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IoT is Increasing CPS threats

CPS focuses on telecommunication technologies called “The Internet of Things” or IoT.
. Thus, media attention is rising in this sector. Increasing events that occur of IoT and CPS have seen nearly daily coverage in major media outlets.

The official NSF description uses the following definition. The CPS combines and integrates computer and information-centric physical and engineered systems. IoT is a network of physical objects with assigned Internet addresses and wireless connections. RFID, WIFI and The 5G network are unnecessary in IoT. IoT is also a subset of CPS. Controlled Power Systems (CPSs) (non-IoTs)

This type of ecosystem might or might not include vehicles connected to the internet as a vehicle connects to the lights in the home. Computers and appliances with numerous connections should work as a single computer. Devices should learn from previous events instead of requiring users to state their desires.

Additional theoretical CPS developments are required to integrate IoT and networked control systems.

Every application type will face numerous IoT challenges.

Heterogeneous network elements, global network convergence, and local, regional autonomy Connectivity and node capability (sensors, RFID) must be tolerable.

Are You Ready For The 5G Technology Era

Have you regarded this new 5G technology yet?
Wireless 5G technology is a brand-new technology. 5G will transform our way of life.

The next-generation of 5G technology, mobile networks have started catching the market end of 2018 and has expanded worldwide.

 5G technology Transcending internet speed to new levels.

The 5G technology Technology is presumed to unleash a massive 5G IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem where networks can subserve communication requirements for billions of connected devices, with the right trade-offs between speed, latency, and cost.

Experts are calling it an “entirely new type of weapon.” They state it’s virtually “impossible to defend against.”

The Pentagon announces building these new  5G technology, Weapons is their “#1 Priority.”

On Friday, December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law H.R. 1158. He said it was a “matter of national security.”

Just 40 days after Trump signed the bill, the Army said of these new 5G Weapons, “We’re going to make a lot of them very quickly.”