyboard so retails for 129 and this basically replaces a 10 year old wired USB keyboard so we finally get a successor to that I never thought we would see it but we finally have it so we have an internal rechargeable battery and it's works either via bluetooth or a USB connection so you have the best of both worlds just like the other magic accessories to pair this to your Mac all

You have to do is connect the USB cable to the Mac and it instantly pairs and you can disconnect it once that's done or you can just go to your Bluetooth settings and find it under devices and as I said if you want to use this as a wired keyboard all you have to do is turn off Bluetooth and because the cable is removable that means if the cable is damaged you don't have to replace the entire keyboard now this is basically the same design as a magic keyboard just extended to the right for all the additional buttons well find a power switch in the upper right corner along

With the Bluetooth radio in the left corner the keyboard does have a nice incline to it but it's definitely much more shell than the previous model but it does make it more compact for portability so it makes it a great option for your iPad now if you look at the old keyboard next to the new keyboard for the most part the buttons are in the same place there's some changes to the icons the top function row was thinner and the bottom row was taller I've actually been using the magic keyboard since it came out and for the most part I consider it to be a

Pretty big improvement over the previous generation the keys are wider and I think they're a little more accurate they're not as wobbly and mushy as before so to me they feel a lot quicker I really have no complaints about it the only thing I would like to see is a little firmer click sort of like the MacBook Pro but then it might get a bit noisier now the 10 year old wired keyboard did have one feature that I think a lot of people liked and that were 2 USB connectors one on either side this became less useful with USB 3 and the power demands with more modern

Equipment so a lot of things just didn't work with it but it was kind of nice to have this hub sort of right next to your keyboard in terms of area life I'm able to get at least a month on the single charge and that's the case with a full sized keyboard as well like most Apple products is also made out of aluminum so it is fairly rigid but it does flex but even if it flexes quite a bit it still snaps back to a stable form so it doesn't wobble on your desk now for me I don't think I really have a need for the numeric keypad but it is nice to have the

Directional keys for gaming but ultimately I think I prefer a more compact keyboard just because it keeps me closer to the mouse so that's going to do for me in this quick look again this is available with your iMac order or you can pick this up in the store separately if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Apple Magic Keyboard (Numeric Keypad): Review

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Apple MacBook Pro 15″ (2017): Unboxing & Review

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marvelous snapshots.

Lots of guys Mike here the Detroit Board with a max style configuration of Apple's most powerful laptop the 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch so the big news for this year is new cable 8 CPUs along with new graphics in addition to faster SSDs otherwise the design and overall configuration is carried over from the previous generation so the base configuration starts off at 23 99 they get you a core i7 clocked at 2.8 gigahertz 16 gigs of ram a 256 gig SSD along with the Radeon Pro 555 GPU with 2 gigs of memory well in my case I maxed out the CPU to 3.1 givers and that gets me a Radeon Pro 560 GPU with 4 gigs of

Memory and a 512 gig SSD now you can max out the SSD to 2 terabytes but I really don't want to spend $1,200 for that so once again the 15-inch MacBook Pro is the only MacBook that offers quad-core CPUs and discrete graphics everything else only offers integrated graphics and dual core CPUs unfortunately for many this still has 16 gigs of ram standard and it's still ddr3 instead of ddr4 inside the box we get a 2 meter USB C charging cable in terms of paperwork pretty basic we have a Quick Start Guide regulatory and warranty info and a set of whites Apple stickers below that is

The 87 watt USB sea wall charger this is the largest one you can get on the MacBook so returning once again is that stunning 15.4 inch LED backlit IPS display with a resolution of 2880 by 1800 that's good for 220 pixels per inch so once again that's a very bright sharp end color accurate display it also has a very effective anti reflective coating which seems to have been improved with the newer generation also built into the top of the display is a pretty familiar 720p FaceTime HD camera the keyboard and enormous trackpad again are carried over here so the trackpad does feature that

Force touch technology so it doesn't have a physical or mechanical mechanism in here it very precisely replicates a physical click via a taptic engine I really like this trackpad even though it's extremely large it seems to have good palm rejection so even though you're probably going to lean against it while typing it's able to distinguish between a fingertip and appall the keyboard is once again the second generation butterfly mechanism which I personally really like some people complain that it's a little noisy and it's not everybody's a fan of the

Shallow keyboard but personally I like how fast this style of keyboard is and with the second generation butterfly mechanism it's much more precise and tactile each key is also individually backlit with an LED light and there's a slight tweak here to the icons I need control and option keys also returning once again is the touch bar so again this is a feature that is so much controversial but all eyes it's a really neat OLED display covered in glass that provides contextual ewhere controls for levers on your screen and I think they've done a good job making sense of

A touch bar but again this is something I don't really need or look at but of course you can't go wrong with the touch ID sensor built into the power button for unlocking the computer or just making payments or logging into your passwords on either side of the keyboard on these very prominent speaker grilles so we have excellent front-facing stereo speakers so let's go and take a listen to them what's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and today we're taking a look at the brand new iPad pro so we have the 10.5 inch ma 12 point 9 inch in terms of the ventilation you'll find an

Exhaust vent built into the hinge which draws in air from the underside edge so you'll find those little gaps along each side that's a similar design we see with a 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar and the previous generation of MacBook Pros also returning is one of the more controversial aspects of this design which is Thunderbolt 3 ports only besides the headphone jack so we have four of those two on either side and once again they're extremely high speed at 40 gigs per second and they're symmetrical so you get the same speed on both the left and right sides the

