iPhone 12 – New DISPLAY change coming!

So there's a new change coming to the 20/20 iPhones for this year and it might end up being a good thing or it might end up being not that not a good thing …

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So there's a new change coming to the 20/20 iPhones for this year and it might end up being a good thing or it might end up being not that not a good thing what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button in turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yo what's going on guys welcome back to front page tech fatah the show that gives you a nice one because we to another that is you first puppet ah of the year of the new decade so let's start it off with out with a laugh shall we so last night the Golden Globes happened now hang on I know it's weird

For me to put this on a text show it don't make sense anyway Tim Cook was that the Golden Globes see him he's right there look at that smile so happy to be there because of the new shows on Apple TV Plus mainly the morning show Apple was there to hopefully get some recognition and awards and Ricky Gervais opened up the show acknowledging Apple acknowledging the morning show but it didn't go the way Tim hoped it would Apple rolled into the TV game with a morning show a superb drama yeah a

Superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China so will you say you woke but the companies you work for I mean unbelievable Apple Amazon Disney if Isis started a streaming service you'd call your agent wouldn't ya so my god that he looked Tim Cook right in the face and directly in his mouth and Tim didn't even know it was coming look this is Tim as Ricky sets it up thinking oh my guy he's gonna say something nice but he did not he did not say something nice but you know what

Makes this even funnier Ricky come on man while he mentions Apple products being made in sweatshops he most likely wrote that joke on his iPhone you know that phone that is thrown together with little tiny kid fingers but you know whatever listen we are all hypocrites okay we're all hypocrites okay let's do the news all right relatively easy show today's story numero uno number one for the day the galaxy fold to second one according to a brand new leaf the galaxy fold to will have super fast charging not just fast charging super fast now this is to go

Along with the rumors that a new foldable phone from Samsung one that like folds more like a clamshell more like the razor phone but that will actually be announced alongside the galaxy s 20 and thanks to xda-developers digging into the APK they have seemed to have found that this galaxy fold 2 will be codenamed blue and they found a little fire within there called bloom front charging effect superfast leading us to believe that this phone will not just have fast charging but super fast fast charging probably topping out somewhere at like 45 watts now real

Quick if you don't mind this doesn't really have anything to do with the charging aspect of stuff but I just want to I just wanna say that I don't really for some reason I don't think that this phone that we're looking at will be the galaxy fault to this one here like the clamshell one you know I mean why are we calling it the galaxy fold – why are we assuming that because BGR called it that I mean I could totally be wrong here but to me this seems like a completely like separate thing like this is a separate fold related device meaning that this clamshell thing here is not to galaxy

Fold to that it's just another fold device and I know you're probably like but gern why you say that because if I remember correctly this has been in the works like alongside that original fold device not as like a follow up if this Samsung clamshell folding design like what we've seen with the moto razor if they call that a fold I'm guessing it's gonna be a fold something and that the actual fold to the actual follow up to the galaxy fold the one that opens up like a tablet that is the galaxy fault – and this is not that this is different could be wrong though but speaking of

That clamshell design thing and speaking of Samsung we now know when the galaxy s 20 and whatever this phone is will be launched now a lot of the tech blogs are referencing Mac's Weinbach from xda-developers sitting that he's the first one that leaked it which quick Optimax we're actually good friends in he's handsome you should go follow my Twitter if you want leaky stuff look at his face look at how welcoming and inviting that is he looks like someone that's leaking stuff while studying for his next college exam anyway I'm pretty sure I saw this leak first from Brandon

From this attack today I was going through Twitter the other day and that's when I originally saw this I'm pretty sure I saw from him first any this was the leaked promo for the event and that sort of forced samsung good ol Sammy to just like just come clean and and give out the promo themselves and they have since confirmed on Twitter as well as by sending out invites um the unpacked event is February 11th in San Francisco there we can totally expect to see the galaxy s 20 which was the galaxy s 11 if you haven't been caught up with all the

Leaks supposedly it's actually gonna be called the galaxy s 20 not the s 11 and maybe possibly could also see that clamshell galaxy fold device which I think would be smart that they could announce that while Motorola is still trying to get their moto razor thing out in the wild okay next up let's talk about iPhones the new iPhones for 2020 you know those phones that are made by little tiny kid hands and sweatshops to be fair though okay just hear me out to be fair kid hands since they're smaller right their fingers are smaller that's more precise to get tough for the to put

To small parts in the you know child labor is bad okay so according to Korean websites the elec oh I get it hits like electronics but less tronics and more just elec LG is aiming to upgrade its production facilities for flexible Gen 6 OLED panels for smaller displays at its e6 lines in Peru Peru Peru hey who but you a Chu for this the firm will be adding new equipment by early 2020 to produce touch integrated panels while switching to the LTP OH backplane technology as the e6 lines are known to be Apple exclusive the touch integrated screens

Are to be supplied to the new iPhones to be launched next year now I know you're probably like okay what the frak did any of that mean basically the iPhone 12 pro models will have thinner displays and this isn't the first time we've heard a report like this so the rumors sort of line up and so this is most likely accurate this technology itself effectively allows touchscreen circuitry to be put into the OLED panel without the need for a separate layer so since there isn't an extra layer obviously that panel will now be thinner and more power efficient

That's the goal anyway also worth mentioning LTP o displays aren't new to Apple it stands for low temperature polycrystalline oxide and they also used those panels in Apple watches specifically starting in the Apple watch series for and also in series 5 now the 6.1 inch model like that lower-cost iPhone 12 will still use what they've been using in terms of display panels so it won't be this new thinner panel that will just be reserved for like iPhone 12 Pro now in the beginning of show I said this could either be a really good thing or a not great thing thinner panels

That's good news but it depends on what they use it for so it's cool if they have thinner panels in there for lower power consumption and all that other stuff that's great that's wonderful but are they doing it to have thinner iPhones because if so that's poopy I do not want a thinner iPhone please Jesus listen if you're gonna make the display panel thinner that means there's more room in the device don't make it thinner just put a tad bit more battery in there I'd rather have more battery in the phone than a thinner phone and if this display panel uses less power and we can

