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iPhone 8/8 PLUS REVIEW –

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Merely checked out several of your images (: i'm really delighted i got to job darkness you. You're fantastic!

The new iPhone 8 has a starting price of $6.99. The most noticeable difference here is that the back is now made of glass, and it now has wireless charging. There are two storage capacities available: 64 and 256 gigabytes. It’s great to see the specification starting at 64 gigabytes. It also now comes in three colorways, with the rose gold scratched and Space Gray, the new gold, and, of course, silver. It retains touch ID, that small button on the front, whereas the new iPhone X and iPhone 10 will be edged to edge, with no physical home buttons. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch display, and the iPhone 8 Plus starts at $7.99 and goes up to $8.99 for the 8 with a 5.5-inch screen. The 8 is available in two colorways: Rose Gold and Space Gray and the new Gold. It is identical to the iPhone 7 s and iPhone 6s s, but with a glass back and a new retina HD display. The iPhone 8 features a new 12-megapixel sensor as well as two rear cameras. The chip in the 8 is notably fast and is most likely the 8’s crown jewel. According to benchmarks, the 8 had the best smartphone camera. The camera retains the same features, such as portrait mode and the portrait lighting beta. You need a phone if you can’t wait a month for the iPhone 10, also known as the iPhone X. There was no line at the Apple Store.
Given that iPhone 10 costs $150 more than iPhone 8, it appears that iPhone 8 cannot compete with iPhone 10. The phone has lasted the entire day, if not a day and a half. It has high efficiency and is compatible with iOS 11. I adore it, so who is the iPhone 8 really for? The verdict: It’s a phone for people who need an Apple device but can’t wait for the X, released in November. The iPhone 8 costs $100 less than the iPhone 7-7 Plus.

iPhone 8/8 PLUS REVIEW –

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Apple Watch 3 REVIEW – The ALMOST Perfect Smartwatch

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Some terrific photos. Impressive shades.


The Apple Watch three is the most recent watch that Apple has to offer. It has built-in LTE wireless, so you can finally leave your iPhone at home and do almost everything with your watch. That it isn’t available on every provider yet is perplexing, so thankfully, I have a test sim with that provider, but my home base provider isn’t even available yet. Apple Music isn’t ready yet, but it will be soon. It’s frustrating that Apple releases products before the device’s other main features are ready. It runs 70% faster than the previous generation, and for the first time, I can confidently say it is lightning fast. It’s essentially as quickly as launching running apps from your I’ve, which is a perfect experience. This thing is lightning fast, and everything is superfluid. It is still waterproof, just like version two. It works perfectly, but it is the most expensive variant. This one is the sport version space grey slash aluminium with the sport band, and I’m a little disappointed in it, so I’d go with a different option. The nice thing is that you can always swap out the bands because they are all interchangeable, which is nothing new. It’s technically always connected to your phone via BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, or if you’re just out and about, and it’s crazy to think that you can have a fully functional day to survive with that FOMO of missing your phone at home all on your wrist, he says. The Apple Watch is a great little tool that helps you stay motivated, and you can track your workouts throughout the rest of the week, and you’re connected to the Internet, which is scary but inevitable, he adds. “I believe we’re getting closer to a time when you don’t need something as large as a smartphone to carry around.”

The Apple Watch 3 is available in three colorways, one of which has been scratched: rose gold, silver, and gold. Space Gray, the new gold, and silver, of course. This one appeals to me because it has the appearance of a truck finish. The design of the new iPhone 8 hasn’t changed since last year, and we still had the same, in my opinion, dated-looking iPhone the year before that. It still has a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch display. The new iPhone X and iPhone 10 will have no physical home buttons on the front and will be edged entirely to the edge. It’s the new retina HD display, but they have the exact resolution, and they’re not the OLED panels we’ll see later on in the X the 10. That’s a real pity. I believe that by 2018, we will see a significant increase in the number of devices that are now fully connected LTE enabled, which will fundamentally alter our perceptions of what a smartphone is and what it can do.

The new iPhone 8 features a glass back, wireless charging, and a 12-megapixel camera. According to CNN’s Neil Curry, the iPhone 8’s 11 Bionic chip is the “crown jewel.” According to benchmarks, the phone has the best smartphone camera. According to Curry, the charging pad will be available later this year, and the phone will include a special wireless charging pad for the first time. It will be available on September 8th. The iPhone 8 will cost $999, the iPhone 7 will cost $999, and the iPhone 6 will cost $999 for the 2GB version and £999 for the 3GB and 4GB versions. It will be available in stores on September 16 and 19, with prices starting at $99. It is the first iPhone 8 to include wireless charging and will be available globally on September 14. The 8 will be available in five different colors: black, white, gold, silver, and blue. It has an 8-megapixel screen and a 12-megapixel screen, which means it can record 4k video at 60 frames per second, which is better than most smartphones.

