Hello everyone another gloomy day tilt no hi I'm wearing sunglasses on the way to Vancouver for a BMW x TED event here's so I've been to a couple a…

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This is a beautiful picture with very good light :-D

Hello everyone another gloomy day tilt no hi I'm wearing sunglasses on the way to Vancouver for a BMW x TED event here's so I've been to a couple autonomous driving events before one in San Jose I was there out with Intel this one in Vancouver I think is gonna be a bit different it's a TEDTalk x BMW and of course there's a bunch of different events we can form to it all right just landed the flight was

Good it's always good but it's swinging in Vancouver that's very typical rain Toronto terrain Cooper Oh how's it going I always forget there are no goobers in Vancouver thank you time for me to crash eats chew am back home big day tomorrow try to wake up early and maybe we can do a bit of a tech travel pack its camo I'll see you guys in the morning so good morning um I was going to do a video in this room but it's honestly a bit drab why don't we go down there orange chairs yep probably get this nasty mop fixed first though this is Bed

Head for me I think that's better we're good to go I think this backdrop is way way better so tech travel pack time just like I promised I did have an update though there's always a winner from one of these episodes unfortunately I don't have it with me but by the time this video goes live make sure you check both Instagram Twitter I will announce the winner I'm saying pre Congrats as you won an item from that episode New York City New York City tech travel pack congratulations to the future and just like that episode you can win one of the items that you're about to check out in

This pack and it's super super simple to enter just simply sub to the channel avi toss this video a like and leave a comment down below on the favorite item that you saw and in my next episode and I have a lot of traveling planned in 2018 I will ship that item out this episode is special we are looking at something that is almost coming out you guys know I'm a huge fan of air SF packs they just sent me one of their new ones it's my favorite line it's the duffle and they now have it coming out in camo these guys aren't sponsoring me they're not paying me they just hook me

Up with packs cuz I am that fond of them just once again little to no branding they have this fantastic front loading zipper which is literally made for all of my tech check them out guys of course everything that I mentioned down in the description box I am gonna talk a bit about my 2017 MacBook Pro that I just grabbed it is such a big improvement over the 2016 model can't even describe how good this guy cuts through 4k but they are coming out with new models I think the keynote from Apple is in june/july so if you're waiting for a new

Laptop I would probably say hang on till then smart phone wise I am rocking my Galaxy S 9 Plus this has been my daily driver I'm kind of compiling my thoughts gonna create a revisited review it's being crazy to think it's been that long since I was in Barcelona but it's been awesome of course on the back we've got black hammo with of course that hint of orange this guy of course is from dbrand obviously they're hooking it up with my color scheme you guys probably saw from the thumbnail that I am bringing or have brought my Mavic Pro with me and whenever I do car stuff I'm in a new

Place I definitely try to bring my Matic with me it's obviously compact fits nicely into my pack compact my pack headphone wise I am rocking the bose qc25 mark twos this time around I usually switch between those and the Sony's that I tend to have both are honestly awesome they're around the same price range I do kind of prefer the aluminum finish especially this year for the Sony's they're not as soft and supple the pleather fake leather that they used camera wise I kind of forgot to talk about that I just pulled this lens out of my pack it's the baddest 85

Mil 1.8 every photo that you see on Instagram is taken with this guy anyone that's looking to get into photography if you've got a Sony worth it and let me quickly show you guys this setup that I'm rocking here we'll do some video Inception a 7r3 wish I waited for the a7 3 here we've got these 16 to 35 2.8 G master honestly the greatest lens run-and-gun I bring it with me everywhere it is a bit big it is a bit bulky when I want to keep things a bit more lightweight that's when I switch to the 18 mil baddest and on top we've got the Sennheiser MKE 440 and we've got a

Little screen that actually helps me see what's going on this one is from small HD accessory wise I traveled very very light this trip I didn't even bring a power bank I'm living on the edge these are the only two that I brought the first one a USB see dongle this one's friend say techie obviously in space gray to match my MacBook and this guy here a 5 port USB hub I call this thing the Medusa you can kind of tell why it's got a micro USB cable lightning and of course USB see and this thing if you've ever watched any of these episodes lives in my tech pack and maybe my favorite

Part now from this bag you guys probably grabbed a sneak peek of these in the thumbnail you guys might know I'm pretty into kicks just picked these guys up these are the off light vapour Max's big shout outs to stock ex for hooking me up it's essentially a Marketplace on an app where you can check all things out sneakers clothes you name it it's on there kind of see what the market value of each of the shoes are I had to pick a pair of off whites up I wanted them forever obviously they are verified authentic they've got bits of orange and that's exactly why I came to this area

Just got to keep the orange game live I'll be wearing these at the BMW event later today and that is it for another tech Travel Pack happy that I recorded this video here way better then in the hotel which is hanging out right there as I mentioned later today I'm heading out to a couple of dmw events for autonomous driving so I hope I can get that video up shortly after this one and remember to leave a comment on the favorite item you saw can't guarantee that I can give you my off whites but if you do pick sneakers maybe I could ship something to you guys from

Stock X I'll catch the rest of you in one of my next episodes or vlogs peace


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This Device Could Save a Life! (Bay Alarm Medical Review)

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I want to talk about safety something I think that's really important now most of you guys know me from the …

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Loved the photos, i truly like the one of %image_title%, perfecto.

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I want to talk about safety something I think that's really important now most of you guys know me from the tech videos but what you don't know is that I work proudly as an emergency room nurse and you would not believe how many elderly people actually live on their own so when something catastrophic happens to them and if they get hurt no one is there to help them out when Bay alarm medical reached out to me and asked me to help raise awareness of this problem it made perfect sense I see elderly people come in all the

Time that have been laying there for 48 to 72 hours before anybody who finds them and we have to nurse them back to health and that could have been prevented with what's in this box so everything that you need is going to be in this box right here they do give you a personalized note in here now this is kind of nice as it comes where you can put your names and you can put all your pertinent medical history right here and put this directly on to the refrigerator for emergency personnel there is a QuickStart guide here just in case you need it

But the setup is really really easy this is the base unit this is where all the action happens all the connectivity is here you can see the help button is really big and just hit this if you need help and it comes in two different versions there's a cellular version and if your traditional you can actually just use the phone plug to make sure that this is connected remote wise there's three different ways that you can call for help so these two sensors are the easiest placement for you to call for help this one actually goes on your wrist so you can wear it like a

Watch and then this one goes around your neck so you can have it right there on your chest this third sensor is just a big help button so you can put this anywhere so if you know that they frequently fall in the bathroom or the bedroom you can place this here so they can easily reach it so here's how you set it up just make sure that the antenna is pointing in the upright position and then just plug your system in so everything's gonna be just voice guided and it's gonna take you to the steps the system's gonna tell you when connectivity is at best and if it

Has at least two point five bars of cellular service if you have that model when you hit one of these buttons somebody will be on the phone immediately and they will notify emergency personnel so somebody can help out within mid so if you have an elderly family member that could use 24/7 monitoring that makes you check out the Bay alarm medical system there's a lot of different tiers and different pricing for different types of monitoring so make sure you check out the link below or whatever fits your family member best

There will also be a code listed down below for the Watchers of this video to help you out with the price if you're worried about upfront costs then don't worry about it too much because you actually don't buy this system you're leasing it so only thing you need to worry about is the monthly plan and the monitoring thank you for watching this video I've just seen this so many times personally where in the emergency room a lot of these injuries could have been prevented with the system like this so make sure you check it out and protect

Your loved ones and I'll see you guys in the next video

This Device Could Save a Life! (Bay Alarm Medical Review)

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Best Wireless Headphones for Under $100?

