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Gold Explorer Surprises With an Innovative Joint Venture!

Gold explorer surprises with an innovative joint venture! Right next to it is the Centerra Gold mega gold mine!

what a brilliant business model when the joint venture partner has to fund all exploration expenses, and you

still owns a 30% project share
the JV partner will also have to invest 5.7 million in exploration expenses over the next few years (to get a 70% project share)
The option giver of the project (Pacific Empire Minerals) receives not only a handsome cash amount but also a full package of shares from the option holder!

Pacific Empire Minerals (Ticker Canada: PEMC, WKN: A2JG1F) just signed a mega-deal a few hours ago for the “Pinnacle Copper-Gold Project”!

In the press release ( link here ) the company reports that a letter of intent (LOI) with 1111 Acquisition Corp. was signed. This complex agreement brings tremendous value to Pacific Empire Minerals shareholders!

Commenting on the deal, Pacific Empire Minerals President and CEO Brad Peters said:

“Our hybrid business model gives shareholders the ability to drill partner-funded drilling in addition to PEMC-funded drilling, resulting in multiple ongoing drilling programs and discovery opportunities.

PEMC continues to pursue additional partner-funded drilling opportunities on multiple projects as we advance our Jean Marie, Weedon and Worldstock projects.

The 1991 drilling at Pinnacle intersected fascinating copper and gold values ​​in the Aplite Creek Zone, while partner and PEMC-funded drilling over the past six years has shown anomalous gold values ​​in addition to abnormal copper values ​​over a large area in the Elbow Zone. We are pleased that a powerful technical group is driving the project forward and look forward to the upcoming diamond drilling at Pinnacle in 2021. ”

Brief information about the “Pinnacle Copper-Gold Project”:

The 14,040-acre Pinnacle project is located in central British Columbia, 50 km west of Centerra Gold’s Mt. Milligan Mine and 20 km north of the Company’s Jean-Marie copper-gold-silver-molybdenum project.

Stars project

Source: Pacific Empire Minerals

It gets even better:

As you may have already read in our first detailed company presentation ( link here ), Pacific Empire Minerals controls instead of just one, even nine up-and-coming projects in the mining-friendly province of British Columbia (Canada)!

The current 2020 drilling program on “Worldstock” / “Jean Marie” and “Weedon” is running at full speed – so there will be an immediate news flow in the next few weeks!

Don’t miss this unique exploration bet and put enough pieces in the performance depot.

This year’s drill program also includes drill targets on “Jean Marie” – should Pacific Empire Minerals report any decent hits here, we can envision Centerra Gold starting a takeover battle.

A high-grade copper-gold project near its mine should certainly not be missed by the almost 5 billion CAD mining company!

Pacific Empire is valued at just over CAD 8 million. A great bargain! But probably only until the first results come in. If you look around in the current environment of the Gold Explorer, the share price can very quickly increase further!

Not only gold and silver have been in a price rally for months. The copper price also rose enormously in the second half of the year, and there is no end in sight! Therefore rely on the project developer who has impressive gold AND copper deposits!

Your gold and copper joker in one share at a ridiculous price of less than 10 million:

Pacific Empire Minerals (Ticker Canada: PEMC, WKN: A2JG1F)

Introduction and background information on Pacific Empire Minerals:

Pacific Empire Minerals (Canada ticker: PEMC, NYSE: PEMC) is a Canadian exploration and development company focused on the discovery of gold-enriched copper deposits in British Columbia, Canada.

PEMC sees itself as a so-called “hybrid prospect generator” to finance part of the riskier and more cost-intensive phases of exploration and development in the best possible interest of all shareholders.

With the help of option and joint venture partnerships, the contractual partner (option holder) has the right to charge a fee in determining percentage stake in the concession areas,

PEMC’s project portfolio includes really attractive concession areas near existing mines or large copper-gold deposits in the mining-friendly province of British Columbia, Canada.

You can find detailed information about the entire project portfolio under the following link: LINK HERE.

Project card

Source: Pacific Empire Minerals

ALL projects are located near significant gold deposits and close to existing infrastructure and mostly on flat terrain. With Pacific Empire Minerals you have a solid chance of a course multiplier!

Make sure you use the necessary correction phase for acquisitions – especially before the next results of the current drilling season are published!

The share price is in a nice upward trend and should be able to benefit from the next company news!

Chart PEMC

Source: Yahoo Finance

Summary of the highlights and buying arguments for Pacific Empire Minerals:

a New and extremely promising exploration company with an outstanding portfolio of 9 projects.
All projects are located in a mining-friendly region (British Columbia) with an excellent infrastructure! Year-round exploration is possible on the projects.
Clear exploration focus on copper porphyry systems that are enriched with gold.
Clear vote of confidence: the company has already won an institutional investor (Stichting Depositary Plethora Precious Metals Fund), who is one of the largest single shareholders with over 10%.
Enormous exploration potential on all projects, all of which are located in the vicinity of significant gold-copper deposits – this gives investors a solid chance of getting a real Ten bagger!
An excellent, very experienced management team that can already look back on significant exploration successes!
Excellent share structure with only 48.6 million shares outstanding, of which only around 19-20 million are currently available for new investors for free float. The rest of the shares are held strategically by management and insiders. This extremely tight stock structure can lead to a veritable price explosion if many new investors want into the stock. (There is a short supply!)
Extremely low market capitalization (8.5 million CAD $!) And therefore, attractive valuation: The share price can multiply quickly if good drilling results are published.
Sufficiently financed for the planned goals: After a recently completed capital increase, the company has sufficient working capital to press ahead with this year’s exploration program at full speed.
Numerous catalysts and planned milestones expected shortly!
You can find more information on the company’s website. Here you can form your picture of this exciting copper and precious metal explorer:

It is best to get into the company’s stock before the planned 2020 exploration program begins – any spectacular news can lead to a violent price reaction.

Are you bullish on copper & gold? – Then you shouldn’t miss the jackpot chance at Pacific Empire Minerals!


Pacific Empire Minerals Corp.





Stock exchange symbol Germany:


Stock symbol Canada:


Last stock exchange price on the home exchange:

CAD 0.18 (TSX) or € 0.121 in Frankfurt

Link to current prices on the Canadian stock exchange TSX: LINK

Link to prices on German stock exchanges: LINK

Please note that sales on the Canadian central stock exchange are generally significantly higher than on German stock exchanges. Pacific Empire Minerals Corp. trades in Germany on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Tradegate. If there is enough volume, the purchase can also be made directly in Germany. But please note that you should always place limited orders! In general, limit orders are preferable to pure ‘cheapest’ orders.

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