The 8-plus is probably $100 less, and as I mentioned in my previous video, I would have seen a valid value for it at the Apple store. The line didn’t exist. Everyone is waiting for the 10,  with that costing $150 more, there isn’t any room for the eight to succeed. We’ll compare the two. I’ll let you know what I think, but if you need a phone call right now, I suppose you can grab the 8.

Apple Watch 3 REVIEW – The ALMOST Perfect Smartwatch

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Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact Hands On and Impressions!

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Great depth :o

What's up everybody this is Danny and Sony has announced its entire z5 lineup and I have already taken a look at the world's first 4k display on a phone the z5 premium so if you haven't seen it I will leave a link below so you can check it out but today I'm going to take a look at its siblings the Xperia z5 and a z5 compact let's start with the z5 the design is very familiar if you've used an experience like ship before but what you'll notice is that Sony ditched the glass panel on the back for a smooth and matte plastic finish and to be honest this feels so much better it doesn't lose the premium feeling

Though but this material choice is going to be way better for finger prints so let's do a quick tour of the z5 on the right side you get a dedicated camera key volume rockers and a special power button which I will get to later a nano SIM card slot and a micro SD card slot Thank You Sony for doing this and you get a lanyard on the bottom with the micro USB port so you get quick charge support and at the top you get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with a noise cancelling microphone all of this in a ip68 dust and waterproof build and I love the way it feels in the hand I

Think it feels better than the z5 premium in my opinion the display is a 5.2 inch 1080p display so no quad HD here like the Samsung Galaxy s6 next to it the LG g4 is approximately the same height with this 5.5 inch display but the width of the g4 is definitely wider the oneplus 2 is just slightly larger than the z5 so the point that I'm trying to get across is that it's a fairly large device for its smaller screen size so be prepared for that if you're planning to purchase this phone the galaxy s6 edge+ is almost the same size so keep that in

Mind the z5 has an all new 23 megapixel camera with f 2.0 aperture and a 24 millimeter wide angle lens LED flash and also support for 4k video recording all of the z5 lineup comes with the same camera all across the board on the front you get a 5 megapixel camera with a 25 millimeter wide angle lens perfect for your selfies this power button on the side is special because it inconspicuous lis doubles as a fingerprint scanner and ergonomically it makes perfect sense where most fingerprint scanners are at the bottom of the display the setup is easy and it can register up to 10

Fingers and I feel this is more natural it's super fast and accurate and this has to be my favorite fingerprint scanner implementation so far on a mobile device the z5 family is being powered by the Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 gigabytes of RAM and the audrina 430 GPU so these things should be snappy performance wise and the camera is quick and responsive with this superfast 0.03 second autofocus and support for tons of modes including a full manual mode for precise control over your images these are some sample images I was able to get in my short time with a z5 this is the

Image quality you can expect from the z5 lineup the colours and sharpness look promising and the depth of field is decent and even though there is some noise in the indoor shots that I saw I can't wait to get this and test this further so stay tuned for a full review of this camera the big surprise to me while I was looking at these devices is how much I love the z5 compact basically it's the same device as the z5 with the exact same specs besides the 4.7 inch 720p display when I first picked this thing up I didn't know the resolution of the display and I thought it was 1080p

So for you guys that are worried about the low resolution don't be because in a small form-factor the display looked fine just like the previous generations of the compact line the build quality is also the same same waterproof shell with a great feeling matte finish I'd love this gray color in person it looked amazing it's got an SD card slot yes same camera same processor same fingerprint scanner and they did not skimp out on this phone the only thing is that this phone is a little bit thick in hand but it's nice to see a compact device that I can reach everything with

One hand and it was really comfortable to you so I can't wait to get this one for I'm a huge fan of this compact series so let me know guys which one do you prefer the z5 or the z5 compact let me know in the comment section below obviously the huge story was a z5 premium with its ridiculously pixel 4k display it's got 806 pixels per inch so check that video out I will leave a link below but I am liking what I am seeing out of the Sony camp if you don't need a 4k display I feel that the z5 is perfect and besides maybe personally wanting a quad HD display but the

Compact is also great for people that don't want a huge device but want the power of a flagship alright guys well that does it for me stay tuned for more Sony z5 coverage and smash that like button if you've enjoyed this subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and I will see you guys in the next video

Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact Hands On and Impressions!

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IFA 2015 VLOG #3: Best Burger In Berlin? + Late Night Out with Friends!

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%image_title% is the unusual!

