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In partnership with SEO Specialist, this case study focuses on Retail Alternatives – a ready-to-wear store from London, UK. Their articles are featured on their official website, delivering free of charge to countries around the world.

How a ready-to-wear store leveraged their Instagram posts in ad form, gaining over 2,000 new subscribers and driving 321% more traffic to their site, thanks to SEO Specialist?

The success story

Retail Alternatives hired SEO Specialist to advertise on Instagram , which resulted in increased brand awareness, subscribers, and site traffic.




Instagram followers

321% traffic increase



“A business without digital advertising is like a car without fuel. You can sit there as long as you want, but you wouldn’t go anywhere. ”

Retail Alternatives, ready-to-wear store

The goal: Increase awareness and traffic

The goal of this campaign, in partnership with SEO Specialist, was to increase brand awareness and online presence on Instagram, by adding digital advertising to its marketing efforts.

The solution: Successful Instagram posts

For this ad campaign, SEO Specialist took the most popular posts from Retail Alternatives and ran them in an ad on an ongoing basis.

SEO Specialist even found that some of the posts were among the “Best” for the hashtags they used. These are the posts that we mainly used in its ads, targeting Instagram users living in the UK with an interest in fashion.

Starting with spending $ 33 for each campaign, SEO Specialist increased the spend to $ 99, based on the success of the ad for Retail Alternatives.

Result: Unique content + Advertising = Success

The audience viewed the ad on Instagram and then shared the content, resulting in thousands of unique impressions, dramatically increasing brand awareness on Instagram. After SEO Specialist ran these ads, the store met its brand awareness and site traffic targets.

Conclusions and lessons learned
  • Thanks to SEO Specialist, Retail Alternatives also got backlinks from authoritative sites, giving more importance to their website, and their social media pages;
  • Start with regular Instagram posts to get comments on the content that works best for your audience. Take note of the most popular posts and start promoting them. You can also choose to promote publications of your top selling products;
  • To learn more about Instagram marketing , check out our blog post for effective promotion, especially if you’re an artist.
It’s your turn!

If you have trouble:

  • Discover new strategies like these;
  • Learn to implement them;
  • Get feedback from your peers and mentors on whether you are doing things right;

So know that like Retail Alternatives, at SEO Specialist, we provide the necessary resources for individuals and businesses to succeed. You will learn exactly what works and be able to chat with marketing experts on a daily basis to make sure that you are constantly performing tasks that are conducive to growing your business.

SEO Specialist is a digital , creative, transparent and results-oriented marketing agency . It offers an affordable and efficient approach for businesses to improve their online presence . Our digital marketing, search engine optimization , social media marketing, and web design services can be individually tailored to perfectly meet your unique business needs.

First impressions count. Whether for Retail Alternatives, or any other client, for SEO Specialist, our mission is to use the power of digital marketing, SEO for search engines , social media marketing, and web design, to place your business on the cheap.

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Like at Retail Alternatives, social networks are a very interesting form of digital marketing , thanks to the use of platforms that help promote products or brands, in order to create greater awareness and presence in this ever-increasing digital age. .

Social media marketing includes a series of activities, such as posting creative and relevant content to your social media accounts, actively engaging with your followers to ensure prompt customer support, and growing your profile on these social networks by gaining more subscribers and potential customers, while creating greater awareness that calls for a better brand image.

SEO Specialist can manage all your social media campaigns and increase your presence on these platforms. Social networks are, in fact, one of our most popular services. SEO Specialist takes great pride in his work and his relationships with his clients , going the extra mile.

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