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm going to take a look at some wicked wireless headphones under $100 and these are the ghost Tech's so…

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%image_title% is definitely the different!

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm going to take a look at some wicked wireless headphones under $100 and these are the ghost Tech's so drop twos if you remember I loved the original pair and loved those for the best performance per value and these are no different make sure you stick around to the end of the video where I got a couple surprises for you if you're looking to be wire free then these so drop twos are a great alternative to something like the beats solo wireless three and give you similar performance for literally a fraction of the price they come in three different colors I

Personally love these stealthy black ones but they do also come in a white and gold combo and also a white and rose gold color no matter if you like the light or dark color scheme these look pretty nice the headphones are nice and light they're easy for you to carry around and the design makes it comfortable for prolonged use they're built of mostly plastic with aluminum accents and the cups are nice and plush and they feel soft on the ears and feel nice on your head because the top is also comfortably padded the headphones and ears are adjustable so I'm sure

You'll find a position that is perfect for your head even though you can use these headphones wired and the wire comes included in the box with the carry case these are meant to be used wireless it uses Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX support so get nice and clean sound with high quality on the bottom you'll find a micro USB port to charge the built-in battery a microphone so you can take phone calls and a 3.5 millimeter jack just in case you want to use them wired and on the side you'll find a call button where you can answer phone calls with and pair your device with another

Microphone and the volume rocker switches that also double as play control buttons so overall the build is what you would expect and these are stretchable and flexible so you don't have to worry about them snapping on you pretty durable now most importantly and the reason why you're watching this is to know how do these actually sound to be honest they're pretty impressive I mean just like the first generation so drops they sound surprisingly good for the price but this time I feel like the signature has improved I mean I really love the bass heavy first so drops but

These are more balanced on the mids and highs and I also think they still give you enough without overpowering the sound you can always EQ it for higher bass but I like this more balanced approach so if you listen to a lot of hip-hop or electronic music like I do then you'll be happy with these the maximum volume is also adequate and you do get some decent noise cancellation with these passively so that's nice so if you're looking for this type of sound signature then you won't be let down for the price right now the so drop twos are retailing for

Anywhere from 80 to 90 dollars on Amazon but ghost tech was cool enough to give you guys a major discount with a provided code below in the description that makes these things about fifty five dollars so jump on this quick before this deal disappears just like the homie floss would say this is a major go so for this price you can't say no so let me know what you think about the so drop twos buy ghost tech I appreciate them sending these out to me and making this video happen and I have three of these here and I don't need all of them so make sure you follow me on Twitter for

I'll be giving away a few of these I mean why not right thanks for watching this video guys smack that like button if you enjoyed it subscribe for a lot more awesome videos like this and I'll see you guys in the next one

Best Wireless Headphones for Under $100?

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Macbook Pro with Touchbar vs Surfacebook with Performance Base

What's up everybody this is Danny and I'm excited for this video because I have probably the two most premium laptops right here with me and I have the …

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Some wonderful images. Outstanding shades.

What's up everybody this is Danny and I'm excited for this video because I have probably the two most premium laptops right here with me and I have the new surface book with performance space and I have the brand new redesigned 2016 MacBook Pro so if you were thinking about buying one of these and you weren't sure which one to buy which one would work best for you then hopefully this video will help you out alright so both of these come in a bunch of different configurations but to save time these are both maxed out so you can see the highest potential of both of these machines this surface book

Has the newly updated dual core skylake core i7 clocked at 2.8 gigahertz with 16 gigabytes of RAM and the nvidia 965 m graphics with 2 gigabytes of video RAM and this 15-inch MacBook Pro has the quad core skylake i7 clocked in at 2.9 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of RAM and the Radeon pro 460 with 4 gigabytes of video RAM both of these are premium when it comes to the unboxing experience and the basic stuff like the chargers are included but the surface book does come with the pen which is nice so if you're a graphic artist then this would probably be the choice for you this is a

13-inch MacBook Pro which is closer to the size of the surface book but there's no dedicated graphics option for the 13-inch MacBook Pro just crap by the way so I had to use the 15 inch to make the comparison makes sense first of all build quality on both of these machines are top notch nothing is going to come down to personal preference the new MacBook Pro is for sure one of the best built laptops I've ever used and the machining is impeccable and it's all packed into this thin metal design it's beautiful all around the surface book is also extremely well built with a

Futuristic dynamic fulcrum hinge it's all magnesium alloy body I mean it feels solid when you're using it it also has this cool trick up a sleeve so you can detach a display to use it as a tablet so you get the best of both worlds there's nice subtle curves by the keyboard with hidden ventilation and I mean this design is very well thought-out in terms of how these companies want you to interact with the computer couldn't be any more different the new MacBook Pro has this new oled touch bar which replaces the function key row on the top of the keyboard to

Dynamically change the keys to the app that you're using at the time and you also get a touch ID sensor that doubles as the power button so you can sign into your computer quickly and you can also make secure online purchases with the surface book you get a full 10-point multi-touch screen so you can interact with everything on the display and the touch sensitivity is great and the pen also works decently for sketching and interaction the surface book uses Windows hello with facial recognition for fast sign-in I love this by the way

It is so fast so I've been using these laptops for about three weeks now so if I had to make a call I think I prefer the surface book when it comes to the interaction I personally think it's just easier to just touch the display wherever you want it like when I'm editing this video it's just easier for me to touch the display and scrub through the timeline then to take my eyes off the display and mess with the touch bar while the touch bar does have potential and has some useful features like scrubbing through a video while you're watching it and seeing little

Snippets of your tabs when web browsing for quick changes but at this time the touch bar is not fully customizable so maybe in the future this will become more useful but I think for now is just more cool to look at you can just learn some keyboard shortcuts or just touch the screen on the surface book the keyboards on both are absolutely excellent and the MacBook keys are a little bit more shallow and don't have as much travel and tactility but once you get used to it it is incredible it feels slightly mechanical and once I got used to the depth and feedback now I