This is our last day here in Berlin didn't get to flock very much man because we were so busy we're trying to go out to and try to spend a little time with some people I mean that's the best thing about these offenses like meeting up with people getting to meet them and hang out with them and an atom mr. tie box was out here that was really awesome I never got to meet him before got the children Lou and of course gotta chill with this going back here but you know we've been the Edison video just chopped up my z5 premium video which is pretty cool it's a pretty cool product to man can't wait to get that but we're going

To try to check out Burgermeister which is supposedly the best burger here Berlin so we're getting uber ring and still checking it out we are with uber here though it's like uber taxi or something so it's a weird service not like in the US but it works so we're going to go over there and check out this burger you is this it right here yeah it is man this is the eye can see it I can see the sign on there so we're looking for like a restaurant and it's like a stand this is kind of

Like shakes the Shake Shack of Germany so we're here at burgermeister in Berlin the line for a reason I guess world famous burgers all right I guess the best burgers in Berlin they said the best here so we got to check it out because this guy's a this guy's a burger uh guys so we got to check it out so what's the best burger you ever head that's what ever had well Internet's always like Maria but there's poison la call Slater Slater yes right that's all really good they fix me in

They do it in the ground beef like other making it there it's all ground up and stuffed into actual padding before we cook so we add your your meat toppings in with the week before we actually could intervene it's great wow I gotta try that place I gotta go to chi gotta go to the west coast man ya missin out it's warmer yeah it's got a cold today too man I'm you can see where this like the I guess the heaviest clothes that we've brought man and it's pretty damn sure yeah that's for sure I don't move the camera in about a month on people but im

Gonna check this thing out man the amount of people waiting for this burger is crazy must be good man the line even got deeper since a line we've been waiting probably a good 30 30 minutes 30 minutes yeah so I mean this is crazy with that burger burger just throw that on top oh my god this is dude holy shite this is heavy all right check this out so I had to get the Burgermeister all right open that up a whole whole look at this bad boy what's going on here my situation holy cow look at this that is a heart attack took that looks crazy

Good ma'am this is very legit we're just talking about I'm not really a fan of barbecue sauce on a burger but man this is this is nice waiting Markel good super great this is awesome I'm so glad we came here alright so I really haven't been able to do any kind of slicing at all but this is kind of crazy too i guess theres a river front here looks like there's a universal sign over there squier man look at that man this is awesome that's the one thing I noticed too there's tons of graffiti everywhere man all over Germany I mean

You would think that it wouldn't be like this but man this is beautiful look at that that is crazy got the mercedes-benz arena out there you got people down here drinking looks like it's a like a restaurant or something on some sort man is quite beautiful oh josh is not going to remember this is either are you they are believe that either are you the other ones oh no no I got you lucky listen this you see this have a seat to channel near you I was just shocking this guy are we gonna make the Chairman was meet you in this guy you don't want

To do that what about all the anxious to go wrong broad yes I told you we could make it even authority yeah except for the eggs will be slit up occasional thorn invasion whoever did it make that happen Danny I have one thing to say to you as such so this is our night right here yeah that was our night so I stole Danny's camera my name is Anthony Esposito thongs brother and tonight we had fun we listen to music oh yeah had a good time and

Pretty much got into how do I put it some scheisse so I'm sure that you've seen a lot by now from this entire trip and here's a little bit more so stay tuned and see the next one or whatever I'm probably being cut by now so you probably won't even say this to end Berlin night I'm gonna come back out to the curry 30 cycles of the it is fool curried 3636 all day I'm gang signs throwing them up we call me 36 you really turn up some gang signs right now 30 yeah we 36 no that was straight out

Of Compton west side right here five straight out of the sgv lbc just hour away boom yeah just do it yeah man all right I'm wife Danny and I wonder lieutenant what's going on everybody this is daddy what's up everybody this is Danny today rollin we're taking a little and curry 30 sec all right there 36 you got a 4-inch display right there that's all she reg covered a six on the real tho yo tonight was a struggle it's a struggle for hashtag not for us I said it was a crayola I don't think the struggle is real trucker the date the dead weight is real

The market diseases alright so this is the last morning here in Berlin man we got in late last night but no soft stuffed up and everything but just getting all packed up and getting ready to go man it was a good time IFA was awesome Germany was awesome too man that was awesome it was way more than i expected made a lot of cool people got to hang out got to make a few videos too and i'll definitely be back so i miss my family I'm waiting to see them too so not looking forward to this trip back home but I'm looking forward to the trip so I can see my family again

But and let's see what happens with my luggage now man that's what the crazy thing is I don't want that to happen again so guess what I'm doing Streit i'm charging my look Lak man cuz i need to be able to track my luggage back again so let's see if my luggage gets lost on the way back I mean if that happens twice I be hilarious actually not really hilarious but I mean what a trip then to lose your luggage twice but

IFA 2015 VLOG #3: Best Burger In Berlin? + Late Night Out with Friends!

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(CLOSED) Apple iPhone 6s GIVEAWAY!

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incredibly beautiful snap-shots.

What's up everybody this is Danny and it's giveaway time again and I'm pretty sure you know what this product is so I teamed up with my usual team to give away a brand-new iphone 6s but we're not doing that 16 gigabyte garbage we're gonna give you the 64 gigabyte version this is an international giveaway so anyone can win super easy let me tell you how to win so I t know with my usual people Mike the Detroit board Dom Esposito and Adam Matthews mr. tight box 1 2 3 and we're going to give you this iphone success this new iphone should be really promising i mean it's got force touch on the display it's got the new 12

Megapixel camera with 4k video recording and touch ID 2 point 0 and so much more so I'm actually looking forward to getting this myself we made it really easy to win going to stick to that formula all you need to do is make sure that you're subscribed to all of our channels and leave one comment in the comment section below but you can leave one comment in each of our videos to give you up to four chances to win remember one comment it is super simple guys make sure that you follow us on our social networks because that's where the winner will be announced not by email or

Anything like that through the social network so they'll be listed down below and make sure you follow us there good luck guys I hope you win this iphone 6s and i will see you guys in the next video

(CLOSED) Apple iPhone 6s GIVEAWAY!

