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Samsung is LEAKING the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA on PURPOSE!

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Excellent depth :-)

Alright y'all so we're gonna talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and note 20 altra the phones that'll be announced here in just a couple of weeks and have been leaked to heck and back and by the way let me just be clear phones have been leaked for a very long time and Samsung is no stranger to this however the way the leaks have happened this year unlike any other leaks that have happened to previous Samsung phones at least not at least on this level least not to my mind there's a couple of things that happened this time that just don't add up and listen I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I figured it's a

YouTube video we're just gonna have fun think about the possibilities makes it a little more interesting so got a couple more weeks before they actually announced it so let's let's have some fun with the video let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and no 20 ultra right after this players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is Travis and I do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything I'll talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just

Get into the video those of you at a long time viewers of the channel you know that I've been a Samsung Galaxy Note owner since the note2 I know a lot of you out there never really owned the note 2 that's how long hard core of a note fan I've been but over the last couple of years have gotten kind of boring and to be honest I'm not even really looking forward to the note 20 or no 20 Ultra this year there's another phone that I'm looking forward to and I will talk about that in another video but in the meantime we're here to talk about the note 20 no 20 ultra and some

Of the things that have leaked out now one of things I want to talk about is how the note series of phones used to be demonstrably better than the S series of phones that is to say they would have a bigger battery a bigger screen and usually a better processor a couple years back they stopped that practice and while sometimes there have been improvements like an extra camera here or there generally speaking they've been more in line with the previous version of the S series of phone – a slight size difference the s-pen obviously in sometimes it's like battery difference

But the processors have been the same if rumors are beat of leave they've gone back to the old theory of giving the note the best in class processor the Snapdragon 865 plus that's the current rumor now we'll find out in a couple of weeks if that's true might be true they've never really used the plus processor in any of these flagships before there was an 855 plus last year but they didn't have a phone out in time to get one of those so we'll see if they do it this year that would be an interesting change and slightly significant because in my mind the note

Series should just about be retired I'll probably talk about that in a future video I love the note series but I think it's time is coming to an end there's a couple of problems with launching the Galaxy Note right now but let's talk about these leaks that have happened lately some of them are a little bit weird we have seen CAD drawings before and renders and case models little plastic case things that case manufacturers used to so they can make their cases we've seen that before but very recently an actual Galaxy Note

20 Ultra was leaked like to a youtuber now let me just be clear to a youtuber this doesn't even make any kind of sense this is the worst kind of leak you can have it's not just a leak to some random person that it's happened in the past like you might remember the old iPhone thing that happened many years ago someone a developer for one of the iPhones left their phone at a restaurant I mean that went guy went guy went kind of crazy but that wasn't like an influencer this one ended up in the hands of Jimmy as promo now Jimmy has problem as an OG here on YouTube and has

Been doing phone videos for a very long time so I mean that's kind of cool for us who watch YouTube videos about phones went to the right person but there's some strange things about that video now first of all I like Jimmy he's a good guy I'm not actually disparaging him in any way but let's take a look at what the video was it's very interesting Jimmy shared a bunch of pictures before he dropped the video on his Twitter account to get people hyped up for it exactly what I would do I would totally do the same thing then he released a

Video which was kind of not like any of his other videos on his channel and then hasn't made another video since this is the part that confuses me and there might be a good reason for this but I'm gonna need someone to tell me so leave me a comment below and tell me why he shot a video in a different form than he ever has before let me explain unlike most of his other videos he doesn't talk in this video at all and while he doesn't typically show his face anymore in videos he has in the past let me tell you something if I got the Galaxy Note 20 altra weeks before anyone

Else like even people like mkbhd it would go something like this what please I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 altra raise my hand I got it me we got here we out here everybody you need to hit up my Twitter my Instagram follow me everywhere because I got to jam no one else got it and I'm gonna tell you all about it right after this so you know I'd be out here doing it big but that's not really Jimmy style but what's crazy about him what's really interesting about it if you watch Jimmy his promos other videos he's very detail-oriented goes over everything in

Pretty much every video so you don't leave wondering anything this video was very short and left a lot of questions now you could say that maybe he was protecting his source by not showing too much of the phone but he did show parts of the phone that would have probably given away a lot anyway so I don't know why he didn't dive an extra level deeper why didn't he show any of the really cool things you can do with the s-pen other than put it in an old note I don't understand that it seems to me I'd be one of the first things you'd want to do just because

That's one of the main reasons to buy a Galaxy Note and even if he forgot I just want to be extra careful I think everyone was expecting at least one other video and there just hasn't been one so I don't know why Jimmy did that I mean he probably had a good reason my guess is the reality is he's probably protecting his source but if you want to go conspiracy theory you could say that's just what Samsung wanted him to leak we've seen kind of leaks like this before the pixel three how'd that happen where there were complete reviews before they ever even announced it overseas

Like like some Russian websites or something actually had the pixel three and was reviewing it before was ever even announced by Google that was really strange and I guess in a vacuum you could just say that some employee gave Jimmy who may be a fan of his channel access to it but then right around that same time Samsung's old website their own website leaked pictures how is that possible now what's interesting here is that it wasn't the main Samsung website that actually would be too obvious I mean that would never happen there Russian website did it always seems like

Whenever in a brand's website leaks things prematurely it's always one of their other countries websites uh-huh so you're telling me that these graphics that should not be shown for weeks were put on a prod website prod meaning production website public facing not just email to other people so they can look at them not just on an intra web where people can see them but on their actual website and then someone published them and didn't notice the mistake before the rest of the internet did how much of this are you believing between that and the leak Jimmy is promo

Video that isn't exactly like na VIU's other videos starting to seem a little weird now let's go a little bit more conspiracy theory and I'll admit this is just conspiracy theory we're doing this for fun ladies and gentlemen it's not like I really believe that this is really happening I don't think but let's be honest this has been really interesting people are excited talking about the galaxy note that leaked image got everyone swooning over the galaxy note and that's a thing that hasn't really been happening this year the galaxy s 20 did not sell very

Well which it probably wouldn't have even if the pandemic wasn't happening as the galaxy s 10 didn't really sell all that well either and they priced everything wrong and the galaxy notes gonna be at least if not more expensive than the high-end galaxy s 20 phones so of course they weren't gonna sell that much that goes without saying but a good lead is really good marketing and it makes it interesting and some of the fanboys of Samsung are gonna rise up and be super excited about it listen I don't blame them it's kind of cool I like the leaks but it is

Samples I'm doing it there was a lot of speculation that Google did this with the pixel 3 that they were actually in charge of their own leaks and if it's me and I'm running a multi-billion dollar corporation about ready to release a phone that probably won't sell that well because of the pricing I might I might do the same thing I might find a youtuber that's been really nice to me and has done a lot of positive videos about my product and leaked it to him even if the youtuber didn't know himself again I'm not saying that's what happened but that's what I would do if I

Was in charge of Samsung what would you do leave me a comment below so all-in-all this phone might end up being excellent certainly has a lot more buzz going into this very strange release because you got to remember no one's gonna be in a big arena with all the cool spectacular stuff that Samsung normally does at these unpacked it's gonna be a virtual event now with that they can get really creative like Apple bid and maybe wow us but going into it you almost need a little extra boost that they actually have that now whether it was on purpose or not at the

End of the day we're just here left and wondering so let me know in the comments below what you think did Samsung leak these things on purpose is this one big conspiracy theory or is it just a YouTube video that now you can't get your time back from I mean I know that some of you are gonna be upset about that but you know what just a YouTube video you'll be alright you'll survive I've got some other videos for you if you like this one right here you can check that out or maybe a playlist over here anyway I'll see you next time

Samsung is LEAKING the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA on PURPOSE!

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Apple Is STEALING Android Users!

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What type of camera is that? That is definitely a great premium quality.