13-inch has reduced speed along the right side so this does mean you will need a dancer's for this computer to use other accessories such as SD cards or USB type-a connectors like the charging cable that comes with the iPhone but you do get some pretty incredible flexibility and performance with these ports you can drive up to 2 5k displays at the same time in addition to the onboard display or for 4k displays pretty impressive Madi life is estimated at around 10 hours of general usage and that's with a fairly large 76 1 hour lithium polymer battery the only thing

To be aware of with a computer this powerful is that you can really quickly zap through that very life in just a couple of hours depending on the application you're using and this computer does like to spin up the fans to keep the processors cool so it doesn't lose any for months so like the previous generation we do have integrated graphics in addition to discrete graphics so the integrated graphics is the Intel HD graphics 630 that's the same on all 15-inch MacBook Pros but in the case of the upgraded model again I

Have the Radeon Pro 560 GP with four gigs of gddr5 memory that's actually the same setup in the 21.5 inch 4k iMac I recently reviewed now comparing graphics to the similarly maxed out spec from last year we're seeing a pretty healthy gain here so again we go from the AMD Radeon Pro 460 to the 560 so the opengl score goes from about 73 frames per second to about 87 frames per second that's a pretty healthy gain when it comes to Geekbench in addition to table 8 CPUs we also go from 2.9 gigahertz to 3.1 gigahertz and we're seeing pretty significant single core gains in

Addition to much more significant multi-core gain so this is a much more powerful computer than it was before SSDs are also much faster the right speed is around 2000 the read speed is around 2500 vs. the 1800 for both on the previous design now personally I really like this computer but for the most part I recommend this to people who need Pro applications such as video editing photo editing music creation or something like that otherwise I think it's a little too big for most people it weighs about 4 pounds and has a fairly big footprint especially on your lap so unless you

Intend to use this primarily on a desk or users for Pro applications this is probably overkill for most people so as far as spec phones go this is a fairly significant one but there's no reason to trade your late 2016 model for this version but I think like many if you were just holding off with the KB Lake update I think now is a good time to pick one of these up the only other update I would like to see is 32 gigs of DDR 4 Ram but otherwise I think it's in good shape hearty guys hope you enjoyed this look at the most powerful MacBook available

If you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Apple MacBook Pro 15″ (2017): Unboxing & Review

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Microsoft Surface Laptop: Unboxing & Review

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Just on-line bank points out ... love the pictures! I attempt to know by looking at various other images, also.

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and after the surface studio the surface book the surface pro we finally gets the surface laptop I think this is a product many of us have been waiting for ever since Microsoft got into the premium hardware business they did not disappoint with the surface laptop it's an incredible piece of design and hardware and we're gonna take a really close look at it so all surface laptops do get dual core 7 generation skylake CPUs but to start we get a core i5 we also get four gigs of RAM in addition to 120 gigs of SSD mdme storage this also gets us intel's HD 620 integrated GPU

But if you go for the core i7 you get intel cyrus plus graphics 640 GPU now personally I recommend the $12.99 model which is what I have here that get you the core i5 256 gigs of SSD storage and 8 gigs of ram now that's important because this computer is not user upgradeable so I think you want to spend the extra money upfront to make sure you have computer that meets your needs for a long time now this computer is available in multiple colors and I get to take a look at two of them today the burgundy and the blue color so we're gonna take a look at them side-by-side

This laptop does feel very high-end it's made out of machined aluminum so it doesn't flex or creak under load that has a very nice smooth anodized finish so it feels a little smoother than the one you might find on the MacBook Pro getting to the accessories we do have some people work with a Quick Start Guide and regulatory and warranty information down below that we have the accessory packet which does include our power adapter and the power cord now the power adapter here is kind of unique it does include a USB type a connector for connecting other accessories to the

Charger which is handy of course we also have that surface connector so this is magnetic and reversible it does have an LED indicator that lets you know when the laptop is fully charged and can quickly come off when it's yanked so it doesn't snag your computer one of the first things you'll run into here is that this is running Windows 10 S which basically means it's locked down to the Microsoft App Store which means you can't install things like Chrome but fortunately you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro free of charge and it's really easy and quick to do so but you want to

Make sure you do this before the end of the year because after the year ends it cost $50 to make the upgrade so one of the most unusual design features of this laptop is the Alcantara fabric that's covering the keyboard deck it's kind of a nice thing because this is your hands rest on the computer so instead of encountering cold metal you have this very nice soft warm material of course this is a fabric and not the easiest material to keep clean so it's gonna take some time to see exactly how this weathers one of the other design benefits of this keyboard is that we no

Longer need that gasket around the display which means we have a true edge to edge glass panel which is great especially for a touchscreen which means you don't run into any ridges when you're swiping across on the screen speaking of that display it's covered edge to edge in Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and we have an aspect ratio of 3 by 2 instead of the wider 16 by 9 or 16 by 10 which is more common with laptops this gives you a lot more vertical screen real estate and more screen real estate overall for the size of the laptop personally I'm a big fan of it

But if you watch a lot of the video of course you're gonna have to get used to black bars at the top and bottom we have a resolution of 20 256 by 1504 that's good for 201 pixels per inch so it's a really nice sharp display it is a full touch screen display that does work with the surface pen but you have limited range of motion with the laptop hinge so you can't really lay the display flat which is what you really need to do in order to make use of a surface pen anyway overall this is a very nice looking IPS panelist we have those deep blacks bright vivid colors and overall