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Mystery TECH – Unboxing Time 24 – One Million Special

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Simply on the internet checking points out ... like the images! I attempt to learn by checking out other images, as well.

Haha alright what's up guys laughs you're on super staff TV and welcome to the 1 million subscriber special episode of unboxing time mystery unboxings of cool tech and whatever else a buddy has sent me of course we do have an open address so if you'd like to send something for a future episode then that address is going to be in the description below also in the description below will be all of the links to the products featured in today's episode so if you want to pick anything up that's where you need to check right let's get to it the boxes again in bigger this studio is now

Seeming smaller we'll get this big box out of the way fast a very very big box but it's a quite light I think I know what might be in here haha alright a bunch of balloons awesome right wow this this is really quite different for unboxing time we have a little message in here saying congratulations on 1 million subs but it doesn't actually say who it's from no it doesn't actually say who sent it so whoever has sent it thank you so so much these are some awesome balloons really

Really appreciated right now with that huge box out of the way we can get through the normal sized boxes this box here is from Manfrotto right so we have lots of air bags and here we have the be free advance this is the carbon fiber version this is so so awesome so you guys may already know that I have the regular version of this deal a minimal aluminum version and it's something that I take around with me everywhere because with the be free live fluid head it's absolutely perfect to take wrong with you but this version here is the carbon-fiber radition so it's

Gonna be super super light so we get a case with it we get some manuals and here is a tripod itself wow that is crazy crazy light so as you guys can see it actually folds in on itself so then that way it's gonna be so compact especially with the weight so you can actually pick up the legs like this and then you can obviously expand the legs like this so it's gonna be actually we steady because it's carbon fiber but at the same time very very light now it's actually going to standard ball head on here and that's because I already have the B free live fluid head which I use

For video but you can get it with different combinations this is absolutely awesome I've been loving the aluminium version of this aluminum version and this carbon fiber version is gonna be so so dope Thank You Manfrotto for sending Silva right next up we have this parcel right okay what is this whoa we have some millions here so these are tasty chewy sweets and I'm assuming it's got something to do with a million of course this a few are one in a million mates so happy for you see you at two million love your work Laura and the rest of the oneplus team

So it's actually from one class this is awesome thank you to one plus for sending these sweets over I wish I could share them with all of you guys Cheers one bus right next box this is from mingi I'm not sure what that means in other languages but in the UK you guys already know what mingi is referred to as but anyway so here we have an LED light strip so of course comes with a power brick and then we've got a little bit of a remote control here I'm just gonna ahead and powered it in and you can see all of the multi colors so you've got lots of different colors on

Here and by using the button you can cycle through the different colors and you can also cycle through some different effects if that's what you like you can see here that we've got some decent here at the back so if you want to put these maybe behind your table or some of the furniture you're gonna be able to do that and I'm not sure of the price of this but I'm sure it comes in quite reasonably so if this is something that you're after then that's gonna be linked in the description below Thank You mingi it's getting super hot in here we've got

British summer time which usually is not so hot but recently it's been really really good and super hot throughout for the past like a few weeks but in the studio especially with all of the lights it gets extremely hot anyway so we have here some bits from rabbit power rap power have been featured on unboxing time many times before they do lots of little accessories and things let's see what we have first this is a portable wireless charger okay I see what this is so this is not only a standard portable charger which you can take wrong with you and charge your device up with a

Cable but it's also got this circular area here which is gonna let you wirelessly charge your smartphone completely wirelessly because you can charge up this power bank itself which is around 10400mah just testing this out on my samsung galaxy s 9 plus and it is fast charging wirelessly that is pretty dope right we have more stuff from Rob power however so let's go ahead and unbox them and this is a standard fast wireless charger so very nice slick and clean this one of course does not have a power bank built-in so you got a power brick with this which you can connect to

The mains and you can have this inside of your desk or something hyper air with an output of 10 watts fast wireless charging is generally not as fast as fast why charging of course but it is still quite a bit faster than regular wireless charging so that's awesome and then we have a wireless charging stand so once again it's under the ravpower hyper air branding and this is actually a stand which is very very cool once again it does come with a power brick and a braided USB type a two micro USB cable this is really nice it's kind of sitting

To the side of your desk you can still see your smartphone and any notifications etc that are coming through so it's not planning desks for like other wireless charges very very cool right now we've got the last little bit from ruff power another portable wireless charger so once again this is a power bank that has 10,000 mAh and you can still use this to wirelessly charge your smartphone as well so you'll be completely Wire free but the same time it doesn't have a USB type 8 output so you can also charge your devices with a