Absolutely love it the keyboard on the surface book is more traditional with great feedback and travel I think most people would prefer this keyboard when it comes to feel both are backlit and best in the business so no worries there if you didn't notice somehow the track pads on the new MacBook Pros are absolutely huge I mean almost huge for no reason but it is excellent in terms of responsiveness and scrolling MacBooks have always been great for this and the trackpad no longer physically clicks it uses vibration feedback to give you that click feel the trackpad is much smaller

On the surface book but is also top-notch very smooth and responsive and is one of the best track pads on a Windows machine I have ever used it's nice with great feedback in terms of portability you can see that the MacBook is much thinner and the hinge wall it's functional makes the surface book pretty thick when it's docked and closed so if you just look at the display portion it is super thin it is incredible that the CPU and all the components are housed in here it's engineering at its best but when you're using it like a tablet the battery life

Isn't the greatest so you're going to want this nearby and you can actually flip it on to the performance space to the other side and use it as a prop to enjoy watching videos while you're in the kitchen or you can actually continue using this as a tablet with the base attached so when it comes to versatility the surface book as it hands down battery life as a whole is better on the surface book since there's extra battery in the base itself I'm getting about two to three hours more use with a surface book so if you want really good battery life surface book might be the way to go

When it comes to the ports the surface book has two USB 3.0 ports and a full size SD card slot and you also get the magnetic charging connector on the other side with a mini display ports you can hook up external monitors and you also get a headphone jack the new MacBook Pros have a total of four USB type-c ports and a headphone jack and that's it I know a lot of you are going to be really angry about this decision but for me I actually don't mind it don't think I am pissed off about is the SD card slot I think a lot of people use it I still use it a lot so I wish they would

Have included that so the reason I'm not as angry I mean think about this all of these four ports are Thunderbolt three capable which means it's wicked fast and you can drive large high-resolution displays with any of these ports and you can also charge the MacBook with just one cable and you can get much faster USB 3.1 speeds and you can also charge with any of these ports and with an external battery pack which is really important for a person that travels a lot like I do but I have to say I do miss the MagSafe connection it is true you may have to use some dongles for a

Little while but to be honest most of the peripherals I use are already USB type-c like this tiny kingston 128 gig thumb drive is USB 3.1 it's quick and it's easy to take with me my external drive and raid are already USB type-c I can easily add back my SD card slot with minimal bulk and I can drive a secondary portable display with ease so between the two the surface book is gonna be a lot more convenient at this time and you may have to spend a little bit more money on the MacBook for some peripherals but when it comes to future proofing I think USB type-c is

The future it's a lot faster so once more manufacturers started adopting USB type-c I don't think this is going to be much of a problem I mean what do you guys think so Before we jump into performance let's talk about the displays a little bit the surface book is a little smaller at 13.5 inches but as a higher resolution at 3000 by 2000 with 267 pixels per inch with a different 3 by 2 aspect ratio but I'm digging it the display looks fantastic it's sharp the colors are nice and it's great for multitasking with this aspect ratio and

Windows 10 makes it really easy to do this the new MacBook Pro has a resolution of 28 80 by 1800 with 220 pixels per inch and it also looks fantastic the contrast level is higher and the color gamut is wider than the last generation and you can really tell the display is also crazy bright at 500 nits so when you put them side-by-side you can definitely tell that the MacBook Pro has a brighter display so to round things up let's talk about the performance so let me just say this that both of these machines are very well optimized for the hardware both of these

Machines do not have the most cutting-edge internal specifications and especially on the windows side you can definitely get a stronger and more powerful laptop but trust me when I say that both of these perform very well on day to day tests they're pretty hard to compare side-by-side so I'll use some benchmarks here and they are pretty similar when it comes to the graphics side each bench edges it to the surface book but you will notice that the quad core i7 on the MacBook Pro 15 inch makes a huge difference in terms of numbers and potential performance on heavy-duty

CPU intensive work when it comes to heat under load they both do really well they don't get hot enough to where you can't keep it on your lap while you're working there's not a whole lot of thermal throttling here I do have to say that the MacBook Pro it takes longer for the fans to come on so it's going to get warmer first and the surface book they fans tend to kick on right away and the surface book fan is just slightly louder it's got a little bit of a pitch noise a little bit higher pitched while the MacBook Pros a little bit more silent so if that

Matters to you take it for what it is testing gaming is kind of tough because gaming sucks on Mac OS so you'd have to install windows on here and from what I've seen from other videos the gaming performance is not that great on their Radeon 460 so I just didn't even bother but I can link you to a few videos that have done this test I'm not a huge gamer so I rather you just watch somebody else's video when it comes to gaming performance but what I can judge it on is video editing because that's what I do and I use 4k video as a benchmark on the MacBook Pro I use Final Cut Pro and

That handles 4k and even beyond 4k without any problems and video editing is very smooth on this on the surface book once the media is transcoded it also runs smooth on 4k edits and if you're working on 1080p then you will have absolutely no problems I do have to note that the transcoding times were a little bit longer than I wanted them to be on premiere but I'm assuming that has to do with the dual-core processor and when testing the two SSDs I noticed that the MacBook Pro is a lot faster on read and write speeds so that is definitely going to affect a few things when it

Comes to performance if you want to see a more detailed comparison on performance between the two then let me know and I will make a separate video about that so the last thing to note is that the surface book has a camera on the front and back and you're also getting a much higher 1080p quality on the front-facing camera on the surface book versus the potato 720p on the new MacBook Pro alright guys well I hope you enjoyed this video I know this comparison is kind of hard because they're not the same it's a little bit different than

Just putting up to Windows machines side-by-side but if you look at what these computers were made for and what their visions were then you can kind of understand where they're coming from both of these companies aren't trying to make the most powerful computer but they're trying to make the most well-rounded computer and I think both of them have succeeded I've experienced bugs on both of these and trust me they're not a bug free experience and I have to say if I had to go for the bugs then the MacBook Pro would be worse this is probably the

Buggiest new Mac that I've used in a long time but overall as a computing experience I have to say the build quality on both the smoothness the cutting-edge innovations that they're trying to push forward for their platforms I mean both of these are the pinnacle or the best you can get on the market right now so if my opinion counts at all to you which I don't know if it does or not but if it does then upon first impression or just say shock value or which one I'm most impressed by as a whole after using them for three weeks I would say it would be

The surface book it might be a surprise to some of you because I have been a Mac user for the longest time but I have to say the surface book really changed the way I feel about PCs the build quality is just fantastic it's the best Windows experience that I've had overall and I just think they did a great job with this it's not perfect but it's definitely a step in the right direction so when it comes to these two laptops I think if I had to have a preferred laptop it would be this one but since I am a Final Cut Pro user and I just cannot get used to Adobe Premiere that

Kind of defaults me back onto the MacBook Pro alright guys so let me know what you think and also let me know what else you might want to see because these two laptops are going to be around for a while so I may do a follow-up on this I just want to give you a general comparison between the two to see if I can help you make a buying decision it makes you follow me on Twitter at super-scientific and all of my other social networks if you have any questions or if you just want to interact with me and make sure you subscribe if you like this and if you

Want to see more videos like this I'll see you guys in the next one

Macbook Pro with Touchbar vs Surfacebook with Performance Base

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Corsair Glaive RGB Optical Gaming Mouse Review – Modular Thumb Grips!