Stuff more battery in there hell yes so Apple please do not make the phones thinner just put more battery in just a little beat just a little bit more battery that's all I'm asking for I think that's too crazy to ask for ah the Internet such a wonderful place full of magic and so many passwords but do not fear ladies and gentlemen – Lane has your back with – Lane you never have to worry about filling out another password field address requirement or credit card entry ever again – link keeps it all at your fingertips and has you covered across all of your favorite

Devices not only does it have one touch entry keeping it super simple and easy to use but it's also crazy secure with the strongest encryption available only will – Lane save all of your passwords and keep them secure for you but it will also generate random a super secure ones for you so that you can finally stop using that password that you made 12 years ago thinking that it was strong enough because you had a capital G in it so relax stop playing that lovely brain of yours down with all your information with all your passwords and stop writing them down

Please let dashlane do all the hard work for you start a 30-day free trial of – lang today and when you're absolutely in love use promo code front-page tech to get 10% off a Premium Membership with just how important your security is online these days you have no excuse now not to be downloading – Lane right now and that is it that is the show hopefully like you learned something if you did hit that like a button if you hate my stupid face this like button works too if you're new here subscribe and I'll see you guys tomorrow



iPhone 12 – New DISPLAY change coming!





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The case for Bringing Back Touch ID

Welcome back to taylor's hypocrites ladies and gentlemen because today we're going future to the back and talking about touch id our little old friend t…

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Welcome back to taylor's hypocrites ladies and gentlemen because today we're going future to the back and talking about touch id our little old friend that we had forgotten that now we're all starting to miss because of multitudes of reasons but in today's video i'll be explaining my new updated opinions because circumstances change experiences change and because of that i now would like to make the case for touch id coming back to the iphone let's begin

I know some of you have been watching for a while we fought on this one quite a bit didn't we in prior years there have been countless leaks and patents that just around the corner apple's gonna release an iphone with touch id underneath the display some people tried to make the argument that they're doing this to save money in reality i i really don't think it's much cheaper than face id but also some people just flat out prefer touch id to face id and vice versa i'm

In that vice versa department because i was in love with face id the moment i used it for the first time ever since 2017 i preferred face id over touch id it's especially better with logging in with passwords and stuff like that when you're able to just open an app you don't have to rest your finger on some sensor it just looks at you and it's basically how humans recognize each other right we look at each other yeah look that's that's gary still ugly that's how

Face id works that's why it feels so much natural i don't stare at people's fingerprints to say oh is this really gary his thumbprint looks different today and you know we've seen some progress in the android field it's very common to see under display fingerprint readers in today's smartphones even affordable ones but apple hasn't pursued this very much and it has a lot to do i think with simplicity and for the longest time i was in favor of this i'm okay with apple just going all in on one biometric

And not having two separate ones just for the sake of options but there were so many circumstances where i thought face id was just objectively better and yeah there were a few times where touch id was more handy but it wasn't going to be worth the extra manufacturing cost the extra r d that would go into the iphone because overall it does mean there would be more parts and more things going into the phone which could overall raise prices i know we're all against that but let me be clear apple's stock price has done

Nothing but go up since they unveiled the one thousand dollar pro stand literally look at june 2019 okay i think it's good for the stock it worked okay but no aside from that uh there's there's a little bit of a going around right now i don't know if you guys are aware of it but uh check the news just once you'll figure it out if you're not a complete moronic idiot you'll know that it's a real thing and not something made up by the government unlike pigeons which are completely fake that's why we never see baby pigeons but

Because of that we're all taking precautions the smart ones and wearing masks when we go out in public and we're often using our phones and stuff for checking off grocery lists or checking twitter while your parents are catching up with an old friend they haven't talked to in 30 years or while your wife is comparing different strawberry prices at the produce stand all kinds of times we're using our phone but we have our mask on in public it would be somewhat helpful now to have that fingerprint reader back because face id is kind of having a hard time

Adapting with masks alright for the record i have seen lots of people on twitter talk about how you know face id is now working with their mask and other people saying it's not working and some people saying they can set up an alternate appearance in the face id settings and have it work with the mask but again seeing some people say it's not working so having a direct and clear response from apple would be helpful maybe if it's just as simple as something like you know face id can detect when you're wearing a

Mask now and maybe it's a little bit less secure but it will look at you know this region of your face and if that lines up sure there's less data points but it will let you in and providing that option back for those who want it and for those who are wearing a mask i think it makes a lot more sense than it used to and it could be because i'm biased you know for many many years i had psoriasis on my hands and that meant that touch id never worked for me even way back in the iphone 6 days that was a phone with touch id i had for a

Long time but i couldn't use it because of my stupid skin disease so i couldn't unlock anything and face id it was like me enjoying biometrics for the very very first time so that's why i was kind of like forget touch id get rid of it but since then i've medicated i've got treatment and now my fingers are normal i can use fingerprint readers again as you guys saw look at that it works perfectly every time no honestly it doesn't sometimes i put my finger there and it just

Doesn't do anything but i have been enjoying it on the pixel 4a it's very quick it's very snappy and i don't like that it's on the back i don't think apple would do that but the fact that there are lots of supply chains now building in fingerprint readers underneath oled displays these days means that if apple wanted to implement it they probably could do it in a cost effective manner you know it doesn't have to be super super fast touch id although of course that would be nice if we're rocking the a15 chip because i'm

Not talking about iphone 12 in this video i'm talking best case scenario probably iphone 12 s next year that's likely when we would see this because i'm sure this internal debate between face id and touch id still goes on at apple all the time there's a bunch of employees that are bigger nerds than we are arguing about no face ideas better no touch ideas better no both is better no neither is better let's not have security anyway because the government

Can see all this crap regardless i'm sure all those debates are taking place but this pandemic thing going on that's making people have to cover their faces all the time and apple of course encouraging it with memoji and all that it's definitely gotta make apple think twice about it and iphones in the first place are kind of running out of things to do anyway you know once we get past the point of 120 hertz and once we have super telephoto space zoom that can see the surface of mars from the back of my