It's a nice bright display with even backlighting so you won't find hotspots and very minimal edge leaking the only thing I would like to see improved here is the anti-reflective coating because there is quite a bit of glare on this display if you look at the top edge of the display you'll see a lot going on here so we have a set of dual microphones which works with Cortana's voice recognition in addition to an Ambu light sensor we also have a front-facing 720p camera which is excellent and we have a set of dual microphones for excellent audio pickup as well but we

Also have Windows hello built into this laptop meaning that it actually uses an infrared light and a camera to scan your face to quickly unlock the computer and it works extremely reliably no matter the lighting conditions the distance the angle of the camera seems to work every time when it comes to keyboards this is an area that Microsoft has a lot of expertise and they're really good at it and that's no exception here and we're ly press overall despite these shallowness of the keyboard mechanism the keyboard is very responsive has a nice solid click and Aquis themselves

Are very stable so everything feels very responsive and accurate I think the trackpad is just about the right size so when you lay your hands on the keyboard that doesn't cover it up this is a glass trackpad so has a very smooth surface on it so you can track accurately across it it's also mechanical trackpad so it does have a very audible and solid click although I think it's a little too loud there'd be nice if they dialed this back a bit but if you like just a traditional trackpad you're gonna be pretty happy with this design

Another design trait that's kind of a user for this computer is that you won't find any screws or fasteners along the bottom it looks like just one piece of metal so it's really impressive but there's a problem with that and that's because you can't crack into this computer without destroying the Alcantara surrounding the top of the keyboard that basically has to be peeled off and that is a very difficult process which basically makes this computer unserviceable but at least it looks nice just behind the hinge you'll find lots of insulation to keep this computer cool

And the fans are fairly silent even under load so when it comes to the port's it's pretty basic here we get one USB type a connector which is USB 3 we get a mini display port for connecting an external monitor and we get a headphone jack also right next to that is one of the antenna strips this allows the antennas like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work through the metal chassis and also if you look closely here the components of the port's themselves are also color matched to the computer which i think is a really cool detail if you look at the right edge you'll find another antenna

Strip in addition to the surface connector again this allows you to recharge the computer but this is also a data point for connecting other accessories like the surface dock which gives you a few more i/o options speaker quality is outstanding on this laptop we have speakers behind the keyboard and they're calling these omni sonic speakers and they're tuned by Dolby audio premium they're one of the better sounding laptop speaker systems I've ever heard so let's go and take a quick sample of it what's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and today we're taking

A look at the surface studio from Microsoft this is their very first all-in-one desktop computer in terms of our benchmark performance pretty solid mid-range performance overall so we take a look at our Geekbench scores it looks like our core i5 is clocked at about 2.7 gigahertz that delivers a single core score just above 3,700 in a multi-core score of around 7400 in terms of graphics if we look at our OpenCL score it's just north of 19,000 which is also pretty solid but if you look at our Cinebench scores the opengl score is just shy of 40 frames per second ice

Actually a bit better than I expected the CPU score is okay at around 3:20 so clearly this is not the configuration you want to get for gaming if you're more interested in gaming take a look at the core i7 which gets you dedicated graphics that should double the opengl score to about sixty frames per second in terms of very life we have a forty five point two watt hour bounty which is fairly small for a screen of this size but I should deliver about 14.5 hours of video watching according to Microsoft but then I experienced I'm getting about seven

Hours of general multi-purpose use so in the end this is a premium computer relative to its specs but they spared no expense they get the details right we have a fantastic keyboard speaker system trackpad display in overall design there really is nothing else quite like it so this makes it a really special Windows laptop and something I really enjoy using this is the perfect weight the perfect size and has more than enough capabilities for day-to-day tasks and then some although I understand why Microsoft chose not to integrate USB C or Thunderbolt 3 it would be nice just a

Future-proof this computer but ultimately I'm really glad that Microsoft finally got into the laptop business because it's something they're clearly really good at alright guys hope you enjoyed this look at the new Microsoft Surface laptop if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Microsoft Surface Laptop: Unboxing & Review

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Apple iPad Pro 10.5″: New Accessories

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Your pictures look wonderful !!!

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg back again with another quick look at some Apple accessories this time we're going to take a look at some of the new accessories for the iPad pro 10.5 inch so the keyboard cover is essentially a scaled up version of the one that was available from the nine point seven inch of course there's also a keyboard cover available for the bigger twelve point nine inch but that was not redesigned with a new model once again this is sort of like a silicon smart cover with a keyboard that folds out we have a microfiber liner that protects the glass that it's covering

But fold down into a keyboard position so again this uses these smart connectors so there's no Bluetooth connection you're connecting directly to the iPad so you don't have to recharge it or anything really the only difference between this and the last generation is that it's bigger so it feels much more like a traditional keyboard the keys are the right size and for me it's much more comfortable to type on than the one we had for the nine point seven inch one of the new accessories for the iPad pro is the leather sleeve it's available in two

Sizes 12.9 inch and ten point five inch retails for 129 or 149 and is available in four distinct colors it's also the only Apple case that integrates an Apple pencil holder in one solution so it keeps everything nice and neat the holder itself is lined in microfiber to protect the Apple pencil and it snaps around the cap so the cap doesn't fall out so this is a genuine leather product it is stitched around the edges for extra durability so it shouldn't stretch apart if you look at the inside it is wrapped in a microfiber material which is good for protecting the iPad and

Making it fairly easy to slide in and out it is designed specifically for the iPad pro but there seems to be plenty of room here for other accessories like the smarts cover and even the keyboard although it's kind of snug here so you may damage the case if you intend to use it this way so I wouldn't recommend it I think you can get away with the smart cover the only thing I would recommend is make sure you have a good grip on the iPad before you take it I'll be sleeve just because there's some friction there and when it releases you might drop it now firstly I'm not a big fan of sleeves