Well ladies and gentlemen apple's finally done it ladies and gentlemen they did it they figured out how to steal some of the customers that have android phones they did it the secret sauce has been revealed okay well they didn't exactly steal them they convinced them to buy iphones now you might think well that's not exactly what your title says it implies that maybe they went in the night and got people out of bed and took them with them to the great apple ecosystem in the sky

It's not what happened but i want you to think about this consider this if i said apple convinced people to buy more iphones than android phones would you have clicked this video be real honest you know you wouldn't have so now that we're past that and some of you might be angry that's okay leave a comment below give me some of that engagement love the watch time but more importantly than i will tell you indeed how apple was able to convert more people than ever before from an android phone to an iphone

Stolen or not don't worry about it because i'll tell you all about it right after this what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing them if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video now as the global pandemic continues we know and have known for a

While that this would impact smartphone sales i've actually been talking about this for a couple of months now even told people that maybe the iphone 12 and the galaxy note 20 should be delayed or just not brought out in 2020 at all maybe i'll leave a link for those videos in the description at the end because i brought up some pretty good points at least i thought so here's the thing what happened is exactly what i thought would happen a bunch of phones didn't get sold

Let's talk about the galaxy s20 so far so in 2020 the sales are pretty miserable as a matter of fact sales are down 38 versus the samsung s10 from the same four months the year previous at least the activations are i mean sales and activations seem to be about the same numbers and there shouldn't be a surprise people are shut in they don't necessarily need to upgrade their phones and if they did a lot of people upgrade their phones by going out to a store and doing it without stores being open they

Can't do it true all smartphone manufacturers suffered some losses across the board this year first four months being pretty brutal for some of the countries in some of the states here in america that have opened up an immediate kind of boon to the sales of some of those phones happened but for the most part everyone was down but as i've been saying for a while now apple seems to be impervious to a lot of these market shifts they definitely did not

Sell as many iphones as previously however they kind of have a better market share than a year ago in january when they didn't have a pandemic to fight against in the first quarter of 2019 they had a 12 market share versus a 14 market share in 2020. how how how what huh how in the six sides of heck did they do that now iphone revenues fell seven percent but there are some positive signs like iphone install bases hit an all-time high in every region so more people owned iphones in every

Region than pretty much ever before why now it's kind of weird well i mean apple did release one phone that may have just saved them earlier this year apple released the iphone se now this was a pretty controversial phone on tech youtube you know as the tech youtubers didn't like it because it was kind of an older design but with upgraded internals but as i said before you know the average consumer is not going to care about that and i was both right and wrong because you see there was a

Bunch of people who still had iphone 6s that upgraded to the se now this makes a lot of sense because of course the iphone sc looks just like an iphone 6 and that kind of bared out in the sales you see over 30 percent of se buyers come from either using an iphone 6s or older iphone so they liked the familiarity of that handset and they got it with upgraded internals and a better camera so while people who buy flagships every year were scoffing at the iphone se apple kind of knew what they were doing

They finally released the phone for the first time in a long time from their iphone line with some iphone specs in an android pricing and this is what causes some android users who've always wanted to try ios to leave over 26 of new iphone se owners were android users which is higher than the norm for people coming from android to ios so why well this just goes back to what i was saying there's a lot of people who've always wanted to try an iphone i

Know here in america pretty much anyone who has friends i mean some of you have friends right i think some of you might have friends i guarantee if you have more than one friend at least one of those people has an iphone and some of the cool things you do with imessage and airdrop and the emojis and all that other sort of thing are things that people seem to like so when having an opportunity to upgrade they can finally get into an iphone without paying a whole bunch of money you know that iphone pro price

Because up until this point android pretty much dominated the amount of varied phones at a different price range from i mean you can get some for about 100 bucks all the way up to over fourteen hundred dollars uh ios and iphones weren't really that way they were always the newest stuff and then slightly older and maybe 500 600 but at 400 plus subsidies and buy one get one freeze and everything you can get into an iphone really cheaply and the pent-up demand for a cheap iphone just unleashed itself now

Imagine if there wasn't a pandemic these numbers would be crazy and this is where samsung made a mistake their entire s series line that came out this year were all 900 and above it was really just a bad mistake hopefully they'll learn from that next year and go back to the s10e by the way an s10e kind of phone i actually did a review on the s10e very recently so why don't you check that i'll leave a link in the description below that's a great phone i don't know why

They didn't do that for the s20e line it could have been an s20e tell me in the comments below would you have bought an s20e by bringing out a phone an affordable price apple did the unthinkable they are now in the price range of most android mid-range phones with a specked out phone with a much better processor and the ability to take better pictures now you might say that has the old iphone 8 optics or whatever but as i've told you before it has nothing to do with the hardware

Pictures now are all about the software and the upgraded software on the iphone se takes darn good pictures and video and at a mid-range price most people aren't side loading gcam which i absolutely say you should if you have a phone that doesn't have great cameras on the android side of things they don't even know what gcam is but they know what a good picture is and using it on facebook and instagram and tinder my guess is the sales the iphone sc 2020 are going to do so well that apple will

Continue to release phones at this price if they do this they can continue to claw back some of the amazing amount of people that are still out there on the android side of things that do want to try an iphone imagine if they come out with an sc plus slightly larger design something that people who don't want a smaller design might be interested in or maybe a new version of the iphone 10r at four hundred dollars uh yeah they win pretty easily with that one i said it at the beginning of this year this

Year is the battleground for 500 and below samsung ignored that for the most part for their s series of phones and apple looked at it as a new battleground now of course samsung does have the a series of phones and you can find those some places but they're not making very many commercials at least not here in north america on the a series of phones but what do you think did apple use the correct strategy here to walk away with a bigger market share

This year than probably they should have been able to by simply releasing one more phone than they normally do the iphone sc like i said i did a video about this a while back it'll be right here i did a video about the s10e which i think samsung needs to go back to right here and i'll see you next time peace and love

Apple Is STEALING Android Users!

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iPhone XR vs 2020 iPhone SE – which should you buy? (Comparison)

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Great depth :-)

The iPhone se came out just recently and is essentially the small iPhone 8 with a faster processor it starts at $400 and if you're not a fan of that older design the next step up is this the $600 iPhone 10 our hey how's it going I'm Josh from 91 tech and today we're taking a look at the iPhone se and the iPhone 10 our how did they compare and which should you get these are two very different phones but they do make up the cheapest options if you are looking for a new iPhone which one is better well actually that's a harder question answer than you might

Expect I mean yes the iPhone 10 R is more expensive and has the newer design as well as much better battery life and is significantly bigger but the iPhone se has the better chipset with the a13 instead of the a12 mind you the a12 is no slouch but the SE does have that extra step of power over the iPhone 10 R which will likely mean at least an extra year of software support in the future but besides that the iPhone 10 R is indeed the better phone that doesn't mean it's the better one for you though you might prefer the older home button design or like small phones or the

Complete opposite but I think for most people out there it's gonna come down to what a lot of things seem to come down to money so which phone is the best bang for your buck is the iPhone 10 are worth the extra $200 that's the question we're hitting today but first let's back up here and start with the designs of these two phones so the iPhone se again looks basically the same as the iPhone H but with the Apple logo centered we have an aluminum frame and glass back same as the bigger iPhone 10 R the iPhone se is noticeably smaller than the 10 R and has a Retina display sized at 4.7 inches the

10 R on the other hand has a Retina display sized at 6.1 inches so quite a bit bigger if you're not okay with a small phone the iPhone se is not the one for you but if you like being able to use your phone with only one hand it's a no-brainer there definitely is an audience that prefers smaller devices and that's totally fair on the bottom of these phones we have the Lightning port and no headphone jack both phones are fast charging capable although neither comes with a fast charger out of the box they can also wirelessly charge which is a

Nice feature although I suppose not really a new one but let's take this design talk up and knotch yeah yeah I'm sorry but we do need to talk about the home button versus knotch both provide different biometric systems face ID coming with a notch and touch ID coming with the home button both ways honestly have their pros and cons and while I personally prefer face ID I wouldn't blame you for disagreeing with me again just comes to personal preference here but there's no question these slimmer bezels on the 10 are really make the phone look a lot more modern the iPhone

Se incorporates a design we've better or worse been seen since 2014 which to some will make it feel old and stale but to others the SC is comfortable familiar this is very similar to what they've been using since their first smartphone so they know how to operate it or maybe they just enjoy the small display on the other side of the coin the iPhone 10 our two most looks much more fresh and modern even if it does have a fairly big notch and decently thick bezels compared to some other newer smartphones at the end of the day go with your gut if you want to

Stick with the home button get the SC that said if you want a bigger display get the 10 arm even if you are worried about the lack of home button trust me what I say newer iPhones are very intuitive and you'll get used to the new setup very quickly but let's turn to one of the more interesting factors between these two phones the cameras this is a tough category to compare because while we do technically have superior hardware in the 10r we get very similar results the iPhone SC uses the iPhone AIDS 12 megapixel sensor while the 10r uses a better 12 megapixel sensor however

Thanks to the a 13 ship the iPhone se he is able to take advantage of superior photography tech and because of that I'd say these phones are about on par with each other in most photos I do think the 10 are probably performs better in low light because of the bigger sensor but neither phone does well in low-light anyways if you need good low-light photos go for the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro they come with night mode and do a fantastic job actually that's a pretty good points if you want a better camera go for the $700 iPhone 11 it is pricey but not that much more than the 10 R and

It comes with an ultra wide camera that gives you a wider view which is really cool but yea the SE and 10 are shared similar performance and most photos I took both phones do have portrait mode portrait mode can only take photos of people with these phones which is a tad unfortunate but it does a good job with those photos from my experience I honestly can't tell much of a difference in how they're taken although the 10 RS camera lens is a bit wider so you get a little bit more in frame the selfie cameras on both phones are 7 megapixels and take a decent selfies that are about