Wire if that's what you like so another great product here from Brad power they're really embracing wireless charging with all of these products and if you want to do that as well yourself then once again all of those links will be in the description below right let's open this next one up and here we have a bag so this is the bank's laptop backpack it can have up to a 15 inch laptop it's got cable ready organizations so you can charge in the goal without having why is dangled out and everything sling tech protection and it says here

The best impact protection is impact prevention I agree got some nice padding here at the back so you've got compartment here for your laptop and for documents and things like that here as well lots more compartments a zip container here at the top and it comes with a mini case as well which is attached onto here and we've got some more compartments here at the front too and inside here I'm not sure if you can see properly but it's got some cable hooks and a battery compartment so if you've got a portable battery you can have that inside here

And you can feed the cables through here nicely and neatly thank you for sending this over right almost ever just got a few more things to get through these are some liquid screen protectors we're a company that focuses on developing nanotechnology products we love your work and thought that we'd like to send you a little package of some liquid screen and surface protect their items one drop of nano protect plus suitable for all the glass screens replace all existing glass and foam protectors I'm really interested to see how these work so we've got an alcohol cleaning pad

I've even got these little sachets which have this liquid inside which I'm assuming you're gonna be able to drop on your phone and it's gonna create a screen protector on there this looks very very interesting I have no idea how exactly it's gonna work so I'm gonna go ahead and definitely try this out on some of my smart phones and we'll be posting something on IG TV based on Mike's this is something I've been struggling with a lot on my s9 pluses trying to find a screen protector that goes over those curb edges I'm assuming this is

Gonna be ideal for that so I'll let you know how I get on all right final package here and here we have the samsung gear icon exit so you guys may have already heard about these these are some wireless earphones from Samsung officially right so these come with a USB type-a to USB type-c cable which I'm assuming is gonna be used to charge these or we've got some spare ear tips you also get two USB connectors USB type a two micro USB as well as USB type a two USB type-c and I'm assuming that's to connect these directly on to your smart phone if you want to transfer some

Music I believe these do have some built-in storage inside I'm not sure how much right so now let's try to connect these so I'm gonna open these up and a new device has been detected so it's come up straight away I've not had to actually do anything so we'll go ahead and connect allow allow preparing to connect you've got a percentage indicator here and it's just going through the pairing a few moments later you're all set enjoy your gear alright so let's try these on so they do fit in pretty nicely because of the shape of these and they

Do a decent job of blocking out the outside noise they sound pretty good let's get to a point with a bit more bass yeah not bad not bad at all I am no audiophile but they sounded pretty good to me the connection was pretty straightforward as well although it did take a bit of time to fully sync it up to your smart phone but other than that they seemed really really cool Thank You Samson cuz enemies over right guys so that is it for the 1 million subscribers special episode of unboxing time thank you to everybody who sent stuff over remember if you want to send something

Yourselves then there is gonna be the address in the description below and if you wanna pick up any of the items that have been featured today then those will all be a link in the description below to all words your paper I can definitely drop that in the comments below and also let me know in the comments below if there's anything that you'd like me to cover in more detail maybe TV I am at super safe on Instagram I do post pretty regularly on there as well so you can definitely go ahead and give me a follow if you haven't already if you haven't subscribed to the channel

Already then be sure to subscribe and switch on notifications we've got lots more quality content coming up in here I hope you enjoyed this video and finally you saw if you did you know what to do smash that like button thanks for watching this is sack on super safe TV and I'll see you next time

Mystery TECH – Unboxing Time 24 – One Million Special

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Oppo Find X UNBOXING – The Smartphone of the FUTURE

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It is a beautiful shot with very good light-weight -)

What's up guys sack you're on super-sized TV and we've got an extremely exciting unboxing for you guys today here is what I describe as the most innovative smartphone of 2018 so far and it really looks like a smartphone from the future of course it is the Oppo find X now I've really been looking forward to getting my hands on this as I'm sure a lot of you guys have been looking forward to seeing this unboxing video so let's not waste any time and let's get straight to it think I need a less excessive knife right so the box itself is pretty clean we've got a blue textured sort of finish

Here we've got the find X in gold and we've also got the up or logo in gold on the left-hand side and actually opens from the side so let's pull this lever out look at that wow this looks and feels so so dope I'm gonna resist temptation and put this to the side for just a second while we see what else is inside the box right so inside the box as well as the phone itself you do get a vogue charger which is a fast charger there's a USB type a two USB type-c cable you get some earbuds and these are USB type-c earbuds and that's because unfortunately we do not have a 3.5

Millimeter headphone jack on the Flying X however you do get a dongle as well so this is a USB type-c 23.5 mu 2 headphone jack dongle and finally there is the SIM card ejector tool as well as some paperwork now let's get to the phone well how that looks so so dope we've got a metal frame with curved glass panels on the front and back and this back actually has a gradient finish so this is the Bordeaux red there's also a blue version available and it's kind of darker in the middle and then tapers off towards the edges looks kind of like a pink purple more