Just because it's not providing the protection I need and since I don't really use the Apple pencil I don't need this extra bulk that comes with it another new accessory is the $29 Apple pencil case in matching leather finishes so this is another leather product which is also lined in the microfiber material that protects the Apple pencil I think the primary reason this accessory exists is that it's pretty easy to lose the cap of the Apple pencil so this actually helps to keep it in place while it's in transit and also prevents the Apple pencil from rolling off the table and

Disappearing entirely $29 is expensive but in the realm of Apple's leather accessories it's actually not too bad of course we also get a new Smart Cover which is resized for the 10.5 inch this is a pretty familiar accessory uses the magnets along the side to attach the iPad wakes it up when you lift it open and folds back to prop it up in either a keyboard position or in landscape position the big difference this time is that it's now available in leather in addition to silicone already guys hope you enjoyed this quick look at Apple's iPad pro accessories if you did please

Let me know with a thumbs up and I'll see you again in my next video

Apple iPad Pro 10.5″: New Accessories

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Apple AirPods Review – 6 Months Later

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I love the colorations.

Hey guys the inner pods are almost one year old and in this video I want to take a look at how this thing has held up throughout that year and see if they met the needs of the headphone market let's jump right in the air pods were first announced in 2016 alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 plus but due to numerous complications during production these were actually delayed for months before people actually began receiving them as of now I've only had these for about six months the first thing you need to know about this device that it's very portable sometimes they may not feel very comfortable in your pockets because

Of the shape of the case but I do have to say that the convenience factor is very good with this device you can literally put it in any pocket anywhere and on the flip side of that is also very easy to move the case so be careful where you put this device sound quality on the air pods is not bad but it's not that great either it's not like your traditional set of headphones or noise cancelling earbuds these headphones let in a lot of noise so if you're going to be listening to these outside or on a plane train car I do not recommend it but when you're

Inside is not too bad now on the software side of things iOS the 11 brings a couple new splash screens to the air pod setup menu as you guys can see here there's now a rotating graphic on the main set of the menu and once you get the ear pods connected and as you guys can see that battery life is not that bad on the air pods it is as advertised you won't get a ton of juice out of the headphones themselves but the air pods case does bring a ton of extra juice I have not been able to run these guys dead yet now believe it or not apple has heard our

Cries for more functionality if you go into iOS 11 while this device is connected and go into the Bluetooth settings for this device you can see that there's more customization when it comes to the double tap gesture on the air pods here you can select next track or previous track depending on whether you double tap on the left ear pod or the right ear pod now I have a little secret I bet you saw this one coming I dropped my air pod yes I've managed to drop these let's talk about durability and fit Apple created these with a

One-size-fits-all mentality so if it doesn't fit you it's not gonna fit you there's no way you can make it fit your ears I definitely would not run with these they just fall out too easily but if you're going to use these for indoor workouts it's just fine the only way to really know is to try them on yourself now why is this on I did not have this on before and why was it open in the camera Bennett now that's kind of creepy anyway so like I said I did drop my air pause and if you look closely here you

Can see a little dent these are made of white plastic so you can assume that they're not super durable now in terms of compatibility I believe the air pods are compatible with whatever device has supports Bluetooth 4.0 all you have to do is hold down the little button on the back to set it up if your device is not on iOS 10 or later or if it's an Android device you will not get the popup sheet to set it up you have to do it manually in settings and this will work with an older iOS device so not that well and you can't adjust the settings for it unless you have a device on iOS 10 or

Later but if you already set it up on another device whatever gestures you set will still work for the older iOS which is actually kind of cool I don't think this was an intended feature though now for some reason the Siri command doesn't really work on the older iOS versions only on iOS 10 and up in my experience this is Apple's attempt of taking a step into the future what do you guys think about this device do you think it's actually futuristic or is it just a failed attempt be sure to let me know in the comments don't forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one

Peace I'll make me

Apple AirPods Review – 6 Months Later

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Improve iOS 11 Battery Life (Tips & Tricks)

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Superb images, the color and depth of the photos are breath-taking, they attract you in as though you belong of the make-up.

Hey guys what is going on this is AI Apple geek and Apple has just released iOS 11 everybody thinks I OC 11 is a great update it improves on everything that iOS 10 currently does however there is one major feature that is just not quite developed yet and that is battery life the battery life on iOS 11 really sucks I mean even worse than iOS 10 so in this video I'm gonna help you guys out by showing you guys some tips tricks on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch that will help you improve iowa's 11 battery life but anyways let's go ahead and jump right in so first things first inside of settings that bluetooth does not turn

Off when you turn it off if that makes any sense so if I go into settings and I turn on Bluetooth and if I exit out I swipe up in control center you can see that bluetooth is on now if I turn this off it's just as not connected bluetooth is not actually off so it's still scanning in the background and it's still enabled and you can see that when you go into settings it says Bluetooth not connected and when you tap on that it's still on so the only way to fully turn off Bluetooth is to turn on airplane mode or to come into settings manually and switch off of bluetooth

Next up if you have an iPhone cellular now includes some new options moved from the phone tab in iOS 10 so instead of Wi-Fi calling go ahead and turn this off if you do not use this if you're on a bad Wi-Fi network and your phone's just trying to connect it'll be struggling now scrolling all the way down here in the cellular tab don't go ahead and turn off Wi-Fi assist because this will use a battery when you're on a bad Wi-Fi network and your phone compensates by switching to LTE okay so the next one here is in the notifications now this is a big one because in here the apps that