On par with each other and show off my quarantine hair quite well we can also take portrait selfies interestingly they're computed differently because the 10r uses face ID sensors while the se just has the camera you can tell the difference here the se photo might look better because my hair is in focus but notice at the top that it isn't cut off very cleanly the 10 ARS photo is better with the cutting out but the bokeh fall-off is too drastic so both my shirt and hair aren't in focus honestly both of these photos look decent but I'm surprised to say I

Think the SE does a better job I think the average user would rather have some hard to notice mistakes and have everything in focus then more of a natural look but not nearly as sharp that a 13 ship and the iPhone ST along with the three gigabytes of RAM is what makes this phone so darn good in a value on the long run this will make a difference over the iPhone 10 are at the moment the a12 chipset and three gigs of ram in the 10r produces nearly identical performance you really wouldn't notice the SC being any faster in most day-to-day usage on iOS 13 that said it

Is very possible the SC could get an extra year or even two of software support so if you don't want to buy another phone for like five years the SE e is your better bet Apple is really good with updates though so I wouldn't worry about it too much if you're leaning towards getting the 10r so now for the tough conversation which iPhone is better value well let me start by saying neither phone is bad value so don't get that in your head the iPhone 11 for $700 is in bad value either and I actually think the iPhone 11 is worth buying over the 10r but I know that's

Not an option for everyone straight up the iPhone se is the better value here you get quite a bit for your extra $200 but for the average consumer who really doesn't care about the design and just uses their phone for a moderate amount of time in a day the SE just makes more sense battery life is really the biggest pressing point for me as the iPhone se is quite a bit worse in that department it should get you through the average day but as time goes on and batteries degrade it might start to get rough but if you keep a charger nearby or don't use your phone a whole lot the iPhone se

Does make sense for a lot of people that said if you want those more premium features the newer design the better battery life the iPhone 10 R is absolutely worth buying again I do think the 11 is worth paying an extra hundred dollars for but if you wouldn't miss the ultra wide camera the 10 R is a good pick up at 600 bucks both these phones are worth buying as you'd expect and what you get really depends on the price point you're looking at $400 $600 which makes more sense for your financial situation given what you really need a phone for of course prices might not

Look as black-and-white as I'm making them out to be the iPhone 10 R might not actually be $200 more than the iPhone se for you from the carrier you're going through but they're the numbers if you want to buy the phone outright so that's I used those prices however I'm talking about the phones I do kind of wish there is an in-between phone have $500 preferably like an iPhone se plus but there isn't so if you want a big phone you probably should go up to the iPhone 10 R although it is possible we could see an SC plus in the future there have been rumors about it possibly early 2021

Still though the current SC and 10 are are both great and I honestly think he'd be happy with either phone the 10r might be unsurprisingly better the SC really holds its own and presents the better value so that is certainly worth commending both that I think I'm pretty much done here do you have the iPhone se or 10 are you thinking about getting one of them let me know in the comments down below thank you so much for watching if you found this video interesting or helpful maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like

This you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason that all being said i'm josh from 91 tech and i will see you all next time you

iPhone XR vs 2020 iPhone SE – which should you buy? (Comparison)

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Using the iPad 2 in 2020 – Review

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Enjoyed the images, i really like the among %image_title%, perfecto.

The ipad2 originally came out in 2011 and improved on the first iPad in every way possible new slimmer design much better specs cameras the iPad 2 is one of the biggest iPad upgrades Apple's ever made hey how's it going I'm Josh from ninety one second today we're taking a look at the second generation iPad how does it hold up in 2020 the iPad 2 got iOS support from 2011 all the way to late 2016 to this day it's not that uncommon to see someone using this and that's not a negative thing while brand-new iPads right now are some of the best value they've ever been and

I would still recommend people buy them the second generation iPad can have its uses the most common one likely being the reason my family still uses it for young children it can play some basic games and has access to streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Disney Plus isn't on there which is unfortunate but there's still some you so you can get out of having one of these around prepare to be very annoyed if you do though this iPad suffers the curse of the a5 chipset or in other words it runs like crap on iOS 9 it's slow unresponsive at times buggy and is

All in all just a bad experience if you're using it regularly you might end up going a little crazy that or you'll get used to it which is kind of even worse in a way if you think about it but I might be getting ahead of myself here let's start with the design of the iPad 2 it's fully aluminum like the first iPad but is significantly slimmer it is curved on the back which makes it fit in the hands very nicely the overall design is simple but it was a huge improvement over the first iPad it felt more premium smoother this design was used a couple

More times with the iPad 3 and 4 before the iPad air would come out and change things up I do think the iPad air was a much needed upgrade but for 2011 this design was amazing even now it doesn't feel unnatural to hold and use this iPad it is a bit hefty but most of the time you're not really thinking about it the front of the iPad should look pretty familiar given that there are still iPads right now that look roughly the same it does have very thick bezels and an old home button surrounding the nine point seven inch display it is non retina and has a fairly low resolution

Of 768 by 1024 the iPad 3 would bring a Retina display which is much nicer there are some benefits to the lower quality screen the iPad 3 chugs thanks to how many pixels it pushes and it has double the RAM of the iPad 2 so the iPad 2 with a good screen yeah it would be very slow also battery life on the iPad 2 is actually surprisingly very good in my experience this iPad has been used by my family since the iOS 7 days and will still last multiple days before needing a charge and you say well sure but the screen still sucks yeah but my little brother doesn't know the difference

Between a good screen and a bad screen obviously what we have now is a lot more pleasant to look at especially with the 120 Hertz on the iPad pro but this iPad for the most part holds its own when it comes to the design until the 2018 iPad pro iPad still kind of really looked like this and they still do some of the cheaper ones being sold the iPad air it has thinner bezels but it still has bezel x' and kind of has the ipad 2 look to it besides the update to the design the other big upgrade was the addition of cameras the first iPad didn't have any while the iPad 2 has one on the

Front and back they aren't good cameras but they're here the rear sensor has 0.7 megapixels and it doesn't take great photos they're actually terrible terrible photos considering how much better the florescence camera was from the same release year I really would have liked to see something better here I believe this is the same camera as in the 2010 iPod Touch 4th Gen and yeah that's not a good thing regardless of the size HUD has never taken good photos they look even worse in 2020 if that's even possible video recording can be done in 720p

Believe it or not although this sure does not look 720p if you have to take pictures and record with a 2nd gen iPad I feel bad for you actually I think I used to record myself on this and iPad all the time so I mean at least it had a camera I think that's the big thing when I was young I didn't really care what the quality was like but that's not necessarily an excuse for how bad the cameras are the selfie camera is 0.3 megapixels and is just horrible but again I guess it was there the iPad 2 might have gotten to iOS 9 but it shouldn't have given the specs it had we

Have apples a5 chipset same is found in the iPhone 4s as well as 512 megabytes of RAM how do I say this these are not good specs and the iPad 2 is pretty darn slow on its latest version of software iOS 9 has become infamous within the community for basically killing any device that ended on it the iPhone 4s the iPad 2 the iPod Touch 5 the first iPad Mini and the third gen iPad none of these devices run iOS 9 well and while the third generation iPad does that more RAM again all of them struggle pretty equally when it comes to the overall experience

And when I say it's slow it is hard to show it on camera because little spots of lag here and there don't really seem like a big deal but it's indicative of the entire experience not just these 10-second Clips while you can and would likely get used to it the iPad 2 feels painful to use on a regular basis that said again it does have its uses because it has iOS 9 as slow as it is it actually isn't too terribly old and so we can get access to relatively modern versions of some apps YouTube actually works pretty well on here and so does Netflix and prime video and they do this

By letting you download the latest compatible version because of this says said before my three-year-old brother will often use it for patrol or whatever he watches from there again no Disney Plus which sucks but there is still some life left in this iPad if you can find a way to utilize it it isn't useless although to be fair it isn't particularly useful in most situations either if you don't really need it for streaming media there isn't much else to do with it I suppose some older games would write on here and you could do web browsing if you're willing to deal with

The speed or lack thereof one thing you could potentially do to speed up your iPad is downgraded to iOS 8 iOS 8 retains relatively recent issue versions of apps but makes the entire experience just a bit faster I wouldn't go back to any iOS version before iOS 8 says they're just frankly too old but if you jailbreak you can mess around with that kind of stuff if you'd like to a cool booter for example lets you do a boot with an old version of iOS like iOS 6 jailbreaking can also let you potentially speed up a few things and improve your time with it so