Moving truck and you know every phone has great cameras and every phone has a great display and small bezels and the notch is gone what are they gonna do then right they're gonna need something to add and i hate to break it to you but this pandemic is likely not going to be the last one there's probably going to be more viruses in the future and more circumstances where people have to wear masks and i'm acknowledging that and i'm seeing that firsthand and i guess that's why i was wrong

Before and in previous videos i've talked about why i think face id was the only biometric we needed we don't need to go back on touch id but now i i think apple should genuinely consider it and i think that would be a great flagship feature for the next next iphone iphone 12 at this point i feel like it's already out i feel like we basically know everything at this point so maybe 12 s that's the one that can have you know the ltpo 120 hertz maybe no port which sucks but at the same time fingerprint reader built into the display

Fix a couple of nitpicky problems people have with this year's iphones and yeah that could help us with you know security unlocking our phone using apple pay and passwords while at the same time staying safe with uh covering our mouth i think it makes a whole lot of sense but of course i could be wrong so feel free to hit me up over on twitter join my discord let me know what you guys think about it over there this is your app sweep here i'll see you guys in the next one


The case for Bringing Back Touch ID





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Trying to Understand the Pixel 4a (5g) & Pixel 5

I'm really really impressed with what google has been able to do with the pixel 4a i'm not gonna review it yet but overall impressions and everything wi…

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I'm really really impressed with what google has been able to do with the pixel 4a i'm not gonna review it yet but overall impressions and everything with it has been great it's been wonderful so of course the big question we all have on our minds ever since day one with this thing is how is google gonna screw this up today we're talking about the pixel 4a 5g and the pixel 5. this is not going to be confusing at all let's begin okay so these things are 100 real google has confirmed they exist and that they're coming out later

Likely launching near the end of september so we've got a little bit longer before they really come out but it is kind of weird i had to double check this report several times to make sure i got it right but essentially google has two more phones they're planning on launching in the rest of 2020 if you didn't think this year could get any worse and one of them has this kind of speckled look to it which kind of gives the illusion of metal but apparently the people that have access to these phones already because

Of course it's google it's always like well the phone is launching in six months better send it out to a bunch of random people on reddit and people on reddit seem to be claiming that this is still going to be a plastic phone so both devices are going to be rocking kind of the same plasticky material of the pixel 4a which by all means isn't really bad but it definitely showcases that google is moving away from the flagship department if you were hoping for a decent successor to the pixel 4 that was going to

Enhance the pixel 4 in a lot of ways and make it better and outperform that sounds like it's not really going to be the case this is kind of a new direction for google which makes me wonder if they should really even call it the pixel 5 at all or maybe they should consider rebranding here but so the somewhat confusing part is this leaked photo which originally i thought the smaller phone was gonna be the 4a 5g which is basically just a bigger version of this phone that also has 5g modems and also of course the extra

Camera and then the bigger phone would be the pixel 5 right that kind of made sense in my head of like okay the flagship phone the more expensive phone with the better features that would be the big one and then the cheaper phone that's not as fancy that can be the small one well in this case it kind of resembles the 2017 iphone lineup a little bit when we had the smaller iphone 8 the bigger iphone 8 plus and in the middle we had the iphone 10 that was way better and cooler in a lot of ways but more expensive this is like that

Except if every phone looked like the iphone 10. what oh god it's already confusing me but actually the smaller phone in this picture is the pixel 5. so the higher priced pixel that they're releasing is going to be rocking a 6-inch display which is honestly not much bigger than this with a 5.8 inch display so just a little bit bigger it's got a dual camera on the back and the interesting thing about this camera is that apparently it's going to be an ultra wide lens this year

Not a telephoto so who else remembers that moment in pixel 4's event last year when they were like while ultra wides are fun we believe telephoto is more important yeah that guy's gone so he's not at the company anymore and now they're like okay so while telephoto is more important ultra wides are more fun so that's our angle this year so just keep it all going with the tradition of google saying one thing one year and then changing their mind the next year it's kind of hilarious how consistently

They go back on themselves literally every single year they change their mind on something and go back on it and uh it just it doesn't get old how much google looks like a clown every time they change their mind on something but yeah remember the face unlock features the pixel 4 had and sully and air gestures and that kind of thing so ya boy called it saying that this would be gimmicky and no one would want it and that samsung tried it and it didn't work so i don't know why google was trying it again but yeah they're ditching that so

The front of these phones should look pretty much near identical to the front of the pixel 4a which again not bad i don't think this is the worst year for the pixel lineup it's just a little bit confusing but luckily the pixel 5 will still be rocking a 90 hertz display so no they're not pushing it to 120 this year but still given the fact that it's likely going to be a much more affordable phone than most of the 1 000 flagships out there that have 120 hertz 90hz is good but of course the main concern is

Battery life because the pixel 4 had a tremendously bad battery last year it was a very very big topic when it came to why did google increase the refresh rate and then shrink the size of the battery no one knows it makes no sense but the people with access to these phones earlier saying that the pixel 5 should have around a 4 000 milliamp hour battery which is considerably bigger it should get you through the day a lot better than the pixel 4 did so it is improvement in that way but the

Confusing part of this report is that apparently that bigger phone with a 6.2 inch display the pixel 4a 5g this one just with standard 60hz so it's not 90 and again with the plastic back it's basically just this phone but bigger and with 5g modems in it that one is actually going to have a 3 800 milliamp hour battery so help me understand here maybe the leaks are wrong that's happened before that's happened a lot this year actually but the bigger phone has the smaller

Battery pack compared to the smaller pixel 5 so yeah i don't get it either doesn't really make much sense to me but sounds like that 4a5g is going to come in multiple colors and both of these phones are also going to be rocking the snapdragon 765 g which this is the type of snapdragon chip you see in average mid-range smartphones in fact the oneplus nord also rocks a 765g however that phone is not available in the us whereas these pixels most likely will so it's kind of a different market