What's up everyone is time to check out Corsairs newest mouse just released to the market the glaive is aimed directly at FPS players let's take a look …

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Great depth ;-)

What's up everyone is time to check out Corsairs newest mouse just released to the market the glaive is aimed directly at FPS players let's take a look so the Corsair glaive when I first heard about it I was a little unsure whether I'd like it firstly because of the modular side grip plus I normally prefer small mice and the glaive is massive opening up the box the glaive comes included with 2 spare thumb rests the first is sloped which reminds me of the one found on the logitech g502 and the second is much like the stock one with

Rubberized grips we're talk more about them later and also in the box you get a handy little carrying case priced at $59.99 in the US and 69 at 95 pounds in the UK it certainly has a premium price tag so the big question is does it perform it shaped the glaive isn't as unique compared to some of course says other mice it's very safe just a gradual hump on the back with an aggressive slope at the front the left side slopes in at your thumbs gripping points and the right side is fairly flat with a tapered edge aiding grip the left and right clicks are fairly wide but

Have subtle comfort grooves indicating that the mouse has been designed for users with larger hands weight the glaive comes in at 122 grams not including the cable weigh more than more so normally prefer even so if you love heavy mice you'll be glad to know there's fantastic weight distribution dimensions the glaive is large length twelve point six centimeters height four point four centimeters and it's gripping width is six point six centimeters I found the mouse very substantial in my hands ideally you're going to have to have a fairly large hands to get the

Most out of this mouse my hands are 18 centimeters in length that said I found the mouse very comfortable to use especially over long periods of time the mouse is finished with a slight rubberized coating that seems very durable for a rubber surface but unfortunately over time it will show signs of wear and tear check out the buttons on the left side there's two very unusual forward and back buttons they stick out further than I've ever seen on any Mouse before plus they have an extremely long travel distance way past their actuation points on the top

Of the mouse the left and right clicks feel ok there's a fair I'm out of play that said they do get the job done but I found it hard to burst fire with the glaze left-click due to its clicks not being very well defined the scroll wheel has a decent amount of tactile feedback with button free being a little hard to press in but it gives off a nice tactile bump the DPI button is neatly tucked behind the scroll wheel and I never hit it by mistake there's also a strip of lights on the left side indicating your current dpi setting one feature with the glaive

Is the modular thumb grips you can choose from three different ones I personally prefer the flat a textured grip only trouble with these grips is they leave a gap between your thumb and the side buttons while testing I found the side buttons difficult to use the back button not so much but the forward button I have to take my thumb off the rest to use it not ideal at all if you use these buttons while gaming it's not all doom and gloom though with this Mouse far from it yes I've known about a few things but Corsair have nailed one super important thing with this mouse

The sensor once again Core says custom pmw 3367 is back one of the best sensors on the market while gaming tracking was excellent with zero skipping the mouse seems to perform well at most dpi settings as the sensor has no native dpi Corsairs custom version of the 3366 sensor cannot be faulted I can't even make the sensor spin out no matter how hard I try while gaming I only wished that my hands were a little bit bigger to really see the glazed potential you've got to have about 20 centimeter + hands to use it comfortably for FPS gaming in csgo

In my opinion the mouse's liftoff distance was a little high as default setting jumping into the q software I was pleased to find the option to adjust the height was there on its lowest setting is no higher than 2 millimeters which is perfect for gaming speaking of the Q software Corsair software integration is the best although the Q software can be a little daunting for new or especially casual users first of all you're able to create several custom profiles within software that can be stored on the mouse itself great if you ever use the mouse

On another computer the actions tab allows you to fully customize the buttons with single keys full macros and media controls lighting effects are limitless each one of the free lighting zones can be customized separately with various effects including rainbow color shift color pulse and lastly a single static color you can also sync the mouse up to all of your other corsair devices the DPI tab allows you to not only customize each five steps of the DPI button found on the mouse but you can assign a sniper button if you like it's also nice to software lets you choose

Very small increments as well performance has all the angle snapping and enhanced pointer options but more importantly free levels of liftoff height surface calibration allows you to tune the mouse to a particular surface you're using whether it's a hard or soft mousepad and lastly there's an option to save everything to the mouse itself rounding off now the glaive seems like a solid choice for casual and veteran FPS gamers with big hands ultimately if you're looking for a big heavy Mouse the glaive could be the mouse for you it's let down slightly by

The strange modular thumb rest design I'm not so well to find left and right clicks that said the most important features are there namely the awesome 3367 sensor and you should be more than able to rack up those kills when you're using the glaive the final score for the glaive is going to be a Silver Awards I hope you've enjoyed the video guys my name is Mark from silent tech goodbye you

Corsair Glaive RGB Optical Gaming Mouse Review – Modular Thumb Grips!

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GDC 2015: Divide by Sheep is a gross way to do math

Hey guys this is Simon sage from I'm or we're with mike from tiny build gains and he's showing off / sheep at GDC 2015 has gone mike is going pretty…

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Superb photos, the colour and depth of the images are breath-taking, they draw you in as though you are a component of the make-up.