Than a red I would say but depending on the way the light is shining on it it does give you a quite a unique look there's the Apple logo here at the back there's the fine X designed by Apple logo here at the bottom and you notice that there is no rear facing camera here we'll come to that in just a second but now let's move on towards the front of this smartphone where it has its stand out and most unique feature that is this beautiful beautiful display with minimal bezels this has a 93 points 8% screen to body ratio which is the highest screen to body ratio on any

Smartphone out right now now some sources claim that this is more towards 87% but regardless this is still the highest screen to body ratio out and you can see that we've got such small bezels all around we've got just a small chin again it's not as big as other devices that we've seen in the past and my first impressions I have to say it looks absolutely beautiful the fact that they've managed to stretch out the display or towards the edges without an arch is very very impressive now this display actually measures six point four two inches which sounds

Really big and it is really big but the device doesn't feel that big because of those small bezels and also because of the fact that the edges do curved in like we've got on the samsung galaxy s nines now if you just quickly bring in samsung galaxy s 9 plus as well as the iPhone 10 for a comparison you can just see those small bezels on the find X although we do have a slight chin on the find X it is smaller compared to that of the S line plus and it's only ever so slightly bigger compared to the bottom bezel of the iPhone 10 and of course on the iPhone 10 we also have that notch so

It is very very impressive what Apple have achieved with this screen to body ratio we've got AMOLED technology so we've got very bright and vibrant colors and viewing angles also look really really good now the resolution is full HD plus it's not quite HD plus like some of the devices but it's 401 PPI which is more than acceptable now this is a nineteen point five by nine aspect ratio so it is pretty long once again because of those tiny bezels now you will notice that as with rear we had no cameras and there is no front-facing camera here either and that is because it's hidden

What's this look at that that is so so cool seeing that in person the whole upper part actually slides up it's motorized now inside this top panel as well as the front-facing camera which is a twenty five megapixel front-facing camera with an F 2.0 aperture there are a bunch of sensors and the our 3d facial recognition senses so this device does not have a fingerprint scanner anywhere and it's actually going to use facial recognition now this is 3d facial recognition it's not like some of the devices where it's just going to use the front-facing camera this actually

Does project 15,000 dots on your face and up or saying that it's 20 times safer than a fingerprint scanner now how does this work I hear you ask well you just press the power button you swipe up you can see that the top panel has popped up it recognizes your face and then it goes back down and it actually does that quite quickly now if I try this facing me completely you can see that it pops up unlocks and then it goes down and it does this all within I'd say roughly a second which is still pretty quick now of course the question a lot of people going to be asking is around

Durability that's how many times is gonna pop up and down on a daily use because it's not only the cameras the front-facing rear-facing cameras it is also that facial recognition app Oh have said that this has been tested for durability over 300,000 times so that should last your lifetime with this smartphone it is something that I've discussed in a separate video and I'll be linking that in the cards if you want to check that out and we'll be talking a bit more about some of the concerns with this type of a motorized or mechanical solution now within this very unique pop

Up feature we also have dual rear facing cameras these are 16 megapixels as well as 20 megapixels both will in F 2.0 aperture and the primary 16 megapixel camera does have optical image stabilization and of course I'm gonna have to spend some time with this to test out the cameras and if there are any comparisons that you'd like me to do of the 5 X versus another smartphone definite let me know in the comments below which one you like me to do a supersize the outcome a comparison with when I get a chance I will definitely try to do that but based on these

Specifications alone it does seem like the cameras are going to be very similar to the Apple or 15 Pro and the oneplus 6 now looking around the device apart from that amazing pop-up feature and the display on the right-hand side there is just a single power button on the left hand side there are your body buttons at the top is a secondary mic and there's a sensor here I'm not sure if this is an IR blaster or not it seems like it's an IR last I'll definitely double-check that and at the bottom there's a USB type-c connector there's a primary microphone

There's a speaker now this is a single bottom firing speaker and then we've got the SIM card tray now this does not have space for a micro SD card so you do not have expandable storage on here but it does come with 256 gigabytes of storage so that should be plenty for anybody apart from that we've got all flagship specs so we've got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 8 gigabytes of RAM we've got a pretty big 3730 mAh battery as mentioned this does have boot fast charging now there is a lamborghini edition of defined X which has even faster charging and that's gonna be able

To charge your phone fully in 35 minutes which is absolutely insane I can't imagine that I'd love to get hold of the Lamborghini Edition if you want to see that here in the channel then definitely drop me a comment below and I'll reach out to Apple and see if they can send out the Lamborghini edition however the find X and the Lamborghini Edition do not have wireless charging so although we do have a glass back there is no wireless charging for the software we do have color or West 5.1 running on top of Android 8.1 I'll be honest color OS is not my favorite skin I do find it a bit

Too heavy I do prefer something more closer to stock Android and that is the Oppo find X once again in terms of my first impressions I've seen love this design I love the innovation that opposed doing uncreate to Oppo for coming up with this very unique setup into this smartphone but as mentioned in my previous video where I discuss the bezels race there are a few things that you do need to consider if you're thinking about picking up this smartphone the first being the lack of water and dust resistance because we do have this motorized solution this device