Here compared to outside the us where oneplus nord is the thing in which case probably the best deal you can get on phones i get that it's just not here the 765g is actually performance wise a little bit worse than the pixel 4 so it's actually a downgrade when it comes to cpu and gpu performance but it does again allow you to have 5g which is i guess what anyone cares about these days and of course as you may have noticed the fingerprint readers are on the back of these phones so no they're not even

Doing under the display fingerprint readers which should help with cost and bringing down the overall price but google themselves has brought up that these next generation phones are gonna start at 500 bucks obviously it makes sense to assume that the 4a 5g just the bigger version of this bone with 5g that's going to likely start at 500 bucks which is honestly kind of a big jump up if you consider i think this phone is priced really really fairly at 350 bucks it's got one camera

Obviously and it doesn't have the 5g modems but it's really comfortable it's a decent size and display wise it's gonna be pretty near identical to this 500 4a 5g with a bigger screen two cameras on the back that's pretty much all it has going for it for an extra 150 i don't know would you guys do it i don't know it seems like a big jump for me and then of course the big mystery is how much the smaller pixel 5 is going to cost the one with the 90 hertz display

And honestly looking back at it it sounds like that might be the only thing it has going for it so google you want to have two phones in the 4a department because these phones are cheaper and don't have as much flagship features so they're between 350 and 500 bucks okay kind of a weird jump but that's your 4a lineup and then over here you have the pixel 5 which has the same dual camera as the 4a and the only upgrade it has is the 90hz display um okay

I mean if google's willing to charge an extra 150 bucks for a larger screen and a dual camera on the back and 5g modems then what is the pixel 5 gonna end up costing my hope would be around 550 i would say even 600 is kind of pushing it for these specs in case you weren't sure what the rest of the phone would have it's basically 128 gigs of storage eight gigs of ram so you know kind of covering the basics in the android department nothing too amazing but i don't know if people would be willing

To spend an extra 100 just to have a 90 hertz display i mean i would but i'm weird and i wouldn't buy a pixel in the first place so it's gonna be kind of a weird lineup in my opinion it's just kind of the way they're branding it that's a little bit bizarre if i were in charge i would have called this phone the pixel 5 and just said this is the new normal and then you can have pixel 5 plus or max or ultra i don't care what you call it and then you know pixel 5 pro or whatever because it has a higher refresh rate display i

Don't know this phone just sounds weird overall i don't think google needed to make three phones this year is it just me or does this lineup feel a little bit too complicated and a little bit too not one phone has that many great features over the other phone all of them seem pretty close together in terms of design and features that the pricing of them is going to make or break them and knowing that they want to do a 150 price jump just for the 4a 5g seems like an overstep it's kind of reaching and

It also says a lot about how expensive 5g modems are so in my opinion after hearing about these leaks don't wait for the pixel 5 or the 4a5g they're probably not worth your time if you're willing to spend 500 or more on a phone there's probably gonna be a much better samsung or oneplus available whereas the pixel 4a i think is very reasonably priced for what it offers if you like the pixel hardware this is probably the best way to go

And the real question is will the headphone jack make it over to these phones or is that going to be considered a budget feature that just everyday flagships can't get what do you guys think hopefully i'm wrong on some of them because the way they currently stand it's just it's too weird i don't get it google what what what is their thought in this at all or are we just shooting blanks in the dark this is your absolute fear i'll see you in the next one


Trying to Understand the Pixel 4a (5g) & Pixel 5





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Is there ANY Hope for 120HZ on iPhone 12?

Wow we are not gonna let this die until probably the second before apple announces it i guess but 120 hertz hope has been restored in the community can i just s…

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Wow we are not gonna let this die until probably the second before apple announces it i guess but 120 hertz hope has been restored in the community can i just say thank you to all the leakers who have come forward and talked about all of the instances in which it is possible whether it's john prosser everything apple pro max weinbach all of you restoring faith in humanity which means you better be right because if this ends up being wrong man that was a whole lot of false hope for nothing so let's hope they're all right however i hope people understand that these

Types of leaks are not confirmation of necessarily anything because in the apple leak community right now it's kind of a whirlwind and there's definitely some fake stuff floating around that's getting mixed in with what is potentially real and if you hate speculation you're gonna hate today's video because that's a lot of what it is but without further ado let's talk about the potential of 120 hertz again making it to the iphone 12 pro from the get-go let me just explain something really quick guys

I want this to be real i really really do again 120 hertz is literally all i wanted on the next generation iphone if all they did this year was take the 11 pro max at 120 hertz and that's it i would have bought it i would have paid 1500 for that phone because it's a feature i really really appreciate on other phones and having that on ios would just it would be oh so smooth but the reason i have a hard time believing a lot of these leaks guys is not because i hate these people it's not that i'm rooting for

Everyone to be wrong it's not that i'm a killjoy it's not that i necessarily want everybody to be disappointed it's simply because i've been you okay i've been all of you many times reading the reports and getting excited and thinking oh hey this is happening there's actual proof of it now this is for sure this is actually going to happen and then it doesn't it's happened to me year after year after year and it's very easy to forget because we haven't always kept a very good track record of what leaks we

Thought were for sure happening and what leaks actually ended up being real in fact a lot of the time apple is still able to consistently surprise us despite how many leaks come out and we often times get things wrong it's just a fact even when things look incredibly incredibly real in fact to be honest in prior years i've seen more realistic leaks than these that also ended up not being real so whether or not they're prototypes that just didn't make the market or fake made-up clones that people wanted

For clicks i don't know but let's talk about what we know so far okay so a lot of this stuff is coming from john prosser who has gotten a lot of dates right in the past and definitely has inside sources that are letting him know about apple hardware launches we know that we've seen that it's been proven he showcased these screenshots as well as a working video of the iphone 12 in his latest front page tech episode and i hate to bring this up because i'm gonna feel like a killjoy talking about it but guys these types of just software