Hey guys this is Simon sage from I'm or we're with mike from tiny build gains and he's showing off / sheep at GDC 2015 has gone mike is going pretty darn well yeah that's pretty good pretty well so what's / sheep it sounds a violent it is it is deceptively violent so this is by red team and yeah like you say we're publishing this and it's basically Matt's game in disguise so I'll just basically just jump in here in your be able to see what goes on so you've kind of got all of these sheep all over these little islands and you want to try and save them by bouncing them to the to the kind of raft ov so this is fairly simple

You can see the idea you want about 24 and six to get there you know you've got a little tutorial level here to work out how you can bounce them so this seems pretty simple but as you kind of get into the game it gets kind of messed up you have to start sacrificing sheep to be able to make up those specific numbers which can be a little cruel you sometimes need to bounce sheep on top of each other so they fall in the water and get eaten sometimes you need to slide sheep in half and then glue them back together with tape once they're on the raft sometimes you'll need to feed them

To wolves so that the wolves take up space on the platform so that you can basically work out the the basic math to to get the exact number you need as there's all kinds of things in this there's there's levels with pigs there's levels where you actually have to purposely kill sheep to get them on the boat so that the Grim Reaper can take them Wow yeah it gets so I mean you can see here I've just played through these levels it seems like pretty happy and pretty bouncy and then all of a sudden it gets really kind of dark so especially when the laser walls come

That I think the first time I saw the laser walls it kind of threw me a little bit so yeah so I mean it can get a little bit harder here so you see I need for here and I've got 60 if I bounce them that then it's going to sink the raft because there's too many so what I can do instead is bounce these six to this for two of them are sacrificed into the wall so because they they sort of didn't be needed again I need three year so the question is how do I get three or what you're actually doing this level is sacrifice that one there bounce this guy

Across here so we're preparing our 24 later and then oh no hang on open this one run we need to bounce these two back of this or actually and once these guys here to turn there's four in two three see I told you it was my skin is kind of what people realize that its a math game I'm doing that this isn't right but yeah so it's gonna start getting a bit strange soon but yeah this is the this is the the general game and I think the idea is that it's coming and I think like early May and so yeah maze time essentially okay how much is it gonna cost yeah it's good we premiere out I

Have no idea what price point is going to be yet but yeah it's it's gonna be a premium game awesome looking forward to it Meg thanks a lot no you

GDC 2015: Divide by Sheep is a gross way to do math

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Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro: Which should you buy?!

so the huawei P 30 and P 30 Pro you could be forgiven for thinking that these like the galaxy s 10 and s temp plus are basically the same phone in two differen…

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What kind of digicam is that? That is certainly a decent good quality.

so the huawei P 30 and P 30 Pro you could be forgiven for thinking that these like the galaxy s 10 and s temp plus are basically the same phone in two different sizes but that's really not quite the case in addition to being cheaper the smaller P 30 changes things up a little omitting some of the pros fancier features in addition to coming in a more compact body to start with let's focus on the screens they're both extra tall nineteen point five by nine panels but the p30 Pro uses a curved OLED competitor thirties flat display and

That phone has a smaller 6.1 inch diagonal compared to the pros six point four seven inches the be that he feels a bit more like a regular phone whereas the p30 pro really is a bit lanky and reaching up the top of the screen can be a little bit problematic both use the same do drop shape notch at the top of that displays however you'll notice the slightly thicker bezels on the smaller p30 as well as the presence of a traditional earpiece up top over P that he Pro there's a new audio system that vibrates the display itself to generate sound for calls speaking of audio the

Standard P 30 is the only model to have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that means it's bluetooth or USB see audio only in the larger model unless you want to bring your own dongle since there's none included in the box this time the number-crunching at the heart of both P 30s remains the same though its worries karin 980 processor the same as we saw in the mate 20 series last year a proven chipset the storage and RAM configurations are somewhat different though the p30 starts with six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage whereas with the pro it's 8 + 128 256

And 512 gigabyte models are also available in terms of taste a performance you're not gonna notice much of a difference between 6 and 8 gigs of ram but 8 is pretty much the standard these days for a flagship it does give you a bit more wiggle room for keeping apps in memory a little practical limit of the standard P 30 has to do with its IP rating and that dictates how careful you have to be using it around water whereas the pro has the same ip68 rating for water and dust resistance as most other flagships it's little brother drops to IP 53 which basically means

It's splash resistance you'll be fine using it out in the rain but you want to avoid dunking it in a pool as far as battery life goes thus for p30 does have a spore cell version 3650 ml powers compared to the top-notch 4200 milliamp hour cell in the p30 Pro of course the smaller cell will mean overall you get slightly less spectacular battery life in a smaller fee 30 but in reality it's also powering a smaller screen so the difference shouldn't be all that noticeable the larger compromise comes in how you'll actually charge the standard p38 uses

Huawei supercharged standard but at the lower twenty 2.5 watt rating compared the pros 40 watts and there's no wireless charging support in that model either the pro on the other hand does support wireless charging both to and from the phone those consequential trade-off of the p30 versus p30 pro easy to wear camera setup both are pretty different the p30 pro has the very best imaging setup Huawei has to offer and arguably one of the best in any smartphone you get a new wall a super sensing sensor at 40 megapixels behind an F 1.6 lens with optical image

Stabilization you get the proven wide-angle camera from the mate 20 as well 16 megapixels at F 2.2 and you get an impressively 5 x telephoto camera using Huawei's fancy new periscope zoom technology plus there's also an extra time of flight camera used for improved depth detection with the standard p 30 the camera setup is a weird hybrid of the p30 pro and the may 20 probe you still get that impressive wide-angle shooter you still get the super sensing sensor though without OAS and with only an F 1.8 lens that means low-light performance falls somewhere between the

Mate 20 pro and the p30 pro not the very very best but still excellent overall meanwhile there's the same 3 x telephoto camera we saw in the p20 pro and mate 20 pro still an impressive level of zoom but not quite the 5 times of the p30 Pro and both models share the same 32 megapixels selfie camera as well which I found actually performs really well across the board so the standard p 30 has the essence of what makes the pro special it's also priced within striking distance of the galaxy s 10 II and for the money is very competitive with that phone you get more camera options really

Impressive telephoto and a much bigger battery small phone fans or more price conscious flagship buyers should definitely give this one a look on the other hand the p30 pro remains the do-everything flagship with the very best of everything at Wally's disposal in early 2019 it's certainly not cheap but it comes real tangible benefits over the p30 and in my opinion a sharper design to boot that's it for now let us know in the comments which p30 model you'd pick up and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss off future videos including a full

P30 pro review thanks for watching and I'll see you next time you

Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro: Which should you buy?!

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Samsung is LEAKING the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA on PURPOSE!

Alright y'all so we're gonna talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and note 20 altra the phones that'll be announced here in just a couple of weeks …

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I favor the tones!