You do not use will eat up your battery life if you have them currently turn on so for example I don't use the home app at all but it's always in the background scanning for notifications so I'm going to all mixed up inside of the wallpaper settings tap on the wallpaper and make sure is set on still and not perspective next up inside of Syria and search in iOS 11 Siri has extended capabilities when it comes to reaching across to every application you have on your device now that can take up some battery life so you want to go through here and

Disable stuff you don't want series scanning that way series not always stalking you now in iOS 11 the auto brightness function has been moved out of the traditional display and brightness tab so you have to go to General accessibility display accommodations and here is auto brightness I recommend turning this off because this doesn't really help I mean sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't is more of a hit and miss especially on older devices so just turn it off if you want some extra juice it's not that hard to swipe up and go like

This also in accessibility settings you can turn on reduce motion and increase contrast which will help a little bit and if you don't like vibrations from your device you can turn it off here so no notifications will ever give you a vibration which in turn will save some battery life and of course here in the battery section of your device you do have the option for a low-power mode in here you can also see which apps are taking up the most battery and try to work on using those apps less and less that will obviously improve your battery life and for some devices you will get a

Tab saying battery life suggestions Apple will give you suggestions based on your current battery life definitely keep an eye out for that next up inside of privacy good on location services and in here turn off everything that you don't want tracking you like for example Best Buy anything with and always is going to drain your battery life like a leech on a pig I mean it is not good so set it to while using the app or never depending on what app of course and keeps growing down here into system services and turn off everything like the compass calibration or home kit

Things like cell network search or emergency SOS Find My iPhone definitely keep it on but if you have like ads or set in time zone share my location Wi-Fi networking those type of things don't need to access your location because they can usually find out where you are by the IP address on your wife so you don't need a separate process tracking where you are and also significant locations this just has been renamed from frequent locations in iOS 10 where your device is tracking literally everywhere you go and it's kind of creepy so definitely turn this

Off if this was on you'll be able to see them locations it save and you can color it from here and product improvement things like iPhone analytics or if you don't use the popular apps near me turn these off to save some extra juice ok scrolling back I'm gonna scroll all the way down in the privacy tab here in motion and fitness you can turn off fitness tracking so your iPhone doesn't track how many steps you take in a day and also here in analytics you can turn off share iPhone analytics and also in advertising turn on limit ad tracking that way applications are not tracking

Your online activity and scrolling back to the main panel in iTunes and apps or turn off automatic downloads this will definitely take off a lot of battery video autoplay definitely or you can set it to Wi-Fi only it depends on your preferences and turn off this option offload unused apps this will basically automatically delete your applications that you don't use it'll still keep your information and you can choose at any time to redownload it back but it's an extra process that your phone has to handle and I just recommend keeping this off okay scrolling back up to settings

In general if you don't use the handoff feature where you like start a project on your device or your Mac and it'll transfer over to the other device if you don't use this feature you can turn this off and it will help you save some battery life and scrolling down the obvious one is background app refresh turn this off even though there are a couple of new options for it you should still keep this option off and one less tip I want to share with you guys in this video is going to general accessibility go to display accommodations and this is where the

Reduce whitepoint option has been moved to so go ahead and turn this on this is basically allowing you to darken the whiteness of iOS and you can use this on top of adjusting your brightness to lower your brightness to something much lower than you normally can but anyways guys that is all I have for on iOS 11 I do have a lot of iPhone 8 stuff coming up so be sure to subscribe before that also be sure to follow me on Twitter that's where I'll be posting a ton of updates about Apple about the channel about what's going on but

Anyways guys that's gonna be it for this video and I will see you guys in the next one peace

Improve iOS 11 Battery Life (Tips & Tricks)

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Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing | Silver Edition

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I really like the styles!

hey guys what is going on this is AI Apple geek and today I wanted unbox for you guys Apple's iPhone 8 and as with any Apple unboxing we must have that crispy plastic included in the Box are some very simple things we have literature on top including your awesome Apple stickers the phone itself with this own layer of that crispy plastic besides that we have some pretty standard stuff of course a 5 watt power break lightning

Ear pods with a adapter and a lightning cable for charging this device once you begin the new setup process in iOS 11 you will notice that you can set up your new phone from your old one just make sure you have Bluetooth enabled and you'll get this menu to setup your new phone and here it's very familiar if you ever owned an Apple watch just scan the unique code and then continue setting up your device and don't worry if you love using touch ID this iPhone still has a home button you'll also notice the new true tone display option here in the

Setup menu it's kind of hard to show on video but true tone display is basically an enhanced version of nightshift that is always on just like on the new iPad pros and I'll be sure to cover this more in my full review and just like the iPhone 7 this devices home button is not a physical click it's gonna take some getting used to for me coming from an iPhone S II as well as reaching the corners of these screens this device comes with iOS 11 at launch which means you have all the newest features optimized for this device so moving on should you buy the iPhone 8 sure it may

Look great with the new all glass design but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to upgrade now if you're on an iPhone 6s or B low or even the iPhone se this is a significant upgrade it brings better speed a better display better cameras waterproofing technologies it just is a solid upgrade but if you have an iPhone 7 that is already waterproof already has great cameras already has great speed you don't need to upgrade so if you do have an iPhone 7 I would not recommend upgrading but if you have a 6s a 6 a 5s you'll definitely get some awesome new features also keep in mind

The size of this device the 8 and 8 plus have not changed in size at all but if you do have an iPhone 5s a 5 and iPhone se things like typing and reaching corners of the display may take some getting used to alright guys that'll be it for this video there is much more to come so don't forget to subscribe to the channel and follow me on Twitter at Apple geek 3 for more updates don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed and I will see you guys in the next video peace

Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing | Silver Edition

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Terrible New Features in iOS 11

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rather fantastic picture.