Settings and menus and toggles within a phone it's really not hard to make those happen pretty much anyone who knows how to use xcode and probably in the apple community because they're following leaks and that kind of thing you can make those things with an app again i'm not 100 saying this is totally fake it totally could be real i'm not denying that i'm simply stating that it's not a confirmation because as leakers get more and more popular they are sent more and more

Fake leaks i'm not trying to make the argument that jon everything apple pro or max any of these guys are intentionally faking stuff that's really not the point i'm trying to make here i'm not trying to cause drama i'm simply stating that i've seen people in my own discord come up with ios settings in toggles and menus that say certain things that you can load onto an iphone just by making your own developer app it's been done okay just because screenshots say a certain thing or the phone is behaving a

Certain way in a really really dark room it's not confirmation of anything it could be faked it also doesn't help that we're not seeing the bottom of this phone screen they didn't do this in today's video but if i were trying to fake leaks i could totally do it you could very simply in this type of filming environment design an app that works in any orientation flip your iphone upside down and start using it and add just a smaller notch at the top of the screen and because it's in a completely black

Room or it's in a protective case people wouldn't really be able to disprove it okay it's totally possible i'm not saying that because i'm trying to disprove this exactly i'm just saying if you see more of these in the future keep in mind it is totally fake-able oh no now i'm probably giving guys ideas what i'm saying is we don't know and when it comes to the exact screenshots that i'm seeing other people post around it sounds like while all of these pvt photos are going around

Some of them definitely look more real than others looking at overlay shots and what people have compared to me of how close the notch and the ears of the display are to what we already have with the 11 pro max it does seem very very easy to fake again not saying 100 it is just saying it's possible and because we've gotten so many things wrong over the past few years and apple is still able to surprise us we should all remain a little bit skeptical and that's healthy if i end up being wrong and these are totally real

That would be wonderful again i'm rooting for that but just saying don't 100 believe everything you see i want to remind everyone of those ios 14 screenshots that so many people were throwing around the internet saying this is confirmed the wallpaper changes the wallpaper settings and dynamic stuff this is totally happening with ios 14. it looks completely legit it didn't happen now that doesn't mean it was fake it could have been a prototype or some kind of early beta test of ios 14 that apple decided not to finalize but that could

Also be the situation here because again pvt units are not full-scale mass production units and john prosser himself admitted that not even all the pvt units have a 120hz display which is why on these screenshots themselves there's a lot of text referring to make sure your device supports 120hz because not every prototype has it so if we're this late in the year and we can't even say it's necessarily standard in the prototyping phase in my opinion it's kind of a bit of a stretch to assume that because the

Prototypes don't have every feature that it's possible that the mass production model could all have that by default ross young and renee ritchie talked about how with these displays which are not ltpo which means that they can dynamically change refresh rate as well as other devices can like the galaxy note 20 or the ipad pro which i think a lot of people are getting confused about because the ipad pro does not have an ltpo display but important difference here ipad pro is an lcd screen and lcds are not the same

As oled panels like we have on our iphones okay look pro motion on the ipad is not just 120 hertz promotion means the ipad can lower the refresh rate all the way down to 24 hertz it can be 48 hertz it can be 60 it can be 120 dependent on what you're doing with oled however you can't exactly do that same thing you can't dynamically change all the way down to 24 and scale all the way up to 120. with an oled display pretty much the only thing you can do dynamically is maybe switch between 60

And 120. 60hz of course is what we already have in our iphones today which means that turning on 120 hertz on these iphones is almost 100 certain going to be impacting the battery life now could apple let this be an option in settings and let some people kill their battery if they want to or just leave 60 hertz on and have comparable battery life to what we currently have maybe you know the batteries are smaller this year so that already puts it in kind of a complicated situation maybe you'll be able to turn on 120

Hertz in settings which personally i'd be fine with that because i think the battery life on my 11 pro max is great anyway i sit at a desk i have a wireless charger okay so i can let it stay at 120 hertz but does it sound like something apple would do is apple the kind of company that would make a flagship type feature that has to be activated via settings or is apple the type of company to say well we tried to do 120 hertz this year but the color accuracy doesn't look right

The colors don't stay consistent when we switch 120 hertz it hurts the battery so instead we're going to delay that feature for next year so that we have something big to introduce on the 12 s or the 13 and we can do it right because we'll have ltpo panels by then to me i hate to be pessimistic but i mean just look at these leaks telling us that the notch is going to be the exact same size as the notch we've had since 2017. do you think apple's the kind of company that's like we don't need to change the notch for three years but

This year we're getting half the prototypes with 120 hertz half of them without so let's just bring 120 hertz to all mass production as an option in settings um i don't know to me it seems like it's reaching again really hope i'm wrong it would be awesome if we could get 120 hertz this year it just really doesn't feel like with this many red flags in my opinion and this many we're not sure but we're kind of sure reports like well it could happen but it might not happen but it

Could but it might any time we see things on the fence like that in prior years whether it's bilateral wireless charging or the notch might be shrinking this year or touch id or apple pencil support we've seen leaks like that countless times and they end up not being true so i am still skeptical i have no doubt that internally apple has iphones running at 120 hertz for the prototyping phase to see how it's behaving to see if they can make it work but from what we're hearing it does definitely

Sound like they're on the fence about it and this late in the game i don't really see it making to the mainstream and by the way all these leaks and reports are talking about a 6.7 inch 12 pro max so if it's possible that sure it runs great on the 12 pro max but it doesn't run great on the 12 pro is apple the type of company that would make exclusive features just for the max pro and not the little pro doesn't seem like it in prior years it seems like they want both those pro models to be equivalent when it comes to displays and

Biometrics and storage options and processor speeds all those things they like those phones to be the same so i could totally see apple just saying well 12 pro max can do it but the 12 pro can't and we don't want it to have that advantage so we're just gonna leave it at 60hz on both i get that's not what you want you don't want to hear that but it's possible you have to admit apple is the type of company to be shipping 60 hertz displays on 1 000 phones in 2020. that's something they

Would do so i hope i didn't tick everyone off that really wasn't my purpose in today's video it's simply to remind everyone to have a healthy bit of skepticism but of course yes fingers crossed it would be awesome if these ended up being real and we could actually get 120 hertz on this year's iphone because that would really help it catch up with everything else on the market that's already there please apple don't be behind on this for another year but what do you guys think am i being too crazy too pessimistic well it's just because i've seen leakers

Get so much wrong in prior years so hopefully you guys understand this is your ship here i'll see you in the next one


Is there ANY Hope for 120HZ on iPhone 12?