It is something worth considering if you have an iPad 2 that you really want to use for some reason and definitely don't buy an iPad 2 it's one thing to still use one if you have it just laying around but if you're thinking you need a tablet for Netflix or something the iPad 2 is not the one to get I'd recommend literally anything better honestly but again if you have one stuffed in a drawer somewhere maybe pull it out and see if you can find something to do with it I think for most of us who still have an iPad 2 it's a good time to move on and consider getting a brand new iPad

For as low as three hundred and twenty nine dollars off Apple's website that's a good deal and one worth taking advantage of that said anyone still have an iPad 2 what are you using it for let me know in the comments down below if you found this video interesting maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at ninety one underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason of that all being said thank you so much for watching i'm josh from Hendy one sec and i will see you all next time


Using the iPad 2 in 2020 – Review

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iPhone SE: Bravo, Apple

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Bravo Apple you did it the iPhone se is an amazing phone for a better price and yet it's not so good for the price and makes just enough sacrifices that the iPhone 10 R and 11 remained completely viable options and really aren't that much worse value hey how's it going I'm Josh from ninety one tech and I got a haircut can we talk about that it's it's it's a miracle but anyways yeah today I'm not just talking about how great the iPhone se is although it is pretty great but I also wanted to talk about how Apple masterfully pulled this off and made a phone that's a positive for literally everyone

so it's been a while since I've done a more casual video like this but I do think it is worth doing the iPhone se just hit the mark of pretty much everything I wanted from it with maybe one exception in the battery life what I really want to talk about with the iPhone se today is what I consider to be the three pillars of smartphone judgment how good the phone is currently and how good the phone is overall for the buyer and how good the phone is for the maker an example of this is the iPhone 6 and 6 plus is it currently a good phone no and

It's outdated on iOS 12 how good was it for the buyer pretty bad unfortunately there were numerous issues with bending and touch disease among other things not to mention the iPhone 6 really ended up not being any better than the 5s just bigger but how good was the iPhone 6 for Apple really really spectacular it's the best-selling smartphone of all time by a long shot with over 220 million units shipped safe to say I think Apple's pretty happy with that results even if the majority of media about the iPhone 6 over the years has been very negative and of course this is when I'm judging a

Phone analytically when we talk about what phone to buy well you really only focus on the first and second category when you're buying a phone you probably don't care what Apple thinks of you buying that phone using this template we can properly judge the iPhone se so let's start with the first one how good is this phone currently well I'd say it's pretty terrific it has apples a 13 chipset and three gigs of ram putting it almost on par with the iPhone 11 pro it also has better hardware than the two hundred dollars more expensive iPhone 10 R does it have flaws absolutely while

I'd say this is a terrific smartphone it might not look that way for some people it's a small phone that features more or less the same design we've been seeing since 2014 and I get being tired of it but this is a cost-cutting measure for one thing making this phone more desirable for budget users and it's also the best phone for those not quite ready to move on from the home button yet those not too familiar with tech may not want to make the leap to the gesture based system on the iPhone 10 R or 11 and that is understandable but the iPhone se might not be for everyone but

That actually helps Apple which I'll get to a bit later but just as a phone right now it is for the most part terrific although it does lack in a couple areas battery life is a big one for me a day's use is all you're getting out of and you're fortunate if you get that to the camera I didn't expect to be so impressed by as it is the iPhone 8 sensor but admittedly most photos including portrait photos have actually been quite good the iPhone 11 camera out class is it fairly easily but even with a technically worse camera the SC about matches and in some cases outperforms

The iPhone 10 R this picture here is actually a good example and the 10 R's photo while the green and the trees looks a little bit nicer the sky is completely blown out while the SC nails it perfectly and I think that tone was a little bit more true to life as well the a13 in it can really help produce a better photo and so my only real complaint besides the size and design is just the battery life and the size and design aren't complaints so much as they're just not really what I want out of a smartphone the battery life is something I think everyone can complain

About alright so we've determined how the iPhone se stands currently it's small and has a poor battery but has a good camera and the specs of the thousand dollar iPhone 11 pro I'd say the pros and cons balance each other out to make a pretty darn good phone but that gets a lot better once you take the price into account so now let's move to the second pillar of the smartphone judgment how good the phone is for the user this takes things into account like value longevity etc shocker the iPhone se scores really well in this category

For me considering you're literally getting $1,000 Hardware for $400 you can Yap about the camera and screen and battery all day but when it comes down to it you don't really spend most of your time thinking about those things you're just using your phone you're using iOS and that software experience is more or less identical to what you'd get with the iPhone 11 pro max albeit with the home button and smaller these two phones are gonna get the same number of years of software support whether that's until 2024 or 2025 or whatever the truth is the iPhone se will very

Likely be around just as long as the 11pro max thanks to having these same heart with the a13 same heart same brain it doesn't really matter the important thing is that the iPhone se is really good value and actually probably the best value in the iPhone lineup at the moment of course prices for you might not look like this as carriers will often charge differently but because there's so much variation I'm just going to use the price tree from Apple to talk about the iPhone lineup at the top of course you've got the iPhone 11 Pro starting at $9.99 then the 11 at 6

99 and the 10 are at $5.99 and then at the bottom is the iPhone se for 399 American dollars for most budget buyers and value seekers the SE is going to seem like the obvious choice because it is if you don't do much with your phone but if you want a bigger screen or a better battery you can move up for a price and that price will become even more relevant as we move into the third pillar how good is this phone for the maker being Apple well I wouldn't say they're hurting from what I've seen the media has been surprisingly positive about the iPhone se at least for the

Most part it's nice to see that people realize while the SC is the old design and doesn't push the envelope in any way it's not supposed to it's supposed to be the barebone experience for a good price but to be fair part of the reason it's bare-bones is naturally fueled by the desire for money again this any of you watching right now who doesn't like this phone because you think it's boring you don't like the display you think the battery sucks to the camera it's all bad Apple needs to move on from this design well congrats because that's exactly what Apple wants you to think Tim Cook

Is laughing right now Apple doesn't want you to look at the iPhone se and say this this is the phone for me they want you to look at it and say oh this is kind of boring I want something better what's this the iPhone 10 R is the next step and it looks way cooler okay let's get that one a lot of people are gonna go straight up to that 600 or $700 phone because they think the SC won't be good enough and it's fair to think that but again this is what Apple wants they want you to buy the better phones over the cheaper ones it's just basic economics also with that Apple releasing an iPhone

Se plus they kind of just pulled a sneaky on everyone so to speak before the SC we had the eight and eight plus a 450 and 550 dollars yes the iPhone 8 was more expensive than the se is now I don't know why that was but the A+ for 550 wasn't a good deal and was just there is an in-between option between the iPhone 8 and 10 are not everyone wants the small display but they might still want the home button so currently without an SC plus slotting in at $500 Apple forces people to go up to at least the $600 option if you don't want that small s e that means more money into

Their pockets and a better phone and yours but the flip side of this is true it probably will cannibalize some sales from the iPhone 10 and eleven people will say well the iPhone se has the same specs as the iPhone 11 Pro I might as well just get that cuz it's way cheaper however I'd wager most to buy the SC likely would have bought the iPhone eight instead if it had been an option most people buying the iPhone se for those who appreciate the bare-bones experience and don't need anything more in other words a lot of people who know nothing about phones

Except that they need one are iPhone se stealin Android sales I did see an article assert this and it is a good possibility if you're a random Joe who knows nothing about phones and you walk into Best Buy and see three phones in your price range two androids and one iPhone one of those androids is a Samsung which let's say you're coming from you don't know what kind of Samsung you have but it's slow and the battery life sucks and the camera isn't very good so you don't really want another Samsung the other phone is an LG you know the brand but you also know I

Phones are popular so what do you do what most people likely do in that situation choose the iPhone part of the reason Apple doesn't make altra budget phones like Samsung and a lot of other Android manufacturers is because they want to keep the premium nature of the brand they want their devices to last so the users will have a positive experience and eventually buy a new iPhone obviously some iPhone users end up having lots of problems don't get me wrong but because Apple isn't selling super duper cheap phones the amount of users who don't like their iPhones is

Significantly smaller a lot of the cheap phones being sold to cut a lot of corners to get down to that price and usually won't get more than one or maybe two major software updates if you're lucky I will say budget phones have overall gotten much better from where they used to be but worse phones do raise the likelihood of a user not wanting to go back to the same manufacturer even if it isn't really directly safe Samsung's faults they didn't force you to cheap out and buy the worst phone they offered four years ago they did put that phone out there so

Justifiably in your head you might associate Samsung with a poor user experience pretty much any a $400 Android phone when it comes down to it is not nearly as good as the iPhone se and the reason for that is because the iPhone se is going to get that five years of software support it's only $400 the corner it cut was nowhere except it has the older design also kind of crappy battery life but other than that it's almost like the best iPhone out there and so that's a really good deal and I'm just very impressed with what Apple did here this theoretically