Hey guys what is going on this is AI Apple geek and today I'm coming at you with a different type of video now that iOS 11 is out to the public everybody's excited for this jam-packed update however there are quite a few things inside of this update that has not yet fully baked in the words of Craig federighi Mac OS hi Sierra this might be misconstrued but they assured us this name is fully baked so these are some things in iOS 11 that personally annoy me when I made one of these videos last year I didn't think I would be making them again with iOS 11 but here we are please note that in this video I'm gonna

Be nitpicking and you may not find any of these things as annoying as I do this video has been brought to you by Ankur the creators of affordable and quality tech accessories for your iPhone or Android device as you know iOS Elevens battery life is not that great and anchors power core to power bank can help you out this is no ordinary power bank it has anchors own power IQ – which is the newest generation of anchors advanced smart charging technology it will automatically detect which device you have and optimize the charge for that

Device which is great if you need power on the go without being stuck to a wall also power IQ – is not limited to other devices so the power bank itself can charge up quickly and efficiently if you're interested in this product please check out the link in the description and if you ask me I totally recommend now let's get right into the video all right so the first thing I wanted to talk about was app compatibility something that Apple does not really make that clear and they did not say anything at any of their keynotes before when you bought an app on the App Store

You were able to go back and redownload that app as long as you still have the same Apple ID but on iOS 11 a lot of those older applications have been dropped for support so for example if I was now to go into the App Store and tap on my profile then purchases and in here try to search for something like flappy bird this has not been updated for iOS 11 simply because it has been taken down by Apple previously in the past you still be able to download this file and still play it on your phone however because this is supported on iOS 11 it will not download

Some of the older apps you love using or like to keep around you won't be able to use those anymore next up I want to talk about control center and also the lack of control yes you do have the option to add toggles to control center about time Apple I thank you for adding these features in my point is the toggles itself are kind of broken I mean look at this if I try to turn off Bluetooth it doesn't actually turn off Bluetooth same with Wi-Fi it doesn't actually turn off Wi-Fi unless you have airplane mode enabled then it will actually turn off so Apple added false toggles in iOS xi I

Mean why would you have false toggles I can understand for Bluetooth for those of you who have air pods or the Apple watch is definitely a convenience to have bluetooth on but Wi-Fi why why do you need Wi-Fi if you hit off here and it doesn't connect to anything what's the point of having this it doesn't even join no networks so it's not like is actually adding any convenience I don't understand it just keeps on an extra process for the phone and the next thing we're gonna talk about is the Notification Center or the lack of a

Notification Center it seems like iOS 11 is removing a lot of features a so basically the Notification Center is no longer what we used to know and love so for example I have my iPod Touch 5th generation on good ol I Oh s7 and this is what our Notification Center used to be a dedicated place for your notifications rather than being merged with the lockscreen but there are still a few things that are missing like the ability to group notifications based on which app it is it still does not let you do that I don't know why they ever took that out in the first place and

Then the lack of actual widgets on this screen I mean it's just notifications and you have to swipe over here come on come on there we go to these widgets that you can set yes these are kind of convenient but they're really just shortcuts are not really widgets and this actually ties in with my next point all right the next thing is something I think you guys will agree with me on and that is the file's app and the lack thereof the file's app was added to iOS 7 to serve the purpose of having a file browser on iOS which about time Apple you

Finally added one however right now is very very limited and extremely buggy I mean extremely buggy check this out so if I go home and I 3d touch on the widget you can see some of the shortcuts for the documents that I last viewed or last modified so these are my notes for a speech I'm gonna try to access that and bang it just crashes it just it's gone it's not even floating I mean come on it's it's a document which device which file browser can you think of besides the Internet Explorer that can't open documents I mean come on Apple can you

Not make a document reader on iPhone seriously so you look check this out even inside of the application if I try to open this it just crashes it crashes what kind of file browser is this if you can't even read the words I mean a four-year-old can do that and one last thing why in the world does the App Store look like it's made out of hot dogs Johnny I my boy Craig come on like what were they thinking when they designed at this icon like does it make it more straight or less circular less of an angle or something I mean maybe it's to counteract the slope of Johnny

Ives pear-shaped head alright I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did don't forget to subscribe it for more stuff like this follow me on Twitter at I Apple geek for more updates and I will see you guys in the next video peace

Terrible New Features in iOS 11

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How to Unjailbreak iOS 9 / 10 NO computer, NO updating

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Thank you for featuring the gorgeous images-- so open to a feeling of reflection.

If you're one of those that keeps up with the news in the jailbreak community you would have heard that jailbreaking is not dead we've had jail breaks released for iOS eight point four point one and nine point three point five and recently a new jailbreak for iOS ten point two point one so yes Joe breaks are being released just not at the newest firmware like we've seen in the past and as you know if something goes wrong with your device while it is jailbroken you'll be forced to restore in iTunes which our update you to the latest version of iOS which is problematic if you want to keep your

Jailbreak back in the less stressful days of iOS 9 and below we had a tool called Cydia eraser that can bail us out in case anything went wrong just open the app run it and your device will be good as new unfortunately this application has not received an update 40 years a few months ago I showed you guys an updated method with a tool called OS restore X to remove your jailbreak without updating however that process is now not available either so if you are jailbroken on any firm winner it is still risky for you to be jailbroken because there is no safe way