Alright y'all so we're gonna talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and note 20 altra the phones that'll be announced here in just a couple of weeks and have been leaked to heck and back and by the way let me just be clear phones have been leaked for a very long time and Samsung is no stranger to this however the way the leaks have happened this year unlike any other leaks that have happened to previous Samsung phones at least not at least on this level least not to my mind there's a couple of things that happened this time that just don't add up and listen I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I figured it's a

YouTube video we're just gonna have fun think about the possibilities makes it a little more interesting so got a couple more weeks before they actually announced it so let's let's have some fun with the video let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and no 20 ultra right after this players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is Travis and I do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything I'll talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just

Get into the video those of you at a long time viewers of the channel you know that I've been a Samsung Galaxy Note owner since the note2 I know a lot of you out there never really owned the note 2 that's how long hard core of a note fan I've been but over the last couple of years have gotten kind of boring and to be honest I'm not even really looking forward to the note 20 or no 20 Ultra this year there's another phone that I'm looking forward to and I will talk about that in another video but in the meantime we're here to talk about the note 20 no 20 ultra and some

Of the things that have leaked out now one of things I want to talk about is how the note series of phones used to be demonstrably better than the S series of phones that is to say they would have a bigger battery a bigger screen and usually a better processor a couple years back they stopped that practice and while sometimes there have been improvements like an extra camera here or there generally speaking they've been more in line with the previous version of the S series of phone – a slight size difference the s-pen obviously in sometimes it's like battery difference

But the processors have been the same if rumors are beat of leave they've gone back to the old theory of giving the note the best in class processor the Snapdragon 865 plus that's the current rumor now we'll find out in a couple of weeks if that's true might be true they've never really used the plus processor in any of these flagships before there was an 855 plus last year but they didn't have a phone out in time to get one of those so we'll see if they do it this year that would be an interesting change and slightly significant because in my mind the note

Series should just about be retired I'll probably talk about that in a future video I love the note series but I think it's time is coming to an end there's a couple of problems with launching the Galaxy Note right now but let's talk about these leaks that have happened lately some of them are a little bit weird we have seen CAD drawings before and renders and case models little plastic case things that case manufacturers used to so they can make their cases we've seen that before but very recently an actual Galaxy Note

20 Ultra was leaked like to a youtuber now let me just be clear to a youtuber this doesn't even make any kind of sense this is the worst kind of leak you can have it's not just a leak to some random person that it's happened in the past like you might remember the old iPhone thing that happened many years ago someone a developer for one of the iPhones left their phone at a restaurant I mean that went guy went guy went kind of crazy but that wasn't like an influencer this one ended up in the hands of Jimmy as promo now Jimmy has problem as an OG here on YouTube and has

Been doing phone videos for a very long time so I mean that's kind of cool for us who watch YouTube videos about phones went to the right person but there's some strange things about that video now first of all I like Jimmy he's a good guy I'm not actually disparaging him in any way but let's take a look at what the video was it's very interesting Jimmy shared a bunch of pictures before he dropped the video on his Twitter account to get people hyped up for it exactly what I would do I would totally do the same thing then he released a

Video which was kind of not like any of his other videos on his channel and then hasn't made another video since this is the part that confuses me and there might be a good reason for this but I'm gonna need someone to tell me so leave me a comment below and tell me why he shot a video in a different form than he ever has before let me explain unlike most of his other videos he doesn't talk in this video at all and while he doesn't typically show his face anymore in videos he has in the past let me tell you something if I got the Galaxy Note 20 altra weeks before anyone

Else like even people like mkbhd it would go something like this what please I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 altra raise my hand I got it me we got here we out here everybody you need to hit up my Twitter my Instagram follow me everywhere because I got to jam no one else got it and I'm gonna tell you all about it right after this so you know I'd be out here doing it big but that's not really Jimmy style but what's crazy about him what's really interesting about it if you watch Jimmy his promos other videos he's very detail-oriented goes over everything in

Pretty much every video so you don't leave wondering anything this video was very short and left a lot of questions now you could say that maybe he was protecting his source by not showing too much of the phone but he did show parts of the phone that would have probably given away a lot anyway so I don't know why he didn't dive an extra level deeper why didn't he show any of the really cool things you can do with the s-pen other than put it in an old note I don't understand that it seems to me I'd be one of the first things you'd want to do just because

That's one of the main reasons to buy a Galaxy Note and even if he forgot I just want to be extra careful I think everyone was expecting at least one other video and there just hasn't been one so I don't know why Jimmy did that I mean he probably had a good reason my guess is the reality is he's probably protecting his source but if you want to go conspiracy theory you could say that's just what Samsung wanted him to leak we've seen kind of leaks like this before the pixel three how'd that happen where there were complete reviews before they ever even announced it overseas

Like like some Russian websites or something actually had the pixel three and was reviewing it before was ever even announced by Google that was really strange and I guess in a vacuum you could just say that some employee gave Jimmy who may be a fan of his channel access to it but then right around that same time Samsung's old website their own website leaked pictures how is that possible now what's interesting here is that it wasn't the main Samsung website that actually would be too obvious I mean that would never happen there Russian website did it always seems like

Whenever in a brand's website leaks things prematurely it's always one of their other countries websites uh-huh so you're telling me that these graphics that should not be shown for weeks were put on a prod website prod meaning production website public facing not just email to other people so they can look at them not just on an intra web where people can see them but on their actual website and then someone published them and didn't notice the mistake before the rest of the internet did how much of this are you believing between that and the leak Jimmy is promo

Video that isn't exactly like na VIU's other videos starting to seem a little weird now let's go a little bit more conspiracy theory and I'll admit this is just conspiracy theory we're doing this for fun ladies and gentlemen it's not like I really believe that this is really happening I don't think but let's be honest this has been really interesting people are excited talking about the galaxy note that leaked image got everyone swooning over the galaxy note and that's a thing that hasn't really been happening this year the galaxy s 20 did not sell very

Well which it probably wouldn't have even if the pandemic wasn't happening as the galaxy s 10 didn't really sell all that well either and they priced everything wrong and the galaxy notes gonna be at least if not more expensive than the high-end galaxy s 20 phones so of course they weren't gonna sell that much that goes without saying but a good lead is really good marketing and it makes it interesting and some of the fanboys of Samsung are gonna rise up and be super excited about it listen I don't blame them it's kind of cool I like the leaks but it is

Samples I'm doing it there was a lot of speculation that Google did this with the pixel 3 that they were actually in charge of their own leaks and if it's me and I'm running a multi-billion dollar corporation about ready to release a phone that probably won't sell that well because of the pricing I might I might do the same thing I might find a youtuber that's been really nice to me and has done a lot of positive videos about my product and leaked it to him even if the youtuber didn't know himself again I'm not saying that's what happened but that's what I would do if I

Was in charge of Samsung what would you do leave me a comment below so all-in-all this phone might end up being excellent certainly has a lot more buzz going into this very strange release because you got to remember no one's gonna be in a big arena with all the cool spectacular stuff that Samsung normally does at these unpacked it's gonna be a virtual event now with that they can get really creative like Apple bid and maybe wow us but going into it you almost need a little extra boost that they actually have that now whether it was on purpose or not at the

End of the day we're just here left and wondering so let me know in the comments below what you think did Samsung leak these things on purpose is this one big conspiracy theory or is it just a YouTube video that now you can't get your time back from I mean I know that some of you are gonna be upset about that but you know what just a YouTube video you'll be alright you'll survive I've got some other videos for you if you like this one right here you can check that out or maybe a playlist over here anyway I'll see you next time

Samsung is LEAKING the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA on PURPOSE!