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iPhone XR…Why I’m Waiting

(Technology sound intro) – Hey what's up you guys, welcome back to Tech Smart, and things got really spicy this week. So most of you guys probably saw, Appl…

Check out this article titled iPhone XR…Why I’m Waiting. posted on by manictube.com

(Technology sound intro) – Hey what's up you guys, welcome back to Tech Smart, and things got really spicy this week. So most of you guys probably saw, Apple released three new phone on Wednesday, and I want to take a few days to just kind of process it and really kind of make a big decision. You saw the livestream or you didn't and you guys missed that, it's right up there in the icard. Tons of fun and a lot of you guys actually called in and most of you were pretty chill, so thank you guys for being a part of that. But they released one phone in this event that really blew me away. I kinda knew about it

And it's the iPhone XR and I'm sure you guys heard about it too. Let me know in the comments what you guys think about it through out the video because it's the one phone Apple has really made that hasn't been a flagship that I really want and I can't wait for it. So the four announcements they had: the XS, the XS Max, the iPhone XR, which this video is on, and then the apple watch series four and I love the apple watch series four. I can't wait for that to come out, but I was really shocked

Not to like the XS Max as much as I was hoping to or even the XS. I kinda think they're good phones, but it's the S year you know, it's not going to be huge breakthroughs, more just refreshes and updates. But the XR is a brand new phone this year with a brand new price and brand new specs and I think that's why I think it's the coolest thing out there and seriously vote up in the icard what you guys think about the XR if you guys car about it or even going to pick it up. I think this could be the real winner of this year and it might be interesting to see,

Especially with how Apple does. If more people pick up the cheaper phone that honestly has the best specs and feels like a steal right now, over the XS or the XS Max. The coolest part about this one is it comes in colors. The iPhone XR is huge. It starts at $750 bucks for a 64GB model and what's sweet is, well what actually isn't sweet is, this is just a fake. It's a clone. It's just meant for representation. It's going to look basically exactly like this. You can see that big, honking camera ridge right there that's going to be real interesting,

But the XR's really sweet because it finally come in colors, kinda like the iPhone 5c and I think apple finally learned the difference between a cheap phone and a really good phone that others really want to get that has a little less, like specs and that's where this iPhone XR gets super interesting. I'm going to flip it over, but don't cringe to hard because this isn't the real deal or, obviously, what you're getting in the store. It is a 6.1 inch LCD screen, as rumored. And what's interesting is Apple's calling it a liquid retina display,

Which I'm all about and I really want to test out because if they can sell a phone at $750 dollars that looks just as good as the XS Max. This one starts at $1,100 or even the XS, starting as $1,000, similar to the iPhone ten last year. I think this could be ground breaking and a new start to Apple. What really caught me by surprise is the iPhone XR has the same specs, for the most part, as the iPhone XS Max and the new iPhone XS. That's kind of crazy. Apple put the new A12 bionic chip

In all three phones this year. You'd think they might put the A11, make it more budget friendly, maybe even drop the price, no, no. It's got that neural engine too. All the three phones really have updated AI. Of course the new XR has face id and that was one of the most exciting things I heard. This new chip, the A12 bionic, has an updated neural engine and that's what allows face id to even exist and that's why we saw it last year. So by Apple updating this and just talking about face id, they finally, hopefully solved the biggest problem

I hated about my iPhone ten. Face id sucks. I really hope this year it got way better and is more accurate than ever because I would rather have a home button. And another thing that's so sweet is the battery life I think is actually going to be really good and actually better then the iPhone ten's battery life. Apple didn't say at the conference if this phone's battery life is better than the iPhone X or iPhone ten, but what they did say is it has 90 minutes more battery life that an iPhone 8 Plus, which has a 5.5 inch screen.

I'm really hoping that this phone is the real winner and has insane battery life and is just the long shot no one knew because it's staking up to be good. Another huge difference on the iPhone XR compared to the iPhone XS line is the camera. So, on the back is a 12 megapixel camera and that's the same on all three phones this year. The only difference is on the XS you're going to get two, on the XR you're only going to get one. But what was kinda crazy is, as they were talking about cameras,

This A12 chip comes with the same tech as the flagship phones from Apple, the more expensive ones. What's interesting is photos are probably going to look just as good on the XR as compared to the XS and it's because of the chip. It has smart HDR, which basically takes multiple photos, stitches them together and produces the best photo. One thing that I don't know and I kinda wanted to see this, but we're going to have to get one in October to find this out,

Is this camera bump it almost looks, and I don't know if you guys felt this too, it almost looks like it's double the thickness than the iPhone ten's camera and I know we were trying to get away from bumps, but I think they're trying to bring it back. My only concern is, and this is not the right phone to test this on, is if it's going to wobble. Everyone who's talking about the iPhone XR has said it feels really good, the ones who were at the event. So, for colors it comes in orange, black, blue, coral, red, and yellow. So no green this time around

If you like the color green. The 5c looked really good in green. It was like a nice mint. I'm just really excited about this. Another change they actually made a difference too is it's not stainless steel around the sides, it's actually aluminum. So, that's obvious, it cost more money to make stainless steel phones and the actually cut 3D touch, which I didn't really know about, for the XR. But there's still that haptic feedback, so if you're on your lock screen and you can see the camera icon in the lower right corner

You can press on it and hold into it, it will open it up. So, it's kind of there, but it's not like what you'd see on the iPhone ten or any of the other more expensive phones. Honestly after seeing all three phones come out today and all kind of having pretty similar stuff for the most part. It's also really interesting, it's the most durable glass ever on an iPhone so I really want to test that out and see which phone is honestly the best for the money.