Is not going to be water and dust resistant unfortunately but also the fact that how do you get a suitable case for this I have to not come across a case that's gonna be protective of this device because of this pop up camera and also questions around durability yes Oppo have tested this three hundred thousand times but in terms of day to day use is this gonna be trapping some dust or some dirt we're gonna have to wait and see in terms of its general durability does seem pretty durable I mean if I push down it is just gonna go down itself it's not gonna kind

Of be a struggle and if I do place my finger on top of it so not letting it out then it doesn't actually struggle it just is I'm not actually feeling it pushing against my finger in any way I can hear that motorized noise and eventually when I do let go then it does pop out so it does seem like up Oh have looked into the durability of this but once again we'll have to see in terms of real-world usage this is gonna retail at 1,000 euros which is definitely pretty high but for what you're getting this new technology I do believe that that price

Is justified and who is this smartphone for well if you're an enthusiast and if you're really looking for something that's brand new fresh and really different to what everybody else is doing out there then this may be a really good option for you what do you guys think of defined X and what coverage would you like me to do with the find X here on the channel definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts I hope you enjoyed this video I bought it you saw if you did you know what to do hit that thumbs up button and if you

Want to see more coverage with the find X and lots of other smartphones then be sure to subscribe and switch your notifications there's lots more content coming up on here thanks for watching this is sack on super sassy V I'll see you next time this is so cool

Oppo Find X UNBOXING – The Smartphone of the FUTURE

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How to start using QuickType on your iPhone or iPad

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rather astonishing picture!

How to start using quicktype on your iPhone or iPad press messages and then tap on the word that shows up on top I'm Georgia and for more great how to's and tips and everything you'd happen to want to know about iOS a check us out I'm more calm slash iOS dash

How to start using QuickType on your iPhone or iPad

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How to quickly send voice messages with the Messages app in iOS 8

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Your pics look excellent !!!

How to quickly send voice messages with the messages app in iOS 8 click on messages and then press and hold the microphone and then swipe up to send I'm Georgia and for more great tips and everything you want to know about iOS 8 check us out at I'm more dot-com / I less – eat

How to quickly send voice messages with the Messages app in iOS 8

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Mobile World Congress 2019: Galaxy S10, LG G8, Huawei P30 + everything else coming at MWC ’19!

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What kind of digicam is that? That is certainly a really good superior quality.

Mobile World Congress always signals the start of the big phone launch season in any given year and 2019 is going to be absolutely jam-packed we have at least a half dozen big names in Mobile launching flagships around the end of February and most of them will be doing so in Barcelona so you'll definitely want to subscribe so you don't miss our hands-on coverage but until we get to Barcelona here are the top six things you need to look forward to at MWC 2019 this one isn't technically an MWC announcement since it'll actually be unveiled in San Francisco a few days before the show but the galaxy s 10 series is the lens

Through which every other device announced in Barcelona will be seen so it more than deserves a place on this list we've already got a bunch of other articles and videos on what to expect from the s 10 series in detail so we'll try and keep it brief here we're looking at up to four models of Samsung Galaxy S 10 and s 10 light which may go to market is an s10 II or with some of the name a regular Galaxy S 10 and S 10 plus and a special 5g version that will physically be even bigger than the S 10 plus biggest change around the front of course is the move to a hole-punch

Display that lets the camera or cameras peek through the screen for an even higher screen to body ratio than that the first generation of infinity displays around the back the move to a triple camera setup at least in the s10 and s 10 plus promises similar photo capabilities whichever s10 model you get the most likely loader here is standard plus wide angle plus telephoto and it's also rumored that Samsung might be developing its own version of Google's excellent night sight feature as well the Galaxy S 10 series will be unveiled in San Francisco on February 20th at an

Event that's also very likely to showcase Samsung's first foldable phone whether it's called the Galaxy X galaxy F galaxy fold or something else entirely we can expect a dual screen design so when it's folded shirt you might use a secondary display on the outside that's as opposed to other designs that use the folded portion of a larger screen when the device is folded shut expect a fairly limited rollout for Samsung's foldable phone with coursepack similar to the galaxy s 10 as well as a likely astronomical Tagg LG sent out invites for an event on

February 24th in Barcelona and that's about the only non controversial thing I can really say about the LGG eight thank you a lot of early rumors around the g8 came from the Korean press with rumors of a foldable version because of course either in the form of a separate foldable g8 model or a second screen add-on accessory for the regular g8 beyond that things get a little bit uncertain CAD images of a pretty boring looking lg g8 have emerged from on leaks on Twitter along with corroborating renders from xda-developers both of which have a

Pretty solid track record but both have also been very publicly shot down social media by LG's corporate director of global PR Ken Hong without getting too deep into twitter drama hong says that both renders are inaccurate and that we should instead wait for the company's MWC event to see the real deal now LG isn't stupid and the company wouldn't want to have egg on its face if the g8 was announced and it looked exactly like this so I've got to assume that even if there are some similarities here what we actually get from LG and Barcelona will diverge in some way from the design