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Apple Is STEALING Android Users!

Well ladies and gentlemen apple's finally done it ladies and gentlemen they did it they figured out how to steal some of the customers that have android pho…

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Thanks for featuring the lovely pictures-- so vulnerable to a feeling of reflection.

Well ladies and gentlemen apple's finally done it ladies and gentlemen they did it they figured out how to steal some of the customers that have android phones they did it the secret sauce has been revealed okay well they didn't exactly steal them they convinced them to buy iphones now you might think well that's not exactly what your title says it implies that maybe they went in the night and got people out of bed and took them with them to the great apple ecosystem in the sky

It's not what happened but i want you to think about this consider this if i said apple convinced people to buy more iphones than android phones would you have clicked this video be real honest you know you wouldn't have so now that we're past that and some of you might be angry that's okay leave a comment below give me some of that engagement love the watch time but more importantly than i will tell you indeed how apple was able to convert more people than ever before from an android phone to an iphone

Stolen or not don't worry about it because i'll tell you all about it right after this what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing them if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video now as the global pandemic continues we know and have known for a

While that this would impact smartphone sales i've actually been talking about this for a couple of months now even told people that maybe the iphone 12 and the galaxy note 20 should be delayed or just not brought out in 2020 at all maybe i'll leave a link for those videos in the description at the end because i brought up some pretty good points at least i thought so here's the thing what happened is exactly what i thought would happen a bunch of phones didn't get sold

Let's talk about the galaxy s20 so far so in 2020 the sales are pretty miserable as a matter of fact sales are down 38 versus the samsung s10 from the same four months the year previous at least the activations are i mean sales and activations seem to be about the same numbers and there shouldn't be a surprise people are shut in they don't necessarily need to upgrade their phones and if they did a lot of people upgrade their phones by going out to a store and doing it without stores being open they

Can't do it true all smartphone manufacturers suffered some losses across the board this year first four months being pretty brutal for some of the countries in some of the states here in america that have opened up an immediate kind of boon to the sales of some of those phones happened but for the most part everyone was down but as i've been saying for a while now apple seems to be impervious to a lot of these market shifts they definitely did not

Sell as many iphones as previously however they kind of have a better market share than a year ago in january when they didn't have a pandemic to fight against in the first quarter of 2019 they had a 12 market share versus a 14 market share in 2020. how how how what huh how in the six sides of heck did they do that now iphone revenues fell seven percent but there are some positive signs like iphone install bases hit an all-time high in every region so more people owned iphones in every

Region than pretty much ever before why now it's kind of weird well i mean apple did release one phone that may have just saved them earlier this year apple released the iphone se now this was a pretty controversial phone on tech youtube you know as the tech youtubers didn't like it because it was kind of an older design but with upgraded internals but as i said before you know the average consumer is not going to care about that and i was both right and wrong because you see there was a

Bunch of people who still had iphone 6s that upgraded to the se now this makes a lot of sense because of course the iphone sc looks just like an iphone 6 and that kind of bared out in the sales you see over 30 percent of se buyers come from either using an iphone 6s or older iphone so they liked the familiarity of that handset and they got it with upgraded internals and a better camera so while people who buy flagships every year were scoffing at the iphone se apple kind of knew what they were doing

They finally released the phone for the first time in a long time from their iphone line with some iphone specs in an android pricing and this is what causes some android users who've always wanted to try ios to leave over 26 of new iphone se owners were android users which is higher than the norm for people coming from android to ios so why well this just goes back to what i was saying there's a lot of people who've always wanted to try an iphone i

Know here in america pretty much anyone who has friends i mean some of you have friends right i think some of you might have friends i guarantee if you have more than one friend at least one of those people has an iphone and some of the cool things you do with imessage and airdrop and the emojis and all that other sort of thing are things that people seem to like so when having an opportunity to upgrade they can finally get into an iphone without paying a whole bunch of money you know that iphone pro price

Because up until this point android pretty much dominated the amount of varied phones at a different price range from i mean you can get some for about 100 bucks all the way up to over fourteen hundred dollars uh ios and iphones weren't really that way they were always the newest stuff and then slightly older and maybe 500 600 but at 400 plus subsidies and buy one get one freeze and everything you can get into an iphone really cheaply and the pent-up demand for a cheap iphone just unleashed itself now

Imagine if there wasn't a pandemic these numbers would be crazy and this is where samsung made a mistake their entire s series line that came out this year were all 900 and above it was really just a bad mistake hopefully they'll learn from that next year and go back to the s10e by the way an s10e kind of phone i actually did a review on the s10e very recently so why don't you check that i'll leave a link in the description below that's a great phone i don't know why

They didn't do that for the s20e line it could have been an s20e tell me in the comments below would you have bought an s20e by bringing out a phone an affordable price apple did the unthinkable they are now in the price range of most android mid-range phones with a specked out phone with a much better processor and the ability to take better pictures now you might say that has the old iphone 8 optics or whatever but as i've told you before it has nothing to do with the hardware

Pictures now are all about the software and the upgraded software on the iphone se takes darn good pictures and video and at a mid-range price most people aren't side loading gcam which i absolutely say you should if you have a phone that doesn't have great cameras on the android side of things they don't even know what gcam is but they know what a good picture is and using it on facebook and instagram and tinder my guess is the sales the iphone sc 2020 are going to do so well that apple will

Continue to release phones at this price if they do this they can continue to claw back some of the amazing amount of people that are still out there on the android side of things that do want to try an iphone imagine if they come out with an sc plus slightly larger design something that people who don't want a smaller design might be interested in or maybe a new version of the iphone 10r at four hundred dollars uh yeah they win pretty easily with that one i said it at the beginning of this year this

Year is the battleground for 500 and below samsung ignored that for the most part for their s series of phones and apple looked at it as a new battleground now of course samsung does have the a series of phones and you can find those some places but they're not making very many commercials at least not here in north america on the a series of phones but what do you think did apple use the correct strategy here to walk away with a bigger market share

This year than probably they should have been able to by simply releasing one more phone than they normally do the iphone sc like i said i did a video about this a while back it'll be right here i did a video about the s10e which i think samsung needs to go back to right here and i'll see you next time peace and love

Apple Is STEALING Android Users!

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iPhone XR vs 2020 iPhone SE – which should you buy? (Comparison)

The iPhone se came out just recently and is essentially the small iPhone 8 with a faster processor it starts at $400 and if you're not a fan of that older d…

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I really like the composition.