Could result in some levers of Android coming over to Apple and at the end of the day even if that doesn't happen I can't see this phone being a negative for Apple in any way but there it is the three pillars of how I judge smart phones so let's recap is the phone currently good yep it's fast and has a decent camera while the design is older it's still a phone a lot of people would love to have is the phone a positive for the user yeah definitely it's great value and will get software support for likely another five years or so is the phone a positive for Apple absolutely I

Feel like the tech community usually looks for a negative spin to put on everything and I really didn't want to do that in this video the title isn't sarcastic Bravo Apple you did it you nailed the iPhone SC I would have liked to see better battery life but otherwise this phone is exactly what I think people wanted and it's going to sell well as a result but what do you think of all this do you agree with me and disagree with me let me know in the comments down below of course the video is all me just really talking I'm not recommending you

Necessarily buy or don't buy this phone if you're interested in potentially buying it I do recommend you do some research into it and I do have a review if you want to see it so link in the description to that if you found this video interesting maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you've liked tube for some reason and thank you so much for watching i'm josh from ninety one tech and i will see you all next time


iPhone SE: Bravo, Apple

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GET this Android Homescreen Look – Full Tutorial

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Very nice depth -)

Now to get this look you're gonna need nova launcher kwgt widgets pro shadow kwgt widgets red plus kwgt widgets and the redline icon pack now if you don't know how to use nova or kwgt i've done a full blown tutorial on explaining how to do that the video will be on the top right corner do check it out now i do have 50 promo codes to give away to you guys for redline i can pack so you don't have to shell out a penny all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on instagram and dm me they are

Asking me for promo codes to redline icon pack i have 50 so i'll give them first come first serve basis so best of luck and now let's move on with the setup now i'm assuming that you've downloaded and installed all of these applications first thing is you're going to have to run nova launcher and assuming that you're running nova launcher already just go and add a new home screen or a fresh home screen with nothing on it now you may have a different wallpaper installed so what you need to do is go into your gallery

And get this wallpaper i'll leave the link in the description below so you can download this then just go ahead and apply it as wallpaper on your home screen and make sure that the cup is on the left side so that you've got some space for the icons on the right and then you say set on home screen the next thing you should do is set up your grid size which is the number of rows and columns that your home screen would have now this depends on the screen

Resolution of your phone i have set it to a desktop grade of nine by seven so about nine rows and seven columns but feel free to change this that best suits your screen resolution this works for me the other thing is go into icon layout set that to 105 and turn off icon labels i just think it's cleaner that way and that's pretty much what you need and yeah doc turn that off uh i don't like that dock at the bottom that you see because

I'm anyway going to place all my important app icons up front so i don't need the dock it just gives a more clean look and the search bar placement you could actually turn that off so just say none the next step would be to apply the icon pack so what you need to do is long press on the home screen go into settings then go into look and feel icon style and then choose the icon theme as i said assuming you've installed redline icon pack you should see that

Icon pack appear over here tap on it and you can now check by going into your app drawer that all your icons now are belonging to the redline icon pack the next step would be to move apps out for example you want clock so you can just drag and drop outside now that you have all your frequently used or important apps out front you're going to need to place your kwgt widgets so long press on your home screen go into widgets and then scroll down to kwgt

Just drag and drop outside and then just resize it a little you can't be very accurate at this point in time because you don't know where the widget is going to be but just enough that you give it that space and while you're at it just add another one so you've got both your widgets outside and then we'll go ahead and set those up okay so the first widget over here is from the red plus icon pack so tap on it and then go into the installed assuming you've installed the red plus kwgt widget pack

And i think it's called red plus widget uh 155 so let's scroll down and look for 155 and there you go that's the one that i was using so if you just tap on it and right now if you see it looks a little too big but don't worry about it let's just hit save and then go out and you have this right now so what you can do is just resize it and make it a little bigger so it has all the space it needs and then go back into it and you'll see that 19 is actually

Completely in red color what you want is that this the square be filled with white so just hit stack group then go into this stack group over here and then there's an overlap group click on that and then go into shape all i have to do is fill the shape with white color so i just go into style and then i say fill and i don't want red fill i just want a white fill so i'll just do that and i hit save and that's it um that widget is ready

Now if you want to take it a little up you can do that and there you go it's it's pretty much set the next widget was from shadow kwgt so click on this go into installed and then hit shadow kwgt widgets and again guys you can pick pretty much anyone that you like over here the one that i'm using is probably somewhere down okay so it's this one shadow 47 so click on this but there are a bunch of things the one that i want is just

This one so what i can do is go inside overlap group and i can just delete date uh battery and google um yeah i can just remove all of this and then within the cards stack group this is the one that i want to remove so i just hit delete and then i've just got this one left so i can just go ahead and move it a little up in the center and that's it i hit save and now if i come out you'll see i've got that shadow kwg2 widgets that says hi whatever and i can change that

Obviously i can go back into it go into globals and then just scroll down and you should see oh there you go you've got the name and the email here so you can just change that over here and that's it guys it was really that simple or that complicated depends on how much you know about these apps in any case i'm going to leave links to download the kwgt widgets that i've exported from my phone so you guys can just import it onto your phone i'll also leave a link to download the nova backup file

So you can just restore the uh the file and then you can have that set up on your phone also the link to download the wallpaper will be in the description anyway thanks for watching guys i hope this was really helpful to you if you've got any questions in the comment section as always don't forget to drop a like hit that subscribe button and that bell icon i'll see you in the next one

GET this Android Homescreen Look – Full Tutorial

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Top 7 Must Have Android Apps – Aug 2020! (175 Promocodes)

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Simply on the internet checking points out ... like the photos! I attempt to learn by considering various other pictures, also.

And let's get right into it the first app is called joy walls and it's a wallpaper app that offers a really great unique and pretty stunning collection of wallpapers needless to say they're all very high quality and super crisp and some of their wallpapers are so good i mean just look at these samples right here and the variety of the kind of wallpapers that are available is pretty good and they've got some really interesting categories that you could go through now it's available on the play store but

It's not free and by the way i do have 50 promo codes to give away to you guys for joy vaults all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on instagram and dm me there asking me for promo codes to joy walls i've got 50 so i'll give them out on first come first serve basis the next app in the list is this really good looking beautiful icon pack called line box i very recently featured this icon pack in one of my other videos where i talked about my favorite icon packs and people were really happy so i decided to feature it as a top app

In august 2020. this icon set has about 1700 plus icons designed which should cover about 70 of the icons that you may have installed on your phone the developer will keep adding more and i do see updates coming from him so that's good some really popular icons are actually made in more colors so depending upon the kind of wallpaper you're using you can opt for that specific color for that app icon which is great it's got some inbuilt wallpapers that go really well but

Feel free to use pretty much any vibrant wallpaper and just so that you guys don't have to spend a penny i've got 50 promo codes to line box as well all you have to do is follow me on instagram and dm me there asking me for promo codes to line box specifically and i'll hand them over to you the next app in the list is called naughty easy it's like a gatekeeper for your notifications you know today we're working and notifications keep barging in onto our phones

And they just sort of distract us quite a bit noti easy just stores all those notifications in one place for you to review them later so that you know you just never miss a notification they're all there but you get the option to look at them whenever you want so it's all under your control another really cool thing about this is that you can look at messages from whatsapp or instagram without letting the other person know that you've actually read it and you can even respond from here if that's what you wanted

Or you could just tap on that message and straight go into the app and respond from there you can also create exceptions for certain apps so that those notifications can always come through although noti easy is free and all its features are free to use but it does come with ads if you want an ad free experience i've got 50 promo codes just make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on instagram and dm me there asking me for promo code to know the easy i'll give them out to

You coming up next is slowly and this app takes you back during that time when pen panels were a thing of course it's all digital now so in this app you can auto match with you know three four or five people and then you can just send them out a letter of course you can have your parameters and preferences set before the app starts to send out these invites and you can you know set your preferences in terms of gender in terms of location and the

Topics that you're interested in or you can explore manually if you do not want the app to look out for you again you can set preferences in terms of age location topics and even zodiac signs so you know like if you're if you're a scorpion and you're looking for a fellow scorpion to share a common topic and a discussion with you can do that now of course you can quickly set up your profile the interesting part is that you can't really upload your own picture but you can

Create a personality sketch of yourself so you can choose like your hair type whether you wear glasses or not you the kind of attire you wear your skin tone your eye structure your face structure your nose structure and the kind of glasses you wear pretty much you can very nicely describe your personality through this avatar that you create and of course before pen palling you need to be sure that you set up topics that you're interested in because that's pretty much where the conversations are

Going to head on now conversations could be really long because these are letters so typing on your phone might actually be a very complicated task that's why slowly has a slowly web so just like whatsapp web you can actually type in your computer and send a response now slowly is not your usual dating app i mean you can treat it like that if you wanted to but often you'll find yourself communicating with someone in some part of the world over a common interest and i think