To restore your device without losing your jailbreak of all iOS version and in this video I'll be showing you guys a method that works as an alternative to Cydia eraser and OS restore X so for this video I did get my hands on an old iPhone 5s that is jailbroken on iOS 10 and I'll be showing you guys how to remove the jailbreak without updating to the latest firmware all right so the first thing I'm gonna do is prove to you guys a what firmware I am on I am currently running iOS 10 point zero point two now the first step in this process obviously is to backup your

Device to your computer that way you'll still be able to have all your information after you have your race to your device and after you backed up your device just go into Cydia add this source on the screen now or in the description below so you want to go to sources and it's pad type in that source and hit add source and once you have that source it should look something like this purple one right here or blueish thing I don't know so just tap on this go to system and the only F in here is gonna be remover and look for remover

This is what you want to install if you want to erase your Cydia so since I've already installed this I'm gonna go ahead and just open up this remover application it looks just like this down here you can select which tool you use to jailbreak it so I did jailbreak this device with the Younger 102 the jailbreak but if you have an iPhone 7 you might have used the edge of your recipe or if you have an older device the Home Depot or the Phoenix jailbreak obviously more options may or may not be added in the future so do keep that in mind and once you have that selected

Just go ahead and tap on unjailbroken the app should crash and if you go back into the application you can see that it says done and reset next go into settings go into iCloud scroll down to find my iPhone and turn this off don't worry if you did this right this will automatically come back on once you restore your backup all right then go back into general scroll down to reset erase all content and then in here put in your passcode and then just hit you race iPhone erase and it should start erasing this may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes so give it some time and I'll

Be right back when this is done alright guys so I have finished setting up my iPhone and restore some of my stuff back from my backup as you guys can see here Cydia is now gone from the home screen I know I'm gonna have any of my tweaks installed and if we go ahead and go into settings in general about I am still on iOS 10 point 0.2 that way now I can do whatever I want with this device update it jailbreak it again is have a fresh start but anyways guys that is basically how you remove Cydia without a computer or iTunes or restoring or anything and staying on the same exact firm winner

Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed this video hit that like button and follow me on Instagram for occasional live streams well well well it looks like we are alive on Instagram the very first time and I will see you guys in the next video peace

How to Unjailbreak iOS 9 / 10 NO computer, NO updating

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iPhone 12 120Hz & Smaller Notch Not Coming…

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Wonderful pictures, the color and depth of the photos are breath-taking, they draw you in as though you belong of the make-up.

you guys ever get a bad mood you ever go through a bad day out there and i've never had one of these before you know it's the first time as a youtuber and my life is perfect outside of youtube i have no issues whatsoever i'm joking of course but no i actually am kind of frustrated by the latest reports on the iphone 12 because like i don't know the two biggest features we thought were coming or just not you know and this is on top of apple already taking out the charger taking out the headphones from the box

Redoing the packaging to look really cool anyway i want to talk about some iphone 12 rumors that have rustled my jimmies but not in the good way today so drop a like if you guys are excited hit subscribe for more and let's just go ahead and jump in let's just do it guys oh my gosh this is awesome i love this where's my phone can somebody give me my give me my phone first up a screen on the iphone this year is supposed to be or was supposed to be a 120 hertz promotion

Display this is something to be clear that samsung oneplus i believe google as well they've all figured it out on their screens they've all been able to get their 60 hertz panels on the phone to go to 120 hertz have it be really high quality but also not have an insane impact on battery life because with the 120 hertz refresh rate means is it's essentially refreshing twice as much as the normal iphone screens that we're used to apple has this on a product right now it's on

The the ipad pro it's been there since 2017 and every year i'm like this is the year we're gonna get it and every time we just don't see it now if this is a scenario where apple was about to do this first let's say that nobody else could figure out 120 hertz display on a phone balancing that with optimization performance i'd be like all right i'm gonna cut apples some slack here you know they may not have been able to figure it out because they're first you know nobody's done it is even possible but we live in

A society where everybody else seems to have figured it out and this is without a doubt a pro feature like if there's one thing that would be considered pro about the next iphone it was supposed to be the fact that the screen was like twice as buttery smooth you know that's not something that the average person would care about but a lot of people that like tech that's something that they would care about somebody like me or maybe somebody like you ross miller somebody who

Recently got like a hundred percent accurate on the galaxy fold two specs and has a pretty good track record of predicting screen refresh rates and resolutions and stuff like that is saying multiple times has been saying the same thing for a couple of months now that apple's lines the production lines themselves to be 120 hertz compatible are not built they're not coming until next year and the fact that sources are telling him that this year the iphone doesn't even have the hardware to support it

Because there was some speculation that maybe apple would enable in software in an update later it just wasn't perfect right away apparently the screen refresh rate technology called like ltpo where it can switch from 120 hertz to 60 hertz the one hertz has a really positive effect on battery life apple's actually baked it into the apple watch series 5 and that's how the always on display technology works that as well is apparently not even in the the build for the iphone this year so

That's the first thing where i'm like oh you got to be kidding me like everybody else has this feature and you're telling me i'm going to drop a thousand bucks on a phone in 2020 maybe a little bit more according to some sources and it's not going to have the flagship feature that everybody else in the industry has been able to figure out and i just feel like the 12 pro without this feature is already gonna miss the mark now i look forward to being wrong here i really hope i'm wrong i hope ross is

Wrong hope everybody else saying that it's not coming is wrong um but it doesn't seem like they are second thing arguably more important than this is again something that apple seems to be lagging on which is the size of the notch on the phone now listen buster let's calm down put the guns back in the the holsters here it's okay if you like the size of the notch now and you don't notice it hey listen i don't notice it either in fact i don't think that the current notch width is problematic but i do