The iPhone se came out just recently and is essentially the small iPhone 8 with a faster processor it starts at $400 and if you're not a fan of that older design the next step up is this the $600 iPhone 10 our hey how's it going I'm Josh from 91 tech and today we're taking a look at the iPhone se and the iPhone 10 our how did they compare and which should you get these are two very different phones but they do make up the cheapest options if you are looking for a new iPhone which one is better well actually that's a harder question answer than you might

Expect I mean yes the iPhone 10 R is more expensive and has the newer design as well as much better battery life and is significantly bigger but the iPhone se has the better chipset with the a13 instead of the a12 mind you the a12 is no slouch but the SE does have that extra step of power over the iPhone 10 R which will likely mean at least an extra year of software support in the future but besides that the iPhone 10 R is indeed the better phone that doesn't mean it's the better one for you though you might prefer the older home button design or like small phones or the

Complete opposite but I think for most people out there it's gonna come down to what a lot of things seem to come down to money so which phone is the best bang for your buck is the iPhone 10 are worth the extra $200 that's the question we're hitting today but first let's back up here and start with the designs of these two phones so the iPhone se again looks basically the same as the iPhone H but with the Apple logo centered we have an aluminum frame and glass back same as the bigger iPhone 10 R the iPhone se is noticeably smaller than the 10 R and has a Retina display sized at 4.7 inches the

10 R on the other hand has a Retina display sized at 6.1 inches so quite a bit bigger if you're not okay with a small phone the iPhone se is not the one for you but if you like being able to use your phone with only one hand it's a no-brainer there definitely is an audience that prefers smaller devices and that's totally fair on the bottom of these phones we have the Lightning port and no headphone jack both phones are fast charging capable although neither comes with a fast charger out of the box they can also wirelessly charge which is a

Nice feature although I suppose not really a new one but let's take this design talk up and knotch yeah yeah I'm sorry but we do need to talk about the home button versus knotch both provide different biometric systems face ID coming with a notch and touch ID coming with the home button both ways honestly have their pros and cons and while I personally prefer face ID I wouldn't blame you for disagreeing with me again just comes to personal preference here but there's no question these slimmer bezels on the 10 are really make the phone look a lot more modern the iPhone

Se incorporates a design we've better or worse been seen since 2014 which to some will make it feel old and stale but to others the SC is comfortable familiar this is very similar to what they've been using since their first smartphone so they know how to operate it or maybe they just enjoy the small display on the other side of the coin the iPhone 10 our two most looks much more fresh and modern even if it does have a fairly big notch and decently thick bezels compared to some other newer smartphones at the end of the day go with your gut if you want to

Stick with the home button get the SC that said if you want a bigger display get the 10 arm even if you are worried about the lack of home button trust me what I say newer iPhones are very intuitive and you'll get used to the new setup very quickly but let's turn to one of the more interesting factors between these two phones the cameras this is a tough category to compare because while we do technically have superior hardware in the 10r we get very similar results the iPhone SC uses the iPhone AIDS 12 megapixel sensor while the 10r uses a better 12 megapixel sensor however

Thanks to the a 13 ship the iPhone se he is able to take advantage of superior photography tech and because of that I'd say these phones are about on par with each other in most photos I do think the 10 are probably performs better in low light because of the bigger sensor but neither phone does well in low-light anyways if you need good low-light photos go for the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro they come with night mode and do a fantastic job actually that's a pretty good points if you want a better camera go for the $700 iPhone 11 it is pricey but not that much more than the 10 R and

It comes with an ultra wide camera that gives you a wider view which is really cool but yea the SE and 10 are shared similar performance and most photos I took both phones do have portrait mode portrait mode can only take photos of people with these phones which is a tad unfortunate but it does a good job with those photos from my experience I honestly can't tell much of a difference in how they're taken although the 10 RS camera lens is a bit wider so you get a little bit more in frame the selfie cameras on both phones are 7 megapixels and take a decent selfies that are about

On par with each other and show off my quarantine hair quite well we can also take portrait selfies interestingly they're computed differently because the 10r uses face ID sensors while the se just has the camera you can tell the difference here the se photo might look better because my hair is in focus but notice at the top that it isn't cut off very cleanly the 10 ARS photo is better with the cutting out but the bokeh fall-off is too drastic so both my shirt and hair aren't in focus honestly both of these photos look decent but I'm surprised to say I

Think the SE does a better job I think the average user would rather have some hard to notice mistakes and have everything in focus then more of a natural look but not nearly as sharp that a 13 ship and the iPhone ST along with the three gigabytes of RAM is what makes this phone so darn good in a value on the long run this will make a difference over the iPhone 10 are at the moment the a12 chipset and three gigs of ram in the 10r produces nearly identical performance you really wouldn't notice the SC being any faster in most day-to-day usage on iOS 13 that said it

Is very possible the SC could get an extra year or even two of software support so if you don't want to buy another phone for like five years the SE e is your better bet Apple is really good with updates though so I wouldn't worry about it too much if you're leaning towards getting the 10r so now for the tough conversation which iPhone is better value well let me start by saying neither phone is bad value so don't get that in your head the iPhone 11 for $700 is in bad value either and I actually think the iPhone 11 is worth buying over the 10r but I know that's

Not an option for everyone straight up the iPhone se is the better value here you get quite a bit for your extra $200 but for the average consumer who really doesn't care about the design and just uses their phone for a moderate amount of time in a day the SE just makes more sense battery life is really the biggest pressing point for me as the iPhone se is quite a bit worse in that department it should get you through the average day but as time goes on and batteries degrade it might start to get rough but if you keep a charger nearby or don't use your phone a whole lot the iPhone se

Does make sense for a lot of people that said if you want those more premium features the newer design the better battery life the iPhone 10 R is absolutely worth buying again I do think the 11 is worth paying an extra hundred dollars for but if you wouldn't miss the ultra wide camera the 10 R is a good pick up at 600 bucks both these phones are worth buying as you'd expect and what you get really depends on the price point you're looking at $400 $600 which makes more sense for your financial situation given what you really need a phone for of course prices might not

Look as black-and-white as I'm making them out to be the iPhone 10 R might not actually be $200 more than the iPhone se for you from the carrier you're going through but they're the numbers if you want to buy the phone outright so that's I used those prices however I'm talking about the phones I do kind of wish there is an in-between phone have $500 preferably like an iPhone se plus but there isn't so if you want a big phone you probably should go up to the iPhone 10 R although it is possible we could see an SC plus in the future there have been rumors about it possibly early 2021

Still though the current SC and 10 are are both great and I honestly think he'd be happy with either phone the 10r might be unsurprisingly better the SC really holds its own and presents the better value so that is certainly worth commending both that I think I'm pretty much done here do you have the iPhone se or 10 are you thinking about getting one of them let me know in the comments down below thank you so much for watching if you found this video interesting or helpful maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like

This you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason that all being said i'm josh from 91 tech and i will see you all next time you

iPhone XR vs 2020 iPhone SE – which should you buy? (Comparison)

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