That's what makes it really different and unique and and the fact that you know they're long messages there's just more meaning and more purpose in every letter that you write so feel free to explore and see how it works out for you hoping that a lot of you are now spending more time at home it's possible that you want to try your hand at new things like cooking and if that's the case you could actually use this app called yummly which takes in your preferences for

Example things you like as ingredients things you don't like the kind of allergies you have are the cuisines that you prefer and pieces that it will curate a list of recipes that you can then try your hand at for cooking now some of these recipes might actually feature the list of instructions to follow while some may also have videos that you could follow so depending on you know whether the app has that kind of content for that particular recipe or not and you do get nutritional information

Uh based on what you're cooking and of course while you're browsing you can create your own collection so you can refer to them later okay coming to the next one is this game called star jolt and it's got this nice retro feel to it the music is retro the look is retro and you know why it might seem very easy but that's where it becomes very interesting because you can't play on for very long you just tend to hit yourself too soon and that's what makes it so challenging

And addictive of course if you want to continue with with the level that you're playing you will have to watch an ad or you can start all the way from the beginning but just overall i think it's a really nice way to just pass some time if you've got plenty of it and just an easy low-key game to play the last app is a kw gt widget pack and if you look at the widgets you know the weather widget in the top left the toggle widget on the right corner and then the

Google widget at the bottom they're all belonging to this widget pack called loosened kwgt widgets and again just more examples from this widget pack you got this really nice time i've changed the colors though to match the wallpaper but because they're transparent or translucent they actually go on pretty much any wallpaper that you may have and which is what makes this a really versatile widget pack there are about 113 widgets included in this widget pack and the developer keeps adding more so it's

Definitely worth the price like any other kwgt widget pack the good ones are actually the ones that you have to pay for and even for lucent kwgt widgets i've got 25 promo codes to give it to you guys so subscribe to youtube follow me on instagram and dm me there i'll serve them out to you first come first serve basis and that's it from me guys those were top 7 apps for the month of august 2020 any questions feel free to comment them in the section below and as always don't forget to subscribe

Hit that like button i'll see you in the next one

Top 7 Must Have Android Apps – Aug 2020! (175 Promocodes)

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OnePlus Nord – 8 Important Questions to Answer

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This is a beautiful picture with very good light-weight :o

So the oneplus note is out and you're about to buy this phone and you're probably wondering if this is the best phone for you in this price segment or should you be looking at alternative options now there are some questions in your mind and i'm going to try and answer the most popular ones in this video but guys before we move on to our first question it'll be great if you could drop a like hit that subscribe button and that bell icon and just help me get closer to my 200 000 subscriber goal and now the first question

Is the one plus not the best phone that you can get in this price segment of 28 000 rupees or about 400 dollars in my opinion yes and while there are other phones like the redmi k20 pro and the real me x3 that do offer a better processor in the same price band i just think the oneplus note has a better overall smartphone experience what i mean by overall experience is the fact that you get that oneplus experience with the nod which is oxygen os and that guarantees you two years of android updates and

Three years of security updates you get a good premium design it looks really good glass at the back plastic that looks like metal on the sides and metallic buttons and just the overall color and quality that you see is better than pretty much any other smartphone in this price segment so yeah performance is one big piece that does determine whether a phone is going to be great or not but it cannot be the only criteria and definitely not from an overall perspective so

You've got to look at other criteria to see if the phone matches up to your experience expectations now let's say that i've established it's a great phone to consider in this price segment is it really good value for money well i really think so it's got a pretty good balance of design and features performance camera reliability and it comes with oneplus promise and support and experience which is not something another phone in this price segment can deliver and i would actually go to the

Extreme of saying that the oneplus note is so incredibly good value for money that it almost makes the flagship phones look very overly priced all right coming to the next question is how good are the cameras on the oneplus note and are they better or the same as oneplus 8. now i don't have the oneplus 8 with me so i couldn't do the comparison myself but i did see this video by danny winget i leave a link to his video in the description i think he's done a fabulous job of explaining the

Difference between image qualities from one plus node versus the one plus eight and the one 8 pro and from what i gather by looking at this video is that the difference between the images taken by node and the oneplus 8 are very similar now interestingly on their website they say the oneplus note has flagship camera it's not the flagships like the iphone 11 or the galaxy s20 or the huawei p40 pro so don't get sucked into that what it

Really means is they took the primary lens of the oneplus 8 and used the same one on the oneplus note now the other cameras are actually not that great you know the ultra wide lens is eight megapixel on the nord which is not really too much you know it's it's it's okay at best and while this phone is incredibly attractive for its price point if photography is really important to you i think you're looking at the wrong price segment to begin with

Okay next question how good is the gaming on this phone it's smooth you know sure the launching of the actual game and loading may take long because it's still a snapdragon 700 series processor but once the game is loaded you can play in the best of settings and experience a pretty smooth gaming i've been playing pubg on highest graphics for a few days and no hiccups whatsoever no lag or no frame drops no overheating decent battery consumption and

Optimization and very smooth gameplay the only thing that could be a setback is that you will not get 60 fps gaming experience on the nord like the redmi k20 pro or the real me x3 with their better processors can deliver 60 fps gaming you may go up to a 40 fps you know on the node but but that's about it and that brings us to the next question should you get the noid or the redmi k20 pro or the real me x3 well very frankly if gaming is very important to you which

Means performance is very important to you just get the k20 pro or the real me x3 because they feature the better snapdragon 800 series processor and it's got the adreno 640 gpu which is supposed to be better than the 620 on the nord and that can guarantee you smoother as well as faster gaming but for day to day phone usage you'll not really experience a difference oxygen os on the oneplus offers a superior stock android experience which

Is hard to compete with and from an overall experience i believe the nord has more to offer than the k20 pro or the real me x3 better and definitely more classy design and more towards the minimal side of things which i personally prefer and even if you were to consider the camera performance of these three phones they're fairly very similar i mean one may have more saturated imagery the other may look a little washed out but nothing that a few camera filters

Cannot fix in terms of quality i think they're very similar next question how good is the battery on the oneplus nord so it's got a 4100 milliampere hour battery and that's getting me to somewhere about six to seven hours of screen on time with 90hz refresh rate which i think is just about okay it's not extraordinary but it's what's expected out of 4100 milliampere hour so point being it should get you through the day without any issues and besides you can get to a full charge from 0 to

100 in about 70 minutes is what i recorded and yeah in 30 minutes i did get about 65 charge which i think is brilliant okay so the next question is the oneplus note better than the oneplus 8 absolutely not the oneplus 8 has a better faster snapdragon 800 series processor you get stereo speakers with dolby atmos you get an upgraded version of wi-fi that's wi-fi six you get a slightly larger battery capacity on the oneplus 8 you've got a brighter screen you also

Get a 4k 60fps video recording on the oneplus 8 and you get faster internal storage the ufs 3.0 there could be a couple of more things that i'm missing out on but the point being the oneplus 8 does offer quite a few uh features that the oneplus not does not have now not all of those would be important to you and hence the one plus not may make more economic sense in terms of purchase than the oneplus 8 which is significantly more expensive than the oneplus not but that's a choice

That you have to make and lastly do i recommend the oneplus nord absolutely i believe it's the most well optimized and overall balanced package you can get at this price point it may not offer the same performance specs as the k20 pro or the real me x3 but as i said performance is just one part and there are all sort of things to consider you know there's design there's software there's future proofing there's camera and image processing there's optimization

Uh support that you would get for years to come in terms of android updates and even customer support in terms of you know if anything goes wrong so all of these things go into making a phone experience and you've got to consider all before making a purchase so if it were up to me in this price segment i would definitely recommend and myself go for the oneplus note now the redmi k20 pro and the real me x3 are great from a gaming enthusiast perspective so if you're going to be hooked on to pub g or you know throughout

Major chunk of your day go for it you know there are better phones when it comes to performance and gaming you'll definitely get a better experience there but from a day-to-day usage as i said earlier i think the oneplus note fits the bill much better so there you have it some really important questions about the oneplus nord answered and if i haven't answered your question feel free to drop them in the comments section below and i'll reach out to you now i'll be doing more videos on the oneplus note so make sure you stay

Subscribed and hit that bell icon if there's a specific recommendation of the kind of video you want to see or not you can drop that in the comment section below too as always guys it was great doing this for you i hope you really liked it if you did leave a thumbs up subscribe and that bell icon see you in the next one

OnePlus Nord – 8 Important Questions to Answer

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T-Mobile REVVL 5G – Hands On & First Impressions!

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I adore the shades!