Think it looks outdated and if you're really going to sit here and argue that compared to again what every other manufacturer is doing because believe it or not we do live in a global marketplace a couple of images have surfaced lately of some display panels that are for the iphone 12 apparently and size of the notch remains unchanged now the first one i'm really concerned about this one because we saw another image recently that has you know the the flipped connotation we

Have you know evidence that it is actually getting smaller i'm split 50 50 on this one because a part of me that like believes that everything's going to be okay is like there's no way like this is a huge iphone upgrade it's the biggest one since the iphone 10 three years ago there's no way apple ships the same size notch the other part of me is like hey there's a pandemic still happening apple had a really hard time developing the iphone 12 what if they just ran out of time and

Couldn't get it right like they already pushed the release date of the phones back till mid-october maybe early november usually they come out in middle of september so a month delay and engineers for months could not fly back and forth from the us to china because things were shut down due to the pandemic i want to say that apple figured it out but also these images are leaking uh basically after the final production model is supposed to be complete so like right now somewhere in the world

Uh there's there are apple employees that are carrying around these essentially fully completed prototypes like the final versions that we're going to be buying and the fact that these these images are leaking out of screens that don't have different notch sizes is really disappointing if that is going to be the reality because if you're trying to market a phone more than six hundred dollars it has the same size not just the iphone 10 and it doesn't have any upgraded screen

Technology i mean yeah you're gonna have cool stuff like better cameras on the back 5g the little metal uh refresh design that's more squared off similar to the ipad pro listen that stuff is cool but i feel like these are two features that apple just cannot miss this year and it looks like they could it looks like they just might not happen i just think that if apple's goal is to sell a lot of these and they wish to be competitive in the marketplace they're not going to be which i'm pretty sure is what shareholders want they want

A phone that's just as good if not better than everybody else's if they're missing these features it's not going to be close do you agree do you disagree do you want to fight me do you want to square up outside of the local arby's because i will be there tonight at 7 00 pm listen i know it's just a phone and that none of this actually matters like there's much bigger problems in the world but this is just food for thought and things that like i'm concerned about so i wanted to share that with you and keep you updated on

Like the latest stuff we're hearing for the iphone 12 but now welcome back to another video guys it's time for the positive happy train to arrive chew mother truck and chew i'm your host mr happy here and uh we wouldn't even have that good of news for the iphone 12 but i i do think it's important to talk about a couple of other things we've been hearing first that apple's launch strategy for these phones might be kind of weird so you know how they were delayed till october

A new report came in recently suggesting that the two 6.1 inch models would come out first my guess is because apple has already had a 6.1 inch screen out before so that's like the the easiest for them to replicate year over year so the the iphone 12 max 6.1 inch and the base iphone 12 pro 6.1 inch would come out in a first wave of releases and then like the fringe sizes the 5.4 small iphone 12 and 6.7 inch giant iphone 12 pro max would come out

At a later date um i i'm kind of split on this one i could see them doing it just to sort of get like something from each line out i do also feel like the 5.4 and the 6.7 inch models though are the most interesting which is possible i just don't know if apple would do that they've never done that before they always launch like the iphone 10s and then the 10r comes later or they'll launch the iphone 8 and then the 10 comes like they've never done one model of each line and then filled in the blanks later

So something to think about this next rumor though you may have seen this floating around that the iphone 12 inside it could actually have a ring of magnets they almost look like a power icon right which makes me like wonder if is this actually real is this legit it came courtesy of like somebody over on the chinese social network you guys have told me in the comments at least 500 times how i pronounce this i think it's weibo right but the images surfaced there then they were reposted by a couple of accounts on twitter

Okay but why would apple put magnets in the iphone 12. well you have to remember that they are actually actively working on a new version of airpower you guys remember airpower the product that apple actually canceled themselves and i think march or april 2019 it's coming back and it is better than ever actually i don't know if it's better than ever i'm just assuming so for a super quick tldr here airpower was the idea that you could set your phone down on this apple wireless charging mat

Anywhere and you could charge your watch your phone and your airpods with no defined location like they were gonna have all these coils overlapped so you could set anything anywhere and it would start charging well that created so much heat that apple had to cancel the product because it wasn't up to their quality and testing standards now i think they found the solution these magnets go directly around the wireless charger so what if apple said okay we couldn't figure out with these coils placed everywhere but we still want that

Magic experience of your phone basically going just where it needs to what if they made air power with that same ring of magnets on the inside so when you set your phone down it wouldn't have to be exactly where it needs to be there could be you know three sets of magnets around the mat so you could place your phone in position one position two or position three and it would automatically lock on snapping right to where it needs to go next apple watch could be the same thing maybe there's a couple magnets in there

It goes right where it needs to anywhere on the mat so you essentially set these three things down and rather than coils overlapped like crazy creating so much heat and ultimately making the product not work you could have specific spots for coils and then these magnets which don't make any heat at all but that lock those products into place right where they need to be that's a really good idea and it will probably add a little bit of weight to the iphone 12 but that's that's a cool idea and we even have an image of the iphone 12

Case like an official case from apple it's gonna have these magnets baked in there as well that's your weekly update hope you guys enjoyed this one hope you enjoyed hearing my voice i love each of you so much thank you for watching stay safe out there wear your mask i feel like a parent right now means it's time to sign off drop a like if you guys enjoyed hit subscribe for more and i'll catch all of you in the next one uh fingers crossed for the iphone 12 to not be bad

iPhone 12 120Hz & Smaller Notch Not Coming…

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