$750 bucks is what it starts at for 64GB, but if you want to get the 128GB model it's only $50 bucks more. So, that's probably the one everyone is going to jump towards. If you want to get the 256GB it's an extra $100 bucks, so $900 dollars, but for an extra $50 dollars you're basically getting a full on phone, enough storage to last you a year or two and that's kind of big so. I guess we're going to have to wait till October 26th, when these things are on sale. Really excited. I just don't know how to contain myself

Because I kind of feel the magic in Apple again and it's weird cause it's not at the price I thought. So, that's it for this video. I'm so shocked and I can't wait for the iPhone XR. If you guys are new make sure you subscribe by clicking this button right down here and check out two other iPhone videos on my right and definitely make sure you keep it locked through the channel. Tons of spicy iPhone content is coming up real soon so, I'll see you guys next time. Peace.


iPhone XR…Why I’m Waiting





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World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside!

– Hey, what's good guys. Welcome back to TechSmartt. And you guys can probably tell, I got two special guests next to me. This is Dan and Lincoln from &quot…

Check out this article titled World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside!. posted on by manictube.com

– Hey, what's good guys. Welcome back to TechSmartt. And you guys can probably tell, I got two special guests next to me. This is Dan and Lincoln from "What's Inside." For that video we actually made is linked in the description or right up there on the ICard. But this video is a brand new series. You guys know, I love my series, but this is called "Tech Top Five." (upbeat music) So basically, Ev's picked out a bunch of stuff on the internet and in this video, we're gonna be checking out the world's top five weirdest iPhone cases. Are you guy's ready? – That's fun, I'm excited. – Sounds like a plan. – I just feel crazy saying it. Ev are you ready? What did you find?

Yeah, let's do it and some of these are actually from older videos, so basically we have one big bin in the office, it's filled with a million weird iPhone cases. (Lincoln laughs) Are you ready for this dude? – I have not seen any of these yet so… okay. – So this is the first case. – What in the world is that? – So these are in no particular order and vote up in the iCard which case you guys think was the craziest and most weird from this video. At the end, Dan and Lincoln are gonna say it. – I just don't understand why you would want that as your phone case. – You guys didn't know it was a Pop-tart? – No I didn't know it was a Pop-tart.

– Now, who's gonna use it, who likes it? – No, no. – Never? – I'm not a Pop-tart kind of guy. – But dude, look at that Lincoln. It's the perfect pink pop tart, flip that thing over dude. – But what'd seventh grade be like if you were talking on your phone with a Pop-tart case? – Is this more friends or less friends? – I don't think that anyone would know what that is. (Dan laughs) – That's true, it doesn't really look like a Pop-tart. – Ev, did you know this was a Pop-tart when you bought this? – I thought it was slime with like scribbles. – Yeah, it does kind of look like slime.

– Slime, interesting. Scale of 1-10, how weird is this? 10 being the most weird you've ever seen. – Hmmm, Lincoln? – Probably a six because had no clue what it was. – Yeah, I'll say a six too because I don't know what the heck I was looking at here. That's gonna be something special. – So a six and seven out of Lincoln and Dan. I give this thing like a four. I mean it's cool, but I know Ev's got some more stuff cookin' and yeah, it's a pop tart case. Like it's kind of weird. Case number two, whoa. – (Lincoln) Okay, that's cool. – (Keaton) Have you guys seen this before?

– That looks cool. – No. It looks so bulky though. – So this along with everything else, linked into the description. This goes for 32 bucks, it's really hard to find this. – 32? That's so weird. Look how bulky it is on the side. I would want the case to go around the phone not the phone just barely fits inside. – But it's so big, what the heck does it do? Like, what is this? Try opening that thing up. – (Lincoln) What's in there? – (Dan) I don't know, look for it. – Smell it.

You'll get it, you'll know it. – It's like some sort of cologne or something? – Uh huh, it's the Ferrari cologne case. So, I actually made a video on this. So this is one that I knew about, but you guys like that's why I do this 'cuz I want you to check this out and I want you to smell it. – That explains why… – So we're going to go check this out, you ready Ev? – Oh you spray it like that? We were pulling that thing apart. Of course we didn't get a part. – So it's really fragrant. I don't know if this is my scent, maybe it's Dan's. Right? I like Ferrari, but this cologne

Smell, I don't know, it kind of contrasts what Ferrari is and like the luxury. This smells like 30 dollar cologne. (laughing) So scale of one to ten boys, what do you think? One being the least weird, ten being the weirdest thing you've ever seen in your life. – Eight. – Eight? Okay. I'm going to say that's pretty weird. I'm going to go with eight, also. – Because, who'd have thought that there'd have been cologne inside of there. That's why it's weird, I feel like. – I'm giving it a six. I'm excited, they're starting to get it, we got more weird.

Ev? Case three. – Bring it on, bring it on. (all three exclaiming in surprise) – Oh, that's not a phone case. – So what do you think this is called? – A purse? – Oh, and look at that it is called a purse! – I think it's called like a "murse" case, or a "satchel" case, or a "backpack" case? – Definitely a purse. – Oh, it's definitely a purse case. – One hundred percent. (upbeat background music) – And boom!

– Okay, that's pretty cool. – So it's an actual purse. – Yeah… – I… – What cards are in there? Oh, the Purse Case cards that says "stylin' and dialin'". – Hash tag "styling and dialin"/ – Whoa, there's a mirror! That's kinda cool, alright. – Everybody, right now in the comments, make sure you use hash tag "stylin' and dialin'". – I think it'd be cool if this thing wasn't here, and it wasn't as rubbery. It would be cool to store stuff inside of here. – Like a wallet case? – Yeah. – So you like a function on your case?

– Yeah. – That makes sense. You can store stuff, what would you store in there? – Just a schedule for school. We'll go with that. – Yes, I can have one of those in my backpack. – I'm moving this down to a four on the weird scale, that's my rating. – Lincoln? – Five. – Five? I'm giving this a six. This is cool, this is weird. (transition noise) Could you rock it? – Well, yeah! I think this is great. – It's a two for one. You get a wallet in there too. So scale of one to ten? – I mean in a good way, it's like a three.