What's going on everyone this is kevin here coming at you with my hands-on and first impressions video of the t-mobile revel 5g so let's get started so this is the t-mobile revel 5g now this phone was recently launched at t-mobile and metro by t-mobile and it is available for 3.99 now i'm sure they're always running different promotions so you most likely will not be paying the full price for the phone so definitely make sure to stop by your

Local carrier store to see what they're offering it for now about a week ago i did cover the other two of the three brand new rebel phones that have launched i made videos about the revel 4 and the revel 4 plus and then this phone the revel 5g is the best of those three but let's put the phone off to the side for a second here and take a look at everything that does come included in the box so here is the box you can see at the bottom t-mobile revel 5g we'll open this up and

See what all we get so we do get a packet here we'll open this up and see what's in here so we do have a quick start guide for the revel 5g and then also two little boxes within the main box so in here we do have a usbc cable for charging and data transfer and then on the other side we have a usb wall adapter so the wall adapter does have t-mobile branding on it which is pretty awesome and the adapter itself is 15 watts also in that packet we do have a sim card

Removal tool now as the name implies the revl 5g is indeed a 5g device and this phone is actually the most inexpensive 5g phone being offered in the us at the moment that's something that t-mobile has definitely been touting and it's a good thing too because this phone really does offer a lot for the price now with the t-mobile revel 5g we are getting a 6.53 inch display the display itself features ips lcd technology

However things do look very bright and clear the display itself is 1080p we're getting a ppi of 395 and we're getting a 19 and a half by 9 aspect ratio so more of a narrow but tall form factor here with the phone now the design of the phone actually reminds me a lot of the google pixel 4a but definitely in a good way now up top here we do have a hole punch for the front-facing camera situated at the top left of the phone and the front-facing camera

Itself is 16 megapixels now internally with the device we're getting 128 gigabytes of storage with micro sd card expansion there is no wireless charging with the phone but we do have a fingerprint sensor on the back let's try out the fingerprint sensor right now so a very fast fingerprint sensor let's do that one more time yeah extremely quick there so not only do we have a fingerprint sensor in the back but the phone also features face unlock so there are a variety of different

Methods to access the device now also on the back side of the phone we have a triple camera setup so there's a 48 megapixel main camera an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera now here's how things look with the main camera on the device then from here we can switch over to the ultra wide camera to fit a lot more content into the frame and then we can also go over to portrait mode so with the portrait mode of course you are going to get those nice blurred

Out photos and we're getting that with both the rear camera and the front camera as well with the phone there's also a special pro mode where we get a bunch of other options as well and then going over to the more tab we get even more options including that super macro mode so with super macro again we can get very close up to the actual object and take very detailed photos now with the t-mobile revel 5g we're getting six gigabytes of ram and the qualcomm snapdragon

765 processor now this is the regular 765 it's not the 765 g not that that's really an issue because at 399 i'm totally happy with what we're getting here with the phone and i did run a benchmark test as well and i'll show you the score from that right now but if you want to download geekbench 5 on your own personal device and then compare the scores that you get from that test to these scores then you'll definitely get a better idea of how much of an

Upgrade this phone's gonna be but you can see here i got a single core score of 624 and a multi-core score of 1944 so definitely pretty decent here and overall navigating around the phone is silky smooth definitely very good performance here with the device and especially compared to the revel 4 plus this certainly feels like a performance upgrade now i am going to be doing a comparison between this phone and the other two rebel phones that did come out recently

So definitely stay tuned for that video now video recording with the revel 5g maxes out at 4k at 30 frames per second which is totally acceptable and with the phone we're getting a very beefy 4 500 milliamp hour internal battery now the phone does give us the ability to also do reverse charging you are gonna have to buy a special cable to do that but in theory you could plug one end of a usbc cable into the phone and then use the other end to charge a different device so maybe your friend's phone is running out of battery for example then you can

Use this phone to charge that phone which is certainly a very cool innovation now according to t-mobile with a full charge you are gonna be able to get 32 hours of talk time with the phone and i'm looking forward to testing that out as i prepare for the full review now with this device we are getting android 10 and pretty much a stock variant of the software of course there are some customizations but i like how clean and refined everything looks definitely a big fan of that another

Cool thing about this phone too is that we do get nfc so if you're someone that does use nfc for mobile payments for example then you're certainly going to like the revel 5g now taking a closer look at the hardware here on the phone as i mentioned before we do have a hole punch for the front-facing camera situated at the upper left of the phone then on the bottom we do have a little bit of a thicker bottom bezel but overall the phone does look very well proportioned and i feel like they did a good job with

The design now the materials here with the phone are all made out of plastic besides the display which is of course glass now on the left side of the phone we have the slot for the micro sd card and sim card then on the right of the phone we have the power button and we have the volume button now the power button is pretty interesting because there's actually a light built into it so it makes the power button glow now on the top of the phone

With the noise cancelling microphone and we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then finally on the bottom we have the speaker microphone and usb c port for charging and data transfer then on the back of the phone you probably already noticed this but we have this really cool kind of gradient look here and depending on what angle you tilt the phone things actually look different so that's very interesting as well i've never really seen

This type of color i guess to put it that way on the back of the smartphone it's really a variety of different colors and shades here but you can definitely see a streak of the t-mobile magenta and then on the back of the phone we have that camera module that is squared off with three cameras and a flash we have the fingerprint sensor and the t-mobile logo so in general i am very excited about the t-mobile revel 5g i'm definitely going to be making a lot more videos about this phone

And going into further detail in the full review video but i hope you've enjoyed this video and if you did give it a thumbs up but this is kevin here and i will see you in the next one

T-Mobile REVVL 5G – Hands On & First Impressions!

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Google Pixel 4a | Unboxing, First Look, and Camera Test

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Yo what's good y'alls tutorial and today special delivery so we got the google pixel 4a in the building all right so let me go and fill y'all in real quick so if you don't know already on my community post i did make a post and that was about google reaching out to me and they want to start sending me these pixel devices every year so i have the pixel 4a right here right now and they're going to send me the pixel 4a 5g that's coming out later in the pixel 5. but for now the pixel 4 is on pre-order and i want to go and show you all this phone real quick

All right so we're at the unboxing table as you can see here and yeah i mean you heard it here first google reached out to me and they was like hey bro your content is kind of dope we want to hook you up and i was like what what about me what do i do to deserve this but they also sent me the pixel 3 axl last year because i actually reached out to them and they actually sent me one and that was pretty dope but they never actually sent me the pixel 4 flagship but now this year they actually reached out to me and it was like hey bro look bruh we saw your channel we saw

Your videos let's hook you up real quick man i was like all right man i ain't gonna pass up a free phone or like free phones every single year so yeah we're gonna go and do that real quick and as usual y'all you already know the drill just because they sent me this phone that does not change how i feel about this phone now i did really like the pixel 3axl last year so hopefully this don't let me down but you already know i'm gonna do my unboxing

With this thing probably like a 24 hours later and then do my consumer review all that stuff and i'm thinking about using this thing as my primary you know taking the sim out of my main phone and put it in here and then after two weeks it's just putting it back in my main phone which is my galaxy fold which that's hard to switch up from okay that's a galaxy fold like that's not any regular phone but yeah so they sent this to me early which means this thing is actually a pre-order right now so you can actually pick it up on

August 20th right now it's actually august 4th and it's actually running for 350 bucks so the same exact price that i'm pretty sure as a pixel 3 xl last year or the pixel 3a if i'm not mistaken i think the 3axl was like 380 bucks and i think the 3a was 350 bucks i just don't really remember right now but like i mentioned before they're also going to be releasing the pixel 485 a5g later so look for that in the fall with the pixel 5. but let's check out what we got now with the pixel 4 so i'm going to unbox this thing real

Quick so we got the google logo pixel 4a and then we actually got the phone here on the left side we have a google logo on the right side we have the phone with the color power button and on the back we have team pixel now they did change this box up a little bit because last year they actually had the phone like sitting in an environment or whatever i don't know it was like more stuff on the box so they clean it up a little bit actually like the pixel 3a box a little bit better but that was pretty much it for the box we just got a google logo at

The top and well yeah that's pretty much it so they got these easy pull tabs here which is always nice but you know that never matters to me because i ain't got no fingernails so instead we're going to go ahead and just put this knife somewhere in here and just kind of like peel that up okay there we go yup that's what i'm talking about that's the struggle life for me and all right so hashtag team pixel so now apparently i'm officially a part of the team pixel family so let's go and get this thing

About the box here and here we go so we got our pixel 4 8. and man i'm actually kind of excited for this now i actually have a weird relationship with pixel devices okay so obviously as you all know i use galaxy devices but every time i use a pixel device i really like it i don't know man but let's go and throw that to the side real quick actually you know what we're going to go ahead and just take this peel off real quick and there we go so simplistic we got our whole puncher there like we