Language of the v40 and the g7 hints of a new gesture based input method might lend some credence to that theory however things play out it's pretty clear LG needs to up its game this year lest it release yet another phone that is pretty decent but ultimately kind of boring sony is also due to release a new phone at Mobile Congress the company's mobile marketing head in the US has poured cold water on the possibility of a new compact Xperia anytime soon but nevertheless if you stuck it out with the Japanese brand so far then the ex said four might actually be decent and

Competitive how about that the most convincing leaks we've seen so far I've come from CAD renders from on leaks once again which line up with other images that have appeared on social media in China and case renders from Chinese leaker ice universe on Twitter so basically what we have is a gigantic tall modern looking smartphone with three cameras around the back which is a big first for Sony there's no natural hole-punch in the display so if you're not a fan of either of those then here's a potentially great 2019 flagship option for you

A 6.5 inch 21 by 9 panel if the rumors are to be believed would also make this an incredibly lanky handset may also make reaching the top of our screen a little bit problematic though hopefully Sony's new triple camera setup is a significant improvement on earlier generations despite making some of the best sensors for everyone else's phone cameras the company is underwhelmed in this area in recent years it's not yet clear where the while I will show us it Snoopy 30 series at its Febrary 24th press conference for the past couple of release cycles it's

Teased its upcoming flagship funds at major trade shows but save the products themselves for their own dedicated launch events see the P 20 and May 20 last year while I won't be able to ignore the drama around the arrest of its CFO and the alleged business dealings in Iran but you probably can't expect the company to put its side of the story forward before moving on from the surrounding geopolitical drama and trying to focus instead on its products the P 30 Pro which is the main flagship here should build on the base of the may 20 Pro with advancements in photography

And a significantly smaller knotch a new triple camera setup is rumored possibly with the next-gen 38 megapixel sensor from Sony in the main unit more interesting a pop-out telephoto camera is also rumored on Chinese social media potentially giving the P 30 Pro up to a 10 times hybrid zoom double that of the P 20 Pro and that's pretty exciting even if the rest of the P 30 Pro remains largely unchanged from the May 20 series the P series has traditionally focused on camera improvements and considering how competitive even mid tier cameras are becoming you can expect War II to

Pull out all the stops with this next-gen flagship on the other hand if we don't see the P 30 in Barcelona then we can probably expect a standalone launch event sometime in the months that follow while we might also show us its first foldable phone in Barcelona details are scarce but we do know straight from the mouth of Huawei CVG boss Richard you that will also be a 5g device why colour foldables expected to be expensive and likely released in only a handful of markets outside of China nokia often brings a bunch of new handsets to Mobile World Congress last

Year we got an impressive loader of Nokia phones led by the impeccable Nokia eight Sirocco and this year we're looking forward to a Nokia flagship to please Android purists and photo enthusiasts a leaked promo video for the Nokia nine PureView points to a familiar 2×1 nokia chassis but with the craziest rear camera setup we've seen in any phone to date a five rear camera array looks to provide standard plus y plus telephoto options along with extra lenses for low-light captures and depth perception it could be not his first phone within screen fingerprint too

Though it's unclear if this will be any better than the less than great fingerprint tech in current Android flagships that's because unfortunately it's powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor instead of the newer 855 chip that will be in most other 2019 flagships which has Qualcomm zni ultrasonic fingerprint technology but whatever happens the Nokia 9 PureView is sure to turn heads just because of that crazy rear camera setup MWC 2019 could be pretty big for xiaomi not only is it rumored to launch a 5g

Version of its mix tree slider we're also due to see its first snapdragon 855 phone in the form of the me 9 plus there's also the possibility of the first Xiaomi foldable phone breaking cover the me 9 looks to build on the success of the meet 8 with a new triple camera setup and improved in screen fingerprint the triple camera array in particular is interesting because it's rumored to use the same 48 megapixel Sony AMX 586 sensor that we've already seen in the on a few xx that's a great sensor and combined with dedicated telephoto or depth sensing cameras could

Produce some seriously impressive shots Xiaomi has also shown its vision of a foldable handset which looks dramatically better than the disappointing Royal flexed I'd advice that we saw at CES shammies effort has two folding sides and slim bezels turning a medium sized tablet into a small phone at will however this video of Xiaomi gosselin been using the device does also showcase some familiar compromises the plastic screen device looks a little flimsy and doesn't seem fully straight when it's flattened out plus the software seems to freak out a

Little when it transitions between phone and tablet modes regardless regardless this as-yet-unnamed xiaomi foldable looks to be the best device in this category that we've yet seen that's it for now we'll be live from Barcelona in just a few weeks oh we should have subscribe so you don't miss our full hands-on coverage of everything on this list until then thanks for watching and I'll see you next time you

Mobile World Congress 2019: Galaxy S10, LG G8, Huawei P30 + everything else coming at MWC ’19!

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