– Alright, here we go case four. Ev, blow their minds, just blow their minds. – Basically, we have five minutes to go into Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and other stores and buy the cool weird stuff. So I was looking at Best Buy, and you guys probably know where the cases are. You've seen them. Let me know in the comments if you guys have ever seen something like this. They literally, and I kid you not, had it hanging on the shelf in a plastic bag. It was in the weird shopping video. So this is a "Kate Spade" iPhone ten case. This came out, like, a week after the iPhone ten dropped. So I guess someone really didn't like it.

So they were selling this for 32 bucks in a bag. In a bag! – A ziploc bag. – Not even, like, 18 dollars or ten bucks like in a bin or whatever. No, on the shelf where I could see it, you could see it. It made it in the video. – You guys tell me what you think about that. – I mean, it's a nice case. – And rest in peace to Kate Spade, I miss you so much. That's just so, that's history, that's history. – I like the case, I like the case – Yeah. – Yeah, the best part about it is the ziploc. – The ziploc, that I wanted the ziploc. – Okay, so…

– It's a tight fit – I like it so far, but hey where's the plastic bag? – Oh, of course, that's the case Dan. Who are we kidding? This is the case! – This is like a new thing. – How weird is this case? – I can see people, like, rocking their Supremes, walking down the street in L.A, talking on the phone like this. – Yeah, it does feel good, at least. – Would you have this case? So let's say you're at Best Buy, and you see the bag. You're like, you see it, you need it. Would you do it or do the stars kinda go, eh?

– Eh… – There you go. Alright, scale of one to ten, how weird. And I'm gonna have two scores here: the case itself and the bag. – The case itself three 'cuz that's not very weird. – It was probably 50 bucks at one point. – Yeah, the ziplock nine 'cuz that's weird just hanging up there on the shelf. That's weird. – That is weird. That's a good story, that's a really good story, like, you gotta give it a nine or a ten just for the story. The case, I'm giving it a one. – Ohhhh! – 'Cuz, like, it's not weird. It's a nice case, it's nice, I like it.

– Okay, fair. This was top five nicest cases. So this would get a ten? – So here's a ten. Here's a one. Let's give it a five aggregate. (laughter) That's the score! – Alright, I'm giving the "Kate Spade" case, just because Kate Spade is no longer with us, I'm giving this a six. This is art, but for the ziploc this gets the world's first on Tech Top 5, an 11. – Oh, man. – This is the weirdest case ever, and the

Best part is it actually has Best Buy labels. Like, I could just full on rock it like this. – Return it? – Maybe rip the label off and get a different bag. – Open box item – Yeah, like it's an open box item, but really? – That's solid, it's definitely my favorite so far. But just the ziploc. – But the reason it's called Tech Top Five, Dan, is we got one more left. Ev, bring on the fifth case, here we go. – What is this? – Did I not mention Hello Kitty like five minutes ago? – Ha ha, I love it! – It's huge! – Have you seen this case before, Dan?

Dan, what do you think about it? – Oh, I like this. – Ev, where did you get this? – Ebay. – I feel like it's really soft like a kitty cat. You just want to pet it, here Lincoln take it away. – Just take it, Dan likes it so much. – It's soft, I think it's kinda like my sister Carter's phone. She has a huge owl. – She does have an owl. – It's a bit smaller than that and that's pretty weird. I don't like big phone cases, I like one's that are about the size of my hand. – So scale of one to ten, since this one doesn't have that much jazz.

I mean, Dan, could you use your phone still? I mean you have to basically use your stylus. – Right, if you wanted to turn down the volume, good luck with that. – Scale of one to ten, here we go, final case. – Whew, I'm gonna give this one a nine. This is a niner. This is my favorite case and it's weird though. It is weird, it has a little extra key fob coming with it. You can use the buttons, that's weird, it's functional, it's soft, you can pet it if you feel a little down. – Or you don't actually have a pet. – Yes, there you go. – It's a one stop shop. Lincoln, what do you think?

– Five. – There's some beef, I can just feel the tension between father and son here. – I think it's a five, because I've seen people with kind of like that kind of phone case like the owl like my sister's. – Alright, I'm giving this a seven. I like this case, it's cool, and definitely has the type of customer that would pick this up. I think Lincoln would be the perfect guy for this. My mom's not letting me get any pets, 'cuz I travel so much. So this is the new pet. Name her in the comments, we'll go with it. So Dan and Lincoln, it's time to pick the world's weirdest iPhone case.

And you guys vote up in the Icard right there which you think. We got the purse case, the Ferrari Cologne case, the Cat case, the ziploc case, and then the Pop-tart or slime. You guys vote up there. Dan, I'm gonna start with you. – Okay. – Pick it. – Oddly enough, I'm going with the very first one. I'm going with Mr. Pop-tart. I'm changing it. – Whoah! – Just because I'm so confused with the artwork on this thing. What is that slime? It's the simplest case of them all, but to me it's the weirdest. – I gotta get different sprinkles or

Somethin' or like a brown sugar cinnamon, a blueberry. – Yeah, it's like a piece of art. It's like a Monet, you could interpret this in many different ways. – Lincoln, which is the weirdest iPhone case you've ever seen. – This one has the best story, but this is the weirdest phone case. – Really? – It has cologne in it. – It does. – Do you like the smell? You keep liking it, is the smell something you'd ever wear? – No. – Okay, so no one likes the cologne. Let's just get that straight, no one likes it. – My weirdest iPhone case, I'm gonna

Have to say, is the purse case. This things obnoxious, it's my favorite from the video. – It's very pink. – So you guys, that's it for this video. If you guys liked it make sure and drop a like for episode two and check out Dan and Lincoln's channel "What's Inside". I'll link that down below and subscribe to TechSmartt, if you guys haven't yet by clicking that circle button here. Click Dan's circle too, that'll take you to the channel. And we'll see you guy's next time. – Bye!


World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside!





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