Find in the galaxy series we have our earpiece here at the top and then we have our screen and we got this 5.8 inch screen here in the front but here's the thing about the pixel this year so they really watered it down pretty much like in terms of what you could choose for your pixel device so you only get one pixel it's like really simplistic and even the colors like only one color so this is the only color you can get and for the specs you only get one line of specs so the only thing that you can really

Change about this phone is what carrier you get it on so that's pretty much it and for the price i would say you get some pretty good specs on this thing and we already know what the pixel 3axl last year and the 3a it was all about the camera and it's gonna be the same thing this year now the thing with this year's camera is that it doesn't have any ultra wide angle lens or anything like we're already used to it just has one camera and that's it you get a flash on there and you better enjoy it basically but i heard the actual camera hardware

Isn't really the best you know it's where the software comes in you know google really kills it in the software department for the camera but yeah so let's look around this thing real quick so at the bottom we have our usb type-c fast charging here with two speakers so you do get stereo speakers from what they say on their website so i don't really know if one of these is a microphone and then this is the other speaker now i just don't really know yet but i guess we'll find out in a minute and on the left side we have a sim card tray at

The top we got a headphone jack so that's still sticking around with us on these budget phones these days and then we also got a microphone and on the right side we have our classic google here with our color button here it's like kind of like a mint color and then we have our volume rocker so it's really clicky on here man i love that i i know what mkbhd was talking about now i think they're the best feeling part of this phone and at the back we have our cameras here like i already talked about it actually looks like a die

Like you know like dice but uh die and it also has this fingerprint scanner here so just one piece of plastic just going all around the phone and then of course we have our google logo so let's go and turn this thing on let's keep looking in the box right here so we should have some charge as you can see here and the bezels like it ain't really bad like actually like this it's pretty cool so we have our usual bucks and stuff with our sim card ejector but still what do we do with that we throw it to

The side and also here we have our usb type c the usb type c cord and then we also have our fast charging brake so what you get in the pixel out the box is actually a 15 watt fast charger by default so that's actually pretty cool and then we got our usb otg adapter here so it's actually kind of hard to take out of here so i have to figure that out later but yeah so here is our pixel 4a so let's go and go through this setup so i'mma go and just basically fast forward to this and then i'll get back to y'all

so all right so it looks like we're done here it's just adding the finishing touches here as you can see and all right so let's go next next is just telling us how to navigate the phone and all right so here is our pixel swipe up to get started cool and it says welcome to your new pixel so thanks google appreciate that but if you're looking at notifications in the setup

Actually said that it couldn't activate my google fi so i'm just assuming that they gave me the google five version of the pixel 4a i don't got google fi i got t-mobile and verizon so that's not really going to help me but yeah man so here's our pixel 4a and one thing i can say about this is that this is actually the first google phone that actually looks decent on the front side uh is that that's what she said joke i'm not really sure okay yeah it pretty much is but yeah anyways like if you look at the pixel 3

And the pixel 4 they did not really look good like the pixel 3 it had that huge notch for literally no reason at all like that was just stupid and then if you look at the pixel 4 it just had to have four hits there that just really didn't belong in 2019 so they're finally doing something about it now but now in 2020 you see phones like the galaxy a21 and the galaxy a51 and all these other different phones that have these hole punches and everything so yeah i definitely think this belongs to

2020. so good job google you finally catch up with the trends in terms of like how these designs are going to front but this is actually going to be pretty cool it could save your life because this thing actually has car crash detection so if you're getting a crash it'll go ahead and just call the emergency services if you don't react to your phone and here's actually a demo of that car crash protection so we're going to hit try demo right now and then we're going to hit start and

Then check this out so watch this that's what it's going to sound like and then it's going to say this so listen say emergency to call 9-1-1 now otherwise say cancel so i could say i'm in emergency or i could say cancel emergency calling now as you can see there and it's not actually in the call 9-1-1 because i'm in a preview right now but i can say emergency or cancel and then it'll just go ahead and react that way so i like that because that's

Innovation right there more companies should definitely copy this because for all we know your phone could save your life so you could just speak to it and tell that you're in the emergency then they'll just go and call 9-1-1 for you and i imagine they'll put the phone on speaker phone and what i like about this is that like it might have that old google assistant robotic voice in it but i don't really think anybody's going to care if you're in an actual emergency you can just speak to your phone and tell her if you're in an emergency or

Not because like for all we know your phone could like fling across the other side of the car and you could be pinned or whatever so you don't have to go around tapping buttons on your phone like oh well yeah i'm okay or i'm in an emergency because like i said you could be pinned in your car and like i don't know like anything could happen that's what i really like about this thing so bravo google even if you can't speak to your phone at the moment it will just go ahead and automatically call 9-1-1 for you if you're in the event of an emergency

And you can turn this on or off if you want to but you can really tell that google really thought this out so i really appreciate that and then it has some other things here like the new google assistant at the bottom here as you can see but i never really care because well i use bixby on my phones and tablets but i do use google assistant in my house because i have google nest tubs everywhere google home mini google nest hub all that type of stuff and even my next guard has a google

Assistant in it now so yeah anyways yeah that's pretty much all i got for you all right now i'm going to take some quick camera samples and then i guess we can call it a day for now so go check out these camera samples right here do and then this is the 1080p at 60fps but y'all should have saw my reaction when i took my first picture i was like yo this camera clean yo that's crazy but just looking at the

Video yo this is actually kind of clean too like i'm really feeling this i see what y'all doing there that's dope and then it's going to be 1080p just recording in a darker spot in my garage so i'll definitely be back to take some pictures of some astrophotography at night so just stay tuned for that in this camera test but let me go and close this door here and yeah i mean you can obviously you can't really see anything here just like most cameras but you can see a little bit so i ain't

Really complaining about that because i'm used to this but still they should improve on these cameras some more in the dark so yeah that's the camera quality on the pixel 4a so let me know what do you think about it on here just typical google fashion i guess but i'm going to get out of here y'all so i got some things to try like screen calling and everything like that so i know about that future where if somebody calls you and you don't really want to answer it and have your phone answer it

It can do that so let's say it's like a robocall or something like that you can have your phone pick up the phone for you and then just verify who it is first but honestly i don't really know if i can use this as my main just because of the size like this ain't really for me especially coming from a galaxy fold which i'm recording literally right now as you can see there with the camera layout and everything this ain't really the size for me chief but i'm just really disappointed honestly kind of like with what they did this year because like they had all

Those different colors and everything last year but now they just have black and y'all know how i feel about black black is boring i hate black and then last year they had the 3a and then the bigger 3axl which was a pretty good size for me but now this year they just have the 4a so i heard in the 4a 5g it's going to be a bigger size so we'll see about that when it comes out later but also it's going to be way more expensive i think it's going to be like 150 bucks more expensive

Like from what i'm hearing but again we'll have to see about that when it comes out and i get my hands on one but first impressions on this thing like it is pretty good there is no face unlock on here unfortunately i was looking in the settings here so if i go over here and go back and i go over here to where is it smart lock they don't have any face unlock but the fingerprint scanner is pretty good on here so thumbs up for that i guess it's not going to be no in display fingerprint scanner anything but it's still a

Fingerprint scanner nonetheless but let me go and see about cases screen protectors that type of thing because i don't really want to scratch it and then maybe even a camera lens protector like i got in my galaxy fold right now but am i going to get out here y'all so thanks for watching if you like this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe but go and follow me on my social media eddie centek on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is almost active but one more thing before i go because i

Forgot to test this in the video is the speakers on here so let's go and play a video real quick by chuckie beats let's go and turn this up and you can hear that the speaker is actually coming out of this one and at the top so we do got stereo speakers i heard there's only a mono speaker but that's incorrect as you can see here and this speaker right here is actually a microphone like i thought it was originally but this actually sounded pretty good but let me know what specific videos you

Want to see on this thing of course i'm going to do a fortnight gameplay on this like i did with the 3axl last year so that's going to be fun but still let me know what specific videos you want to see but i'm going to get out of here so thanks for watching i'll see you on the next one peace out all right so quick update here how many times am i going to say that i'm getting out of here and then never actually do it but i thought i'd go ahead and see if we can do wireless charging on this thing

And no we cannot so if you're wondering we can't wireless charge and i do that all the time so that really sucks come on google i know it's a cheap phone but come on you gotta give it your all man just give us everything and the second update that i got for y'all is that i just found out when i go and tap on this notification here and then i go over here to one of my google accounts it says that my account currently isn't authorized for service on google files so i'm not really sure what's up with that but i'm assuming that means that it's

Talking about my google account and not the google fly sim card that's actually in here right now so i'm going to see about that but i think that they actually gave me free google fi service don't hold me to that but well i'm just going off of that right now and i'm just pretty much assuming that's for my review unit not really for like anybody that buys a pixel 4a right now but yeah so that's pretty much it so stay safe out there y'all peace out so


Google Pixel 4a | Unboxing, First Look, and Camera Test

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